The young man, “of Brazilian nationality”, was “on a small boat” with a group of friends, in Ribeira de Ponte de Sor, in the locality of Tramaga, reported to the Lusa agency, a source from the GNR’s Portalegre Territorial Command.

“All of them would not know how to swim and, with the entry of water into the vessel, the 21-year-old man panicked” and “drowned,” reported the source.

According to the GNR, after an alert call to 112, firefighters and the GNR moved to the location and “the young man was rescued from the water, subjected to resuscitation maneuvers and transported to the Ponte de Sor health center , where death was eventually declared”.

Contacted by Lusa, a source from the District Relief Operations Command (CDOS) of Portalegre said that the firefighters received, at 5:47 pm, the alert for an occurrence at Quinta da Saudade, “where an arm of the Montargil Dam passes”, in the municipality of Bridge of Ser.

The occurrence, at the time, involved “a seriously injured person, transported to the Ponte de Sor Health Center”, and “two people assisted on the spot”, a man and a woman, in their 30s, who “refused transport to the Health Unit,” said the same source, who did not specify the number of people who constituted the group of friends of the young man.

According to the CDOS, 22 operatives were deployed to the scene of the occurrence, supported by 10 vehicles, including firefighters, GNR and INEM.

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