WhatsApp announces that it will stop working on these mobiles next year

WhatsApp announces that it will stop working on these mobiles next year

WhatsApp announces that it will stop working on these mobiles next year

Every year applications they make important updates to continue meeting the needs of their users. In this context, some devices become incompatible with the new versions of the applications and some of them even stop working. This is what will happen with WhatsApp from January 1, 2021.

The most widely used application globally will stop working on many Android and iOS devices due to an obsolescence process. And is that the updates of the app require more and more requirements and there are mobiles that are no longer compatible.

In the case of iOS, all iPhone models whose operating system is iOS 8 or earlier will run out of WhatsApp. That is, if you have a terminal that has iOS9 or higher you will not have to worry.

The inability to update the operating system of the iPhone 4 and previous models will make these terminals obsolete to use WhatsApp, while the iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone c, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus will continue to be compatible with the instant messaging application, as long as are updated to the version of iOS 9.

As for Android, WhatsApp it will stop working on all devices that have versions earlier than Android 4.0.3.

But, How do I know if my mobile is compatible with the new version of WhatsApp? Checking what version of operating system you have on your device. To do this, go to ‘Settings’ and access ‘General – Software update’ on iOS and ‘Phone information’ on Android.

If your device is one of those affected by the obsolescence process, you should know that there is no way to transfer the chat history between different platforms. The only option you have to save your conversations is to export the chat history to send it by email.


Lorenzo Sonego qualified for the final in Vienna

Lorenzo Sonego remained on his own in Vienna. After sweeping Friday Novak Djokovic (6-2, 6-1), the Italian, 42nd in the world, followed with a very convincing performance to get rid of the still very poisonous Dan Evans. The day before, the Serbian world No. 1, saddened by the death of a great Orthodox figure from the Balkans and reassured by his virtual certainty of finishing the year as a leader, had sometimes seemed to lose interest in the match. But it was not just that to explain this extraordinary score.

Sonego has again proved that he is playing “heat” in Austria. Winner of twelve of the first fourteen points of the match, the Italian did not really loosen the grip against an Evans who called on the physiotherapist to treat a painful shoulder at the start of the second set. With his stunning attacks, especially forehand, his efficient serve (eleven points lost in ten face-offs), his deadlines and volleys assured, he provided the show.

If he had failed to defend a first break at the start of the second, Sonego avoided being caught at 4-4 on an incredible pounding forehand session. He’s got the nerves. He proved it by winning white his face-off when serving for the match. After Antalya last year, he will try to win his second title on Sunday against Andrey Rublev, the fit man of the moment.


It is not necessary to keep beds free as a precaution

Francesco De Meo, 56, the head of the hospital operator Helios Health, in a leather jacket and T-shirt in the company headquarters in Bad Homburg
Image: Helmut Fricke

Francesco De Meo is the head of the largest hospital chain in Europe. Against the fear of the corona virus, he recommends: facts, facts, facts.

EA quiz question to start with. Who has been the least likely to respond to the common cliché in the past week? The top manager with more than 100,000 employees who can do without a chauffeur and secretary? The family man in his mid-fifties who has a large tattoo on his stomach and back? Or the hospital boss who, despite the rising number of corona infections, does not sound the alarm because of scarce intensive care beds or a lack of nursing staff and who does not ask for additional money for his clinics, but instead calls for confidence and personal responsibility?

Sebastian Balzter

Editor in the economy of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung.

No matter which of the three behaviors you think is particularly unusual: In this quiz, the answer always comes down to the same person. It’s Francesco De Meo, the CEO of healthcare provider Helios Health. No other manager in the country runs more hospitals than he does; With almost 90 clinics in Germany and 50 others in Spain, Helios is even the largest private hospital operator in Europe. That is an extraordinary position in other times. But especially in this Corona year.


Namib: A ghost town testifies to the crimes of the Germans

The region in Namibia

Sand storms, daytime temperatures of over 50 degrees before the mercury falls below freezing point at night, extreme drought: the Namib is one of the most inhospitable places on earth. The unique foggy desert lines the Atlantic coast of Namibia over a length of 2000 kilometers, from east to west the Namib measures around 150 kilometers. In the north a desert tip protrudes into Angola, in the south to South Africa.

The Namib owes its sandy character to the River Orange, which forms Namibia’s border with South Africa. The river, which is over 2000 kilometers long, carries large amounts of sediment, which is transported further north by the Benguela Current in the Oranjemund estuary and deposited on the coast. The stranded granules of sediment are seized by strong winds that model them into spectacular sandy landscapes.

