25 New Features Coming with Android 14: You Will Even Say Your Wallpaper Artificial Intelligence Will Create!

25 New Features Coming with Android 14: You Will Even Say Your Wallpaper Artificial Intelligence Will Create!

The second beta version of Android 14 has been released. Thus, brand new features of the upcoming operating system have emerged.

US-based tech giant Googlealso made statements about the Android ecosystem at the I/O events it held yesterday. Thus, some features of the upcoming Android 14 have emerged. Today Android 14 second public beta release It was published. A few more features that weren’t mentioned yesterday became clear.

Now, we will take a closer look at the new features that will come to the Android ecosystem. Newest first, thenGoogle I/O 2023’te We’ll talk about the features described, then the features seen in the first beta version. If you’re ready, let’s start:

New features revealed in the second beta of Android 14

Image quality in cameras will improve

Android 14

Google will be good to all smartphone manufacturers with Android 14. Offered for phones cameras in APIs Improvements were made to the services available. So much so that focuses, bokeh effects and image processing speed have been improved. In addition, the cameras will now work efficiently. in RAW format There are also improvements in shooting.

Lossless audio support is coming for USB Type-C wired headphones

Android 14

According to the statements made, Android 14 and USB Type-C connection cables lossless sound quality will be reached. However, there is an important point here. Probably not any USB wired headset, this feature will be reached in products that Google and Android ecosystem will support.

Health Connect app will become an embedded part of Android 14

health connect

Developed by Google for Android phones and now available in beta version Health Connect named app will become a built-in app on Android 14. By using this application, users can choose between health and fitness applications. data shares they can.

Strict control is coming to data sharing!

Android 14

Google, especially in recent years, has left the data sharing with applications to the preference of more users. Android 14 provides users with data sharing. will provide additional information. Another notable feature will be made available. Let’s say that an application you have used until that day started to share the location data it received from you with a third party. Here’s the thing in this case you will receive notification.

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Full screen notifications will be restricted

Android tam ekran bilidrim

Some apps can send full-screen notifications to users. Android 14, this situation will restrict. So much so that there will be no restriction for full-screen notifications from applications such as calls and alarms. But for other applications, the decision maker the user himself will be.

Swiping the screen to the left will return to the previous screen

The last feature to appear in the second beta version of Android 14 is also swipe gestures about. When users swipe the screen to the left, they return to the previous screen. they will be back.

Android 14 features announced at Google I/O

A brand new Google Messages experience will be offered with the “Magic Compose” feature!

Google Messages has a new artificial intelligence-supported feature called “Magic Compose”. This new feature will generate alternative replies based on the content of the messages. The system is so remarkable that a message you writeas if it belonged to Shakespeare can even make it appear.

You will be able to create your own unique wallpaper with artificial intelligence!

Google, used to produce images from text integrated the artificial intelligence model into Android. Thanks to this feature, users will be able to select certain drafts, then create a text and create their own wallpapers. Moreover, this wallpaper adapts the color palette you use on the phone. will customize.

The quality of social media applications is increasing!

Android 14 Ultra HDR

All social media apps like Instagram will now have Night Mode. Also for these applications10 bit HDR videolar support will be provided. In addition, the Ultra HDR feature will be activated with Android 14.

Google applications will work fully compatible with foldable screen phones.

Google has also carried out special studies for phones with foldable screens, which have become a trend recently. In this context; owned by google 50+ apps Fully compatible with widescreen phones. There is also widescreen support for third-party apps like Spotify and Disney+. improved.

WhatsApp is coming to smartwatches

In a news we shared with you a few days ago, WhatsApp support for Android watches your future we transferred. This development has also been confirmed by Google.

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Improved cross-device integration

In the statements made by Google, it allows devices to quickly connect to each other “Quick MatchIt was stated that the ” feature has been made suitable for more than 300 devices. In addition, the support for audio and video mirroring between devices has exceeded 3,000 devices. Nearby Share -or Share with Nearby as it is known in Turkey- feature is now available. for PCs too will be available.

Updating Find My Device

The Find My Device feature, which helps to find Android devices, is also being updated for Android 14. With this update, it’s also available for headphones, tablets or other products from different brands. Find My Device support will be presented. Moreover, the possibility of tracking a device belonging to you by someone else has not been ruled out. In such a case, Google will inform.

Other features revealed in the beta version of Android 14:

More options will be available for sharing documents or multimedia

Android 14 new features

More to the document and multimedia sharing screen with Android 14 functionality will be added. The user will even be able to create a link and share it.

App permissions will be user-focused: An app won’t be able to access all photos

Android 14

In the Android ecosystem, you can decide whether an application can access data. Android 14 extends the scope of this feature. will expand. As you can see in the screenshot above, Twitter, for example, only to access some of your photos you will be able to allow.

You will choose the first day of the week, which calendar to use or the temperature units yourself.

Android 14 customization options

With Android 14, users will have much more customization options. In this context; first day of the week you can decide for yourself. Also, instead of the Gregorian calendar, the Hijri calendar or chinese calendar you can use. Celsius or Fahrenheit temperature terms can also be adjusted for the user.

You will be able to create your own wallpaper, add emojis

Android 14

Android 14 will offer Google Pixel users a remarkable feature. By using this feature, users unique wallpapers through emojis they can create. This feature may also be available to all Android 14 users in different formats.

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Wallpapers will be displayed in full screen before being used

android new feature

When you try to make an image wallpaper how it will look in full screenyou will be able to see. Yes, this feature is already available on most Android phones…

Weather information can be displayed in a single line on the locked screen

android yeni

Users to the locked screen weather can add information.

Rounded edge will come to the options in the settings section


Tapping the options in the Settings section, to rounded corners a design will be encountered.

Color can be selected for flash notifications

flash notification

Incoming notifications on Android can also be shown with the LED flash of the phone. Users can customize the color as they wish. they can change.

A pill-shaped button can be used to go back

Google Pixel

Users placed inside a pill within settings pages back button they will see.

New images will be added to some settings pages

android 14

On pages like Android 14, System & Update, Device Lock, App Security & Security & Privacy new images will show.

New themes will be added

android 14 theme

The new operating system will offer users new theme options. Moreover clock designs will also increase.

New icon coming to system update notification


System updates A new icon will now be used for

Android 14 will include innovations beyond looks

The new operating system has some features that go beyond the mainstream. to technical innovations will also have. For example, this OS will expand the effects pack for more customization. Accessibility services will also be improved. However, developers will already be able to test apps for Android 14 compatibility. Again with Google Play system update for developers transparent navigation bar There are also innovations like…

Here is something you should pay attention to. These innovations, which we have described for now, are available on all brands of Android phones.same way may not appear. Android 14, if all these features come to the stable version This is how it will look on Google Pixel phones. Brands such as Samsung and Xiaomi can customize the features according to themselves and present them differently.

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