Black Lives Matter: Why Netflix Devotes Documentary To Colin Kaepernick

From banishment to light, Colin Kaepernick resurfaces… on screens for the moment. The former American football player will be the subject of a documentary series produced by Netflix, the streaming giant announced on Monday.

The 32-year-old athlete had become the symbol of the fight against police violence against African-Americans by placing one knee on the ground during the national anthem played before the games in autumn 2016. A gesture that had earned him to be unofficially boycotted by the owners of NFL (professional football) teams who never renewed his contract, and put an end to his career premature three years after having led the franchise of the San Francisco 49ers to Super Bowl.

He divided America

At the time of the events, the United States was torn between two camps: its adversaries who believed that the national anthem, sacred, should not be the subject of any controversy. And the others, who made it a symbol of commitment. Donald Trump explained this to his supporters during a political rally in September 2017: “Get this son of a bitch out of the field!” ” While Nike chose to enlist it in an advertising campaign whose message was: “Believe in something. Even if that means you have to sacrifice everything. A choice which turned out to be judicious for the official equipment supplier of the NFL, whose sales had exploded (+ 31%) the weekend following the announcement of this partnership.

Since the murder of George Floyd who revived the “Black Lives Matter” movement, several voices have been raised within the NFL to give Colin Kaepernick a new chance at finding ground. Including that of Roger Goodell, the boss of the all-powerful sports league, who apologized in a video for “not having listened to the players enough to reduce racial inequality”.

Netflix’s sporting vein

Ava DuVerney will make this work which will be titled “Colin in Black & White” and which will delve more precisely into the high school and student years of the former star player of the league. She has already signed a series for Netflix (“Dans leur regard”) and is a pioneer of activism, in particular by having become the first African-American woman to be awarded “best director” at the Sundance film festival in 2012 for “Middle of Nowhere”.

The streaming giant thus continues the production of documentaries devoted to iconic athletes in the wake of “The Last Dance” devoted to Michael Jordan, whose 5.6 million spectators on average (8 episodes) set a new record for the Streamer. Another mini-series of its kind had already been announced a few days earlier, this time devoted to the quarterback Tom Brady, for broadcast in 2021.

Overcrowding persists at ISSS General Hospital: Patients with COVID symptoms wait in hallways or on the floor | News from El Salvador

While these scenes are repeated, the infectologist Iván Solano Leiva criticizes that the new Hospital El Salvador is not working “not even 1%”.

Patients on the floor, others sitting accompanied by their oxygen, those are the dramatic scenes that are seen the area intended for patients with coronavirus in the General Hospital of the Salvadoran Social Security Institute (ISSS) which is already saturated.

Only some people are lucky enough to be on a stretcher, despite that, they are not in the right places to take respiratory therapy.

The area of ​​care for people with respiratory problems is crowded so they have settled in one of the external corridors of the hospital.

While these scenes are repeated, the infectologist Iván Solano Leiva criticizes that the new El Salvador Hospital is not working “not even 1%”.

Images of patients on the floor while awaiting medical attention have become common in recent weeks at ISSS General Hospital. EDH Photo / David Martínez

The lack of beds, oxygen and supplies is evident. In addition, several people have complained in recent days that health care is slow, this because health personnel are not enough.

Last Saturday, the Salvadoran José Callejas who was with his mother, a 60-year-old woman, said that he had spent more than two days waiting for a bed in the General Hospital.

“We were admitted at 11:00 at night (Thursday), but we always continue in a chair with suspicion of COVID … The test has not been done, they do a routine examination, but the process is too slow because the nurses in these conditions cannot stand the protective suit, one of them passed out yesterday, treating patients, ”says Callejas.

According to the ISSS Epidemiological Bulletin, for week 25, the endemic pneumonia corridor went to the disease epidemic zone, reporting 154 cases in one week, the accumulated number of pneumonias from January 1 to June 20 was 1,280.

