Here’s what you need to know about the stock split – CNN

(CNN Business) — Tesla shares are much, much cheaper this Monday after the company’s 5-1 split (a trade known as split).

Even though Tesla shares closed up 12.5% ​​at a cost of $ 498.32 per unit on Monday, they are still about $ 1,800 cheaper than Friday’s price. The company announced the stock split earlier this month, which makes the stock more affordable for average investors.

The division will not change the value of the investors’ total interests in the company. It only increases the number of stocks that make up their portfolios. Tesla shareholders are getting four shares for every one they held last week.

Tesla remains a great target for short-sellers, investors who borrow the stock and sell it in hopes of buying it back at a lower price.

Elon Musk, Tesla’s chief executive, likes to point out (correctly, so far) that analysts have been consistently wrong and that Wall Street continues to increase its earnings forecasts and stock price targets.

Tesla may also get an additional boost if it is finally added to the top-notch S&P 500 index, a move that could happen soon now that the company has posted a steady series of profitable quarters.

Apple also went public on Monday after its split with stocks that are now about $ 400 cheaper after the split 4-1. Shares of Apple are now trading at $ 129.04 per unit, after gaining 3.4% on Monday. This figure should be compared to the cost of around $ 500 last week.

CNN Business’s Paul R. La Monica and David Goldman contributed to this report.


Animal Crossing: the new fish and insects to catch in September

The month of September is upon us and new beasts will be coming to the game soon. Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

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September marks the arrival of salmon in the Northern Hemisphere, but hurry up to catch them, because they are only visiting this month! We will also have to say goodbye to several sharks at the end of the month, so get your fishing rod ready.

Here are the new creatures that will land in Animal Crossing: New Horizons in September, and those who will be leaving the game at the end of the month. There are a few new beasts and creatures we’ve seen since the game was released in March.

New September fish

  • Salmon
  • Masou
  • Pike
  • Char
  • Golden trout
  • Salmon
  • King salmon
  • Chinese crab
  • Sturgeon

New August insects

  • Rave moth (or common butterfly)
  • Citrin
  • Monarch
  • Meadow cricket
  • Midday cricket
  • Sympetrum
  • Mormolyce
  • Woodlouse
  • Centipede

Pisces that will be leaving the game on September 30

  • Salmon
  • King salmon
  • Crayfish
  • Tortue trionyx
  • Ayu
  • Doctor fish
  • Piranha
  • Arowana
  • Sea bream
  • At all
  • Arapaïma
  • Bichir
  • Clown fish
  • Surgeonfish
  • Butterfly passion
  • Porcupine fish
  • Blue Marlin
  • Sea moon
  • Saw shark
  • Hammerhead shark
  • Great White shark
  • Whale shark
  • Striped remora

Insects that will be leaving the game on September 30

  • Machaon
  • Blue morpho
  • Agrias
  • Troides brookiana
  • Troides alexandrae
  • attacus atlas
  • Adriandolo / chrysiridia rhipheus
  • Grasshopper
  • Cicada leafhopper
  • Skater
  • Dyticus
  • Giant water bug (ouache ?!)
  • Rosalia batesi
  • Geotrupidae
  • Goliath Scarab
  • Lucane iridescent cover
  • Phyllie
  • Mosquito

Do you want to know how to “pimp” your island? We have a little guide to build magnificent roads!

Camping in the trekking camp in the Franconian Forest

Matt I drag myself the last ascent to the Rehwiese campground. The backpack tugs with the tent, sleeping pad, sleeping bag. It’s also a very hot day, in the last settlement I asked a man in the garden for three liters of tap water. Who will be the others who have reserved for tonight on the Rehwiese? I stumble out of the forest, it’s after 6 p.m., the clearing is empty.

Is it going to be like it was then, in the United States in Zion National Park? When I was the first to arrive at the campground in the wilderness, I happily chose the levelest spot. When it dawned, it became clear: nobody is coming. Sitting on the ground, leaning against a tree, I watched the dark. Just before I started to shudder, I crawled into the tent. Outside, bats, toads, and porcupines woke up. And then: Although the call reached my ear for the first time in my life, I recognized it immediately – a coyote howled. What will I hear today in the meadow in the Franconian Forest? Deer, wild boar? It turns out differently. Little by little, the place fills up and other trekkers come to spend the night in tents in the forest. But is that actually allowed?

