A solution to the roller coaster of blood sugar (study)

A solution to the roller coaster of blood sugar

Evolution of Covid-19 In Belgium

For the approximately 250,000 Canadians living with type 1 diabetes, the ongoing fight to stabilize blood sugar levels may soon be a thing of the past. A research team from McGill University’s Faculty of Medicine is working to optimize an artificial pancreas that promises to minimize the extreme fluctuations in blood glucose levels that affect patients’ quality of life and cause long-term complications.

Smart insulin pumps

In use for more than 30 years, portable insulin pumps allow people with diabetes to manually establish the amount of insulin injected into their blood systems. The most common method for determining the optimal dose is to measure blood sugar by finger prick, but automated sensors are becoming more popular. Even with this type of device, blood sugar targets are reached on average less than 50% of the time. As a result, patients spend most of the day either in hyperglycemia, a condition that causes headaches and weakness, or in hypoglycemia, resulting in dizziness, confusion, and difficulty expressing themselves.

Assistant Professor Ahmad Haidar began his doctoral studies at McGill University just as automated blood glucose meters came to market. “It was the happiest coincidence in my life because it was the automated sensor that made it possible to create an artificial pancreas system,” said the researcher. Building on his experience in automatic control engineering, Professor Haidar has designed an algorithm that tells the pump how much insulin to inject, based on the reading entered by the user. He then partnered with three clinicians from the McGill Faculty of Medicine – Doctors Laurent Legault, Michael Tsoukas and Jean-François Yale – to form the Artificial Pancreas Laboratory at McGill. Bringing together 12 full-time and 45 part-time researchers, their team is the only one in Canada to develop artificial pancreas systems.

Advances to improve quality of life

In a recent study published in Diabetes Care, the laboratory team presents a breakthrough in understanding the effectiveness of artificial pancreas systems. With funding from the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, the group has tested the administration of a second hormone, pramlintide, in addition to insulin, in the hopes that the drugs combined give better results than insulin alone. The study found that this method significantly increased the proportion of time that patients’ blood sugar remained within the target range. Pramlintide, by slowing the absorption of food, gave the insulin more time to work.

“The results surprised me: I did not expect them to be as positive?” Admits Professor Haidar. Patients who received insulin and pramlintide during the study were very satisfied with the new treatment regimen. “By allowing them to better control their blood sugar, we greatly improve their quality of life,” says the researcher.

For McGill’s Artificial Pancreas Laboratory, the next big challenge is creating a fully automated artificial pancreas, which would eliminate the manual entry of carbohydrate and insulin pump activation at mealtimes. “The development of this second generation technology is generating a lot of interest among patients,” said Professor Haidar. While working to perfect the artificial pancreas system, the researcher thinks of his colleagues living with type 1 diabetes and the patients he meets on a daily basis. “? I am optimistic for the future?”, He concludes. “We are working so that our research has an impact far beyond our laboratory.”

Long-distance travel: Welcome to a different Florida

Who knows Panama City Beach? Far from the hustle and bustle in Miami, you can experience deserted beaches on the emerald-green sea. Because the party scene has moved on.

From a distance, the sand glistens like powder snow. Even the shadow wall that surrounds Shell Island that day doesn’t destroy the image and magic of this deserted island. Anyone who comes here will experience another Florida. Undiscovered, more untouched than the southern tip with Miami and Key West. European tourists rarely get lost in the northwest of the sunny state. Right there, right on the Gulf of Mexico, are Shell Island and the city of Panama City Beach with 12,000 inhabitants.

With more than 320 days of sunshine a year, the place is a year-round destination. Still: “When you think of Florida, you think of the south,” says Lacee Rudd. To the Everglades swamp, the famous Ocean Drive or the Florida Keys. Rudd – blonde, toothpaste smile of famous American friendliness – has always lived in Panama City Beach. Moving away from here would be unthinkable for the mid-twenties. She knows almost every corner of her city, every good bar, every lonely place. “Panama City Beach can do everything the south can do,” she says. At least.

Shops, bars, rides and a ferris wheel are right in the city center, the so-called Pier Park. Green idyll a few kilometers away. Rudd sits in her white sports car and drives ahead. Within a few minutes drive you are in front of the barrier to St. Andrews State Park. Alligators, pelicans, cranes and other animal species can be observed in the extensive marsh landscape. At the end of the park are the beach and a small kiosk. Sometimes raccoons scratch the outside of the shop window because they want to go inside.

Locals go on vacation in Panama City Beach

Many cyclists use the 1200 hectare park for extensive tours. Some come to collect shells or take their first lesson here. There are hardly any currents in the clear waters off Panama City Beach. This creates ideal conditions for diving enthusiasts. The region is also part of the well-known “Panhandle Shipwreck Diving Trails” dive site. Wrecks of old warships and tugs lie in the depths, which over time have developed into reef oases and provide a home for many sea creatures.

