22 people were rescued after being trapped in a roller coaster

The moment when the firefighters arrive to lower the people trapped in the roller coaster. Facebook: Glendale Fire Department

This weekend about 22 people had a real moment of panic when a roller coaster at the amusement park Castles N’ Coasters in Phoenix (United States) she was stranded six meters from the dream, leaving them trapped in the height.

The events occurred at 6 pm on Saturday and triggered the performance of the city’s fire teams, who had to deploy a rescue operation to lower the trapped people. Fortunately everyone was unharmed.

Investigators said the cars on the Desert Storm roller coaster stalled and passengers were trapped about 20 feet up in a horizontal loop. It is unclear what caused the roller coaster car to jam. Firefighters installed what is called a high angle belay system to lower everyone trapped. Each person was put on a special harness with a collar to bring them safely to the ground. Firefighters said it took about 90 minutes to get everyone to safety.

According to the people who boarded the ride as the ride circled the horizontal loop, it stopped moving forward and then backtracked. Then it moved forward again and then backward until it came to a complete stop. For 12-year-old Joseph Almarez, it was a terrifying experience. “I almost fall”, He said. Said it wasn’t easy to get out of the car as they were at an angle. “It was scary because we didn’t go down a ladder. We had to jump from ladder to ladder ”, Joseph said. When asked if he would ride a roller coaster again, he said, “Maybe.”

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His sister Christina had a different experience. “I was on the brink of tilt, so there was nothing below me,” He said. However, the rescue was not so bad for her. “It was pretty fun but scary,” the 13-year-old said. He said he would ride a roller coaster again.

People were trapped for almost two hours before they could be lowered.  Facebook: Glendale Fire Department
People were trapped for almost two hours before they could be lowered. Facebook: Glendale Fire Department

The amusement park has been around since 1976 and originally started as a miniature golf venue. There are two roller coasters there, Desert Storm and Patriot. Desert Storm has two loops and is the most popular.

In the midst of the terrifying moment, the passengers of this roller coaster have to thank their luck, because in other similar incidents in the world, the trapped people have had a much harder time returning to land.

But for example, a few weeks ago in the UK, a group of adrenaline fans got a little more than they bargained for when “The Big One,” the country’s tallest roller coaster located at Blackpool Pleasure Beach, got stuck with them at the top of their 213 feet (65 meters).

The event did not have fatal consequences of deaths or injuries, but to be rescued, people had to get out of the cart, walk along the rails from the heights and then go down one by one down a huge staircase that from the top of the roller coaster leads to the I usually.

To rescue them they made them go down a ladder.  Facebook: Glendale Fire Department
To rescue them they made them go down a ladder. Facebook: Glendale Fire Department

The Big One was at the time (1994) the tallest and fastest roller coaster in the world, surpassed years later by the Kingda Ka at Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey, which is twice its height. A place where certainly no one would want to get trapped.

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