According to the medical union, the centers that have registered the highest number of pneumonia are the General Hospital, the Surgical Doctor, the Santa Ana Hospital, Sonsonate, the Zacamil Polyclinic and the Amatepec Hospital. Just like public hospitals, they are not able to keep on attending to cases.

The care area for people with respiratory problems is overcrowded. Photo EDH / David Martínez.

While in the recent Hospital of El Salvador it does not finish operating due to the lack of qualified health personnel. The Government has even requested support from personnel in Guatemala.

VIDEO: Without oxygen, without stretchers and with an improvised ICU, the conditions of the ISSS General Hospital with COVID-19 patients

Yesterday the presidential commissioner of the Presidency of Operations and government cabinet, Carolina Recinos said that people in their desperation for the pandemic come to the new hospital thinking that it will be treated as in one of the other hospitals and clarified that the new hospital only receives patients referred.

Despite the saturation of the other medical centers, Recinos pointed out that the Hospital of El Salvador is a “reserve” medical center for the pandemic. Furthermore, only patients with mild and moderate conditions are being cared for.

“Those 400 beds in the El Salvador hospital and the other 600 that God will have first in the next few days are ICU beds, the El Salvador hospital is like the guarantee, it is like the great Health reserve that our system has, not to collapse, “said the official.

New hospital without staff

ISSS staff denounced under anonymity, said in previous days that the Ministry of Health is requiring nursing, medical and other specialties to cover the demand for patients to arrive at the El Salvador hospital.

In addition, the ISSS confirmed that medical supplies at the remodeled El Salvador hospital are part of the institution’s assets to combat the pandemic. A document warns that the supplies and furniture of the new hospital are on loan, as it is a provisional hospital, however, the President of the Republic, Nayib Bukele stated that this will be a specialized permanent hospital center.


Urgant laughed at appointing Shnurov as general producer of RTVI

The Russian TV presenter Ivan Urgant, on the air of his evening show, sarcastically commented on the appointment of rock musician, leader of the Leningrad band Sergey Shnurov to the position of general producer of the RTVI television channel.

Urgant noted that Shnurov will not be the first to lead a large team.

“The only thing Sergei will need to get used to is that the channel’s name has four letters, not three, as he’s used to,” Ivan Urgant joked.


Paty Christmas does not use muzzle covers Dr Juan Rivera scolds her

  • Paty Christmas reignites social media with a controversial message
  • The Mexican actress says that she does not wear mouth covers or muzzles
  • Upon reading this, Dr. Juan Rivera comes out to ‘scold her’

In the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, the Mexican actress Paty Navidad causes controversy when she says that she does not use mouth or muzzle covers, but what she did not count on was that the renowned cardiologist, Dr. Juan Rivera, came out to ‘scold her’.

Through her official Twitter account, Paty Navidad posted a controversial message that was picked up on the official Instagram account of the Despierta América program.

Paty Navidad says that she does not use mouth covers and Dr. Juan Rivera goes out to scold her '

Paty Navidad says that she does not use mouth covers and Dr. Juan Rivera goes out to ‘scold her’

“I don’t wear a muzzle or cover mouths. I do not obey laws or orders that violate my human dignity and curtail my individual rights, freedoms and guarantees. I am free, aware, responsible and respectful of those who use it, I do not go to places or to people who ask to wear a muzzle, ”said the Mexican actress, known for lighting social networks with messages of this nature.

One of the first to react to this ‘confession’ on the part of Paty Navidad, was the renowned cardiologist and medical correspondent of Univisión, Dr. Juan Rivera, who commented: “It is part of the problem and not of the solution”, which caused comments of all kinds from his followers.

Paty Navidad says that she does not use mouth covers and Dr. Juan Rivera goes out to scold her '

Paty Navidad says that she does not use mouth covers and Dr. Juan Rivera goes out to ‘scold her’

“Doc, there are definitely people whose head is not good for them except to wear a hat and this lady is one of them”, “It depends how you see it”, “@drjuanjr works for a yellowish media like @despiertamerica, I can’t wait nothing positive about them ”,“ It is the same, Dr. Juan ”,“ How are they going to spread if they are not sick? ”, you can read in some comments.