The Namibian Sand Sea has been part of the Unesco World Heritage since 2013, but with around 30,000 square kilometers it covers only around a third of the entire Namib. Only a few animal species get along in this desert – including the rare black rhinoceros, desert elephants and the oryx, Namibia’s heraldic animal. Practically, she almost never has to drink, the water in the food is sufficient for the resilient animal as a moisture supplier for a long time.

Source: WORLD infographic

The ghost town of Kolmanskop in the desert

The first diamond in Namibia was found in 1908 on the Lüderitz – Seeheim railway line by an African worker. But it was his superior, a German in what was then the colony of German South West Africa, who staked out the first claim at Kolmannskuppe near Lüderitz together with a friend. The two became millionaires.

Within a short period of time, a diamond camp grew into a German colonial-style mining town with a hospital, power station and even a saltwater swimming pool. The diamond-rich area in southern Namibia was declared a restricted area by the Imperial Colonial Office up to the South African border, and the local population got nothing.

Namibia: Desert sand conquers the empty buildings in Kolmannskuppe

Desert sand conquers the vacant buildings in Kolmannskuppe

Quelle: Getty Images

The injustice that the Germans exercised as a colonial power from 1884 to 1915 in what is now Namibia, however, extended far beyond exploitation and land grabbing when German troops brutally put down local uprisings between 1904 and 1908. About 65,000 of the 80,000 Herero died, and at least 10,000 of the 20,000 Nama were killed.

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The skulls of fallen or hanged Hereros were packed and sent to the Pathological Institute in Berlin

Germany now recognizes a historical responsibility, but so far no official apology has been issued, nor has any money been paid to make amends. Kolmanskop, as the diamond settlement is called in Afrikaans, has been an abandoned ghost town for decades, gradually being blown away by the desert sand.

Himba – the last nomads in the Namib

It has a similar bad reputation as the Bermuda Triangle: the Skeleton Coast in northern Namibia. Here the fog is often so dense and the current so strong that ships run aground or crash against the rocks. Hundreds of wrecks are rusting on the bank.

Hundreds of wrecks rust away on the Skeleton Coast in the north of Namibia

Hundreds of wrecks rust away on the Skeleton Coast in northern Namibia

Quelle: Getty Images

Even today, the stretch of coast, which the Portuguese sailors called the gateway to hell, is feared by seafarers. Also because shipwrecked people who were able to save themselves on land have died of thirst in the dry desert.

The coast is almost deserted, the Himba only live in the border area with Angola. This last nomadic people of Namibia keeps cattle, sheep and goats in the desert. Instead of western clothing, the Himba only wear a kind of loincloth made of leather or fur – even the women who do not cover their breasts. One vice is equally popular with both sexes: pipe smoking.

Namibia: Himba women and men like to smoke pipes

Himba women and men like to smoke pipes

Quelle: LightRocket via Getty Images

The snake in the sand

The Namib Viper is a sophisticated blender: it buries itself in the sand, stands still and hopes for prey. Only the tip of the tail peeps out. As soon as a gecko or a small rodent comes along, the snake wriggles with its rear end – with it it fools the four-legged friends into a quick insect meal. But before the gecko or mouse can bite, they become prey themselves and are devoured by the viper at lightning speed.

Namib desert in Namibia: a Namib viper in the sand

Well camouflaged: You can only see the head of this Namib viper if you look closely

Quelle: Getty Images/imageBROKER RF/Thomas Sbampato

This plant miraculously survives

The Austrian botanist Friedrich Welwitsch discovered it in 1859, and the plant has been called Welwitschia mirabilis ever since. The Herero have known it for a long time – under the name Onyanga (desert onion). It looks like a wilting heap, but it is extremely vital and amazes the botanists.

If the meter-long tap root cannot tap into the groundwater, the Welwitschia forms hair roots that it wraps around itself like a fine network. These absorb moisture from the fog that trade winds regularly blow in from the coast.

The Welwitschia only exists in the Namib Desert. The survivor is Namibia’s national plant and adorns the national coat of arms; the national rugby team is called “The Welwitschias”. The oldest known specimen is around 1500 years old and around eight meters in circumference. The tourist road “Welwitschia Drive” leads from Swakopmund to this giant and past a number of conspecifics.

Welwitschia mirabilis in the Namib Desert in Namibia

The Welwitschia mirabilis looks like a withered heap, but it has amazing capabilities

Quelle: Getty Images/Photograph by Michael Schwab

300 meter high dunes in the oldest desert in the world

The Namib is estimated to be at least 55 million years old, making it the oldest desert in the world. However, since a desert does not arise from now on, scientists are divided as to when exactly the geological development of the Namib began. Some geologists believe that this happened 80 million years ago or even earlier.