Does everyone’s right apply?

Contradicting information is circulating about this, the easiest way to summarize it is: yes and no. Outdoor fans are demanding that wild tents should be legalized with everyone’s right like in Scandinavia. Unfortunately it’s not that easy. A few figures: In Norway there are 14 inhabitants per square kilometer (all figures from 2018), in Germany there are 237. Even in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania there are 69, five times as many as between the North Cape and Oslo. In Brandenburg there are 85 inhabitants per square kilometer. Almost all of them have a garden, so there is less urge to go into the forest. If it weren’t for near Berlin, the most densely populated part of Germany with 4090 inhabitants per square kilometer.

Big city dwellers want to get out, and because of overcrowded campsites, forests and meadows beckon. In theory, you can camp one night outside if you get permission from the landowner, e.g. the forestry authority. Most of them save that.

In outdoor forums you can find stories about these so-called micro adventures. One raves about the Fichtelgebirge, “Wild camping was a mega experience”. From the first time, another user wrote, “The night was restless at first because deer still had to make their way, but I quickly got used to it. I’m very proud of myself! ”One of them wants to go to the Black Forest“ with a hammock and tarp ”. A comment warns that the rangers there are “quite behind when it comes to wild camping”. She should pitch her tent far away. When I was told that the national park was under protection, I got the succinct answer that everything was fully booked, including pensions, “but I have to take my vacation sometime …”. And nobody points out that this is also quite legal in so-called trekking camps in the Black Forest.


Sony: PS5 will only be backwards compatible with PS4 – 20 Minutes

  1. Sony: PS5 will only be backwards compatible with PS420 Minutes
  2. PS5: Like the PS4, Sony might not be able to secure a global launchClubic
  3. PS5: a new ad recalls the immersive aspect of the console!Mce tv
  4. PlayStation 5 trailer: a new ad highlights its immersive qualities –
  5. No, the PS5 will not be able to play PSOne, PS2 and PS3 games (according to Ubisoft)Clubic
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COVID-19: François Legault denounces the great health loosening in Quebec

The Prime Minister has warned Quebeckers against a general relaxation of health measures, which would be at the origin of the increase in new cases of COVID-19 over the past two weeks.

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“There is a general relaxation in Quebec. […] It’s important to return to a certain discipline, ”asked the Prime Minister, François Legault, at a press briefing Monday in Montreal.

Moreover, Quebec is studying the possibility of cracking down on those who do not respect the sanitary instructions.

  • Listen to François Lambert’s column:

Mr. Legault said the new cases affect a segment of the younger population and are not only concentrated in Montreal.

Quebec recorded 140 new COVID-19 contaminations on Monday, now bringing the total of cases listed to 62,492.

The hospitalization situation is relatively stable with a total of 112 patients.

  • Listen to clinical psychologist Pierre Faubert on the subject on QUB radio:

Critical moments

For the Prime Minister, the current start of the school year, the return to the office of several workers and the arrival of colder temperatures that will encourage people to take refuge indoors are pivotal moments in the fight against the virus.

“The next few weeks will be critical. […] We do not want to close the schools. We owe that to our children, ”implored Mr. Legault.

Although he does not wish to return to this measure, the Prime Minister has left the threat of a return to confinement if the situation escalates too much.

Quebec Premier François Legault has warned Quebecers against the relaxation of health measures that would be the cause of the increase in new cases of COVID-19 over the past two weeks.

Photo Cédérick Caron

Quebec Premier François Legault has warned Quebecers against the relaxation of health measures that would be the cause of the increase in new cases of COVID-19 over the past two weeks.

Karaoke and wedding

According to the strategic medical adviser to the General Directorate of Public Health, Richard Massé, the current increase in cases is more linked to the summer holidays rather than the start of the school year, which began last week in some regions.

“We are not able to pinpoint a type of activity that has an impact on this increase,” said the Prime Minister.

On the other hand, the Minister of Health, Christian Dubé, mentioned certain cases of rally which weighed in the balance.

