2022 NBA draft – what should the Pistons do with their 5th pick?

On June 23, the 2022 NBA Draft will take place at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, where each of the Great League franchises will try to improve their roster by selecting the right prospects. To better prepare you for this always eagerly awaited event, we thought it would be useful to focus in particular on the ten teams that will choose from the Top 10, from Orlando to Washington. Today ? The Pistons and their 5th pick.


A year after drafting the nugget Cade Cunningham in No. 1, the Pistons are once again presenting themselves in the Draft in an excellent position, determined to seek a new big crack. But what strategy will they adopt? Detroit GM Troy Weaver gave a first answer to this question barely a month ago: questioned by the Michigan Livehe said the Pistons would choose “the best player available to them”. A phrase that means everything and nothing at the same time. This Draft is marked by a domination of three talents with Chet Holmgren, Jabari Smith Jr. and Paolo Banchero. Assuming these three don’t drop past 5th place, there are several choices for the Michigan franchise: among the most likely are full-back Jaden Ivey and le poste 3-4 Keegan Murray. The target position and the potential of the chosen player should factor into the decision of the Pistons. By choosing Ivey, they could form a complementary and stunning backcourt with Cunningham. If they turn to Murray instead, the ceiling is surely lower but the player is complete and ready to contribute as soon as he arrives in the Big League, in a position where Detroit needs to strengthen. Two different options therefore, which would allow Detroit to fill the gaps in the current roster and thus be competitive next season. It will also depend on what happens above: Jaden Ivey’s potential interests a lot of people and the Pistons may not really have a choice between the two in the end.


If Jaden Ivey is past and Detroit decides to select a similar profile, the management could attempt a bet by turning to another prospect. From this side, we immediately think of THE big question of this Draft: Shaedon Sharpe, a player as intriguing as it is exciting. The talent of the back is immense but his white year before his arrival in the Great League can be worrying. We are facing a player who can explode completely if he manages to exploit his full potential, or on the contrary represent a huge disappointment. A choice not easy to make therefore, which requires forty kilos of crotch to be tempted. But the expectations around these Pistons are currently not huge, which could give the prospect time to find his place. The success of this potential selection would also depend on the association with his backcourt colleague Cade Cunningham. If the two young people get along well, the duo could make sparks.


If the Pistons are visibly satisfied with this pick 5, they could however try to negotiate to go up a notch. In their sights: the choice n ° 4 of the Kings. A small step forward that could allow the men of Michigan to select the player of their choice (out of the announced top 3), without asking any questions. A luxury that would surely give them the green light for a talent like Jaden Ivey, who may no longer be available as a 5th choice. But to succeed this shot, it will be necessary to convince Sacramento, and that is not won. Without an All-Star player to offer and with a youth base they want to keep (Cunningham, Bey, Stewart), the franchise isn’t in a position to send a good package to California. In addition, the latest news from insiders american show that several other franchises are in on the action. But with this pick 5 and the possibility of adding a player like Jerami Grant – even a future first round of Draft – Motor City still has some arguments to make. If the franchise doesn’t want to get Ivey stabbed right under the nose, this option should be considered. It remains to be seen whether the management will give it a shot.

You understood, the Pistons will have a key role in this Draft, with a multitude of possibilities. Even if they can still exchange this pick 5 until June 23, all options are possible and Detroit will have to be watched very closely by next Thursday.

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