Most of the tourists in Panama City Beach come from their own country. Many spend their vacation right in the center. Where high-rise buildings rise to the cloud layer. Investors bought apartments in the concrete bunkers that they rent out to tourists as hotel apartments. “Some people are afraid that at some point they will no longer see the coast,” says Lacee Rudd. But most are happy. Eventually boosts the economy. In addition, the high-rise buildings only line the beach on one side.

Most of the 43 km long sandy beach runs along an empty coast. Like Camp Helen State Park. The city’s national park is surrounded by water on three sides. The dune lake “Lake Powell” delimits the lake on the east and north side. Every now and then the lake devours the headland that separates it from the southern Gulf of Mexico. The trails wind through hiking trails through oak forests and dunes to the beach. Only one angler is in the water that day. Behind him the eternal white and a few small private houses.

Im Winter hat es 20 Grad in Panama City Beach

It is as lonely as here in the off-season in many other places in Panama City Beach. The temperature usually measures 20 degrees in the winter months. But every now and then the thermometer drops below the ten-degree mark. Lacee Rudd therefore wears a beige-brown teddy jacket, her boots go up to her knees. The people here are used to a different climate, but they are still armed when the sun is not shining.

Nobody swims in the sea, no snorkel sticks out of the water, no stand-up paddler moves around. The water of the Gulf is from Mexico always cozy and warm. Exceptionally, the chairs in the cafes are folded up. Few want to sit outside. “It’s too cold,” says the operator of “Hang five”. But she smiles. Like most of the people here. “We are like a big family,” says Lacee Rudd.

Tourists live in the high-rise buildings on the other side.

Picture: Stephen Allen, stock.adobe.com

The restaurant is right on the beach. There is fresh seafood, dough balls, tacos, fried pickled cucumbers and lots of warm cheese sauce and guacamole. And if you like it sweet: Florida is known for its “Key Lime Pie”, a small cake consisting of a lime egg cream, condensed milk and a biscuit crust. “The best key lime pie is in Firefly,” Lacee Rudd says. Even former US President Obama is said to have dined in the posh restaurant on Richard Jackson Boulevard.

Despite all the advantages that Panama City Beach has to offer: tourists are primarily drawn to the south of Florida. One reason could be that for many, Panama City Beach is still considered the spring break capital of the United States. The semester break of the US students caused a lot of hustle and bustle in the quiet paradise for many years. In weddings, half a million young people flocked to the powder-white beaches, celebrated, danced, drank – some rioted. The city with 12,000 inhabitants acted. Drinking alcohol on the beaches has been banned since 2016 and the image of Panama City Beach is changing.

Instead of party tourism: more and more surfers are coming to Panama City Beach

“The place is changing,” says Rudd. More families, couples and athletes are now traveling in the northwest of the sunny state. John Johnson, owner of the surf shop on Thomas Drive, is also feeling the change. “In the meantime, young people are more likely to travel to Mexico to celebrate,” he says. The last disco in town was closed long ago. Instead of party tourists, visitors are now more interested in surfing or paddleboard lessons that Johnson also offers. He has been running his business since 1982. Panama City Beach, Johnson says, is more affordable than Florida’s south or California through lower rents. “And we have the nicer beach.”

The 59-year-old sells surfing, stand-up paddling or diving accessories, souvenirs and sports clothing in his shop. Some T-shirts have “God is good”, translated: “God is good”, or “Get on board with the lord”. “Get on board with the Lord.” Church music echoes from the boxes. Johnson used to be in the military. Now he draws his strength primarily from faith. He blesses some groups who visit the store. Panama City Beach, he says, is his love. Nowhere would there be so much rest and at the same time so much to experience. Johnson looks out at the wide street outside his shop door. Right now in the off-season it is swept empty.

There are enough seats in the cafes and restaurants and if you walk along the kilometer-long beach, you have the feeling of being alone. It is particularly lonely at this time, especially on Shell Island, the approximately eleven kilometer long island in the middle of the large estuary “Saint Andrew Bay”. From Panama City Beach it is only a few minutes by boat to Shell Island. A long wooden bridge leads from the jetty to the other side of the island. The grasses and sand hills on the right and left are reminiscent of the dune landscape of German North Sea islands. Hardly any other visitor pushes his shoe in the sand that day. Only birds bounce over the powder. Pelicans sit on the wooden poles that protrude from the water, dolphins jump over the waves. You rarely meet people in winter.

“It’s never been so lonely,” says Lacee Rudd, showing a drone shot from the summer. Compared to the colder months, the tourists then travel in droves to the island, which is no longer lonely, but is still beautiful – and on the one feels like walking through warm snow.

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VIDEO. Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom have decided upon a date for their wedding

Singer Katy Perry — Wenn/Starface

Since a year they are engaged, Katy Perry and
Orlando Bloom, have remained absolutely silent about the details of their future union. And the secret should remain full even if the singer has deigned to entrust an item to the micro of the
Kylie and Jackie O Show : the wedding date is finally fixed.

“There are a lot of details, but I have not disclosed. I don’t know if we really have to share it with the public. There are always absurd rumors about the date. I know the date of my wedding since February 19, after me being betrothed to the 14 last year ! “said Katy Perry.

