24-hour rescue helicopter for Niederöblarn –


As immediate help against the lack of emergency doctors, another rescue helicopter was decided at an emergency doctor summit for Styria, which can be used 24 hours a day. He will probably be stationed in Niederöblarn.

The first rescue helicopter in Styria has been stationed in St. Michael since May 2020 and is on duty 24 hours a day. A model that has proven itself from day one, according to the managing director of ÖAMTC air rescue, Reinhard Kraxner.

Around 700 night operations so far

“So far, the helicopter has flown around 700 times at night and has an average of 300 to 350 missions a year – only in the dark. They reacted to the developments for the treatment of the patients in a very farsighted manner, because they not only have to be cared for by the emergency doctor, but also have to organize transport to a suitable clinic afterwards. That is guaranteed with this helicopter,” says Kraxner.

Reinhard Kraxner in the ORF Styria Sunday Talk with editor-in-chief Wolfgang Schaller

And this model is now to be expanded. As early as autumn, probably in October, the helicopter base in Niederöblarn could go into 24-hour operation, “where the major problem at the moment is due to a lack of emergency doctors, because we in Graz have the issue that we are outside the operating hours of the not allowed to fly away from there”.

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A decision should be made in the next few weeks

At the same time, there are also plans to install an ambulance in addition to the rescue helicopter: “If a helicopter cannot fly – and that’s around 15 percent of the times at night when we don’t find any night flight conditions, we will go to the helicopters on the 24th floor -Hours of use also have cars in operation, so that the resource on the ground is also available,” says Kraxner.

These considerations are confirmed by politicians. A final decision on the location for the second 24-hour rescue helicopter in Styria should be made in the next few weeks.



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