3 exercises to recover from injury

Ankle sprains are very common, especially among runners and even more so among trail runners. the sprain is an injury to the ligaments that connect two bones that form a joint. These ligaments consist of very strong fibers, but when they are pushed to the limit or make a very sudden and excessive movement, they are torn or overstretched, the joint becomes painful and inflamed.

In this video, our personal trainer Víctor Téllez (@vtellezcoach) suggest three exercises for those suffering from an ankle sprain. Specifically, they should be performed during the recovery process of this ailment, approximately six weeks. The duration of each of the exercises will be 14 days, gradually increasing their intensity..

The first of these is simply based on stand on one foot with the damaged foot and close our eyes. The goal is to maintain balance. According to Téllez, it is important that the toes are open, as well as that the foot remains straight.

Next, we apply the second exercise. This time, The aim is to work on the strength of the extensor and flexor muscles of the ankle in coordination with that of the gluteus. With our hands resting on a wall, we lower the heel of the injured foot (supported on the ground) while lifting the other leg back. The next step is to proceed to the lengthening of the supporting leg and therefore of the injured ankle. The other limb, in turn, brings us forward (still raised in the air) and bends it.

The last exercise, which we already repeat in the fifth and sixth week, focus on impact. Téllez explains that we have to stand on our toes and from there “we lower one leg to the ground and try to control stability”.

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If you have questions about these or other exercises, our trainer will answer you without any problems through his social networks. Also, you can access this link in case you want to know more about other workouts, exercises, tips or tricks.



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