21st century medical students will practice in SSH units

Students of the Bachelor of Medical Surgery and Obstetrics of the XXI Century University Center will be able to carry out their clinical practices in units of the Secretary of Health of Hidalgo (SSH) after the state agency signed a cooperation agreement with directors of the house of studies.

During the signing of the agreement, the head of the SSH, Alejandro Efraín Benítez Herrera, stated that aspiring health workers will be able to transfer and increase their knowledge in real scenarios within the clinics of the state agency.

In addition, he considered that the presence of the covid-19 pandemic made it possible to document the triumph of science and highlight the failures in leadership that sidelined the spiritualist sense over the materialist.

“You as health professionals must have a basic function of being opinion leaders to promote health promotion and prevention from your trenches,” he said, calling on future generations of doctors to fight to restore the place he occupied. Mexico is becoming a regional leader in public health.

For his part, the rector Francisco Javier Moreno Partido specified that it will be undergraduate and social service internship students who will develop clinical practices in the Ministry of Health to apply the knowledge, skills and aptitudes acquired in the classroom on the eve of their next incorporation into the work of medicine.

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