“There are 10 new cases today [qui sont liés à une activité de karaoké] and we will have new cases related to this activity tomorrow. We also have a hint of marriage. […] This is how a second wave begins, ”warned Mr. Dubé.

  • Listen to Mario Dumont and Alexandre Moranville on the subject, on QUB Radio:

Have you beaten COVID-19? The Journal is looking for people who have recovered from the coronavirus and who would like to testify.

Write to us at

SZ series: The start into office – Confident debut in Egmating – Ebersberg

Hardly anyone gave her too many chances against the incumbent incumbent mayor. But then the outsider triumphed. A woman who could score points with a lot of experience from the private sector. Inge Heiler managed the biggest surprise in the district of Ebersberg in the 2020 local elections. The 43-year-old insurance and marketing specialist, who was previously not politically active, competed for the Active Citizens List Egmating (ABE). The citizens were not only impressed by her competence as an authorized signatory in her husband’s company. Many also know and appreciate their voluntary work in Egmating’s club and community life. She confidently won the runoff election and replaced the incumbent Ernst Eberherr (CSU), who was Egmating’s mayor for 24 years.

“It’s a long era,” says Heiler, saying that her predecessor had a huge impact on the place. Now that she is at the helm as honorary mayor in the parish chancellery, the citizens and councilors would first have to get used to a different person, to a different style. The mother of three brings a lot of energy. At 8 a.m. she wants to talk about her first 100 days in office. Your day is tight, so there isn’t much time for a chat. She gets up and quickly closes the window so that her first balance sheet is not drowned in the street noise.

Then she reports how much she enjoyed the past few weeks. How wonderfully the employees of the Glonn administrative association accompanied her with their expertise, for which she is very grateful. After the first municipal council meetings, she can only really appreciate and assess the work of her predecessor and the committee. Community politics is “a lot, a lot of work”.

The new mayor rushes into the ongoing projects that the council has started in recent years. And turns a lot upside down on an important topic: the renovation of the primary school. In her third municipal council meeting, Inge Heiler put the current planning on the agenda and achieved a majority for her change requests. The new mayor would like the schoolchildren to be housed in separate containers during the renovation work and not on the noisy construction site. In addition, she succeeded in convincing the local council to reconsider the planned construction of apartments on the school roof. Living space, she explained to the committee, could also be created elsewhere. It is important for them that the community does not obstruct the development potential at the school location. Instead of building apartments, the architects should rather renovate the attic storey in terms of energy and expand it for after-school care children.

Inge Heiler tackles the issues. She proudly reports that she has modernized the community bulletin and given it a new layout. Now she wants to take on the local supply, in Egmating there is so far only one small general store. Long-term village development is important to her, she says. “Where will we be in 15 years? Where do we want to grow?” – these questions concern them. She wants to be transparent about all of the projects and relies on good cooperation with the local council. “I will give as much information as possible to the panel.” You have to go deeper into the topics. One session a month, she says, isn’t enough for that. “We have to discuss more together. Everyone has to be put in a position to make decisions.”

Local councilor Bernhard Wagner (SPD) has been a member of Egmating’s local council for 20 years. He fought twice for mayor’s office – and failed. After four meetings under the new mayor, he says that the flow of information has actually improved. Nevertheless, he does not feel that he is properly involved in politics. As in previous legislative periods, alternative proposals would be blocked. As always, he missed joint consultation. The difference to earlier is that the mayor informs about the resolutions beforehand. Wagner is also a little surprised about the town hall chief’s priorities. Long-term planning, such as the water supply, would have to be planned in Egmating. But the mayor boasted new billboards at the entrance to the village and a new website.

Local councilor Johann Christian Lang (CSU) praises the style of the new mayor. The first impression is “pleasantly positive”. One can communicate well with her. Moderation is also her thing, he says. After the voters have decided in favor of her, the local council will now grant her a training period in accordance with the rules of fair dealing. “We’ll admit that to her. I think she’ll get into her role well,” says Lang. In any case, he is very open to new ideas and hopes for a good future development of the place.