For her part, an admirer of Dr. Juan Rivera went to Paty Navidad with everything: “Dr. Juan, don’t break your head with these types of ignorant people who don’t understand, only those of us who have had or have a case in the family know how difficult it is to go through this bad time. This Mrs. Patricia Navidad does not know what she is saying and therefore her mental capacity does not give her more. ”

An internet user is not very satisfied with the work of Dr. Juan Rivera and expressed himself as follows: “You only give arguments, but not proof. Show the names and true facts of saturated health systems. They really tire of taking things that have not happened.

“It seems to me that not even she (Paty Christmas) knows the nonsense she said !!! How ignorant “,” I would also call this attitude ‘absolute ignorance’ “,” And think and see that there are thousands of these minds. God be with us ”,“ People like these should put her to sign a paper where she refuses any medical help if she becomes infected ”,“ God touch that harsh and haughty heart ”, expressed some followers after seeing Paty’s Christmas ‘confession’ that she made that Dr. Juan went out to ‘scold’ her.

Bundesliga: Borussia Dortmund expects loss of up to 45 million euros

Borussia Dortmund expects a shortfall of 45 million euros for the 2019/20 financial year. “The expected figures are to be seen as a direct impact of the Covid 19 pandemic, which has affected all revenue and revenue fields,” said a statement. That BVB is now in the red is also due to the lack of ticket revenue.

The runner-up has the largest stadium in Germany with a total capacity of 81,365 spectators. The Dortmund team had already announced in early March that the lack of revenue from the ghost games would be drastically reflected in the BVB balance sheet. There were negative effects “between 2.5 and 3.0 million euros per game day affected,” said the club at the time. Five ghost games have taken place in Dortmund since the restart.

Vice champion sees himself “armed”

It is also important that “the global transfer market came to a complete standstill in the fourth quarter”. The transfers have an enormous impact on the balance sheet of a financial year. While Borussia Dortmund has regularly generated significantly more money from sales than from player purchases in recent years, the transfer balance sheet is down this season. Borussia Dortmund bought players for around 150 million euros. The income from sales was around 125 million euros.

However, the listed club appeased: “Due to the good earnings situation in recent financial years” and “existing group equity of around 355 million euros as of June 30, 2019”, Borussia Dortmund is prepared to bear the expected losses.

Icon: The mirror

Tönnies resigns: the patron gives up – sport

Cheers in parts of the supporters, dismay in the club: with Clemens Tönnies, the most formative figure leaves the Schalke leadership. His successor is completely open.

There were heartwarming reactions when Jonjoe Kenny announced Tuesday morning that he would no longer be on Schalke 04 duty because he would return to his home club, FC Everton. On the Instagram account of the English defender, who came to Gelsenkirchen on loan last summer, a fan left a considerable offer to change the 21-year-old’s mind: “My house, my bride, my first-born child – for you but stay two years. “

It is unlikely that similar offers will be sent to Clemens Tönnies at the moment, but it is not entirely out of the question that you will later regret not having persuaded him to stay. Like Kenny, Tönnies, a member of the royal blue board for 26 years, chairman of the committee for 19 years and, moreover, unofficial but real head of the club, is no longer part of the FC Schalke 04 operation.

As the club announced at 4:00 p.m., he resigned from his position as Chairman of the Supervisory Board. He did not give a reason for the resignation, which was effective immediately, but one of the reasons is obvious: In his view, there are too many Schalke players who don’t mourn him.

