240,000 euros captured in robbery on Neufahrner pensioners

240,000 euros captured in robbery on Neufahrner pensioners

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A hooded figure sneaks through an apartment armed with a knife

The accused relieved the pensioner of 240,000 euros. (Iconic image) © Iconic image: picture alliance / dpa

The tip came from the nephew: Criminals stole 240,000 euros in a raid on a pensioner in Neuflagge. The victim now impressed in the court process.

Freising – 93 years and deeply relaxed: The victim of the Neufahrn robbery not only impressed those involved in the proceedings with his sovereign attitude in front of the district court. With the comment that he had already experienced so much in his life, he accepted the defendant’s apology. The two 33-year-old Kosovars had relieved the pensioner of around 240,000 euros.

The tip that there was something to be found in the house came from the nephew of the 93-year-old, of all people, as it turned out on the second day of the hearing. The man had chatted to an acquaintance while he was drunk. According to the confessions of the two defendants, they had been recruited by the latter to do the burglary. After one of the duo’s defendants unpacked in front of the first criminal court on the first day of the trial, the man behind was arrested. On the advice of his witness counsel, he remained silent in court on Friday.

Suddenly the senior was standing in front of them

As reported, the indictment represented by public prosecutor Patrick Haseneder charges the two 33-year-olds with aggravated robbery as complicity. On Friday, the second accused also confirmed that they broke into the 93-year-old’s house on January 27, 2021 between 3.30 a.m. and 4 a.m. One got inside through a window on the roof of the garage adjacent to the house. He then opened the front door to his accomplice. The compatriot assured them that they would have no contact with the senior because he slept on a different floor, according to a defendant. But then he suddenly stood in front of him.

The 33-year-old spoke of a “shock moment”. According to the pensioner, the masked man reacted quickly: in the light of the street lamp he saw “a knife or a dagger”. Then he briefly felt something on his neck and the man said, “Quiet, then nothing will happen”. On this point, the defendants had given a different version. The man was tied up, but a knife was never involved. All they had with them was a flashlight and two screwdrivers. Regarding these utensils, one said in court: “Every burglar knows that nothing works without them.”

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Judge: In case of doubt for the accused

As far as a threat with a knife or a dangerous object is concerned in the specific case, according to the presiding judge Ralph Reiter, the chamber “rather not” assumes that this threat existed, based on the principle “if in doubt for the accused”.

The descriptions agreed that a perpetrator guarded the victim on the first floor while his accomplice searched the entire upper floor and the converted attic. He finally found rich loot in a desk: the public prosecutor originally assumed 30,000 euros. However, the accused, who confessed at the beginning of the trial, stated that it was around 240,000 euros. The 93-year-old confirmed this in court: 30,000 euros of the total came from him.

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But his deceased wife also saved her life. He knew that she still had money, but not how much. When asked by Reiter about the whereabouts of the money, one of the accused said that it had been shared with the compatriot who had recruited her. According to the 33-year-old, who returned to Kosovo immediately after the crime, he was not of much benefit. He used it to pay off debts at home – and bought cocaine for the rest. The process continues.

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