After weeks of rumors, leaks and announcements, the actress who will play the character is finally revealed. Ms. Marvel in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Will be Iman Vellani, will have its own series in Disney+ and is expected to appear for the first time in Captain Marvel 2.

Vellani She is new to Hollywood and there is very little information about the actress. But it is known that she has been very active in the search for greater diversity in the industry, being part of a committee in the Toronto Film Festival to attract new talent.

The committee, called Next Wave, was founded in 2010 and is made up of 12 students between the ages of 15 and 18, where great emphasis is placed on diversity.

All Ms. Marvel

Ms. Marvel It has been the name of several superheroes in Marvel comics. The first was Carol Danvers, who used the pseudonym before becoming Captain Marvel.

It was after Sharon Ventura who joins the Fantastic four, but after being exposed to cosmic rays, it assumes a physical form similar to that of The thing and change its name to Woman thing.

Then Karla Sofen, who joins the group of Dark Avengers commanded by Norman Osborn, as an alternate version of Carol Danvers when she was still Ms. Marvel.

He keeps the pseudonym until Danvers herself withdraws it in issue # 47 of the series Ms. Marvel, put on sale in January 2010.

By last Kamala Khan, a character created in 2013 and appearing for the first time in Captain Marvel # 17. She is a teenager with Pakistani parents living in New Jersey who deeply admires Carol Danvers.

Khan discovers that he has Inhumans genes and that his body has polymorphic abilities. He became the first character of Muslim origin to have his own line of comics.

His own series on Disney +

Iman Vellani, in addition to debuting as Ms. Marvel in Captain Marvel 2, will have its own series on Disney +. His entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe will be his first major foray into Hollywood.

According to the report of Deadline, at Disney they have made an important effort so that the role goes to the correct person, who represents the character of Kamala Khan in movies and on television. Even if that means that it is interpreted by a person without previous experience in the industry.

The series of Ms. Marvel premieres in Disney+ throughout 2021. A few days ago the directors were announced that they would be in charge of their episodes.