The decision will even cheer some of the fans. Last week there were concerted protests from circles of the organized fan scene against the top Schalke official: disgraceful posters on the club premises and on the Glückaufkampfbahn, some of which contained formulations beyond the limits of good taste, resolutions and pamphlets – and finally a demonstration on Saturday Human chain in which almost 1000 Schalke participated. The main tenor of the adversaries: Tönnies discredited Schalke and was no longer sustainable as a leader. The 64-year-old had come under constant fire nationwide due to massive corona infections and the working conditions in his meat plants in Rheda-Wiedenbrück. Some critics may now triumph that he withdraws from the club.

In the club, however, there is dismay. Tönnies had “a very decisive part in Schalke establishing itself as one of the league’s sporting and economic heavyweights”, explained board members Alexander Jobst and Jochen Schneider. They referred to Tönnies’ connections, his entrepreneurial spirit and his commitment to the club, which he was passionately close to – which the critics also do not deny: “We know how difficult it was for him to make this decision.”

The club is now relieved of a certain burden, but it is questionable whether it is heading for easier times because of this. Toennies’ word as a decision-maker may have had too much weight too often in recent years, but he also led the club when the going got tough. After the recent resignation of CFO Peter Peters – who was also in the Schalke service for an eternal 27 years – it is now up to the rest of the board with the marketing specialist Jobst and sports manager Schneider to manage the club.

This happens at a time when Schalke 04 needs a lot of help. The association had to ask the government of North Rhine-Westphalia to secure the loan with a bank consortium that would absorb the acute losses from the corona crisis and maintain solvency. In the game-free summer there is hardly any income to be expected, the usual saving proceeds from the season ticket business do not apply in the ghost game business. Düsseldorf granted the prominent association and company the necessary guarantee for the loan, which according to SZ information amounts to 35 million euros and is due for repayment in four years. Schalke’s losses from the corona episodes are just under 40 million euros.

Clemens Tönnies, supposedly a billionaire, definitely a millionaire, was not the kind of patron at Schalke who supported the association with his private assets. He never left Schalke money, but only helped out with loans that had to be paid interest at market rates. He expressly did not want to give money away, he only provided a recently founded foundation for the maintenance of history with start-up capital out of his own pocket.

Who should lead Schalke in the future is an open question. There is no logical successor for Tönnies. The deputy chairman, Jens Buchta, will probably take over as chairman of the supervisory board; everything else must then be regulated at a general assembly of the members. For technical reasons, this can take time: Schalke, one of the last registered clubs in the league, has 150,000 members.


the hidden influence of the French Terror in the debacle of the Spanish Empire

Manuel P. VillatoroManuel P. Villatoro



He French terror. This is the term that is used, today, to define the period in which the French Revolution murdered thousands of Gauls against the new winds of freedom, equality and fraternity. It barely developed for a year (from 1793 to 1794) but it carried 40,000 lives. Many of them, belonging to the admirals and captains of the country’s Navy ship, who suffered in their own flesh what it was to defend the flag of Louis XVI and Maria Antonieta. That massacre, although useful for the interests of the government, left the fleet in minor cloths, as the political leaders were forced to give command of the second


In Iceland, routine earthquakes and big eruption to come

In the southwest of Iceland, since January, a series of earthquakes shakes the surroundings of Grindavik, not far from the steaming waters of the tourist “Blue lagoon” in the Reykjanes peninsula, 40 km west of the capital Reykjavik, with a population of around 130,000. Suddenly, the area is under surveillance.

→ READ. A new tool to predict the eruption of volcanoes

On the north coast, three earthquakes greater than 5 on the Richter scale have been recorded in recent days. One of them was felt as far as Reykjavík, located 265 km away.

A succession of seismic events in known active areas

According to the Meteorological Institute of Iceland, the epicenter of this “Swarm” Earthquake, which should continue over the next few days, is at sea, 20 kilometers off Siglufjördur, a small fishing village with 1,200 souls. And about 80 kilometers from Akureyri, the second largest city in Iceland with nearly 20,000 inhabitants.

No injuries or major damage have been reported. Landslides and falling rocks have been observed near the epicenter.

