, published on July 27

Bourvil would have celebrated his 102 years this Monday, July 27, 2020. The opportunity to reveal three secrets of the filming of the famous feature film by Gérard Oury “La Grande Vadrouille”.

If on the set of “Corniaud”, the understanding between Louis de Funès and Bourvil was not in good shape – the first having gone on strike because he ensured that the second had more importance than him in the film -, a year later, Gérard Oury brought the two actors together again in “La Grande Vadrouille”. A French classic, the film which has remained number one in terms of number of admissions for 31 years takes place every Christmas holiday on French television. Here are 3 filming secrets you may not have known!

Panic on the set

Who says war says weapons. So obviously, on the set of “La Grande Vadrouille”, this is not what was missing. Except that … while the shooting was going smoothly around Vézelay in Yonne, a van filled with weapons from the 1940s disappeared. The gendarmes then started looking for him and spotted the vehicle “in the parking lot of an inn: the driver was having a good time in the arms of a Burgundian woman he met the day before… “, as explained Point.

The suggestion of Louis de Funès

Remember the scene at the Auberge de Meursault, when the two actors find themselves in the same bed. A scene that should never have taken place like this since Gérard Oury had originally planned rooms with twin beds. But it was without counting on the key of Funès. The actor submits to Gérard Oury the idea of ​​having only a large bed, and at the end of a long discussion, Louis de Funès ends up saying: “Would you like to agree with Bourvil, who is after all a master of the comic?“The purpose is revealed on the screen.

The right improv

One of the most cult scenes in the film, when Louis de Funès climbs onto Bourvil’s shoulders, is in fact an improvisation. “The course provided for de Funès to fall on his partner, who kept the German shepherds on a leash … But de Funès climbed on Bourvil’s shoulders, improvising a gag which made the whole team laugh. Gérard Oury, conquered, keeps the scene and even makes it the poster of his film“, note Point.