2021 NBA Playoffs: Mark Jackson’s huge mistake that cost him a nightmare night in the networks

Chen you are a television commentator on NBA games, you are exposed to making mistakes that, generally, cost you some comments on the networks. But what happened to the former NBA player, Mark Jackson, it went much further. For your mistake, and for the answer.

During the broadcast of Game 4 between the Clippers and Suns, Jackson, now an ESPN commentator, literally said: “Monty Williams clever move that changes Devin Booker to protect him from fouls“The problem is that Booker had committed the sixth fault and it was not a change, but that the Suns player was going to the bench eliminated.

Faced with the huge mistake of the former player and coach, the networks began to smoke with comments such as: “Can anyone explore Jackson that when you commit the sixth foul in the NBA you are eliminated?” or I love it, Jackson talking about Williams protecting Booker from elimination over a banner on television that says ‘removed’!

Of course there were harder sticks: “Mark is the worst commentator of television history “and some even to the union:” That shows that some commentators do not pay attention to what happens in front of them. “

Obviously there have always been mistakes and there will always be when commenting on a game. Perfection is impossible. But what Jackson had to go through last night was a nightmare … caused by his mistake.



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