« The region is regularly shaken by earthquakes and, for the locals, it’s just a little worrying, says Olgeir Sigmarsson, a geologist working at both the Icelandic Meteorological Institute in Reykjavik and the CNRS-University of Clermont-Auvergne. « Located on the Tjörnes fracture zone, this transforming fault, geologically active, is composed of a series of moving tectonic and volcanic zones, recalls the geochemist. This area is full of seismometers placed on the island of Grimsey – the most northerly of Iceland and at the level of which passes the Arctic Circle – and the small adjoining islands ».

The last such event was recorded in 2012-2013. The most intense earthquake in this area dates back to 1755, with, according to studies conducted later, tremors of magnitude 7 on the Richter scale.

A large volcano begins to show signs of impatience

But, the most dangerous is elsewhere. Culminating at 1,725 ​​m, the Grímsvötn volcano, the most active on the boreal island, located under the great Vatnajökull glacier, is preparing for its next eruption, the first since 2011, authorities said since mid-June.

How do they know it? ” Here again, thanks to several instruments permanently placed in the field and which deliver practically continuous information, says Olgeir Sigmarsson. For example GPS which send their data to Reykjavik via a satellite, and sulfur dioxide (SO2) sensors which regularly analyze the composition and the rate of the gases emitted by the crevices. ” The closer the magma is to the surface, the higher the SO2 level “, Specifies the geochemist. In addition, the GPS placed on the glacier and the volcano make it possible to follow the slightest displacement of the ground in three dimensions, including a possible swelling reflecting a rise in the magma.

« During the XXe century, the Grimsvötn, which would be located just below the hot spot of the mid-Atlantic ridge, erupted every ten years on average, recalls Olgeir Sigmarsson. This was the case in 1996, 1998 and in the XXIe century in 2004 and 2011 ”.

Dangerous volcanic activity but very well monitored

In 1996 and 2004, the eruptions were accompanied by brutal and devastating floods caused by the overflow of the subglacial lake, taking away bridges and part of the road around the island. The water flows mainly to the south, flooding the coastal plain, an uninhabited region, before reaching the Atlantic in around 6 hours.

The awakening of the Grímsvötn in 2011 generated a volcanic plume composed of water vapor, ashes and fragments of solid rocks rising up to 15 km the first day, before diluting and falling again. The eruption nonetheless resulted in the cancellation of some 900 air flights, the ashes having reached the United Kingdom and the surroundings of the European continent. Which was little compared to the famous eruption of the Eyjafjöll volcano in April 2010, whose plume had blocked more than 100,000 flights and 8 million passengers.

« For now, the risks are estimated to be lower, assure Olgeir Sigmarsson. But, this winter, the glacier climbed on the crater of icecap ; we can expect a rash in the next few weeks or even the next month “Says the geochemist.


Sporting’s main outfit for the 2020/21 season

On his birthday, Sporting presented tonight the new main equipment for the 2020/2021 season, with a video on social networks.

The new “skin” of the lions will, as always, be painted green and white, with horizontal stripes. The shorts remain black, while the socks are identical to the shirt.

It should be noted, moreover, that the promotional video published by the lions honors some of the main figures of the club, such as Ronaldo, Damas and Jordão, since their names appear engraved on the new jerseys, as well as some images of the Leo past.


Revised VW Tiguan: This is new on the bestselling SUV

Last year, a Tiguan rolled off the assembly line every 35 seconds worldwide – Volkswagen produced a total of around 911,000 vehicles of Europe’s best-selling SUV in one of the four production plants. Now VW has presented the “new” Tiguan. But, who is surprised, it doesn’t look that new.

The revised second generation can only be recognized on the beefy front with a higher hood, wider grille, more distinctive bumpers and now standard LED headlights. As an option, VW now also offers LED matrix headlights called IQ.Light, which “cut out” other road users without glare. In addition, logos and lettering were adapted to the new corporate design.