In Suriname, another 3 corona deaths were recorded on Sunday 21 November. Also, 26 new infections have been registered after 126 tests (20%). There are currently 31 people in hospital and 12 in the Intensive Care Unit. This is apparent from the update of the figures on the official COVID-19 website of the Surinamese government on Sunday evening

Last Saturday there were already 3 corona deaths and 28 new infections after 180 swabs (15.6%). There were also 37 people in the hospital and 10 in the ICU.

On Sunday, the National Party Suriname (NPS) also expressed concern about the consequences of the upcoming Srefidensi celebration and the danger of initiating a 5th COVID-19 wave. Although there is a downward trend, an active COVID-19 outbreak is still ongoing, the party says.

“A lack of stringent measures to prevent mass gatherings on November 25 could lead to a government-instigated possible 5th COVID-19 wave. We cannot do that to the population; and we certainly cannot do this to the Healthcare Sector,” said the NPS.

The figures for Sunday, November 21, 2021:

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