3 habits prevent you from burning body fat

You count calories and read nutritional tables, are constantly on the move and do a lot of sport. But the pounds just don’t want to drop! This can be due to certain habits that prevent your metabolism from body fat to burn. We’ll tell you what to look out for.

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Burn body fat: These habits prevent you from it

Sometimes there is only one thing between a healthy lifestyle and an unhealthy obsession with being thin thin line. We often think of our habits as healthy and safe. In reality, however, we are not doing our bodies any good by doing so.

The nasty thing is: Our metabolism can’t talk to us. Therefore, he communicates by saying exactly does the opposite of what it’s supposed to – burn body fat, for example. We have identified 3 habits that prevent your body from breaking down fat.

1. You sleep too little

Yes, a lot of exercise is important and useful to burn body fat. But who permanently energized stands, never rests and sleeps little, can’t get rid of his unloved rolls of fat in the end.

The problem: The satiety hormone leptin is released during sleep. If we don’t sleep enough, there is a lack of leptin and more ghrelin is produced. This messenger stimulates the appetite and causes hunger pangs.

Experts recommend 7 to 9 hours to sleep. As a study showed, the body burns fat optimally with a sleep duration of 8.5 hours. By the way, it is normal that you sometimes need more and sometimes less sleep. On average, however, it should ideally be at least 7 hours.

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2. You eat too few carbohydrates

Carbohydrates have a reputation for making you fat. Therefore, many leave them out as much as possible. But carbohydrates, like fat and protein, are among the most important nutrientsn. They provide energy that you need when you exercise a lot.

In order to permanently do without carbohydrates, you don’t just need iron ones discipline. You also need a strong will, because the risk of food cravings increases.

In addition, he can carbohydrate abstinence really mess up your metabolism. Because without carbohydrates, hardly any insulin is produced. In order to keep your metabolism stable, you should not completely eliminate carbohydrates from your diet.

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What should you eat in the home office? Photo: gettyimages / mapodile

3. You are constantly under stress

There are people who forget to eat when they are stressed. But that doesn’t make her any slimmer. Reason is that Hormon Cortisol. The stress hormone is involved in many metabolic processes. If it is released in excess, it prevents the body from breaking down fat. Instead, cortisol even causes abdominal fat to be stored.

Allowing yourself regular breaks, letting your body slow down and relaxing is just as important as sufficient exercise and sport. Therefore, try one healthy mediocrity to find and not to put too much pressure on yourself.

Conclusion: burn body fat with the right habits

The 3 habits mentioned may seem irrelevant to you in your everyday life – but they have an enormous effect on fat burning. In the end it is always one interaction of various factorsthat keep your body fit and your mind healthy. With enough sleep, a balanced diet and regular breaks, you already provide your metabolism with the best conditions for burning body fat.

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