Some of the highest dunes in the world tower in the Namib-Naukluft National Park. They are called Big Daddy or Big Mama and some measure over 300 meters. Some of the sand hills can be climbed – for example the 80 meter high Dune 7 in the Sossusvlei area, on the crest of which early risers can experience particularly beautiful sunrises.

In the Sossusvlei area in the Namib desert, tourists can climb an 80 meter high dune

In the Sossusvlei area, tourists can climb an 80 meter high dune

Quelle: Getty Images

The quote

“Gurgling water rushed under gray, fluttering clouds”

Henno Martin (1910–1998) describes a dry river in “When there is war, we go into the desert” that suddenly filled up after a downpour. The geologist was doing research in the Naukluft Mountains when the Second World War broke out. Fearing that he would be interned as a German, he fled to the desert with a colleague and fought there for over two years for bare survival. He was then arrested, but was quickly released and was able to do further research.

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in Tennessee, Scott Carey supports Joe Biden “but remains Republican”

Legal advisor to the Republican Party of Tennessee for 15 years and Republican delegate to the Convention since 2008, Scott Carey has just signed a platform titled I’m a Republican for life, but that’s why I’m gonna vote for Joe Biden. Interview.

In his desire to unite the country, Joe Biden, who presents himself as the compromise candidate, made appeals with his foot to Republicans who would be disappointed by Donald Trump. Like members of the Lincoln Project, a group of dissident conservatives that formed after Donald Trump was elected in 2016, a number of former governors, members of the administration, CIA employees and others. Republican Party politicians – such as the wife of Senator John McCain – have called for votes for Joe Biden. This is also the case for Scott Carey, legal counsel for the Republican Party of Tennessee for 15 years and Republican delegate to the Convention since 2008.

RFI : In the Tennessean, you sign a platform entitled I’m a Republican for life, but that’s why I’m gonna vote Joe Biden. Why have you declared it publicly and what reactions has it aroused in those around you?

Scott Carey : Since this article was published, I have many Republican friends who have called me and said, ” You know, I’ll never put a pro-Biden sign in my backyard, and I don’t tell people I’m going to vote for him… But I agree with you “. It was my conscience that prompted me to affirm my vote publicly. This election is about safeguarding the soul of the United States and defining who we want to be in the future. Donald Trump does not reflect our nation. As someone involved in political affairs, I had to tell my children and their friends, who are barely 20 years old, that this election is not normal, that this presidency is not normal and that we can do better.

What do you blame Donald Trump for ?

The President of the United States must be exemplary, honest, competent, he must be a man of confidence. All of this misses Donald Trump. And it’s not just his personality, he’s just not cut out for the job. For four years, I have observed. I am happy that he appointed many judges, his policy of deregulating the economy has given some good results, but in general, his migration policy, the Muslim Ban (anti-terrorist presidential decree restricting Muslim immigration, editor’s note) , the fact of putting children in cages and separating them from their parents at the border, his management of the pandemic, which he turned into a controversy rather than making it a national emergency, all this not only means I am not voting for him, but I am voting for his opponent, Joe Biden.

Does your rejection of Donald Trump mean you actually support Joe Biden? ?

I’m not a fan of Biden, and I don’t agree with everything, but I also think on the issue of the environment the United States has to be a driving force and that yes, systemic racism exists and that we need to solve the inequalities in our society. For the good of the United States, we need to be able to all work together, as we did before, when the heart of the Trump movement is to divide us.

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So I support Joe Biden, but I remain a Republican. I’m not quitting the party, because if people like me quit, then we will have lost it forever.
The Republican Party was co-opted by Donald Trump. He intimidated elected Republican officials, many felt compelled to fall into line. So, Trump must be firmly beaten so that we can regain control of the party.

What will happen to the Republican Party if Donald Trump loses the election ?

That’s a good question and I think we are all wondering what will happen, what will be the next chapter. What worries me is that people are so disgusted that they reject the Republican Party as a whole and that we lose the Senate, when it would be good to maintain a balance of power within the institutions.

After the election, I hope that there will be an awareness and a revival within the party, of the fact that society has rejected not only Donald Trump, but his entire political line and that if we want to regain power , we will have to change, re-found the party. This is what I hope.

