2022/2023 UEFA Champions League: Five Teams We Think Can Win the Trophy

With the 2021/2022 UCL competition over and Chelsea relinquishing their hold on the title, we are looking forward to the new season as teams from across Europe look to battle for European glory. It is gearing to be a tough season for any team, and anyone looking to engage in champions league betting next season must be prepared. 

The battle starts right before the World Cup, and as a result, it will prepare players for what is to come in the biggest footballing competition in the world. Different teams have sealed their spot in the competition. However, we still have a few that can join up once the playoff rounds are done. 

With teams looking to straighten their squad and give their best in the next competition, the UCL is gearing to be a tough one. And as a result, we look at five teams that we think are capable of winning the competition next season. 

Manchester City

Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City has only one trophy that has eluded them for many seasons –  the UEFA Champions League. The team has all it takes to win, but they usually crash when it matters the most, and once they can work on it, they have the chance to win the most coveted trophy in European club football.

However, it will be tough for the team because many teams would like to have a shot at the trophy. In that case, we expect them to be on their A-game whenever they face tough opposition. With Erling Haaland joining the team, they’ve solved the striker issue, which would go a long way. 

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Paris Saint-Germain

The Parisian club is another top contender for the prize, and they’ve been pursuing it just like Manchester City. Both teams have strong squads, but they’ve fallen shot at the right time. The two teams have made it to the final but lost 1-0 to the opposition. Therefore, they need to work on getting better at the right moment.

With Mbappe staying, we will see the formidable trio of Messi, Neymar, and Mbappe again for another season. Therefore, it will be an epic one, and as they look to strengthen the other lacking areas, we are sure that the team will have a formidable time in the champions league and might win the competition. 

Bayern Munich

In Germany, Bayern Munich is undoubtedly king. They’ve dominated the league for many years, and it is becoming the norm. However, where they got their real competition is the UCL, and they would like to win number seven next season. Everyone knows that Bayern has all it takes to win, and their team is one of the best in Europe.

In addition to that, they will certainly recruit top talents during the transfer window to ensure that their team remains competitive. In addition, with Lewandowski’s future looking like he would be out of the club this summer, they would need to get a replacement fast to ensure the team doesn’t miss out on champions league glory next season.


After winning the competition in 2021, Chelsea hasn’t been at the top of their game mainly because of the crisis from the sanctions and players leaving. The team would have to rebuild over the summer, but with Thomas Tuchel still at the helm, there is a great possibility that they would be a strong contender next season.

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The team would have plenty of work to do in the transfer window, and we expect them to make some smart replacements, starting with Antonio Rudiger, who is off to join Real Madrid. With Jules Koundé joining, that seems to solve the Rudiger issue, but they need more players for other positions. 

Real Madrid

The team with the most UEFA Champions Leagues and the biggest history in the competition will make it into our list. Although they missed out on two of the biggest young talents in the world, Real Madrid is a formidable team that can do wonders in any competition. The team has all it takes to win more UCLs.

We expect to see them stronger next season, and as long as Vinicius Junior, Karim Benzema, and the rest of the squad haven’t lost form, it will be a good season for them. We look forward to seeing how the team will fare against other top teams in Europe, and we believe they are one of the top five teams for next season.



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