Austrian Grand Prix qualifying, live

1. Maverick Viñales (1’23.450)

2. Jack Miller

3. Fabio Quartararo

4. Andrea Dovizioso

5. Pol Espargaró
6. Joan Mir

7. Franco Morbidelli

8. Álex Rins

9. Johann Zarco

10. Takaaki Nakagami

11. Miguel Oliveira

12. Valentino Rossi

13. Danilo Petrucci

14. Aleix Espargaró

15. Cal Crutchlow

16. Iker Lecuona

17. Brad Binder

18. Alex Marquez

19. Stefan Bradl

20. Tito Rabat

21. Michele Pirro

13. Danilo Petrucci

14. Aleix Espargaró

15. Cal Crutchlow

16. Iker Lecuona

17. Brad Binder

18. Alex Marquez

19. Stefan Bradl

20. Tito Rabat

21. Michele Pirro

• Q1: Johann Zarco, Danilo Petrucci, Valentino Rossi, Cal Crutchlow, Iker Lecuona, Brad Binder, Michele Pirro, Aleix Espargaró, Álex Márquez, Bradley Smith, Stefan Bradl and Tito Rabat.

• Q2: Pol Espargaró, Andrea Dovizioso, Maverick Viñales, Jack Miller, Takaaki Nakagami, Álex Rins, Miguel Oliveira, Joan Mir, Franco Morbidelli and Fabio Quartararo.

– Circuit record: 2019 Marc Márquez (Repsol Honda Team) – 1’23.027

– Fastest lap: 2019 Andrea Dovizioso (Ducati Team) – 1’23.827

– Best pole: 2019 Marc Márquez (Repsol Honda Team) – 1’23.027

– Top Speed: 2019 Andrea Dovizioso (Ducati Team) – 316.7 km / h

Espargaró set the best time of the day in the morning, at 1’24.193, while in the afternoon the fastest was Australian Jack Miller, who at the end of the session rolled at 1’26.475.

Marc Márquez

Stefan Bradl

Iker Lecuona


1. Petronas Yamaha SRT – 90 puntos

2. Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP – 69 points

3. Red Bull KTM Factory Racing  –  47 puntos

4. Ducati Team – 42 points

5. Esponsorama Racing – 35 points

6. LCR Honda – 33 points

7. Team Suzuki Ecstar – 30 points

8. Pramac Racing – 29 points

9. Red Bull KTM Tech 3 – 18 puntos

10. Repsol Honda Team – 13 points

11. Aprilia Racing Team Gresini – 11 points

And, among them, is the Italian Andrea Dovizioso, fourth in the provisional classification of the World Cup with 31 points, who accumulates the most victories, since he won in 2017 and 2019 and was third in 2016 and 2018, which makes him one of the main candidates for victory in this edition.

classification of the
GP Austria of
MotoGP It will start at 14:10 hours (UTC + 2); The race will take place tomorrow, Sunday, August 16, at 2:00 p.m. (UTC +2).

US justice refuses to force Apple to reinstate the Fortnite game in its application store

JM SánchezJM Sánchez




Bittersweet feeling. The latest piece of the trade war between the United States and China has a name: «Fortnite». The popular extreme survival game, the flagship digital product of the company Epic Games, a subsidiary of the Chinese group Tencent, will finally be left out of the App Store, but the blocking of the development technology by Apple is prevented.

The Judge of the United States Northern District Court ANDvonne González Rogers has issued a ruling this Tuesday by which it agrees with the video game developer Epic Games. The resolution establishes that the Unreal Engine tool, the graphics engine with which some video games are developed and that affects thousands of developers, although he also agrees with Apple in the exit of “Fortnite” from the App Store.

The flaw protects the Unreal Engine computer software from the creator of “Fortnite” (Epic Games), which many developer companies use to create their applications. This tool had become the subject of a commercial battle between the two companies. “Epic Games and Apple are free to confront each other, but their dispute should not cause problems for third parties,” argued the judge.

Marketing maneuver or fight against the power of big tech companies, something that is still unclear. The truth is that the clash between Epic Games and Apple began at the time when the developer, which has faced other giants in the sector since 2016, introduced its own direct payment method to bypass Apple’s requirements for applications who want to enter the App Store. The American company collects between 15% and 30% commission. The decision caused the withdrawal of “Fortnite” from the platform, preventing its download by new users.

