The 2K19 festival, the first one dedicated to Mallorca in the genre, said reggaeton music, was announced with great pretensions, but not as great as the fiasco that it was due to a catastrophic organization. The opening of the doors of the bullring in Palma, which was where it was supposed to be a great spectacle, was announced at three o'clock in the afternoon, but it was not until six o'clock. A little earlier, the first announced artist, Elvin DJ, appeared at the end of the stage, which should have taken place at three and a half. This means that the public was three to six on the outside of the square, with a temperature of 34 degrees and a humidity of seventy percent, waiting for the doors to open without any of the people who They made portalans or security service they knew to give a coherent or reasonable explanation. Two cousins, we know, were hidden, and if the consequences of taking hair did not go away from here, we can still give thanks.

In the press release, the 2K19 was presented as follows (translated): "from 4:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m., more than 10,000 attendees will be able to enjoy the best figures of reggaeton", and announced the performances, This schedule, of the artists – ehem – Sech, Nacho, Lunay and Chris Jeday. As a culmination, the presence of such a Nicky Jam, promoted with a drum and silver bowls as the festival's poster and party leader. And before, the aforementioned Elvin DJ was going to make a teloner (the phrase he used to talk about warm the atmosphere, but it was not necessary).

Well: more than ten thousand attendees are those that allow the capacity of the bullring in Palma, which only in the stands has exactly 11,620 seats, not counting the public that goes into the arena. But the reality is that the wound that had formed outside the enclosure did not happen to some hundreds of people, perhaps a little more than a thousand to be generous. In any case, a number of people clearly insufficient to fill the square. The frustration of the organizers is understood, but paying for it by exposing those that have come to roast on a sidewalk is not presentable.

Nor was it the chaos in which the people of the organization moved, noticeably little if one were to communicate. Nobody had the slightest idea of ​​how, where and with whom the press had to be credited, and it was so that the photographer Joan Mateu and a server were subject to an entertaining pilgrimage that took us from a door of the place at the box office, the box office again at the door, from that one to another that was on one side and from this one again to the first. This lasted an hour and a half, during which time we received all caste of negative answers to the question of who was in the press: most in the resigned tone of who knows what he is doing ridiculously but does not know how to get out of it, And a couple in the buzzard tone of those who want to mask their incompetence with an arrogance. Finally, a character appeared to have us pass (without saving the cynicism of saying that we arrived very early and asking us to "get along") and that he gave us a delivery Bracelet wearing the hallmark of the ' staff of the festival, because the press did not go anywhere. We were not the only ones with problems: in front of us, one of those in charge of the security refused in bad ways to let a woman enter the cleaning, because she did not have the corresponding bracelet. He did not take it because nobody had given it. They had not practically given anybody to them, except for some who for some reason had received it but who were also denied access to the square: this was the case of a young man who claimed to be Lof (he spelled it like this) and that he wore a bracelet that said: "Influencer." A few, yes, had been allowed entry by another door, reserved – as read in a sign – to vips and supervips.

The nerves and the bad faces between the members of the organization were increasing, and when they finally decided to let the public enter (after the two aftershocks mentioned above), we could hear the phrase "this is going to us" , a sensible and real thing that we heard them say in the long run. The vip and supervip entries were paid at a price of 50 and 70 euros, respectively, but once inside, nobody knew where they belonged. This was explained to us by an assistant with supervip input, which had no way of clarifying where the supposedly privileged space that he had paid was. "This is written," he insisted. In fact, madam.

I do not know what the attendees at reggaeton festivals do, but the calamity was of such magnitude that the normal behavior would be to demand the return of the full amount of the tickets. There were that they were rummaging and they seemed to weigh this option, others preferred to forget the past hours and started dancing at the rhythm of Elvin DJ. The only company announced, in the stands and the stage screen (a big stage, yes), was Social Club Boutique, which is the name of a disco on the Paseo Marítimo. A web page,, was also announced on the screen, which we have found to be offering news with headlines such as: "Extraneous extraterrestrial appearance panicked the population," "Ghost motorcycle appeared at night on the road and scared thousands "or" Pregnant woman abducted by an alien ". The City Council of Palma should carefully review who grants permits to organize multitudinous events in the city. In several European cities, other festivals organized in any way already know how they are finished.

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