Nantes-PSG: versatile, mobile and athletic, Moise Kean is a new young man

Arrived on tiptoe at the beginning of October, Moise Kean has everything from the good pick of the transfer window of PSG. In four games, the Italian striker has played more than Danilo Pereira or Rafinha and especially scored two braces in the last two games against Dijon (4-0) and Basaksehir (2-0). Enough to make him the club’s second top scorer after Kylian Mbappé (6 goals) and ahead of Neymar (2), Mauro Icardi (2) or Angel Di Maria (1). Statistics that the 20-year-old will have the opportunity to inflate this Saturday in Nantes (9 p.m.) while these three players will be absent at the Beaujoire stadium.

Leonardo’s bet, who negotiated this loan without a purchase option with Everton, is therefore paying off. Kean was dragging his sentence in England where he had been recruited from Juventus Turin for 27.5 million euros. In 37 games, he had only started nine times for four goals. A total that he has already reached with PSG. “When you’re a striker, the best thing to be integrated into a club and a locker room for an attacker is to score,” said Thomas Tuchel.

With Kean, PSG now have a new profile that can fit perfectly into an animation too often based on the individual performances of Neymar and Mbappé. In particular by its versatility. The Italian international (8 caps, 2 goals) can indeed play in the axis alongside a second striker – “his best position” according to Tuchel – or on one side. “If we play three in front, he can evolve to the left, to the right or to the center, underlines his trainer. Moise must continue to build intensity, to use his physical capacity and to go to the duel with the central defenders. He can have a big influence in our game. ”

“Its physical dimension is really an added value”

Since arriving in Paris, Kean has had few sessions to perfect his automatisms. Tuchel and his staff therefore committed themselves to long video sessions to instill in him the principles of the Parisian game. His mobility, his speed and his ability to get rid of the opponent’s marking were then enough to make him feel visibly very comfortable. His physical and mental freshness underlined by his coach after his match against Turkey did the rest.

“Sportingly what he does is not surprising, but his ease of adaptation to the team is a little more so. He seems to be digesting his arrival very well despite his age, ”said former Parisian Grégory Paisley who observed the outbreak of Moise Kean while commenting on Serie A on beIN Sport. For the ex-defender, Kean stands out above all for his athletic abilities. “The most impressive is the impact and the power it brings,” continues Paisley. With Juve, Allegri liked to bring him in 20 or 30 minutes from the end, because he was able to change the face of the game. On his first catches of the ball, he set the opponents on fire. “

A physical dimension that he brings especially in duels where unlike Mbappé, he likes to rub shoulders with defenders. This makes it possible to fix the opponent and free up space for his partners. “He is able to wedge balls and dominate in the air, his physical dimension is really an added value, insists Paisley. Icardi is a fabulous player in the 16 meters thanks to his art of placement, but Kean both puts the impact while being able to combine with Mbappé and Neymar who like to multiply the touches of the ball. He also has real attacking calls. It is as capable of stalling as of taking depth or dezoning on the sides. It has its bearings everywhere. “What offer Kean a place of choice in Paris if he continues to be so precise in front of goal.

US Election: Swing States – The Keys to Victory – Politics

If you want to know where the US presidential election will be decided, all you have to do is take a look at the travel plans of the two candidates. For incumbent Donald Trump, appearances in Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin were on the program on Friday. Challenger Joe Biden also targeted Minnesota and Wisconsin, plus Iowa. On Thursday both candidates performed in Florida, in the same city: Tampa. In Florida, the election results are usually notoriously close. If Trump doesn’t win the state, it is very unlikely that he will remain president. Joe Biden said on Thursday, “If we win Florida, it will be over.” What he means: Then it is pretty certain that he will move into the White House.

Six states are known as swing states because they do not reliably vote Democratic or Republican. They are Arizona, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. In all of these states, Biden leads the polls, and in all of these states Trump won in 2016. It would be enough for Biden to conquer three of these states as long as he does not lose any of the states that Hillary Clinton won in 2016. That means he could get over a loss in Florida. The Democrats’ hopes are primarily in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin. This trio is the key to victory for them.

This year, however, there is more competition than the traditional six swing states. The fact that Biden appears in Iowa, for example, is because both candidates are tied there. Basically he doesn’t need the state. The fact that he still invests time there is seen by observers as a sign of confidence. He believes that he can afford not to concentrate all resources on the states that are decisive for him, but instead to attack Trump in his heartland. In this case one speaks of an offensive strategy.

Trump is going on the offensive in Minnesota – but where Biden leads by eight percentage points

Trump, on the other hand, recently appeared in Georgia, for example. This state votes normally reliably Republican, it should be able to save visits there. According to the polls, however, Biden leads by one percentage point in Georgia. When Trump appears there, he’s not doing it to attack Biden, but to defend himself. In this case one speaks of a defensive strategy. Trump is going on the offensive in Minnesota. There, however, Biden leads with eight percentage points.

