2nd league: Nürnberg-Keeper sees red: outfield player suddenly has to go into the goal!

2nd league: Nürnberg-Keeper sees red: outfield player suddenly has to go into the goal!

Spectacle on the Betze!

Kaiserslautern wins a crazy top game in the 2nd league 3-1 against Nuremberg, celebrates the third win in a row. All three goals for the Palatinate achieve the newcomers.

Club-Horror im Video It starts with THIS volley bang!

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And Lautern trainer Dirk Schuster proves he has a lucky hand even before kick-off. He brings newcomer Tachie (who came from Paderborn in the summer) to the starting XI. And the striker pays back with a wonderful volley from 25 meters to make it 1-0 (19th).

After that, we’ll continue in half-time one!

Union loanee Puchacz (26′) and new signing Ache (30′) increase the lead to 3-0 for the Palatinate, before Schleimer shortens the lead to 1-3 for Nuremberg before the break (37′).

Shortly afterwards Lautern im Glück: After Goller crossed in, Okunuki got the ball in the middle, but only hit the right post from a short distance (41′).

In the second half, the game with significantly less spectacle. But Ache put the ball on the post (56th) and missed the early decision.

Then Lautern im Glück: Two of Nuremberg’s hits are withdrawn for offside. Shortly before the end, Mathenia is sent off with a red card (88th).

Since Nuremberg have already used up their three change windows, coach Fiel cannot bring substitute goalkeeper Klaus. Instead, craftsmen have to go into the gate.

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