The Red Cross is giving new impetus to the ongoing fundraising campaign for Dutch people who have been financially affected by the corona crisis, the aid organization reports. People are in need of money in the wake of the crisis. They depend on food aid and often rely on help for other basic necessities as well. “Our help is also intended for people who have not or have not yet found their way to another aid agency or food bank or who cannot go there,” says a spokeswoman.

Since the start of the corona pandemic, the Red Cross has made shopping cards available, now an average of 5750 per week, to families, self-employed people and single mothers. Since September, the Red Cross has also been handing out cards with which you can buy care products. That’s about 7,500 per month.

According to the Red Cross, thousands of vulnerable people are living in poverty due to the aftermath of Covid-19. “Their activities often start slowly and people are sometimes forced into debt. Some of them cannot go to the regular channels for help.”

“We are not going to let these people down and we want to support them with basic basic necessities such as food, shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste, sanitary towels and diapers until the end of this year. To be able to continue to do that, help is desperately needed,” said a spokeswoman . If you want to, you can donate money to giro number 7244.

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