Trump was also behind in the polls in 2016. At that time, however, the number of undecided voters was significantly higher than it is now. The majority of the undecided votes fell on Trump in 2016, which was one reason the polls were turned upside down. Another reason was that white men without a university degree were clearly underrepresented in the surveys. These are among Trump’s most loyal voters. The institutes affirm that they have learned from the mistake.

Trump holds rally in battleground Florida

Donald Trump also tried to mobilize his supporters in Tampa.

(Photo: Ricardo Arduengo / AFP)

More than 75 million Americans have already cast their votes, and the number is growing. In 2016, only 47 million people voted before election day. In key states like Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, these votes cannot be counted until after polling stations close on November 3rd. It could therefore take a long time to get results there. In Florida, on the other hand, all incoming votes are already counted. More than six million votes are expected to be cast by mail in the state, out of 13.5 million eligible voters. Since the count is already in progress, there could be a trend from Florida comparatively early on election night.


No public at the start of the Vendée Globe

The skippers of the 9e Vendée Globe will cast off with discretion. The organizers announced Thursday, October 29 that the start, on November 8, of the round-the-world solo race, without stopover and without assistance, will be without an audience from Les Sables-d’Olonne.

“The start of the Vendée Globe will take place as planned on November 8 at 1:02 p.m. behind closed doors, without an audience”, explain the organizers in a press release, the day after the announcement of a new confinement by the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, to halt the progression of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The start of this ninth edition was initially limited to a tonnage of 5,000 visitors to the village where the 33 monohulls that will compete in the oceans of the world are stationed – open on October 17, the village will close its doors this Thursday at midnight -, and 9,000 people along the channel.

With the closure of the starting village and the closing of the race to the public, Yves Auvinet president of SAEM and president of the Vendée departmental council expects economic losses. But it does not give any indication of their possible magnitude: “Let’s let some time pass and we’ll see at the end. “

The departure, which attracted more than 300,000 people in 2016, will be “Broadcast live on vendeeglobe.org and on numerous television channels”, specify the organizers.

Some 2.25 million people usually visit the village in the weeks leading up to departure. In 2016, the immediate economic benefits were estimated at 35 million euros by the organizers.

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The world

Sevilla fights a point against Chelsea to start

Sevilla displayed all the claw and competitiveness that characterizes Lopetegui’s successful stage against Chelsea, thus achieving a valuable point in the Champions League premiere, that leaves him well positioned to start the group that will have its second episode next week at Pizjuán against a Stade Rennais that drew against Krasnodar. Lopetegui’s team competed meritoriously, knew how to suffer and seek their options, despite the fact that the match was closed and with few occasions, without transitions and with little movement in the areas.

After a hesitant start, in which Chelsea imposed their physical power, Sevilla was gaining weight in the game until master with ease, but without creating occasions frequently. Meanwhile, the arreones began to appear to the counterattack of the fast attackers of the English team.

Lopetegui, who had protected himself with a very strong defensive midfield, pushed the team to take a step forward with the Sergi Gómez injury and the entry of Jordán, but the lack of specificity from Sevilla in the last quarter of the field was not solved, with more insistence than success.

Domain alternatives

After the break, Chelsea improved, with more rhythm and continuously in the vicinity of the Sevilla area, with a fluid circulation and the constant danger of a hyperactive Timo Werner.

Sevilla regained possession with the entry to Oliver’s field and returned to attack with danger, assisted by the society of Ocampos and Navas on the right wing. A volley from Jordán that went high, with an aesthetic and powerful hit, was the closest to the goal that Lopetegui’s team was, who hit the changes to stop the good English minutes.

The final stretch came to Sevilla between a certain dominance and with hints of dangerous arrivals, but with traces of exhaustion to continue competing that accompanies their displays of claw and perseverance in the attack. The game ended overcoming the rival area, but without the goal award.

Match sheet:

CHELSEA        0

SEVILLA         0

Chelsea: Mendy; James, Zouma, Thiago Silva, Chilwell; Kanté, Jorginho (Kovacic, m. 63); Mount (Ziyech, m. 61), Havertz, Pulisic; Werner. Technical: Frank Lampard.

Sevilla: Bonus; Navas, Diego Carlos, Sergi Gómez (Jordán, m. 32), Acuña; Rakitic (Franco Vázquez, m. 79), Gudelj, Fernando; Suso, De Jong (In Nesyri (d. 79), Ocampos. Technical: Julen Lopetegui.

No goals.