Epic Games has alleged in a lawsuit that Apple engages in anti-competitive practices by abusing its dominant position in the iPhone application market. “Apple and all persons active in or involved with Apple temporarily have the ability to take adverse action against Epic Games with respect to restricting, suspending, or terminating any Epic Games affiliate from the Apple Developer Program, including Unreal Engine,” it notes. the judge in the document.

Regarding the direct payment system of “Fortnite”, González Rogers has pointed out that the company “has not shown irreparable damage” and that “the current situation” with the popular game “seems of its own creation”, thereby denying its reset in app store. At the moment, and pending an agreement, the title cannot be downloaded on the iPhone. It is also not available in the Google store.

Microsoft, for its part, has sided with the video game developer Epic Games in the battle that it maintains with Apple and announced that it has presented documents in court supporting Epic’s thesis and against the abuses of the Cupertino company in the App Store. The firm that runs Satya Nadella It thus joins Facebook, Spotify and Match (owner of Tinder), which already last week positioned themselves in favor of the developer of the popular video game.

See them


Lady Gaga covers mouths | The mail

Ten years have passed since Lady Gaga walked through the MTV Video Music Awards (VMA) wrapped in pieces of raw meat in a controversial plea for human rights. A decade later, and without a red carpet, she still knows how to become the undisputed center of attention to give voice to the causes for which she stands as a standard bearer. The New Yorker, who swept last night after taking home five awards, wore a repertoire of eccentric masks with which she demanded the use of the star complement of the so-called new normal.

Made of leather with side horns, with a rock aesthetic, metal mesh, a sort of pink gas mask, a helmet that reminds the one who always wears the character of Arenita from ‘SpongeBob’ … a fantasy display that had its stellar moment in the performance of ‘Rain on me’ with Ariana Grande -also with his corresponding mask-, in which he did not take off a mask with a screen of lights.

Lady Gaga during the performance with Ariana Grande.
Lady Gaga during the performance with Ariana Grande. / Reuters

“He wears a mask, it is a sign of respect”, asked the singer in one of her interventions on stage to collect one of the many trophies with the astronaut she owns. Gaga was recognized in three categories – Best Song of the Year, Best Collaboration, and Best Cinematography – for ‘Rain on me‘. In addition, he triumphed in the category of Artist of the Year and won the new Tricon Award in recognition of his different creative facets and his acts of philanthropy.

They were eclipsed Miley Cyrus, singing ‘Midnight Sky’ on a huge shiny disco ball in tribute to the famous ‘Wrecking Ball’ music video, and Taylor Swift in his pajamas receiving the award for best director for ‘The Man’.

Three of Lady Gaga’s ‘looks’. / Agencies

Swift, like many others, thanked in a pre-recorded speech over the coronavirus pandemic, marking a ceremony in New York that also spoke out for the deaths of African Americans at the hands of police officers. The Weeknd , who won the award for best video of the year for ‘Blinding Lights’, which also earned him the award for best R&B video, showed a very serious demeanor when receiving the awards. «Once again, it is difficult to celebrate. Justice for Jacob Blake and Breonna Taylor »said the Canadian both times he went on stage.

Another remarkable moment was when, at the beginning of the gala, the presenter Keke Palmer, the first African-American woman to present the MTV VMA solo, dedicated the gala to the recently deceased actor Chadwick Boseman, whose death has overwhelmed the entertainment world.

To the South Korean group BTS The night was not bad for him, since he won three awards for his video clip ‘On’, in the category of best pop, best K-Pop and best choreography. It was also named the best musical group. Meanwhile, the award for best Latin video went to Maluma and his ‘Qué pena’, which he picked up shortly after singing his new single ‘Hawaii’ from Brooklyn on an outdoor stage surrounded by cars, from which a few lucky fans watched him. “It is incredible that J Balvin and I have left from Medellín, Colombia, who made this song,” said Maluma, dressed in yellow, in her acceptance speech, recalling the collaboration of her compatriot in the piece.

In other categories, Machine Gun Kelly won the award for best alternative music video for ‘Bloody Valentine’, Doja Cat to the best new artist, Megan Thee Stalion for best hiphop video for ‘Savage’, and Coldplay for the best rock video for ‘Orphans’.