The discretion is still in order

Katy Perry, therefore, is to remain very discreet, to ensure a wedding in privacy. So far, the singer is very happy to see that her union with Orlando Bloom raises such passions.

“Don’t worry about all this : it is that of happiness and you will know soon enough when it will happen ! “concluded Katy Perry.

With Michael Kumpfmüller Virginia Woolf becomes a novel hero

No impulse suicide

Michael Kumpfmüller, who is in his late 50s and as old as Virginia Woolf at the end of his life, is able to “walk in her soul”, as the narrator says. He repeatedly weaves phrases from Woolf’s works into his novel – often even subconsciously. First he read everything about Virginia Woolf from morning to evening for months, he says: “I already knew some of it, that is, the novels, but not the diaries and letters. I read that and took notes. It is somehow recorded , partly as music, partly as fragments of thoughts, and what then comes back in writing this text is completely out of control. ”

In “Oh, Virginia”, Kumpfmüller succeeds in the sensitive portrait of a woman who can no longer get out of her “grief cave”, from her depressed “prison life”, therefore chooses suicide and goes into the water: “The fact is that there is no impulse “Suicide is, or even one, in complete delirium, but it is the result of a job, a balance sheet work. She doesn’t like it anymore, it’s called at the very beginning. That’s important to me because – the narrator also says it on one – You could come to a different conclusion than she drew it. That has to be left open for me because otherwise I would be an apologist for suicide and I am not. I can respect that but I have the feeling that she acted very unfairly towards life. She actually had everything and is still so dissatisfied. Somehow that also outrages me. “

A fine-nerved artist’s novel

Leonard Woolf could have sighed, too, in the title of this sensitive and readable novel: “Oh Virginia”. But he didn’t. Instead, he stuck to his wife, and he endured her in all her caprices – even if it was often difficult for him: “He was concerned with his personal well-being, for example, during Virginia’s affair with Vita Sackville-West, which was very stressful for him, as far as one can reconstruct it, not so important. I think he believed so much in her as a writer that he subordinated his own needs to it. Nowadays, in our very self-controlled society, it seems almost crazy . “

At one point in this novel it says: “After her death she does not want to be disassembled in books.” Michael Kumpfmüller did not dismantle Virginia Woolf. Rather, he brings them closer to us in all their tragic hopelessness.

“Oh, Virginia” by Michael Kumpfmüller has been published by Kiepenheuer & Witsch.

New album: Steve Earle – The Ghosts Of West Virginia | Country.de

Steve Earle & The Dukes. Image rights: Promo, Ted Barron

Steve Earle is an avowed socialist and country musician. He once again underlines this exceptional position with his new album Ghosts Of West Virginiawhich will be released on May 22 by New West Records. It tells of the fate of the miners in West Virginia, starting from the “Upper Big Branch Disaster”, one of the largest mining accidents in US history, in which 29 miners were killed. Again he is supported on the long player by his “dukes”.

West Virginia, like Kentucky, is one of the United States’ coalfields. While the industry used to be vital for the US economic system, it is now an extinct industry. The result: Where once proud miners lived in relative social security after successful labor disputes, there is now unemployment and a lack of prospects. And although Trump is a representative of the ruling economic elite, the residents of the area are part of its voters and hope for its “America First” policy.

That’s where socialist Earle comes in. He does not demonize these Trump voters as racists or rights, but takes their concerns seriously: the dwindling pride of the miners, unemployment, the worry of “no longer being worth”, poverty and lack of prospects. But he also denounces the practices of the mining companies: poor safety standards in the mines and anti-union behavior when the miners try to defend their interests.

From these conditions one of the most promising Americana albums this year was born. “I wanted to talk to people who don’t necessarily vote the way I do, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have anything in common. We have to learn to communicate with each other. My participation in this project is my small contribution to this effort. And the way to do this – and do it impeccably – is simply to honor the people who died in Upper Big Branch, “said Earle these days, according to Rolling Stone.

He wrote part of the songs for the theater play “Coal Country”, as well as other pieces about the people and the region as well as the traditional John Henry. The first single release is “Devil Put The Coal In The Ground”, a piece that addresses the hard work of the miners.

You can look forward to this concept album, which in its way follows in the footsteps of a legendary country album. In 1947, Merle Travis released the album “Folk Songs of the Hills”, which dealt with the lives of railroad workers and miners in Kentucky. “Nine Pound Hammer” and especially “Sixteen Tons” became huge hits. It is desirable that Earle’s album receives similar attention.

Steve Earle – The Ghosts Of West Virginia: The album

title: The Ghosts Of West Virginia
Artist: Steve Earle
Release date: May 22, 2020
Label: New West Records
Formats: CD, Vinyl & Digital
running time: 29:46 min.
Tracks: 10
genre: Americana

Track list: (The Ghosts Of West Virginia)

01. Heaven Ain’t Goin ‘Nowhere
02. Union, God and Country
03. Devil Put The Coal In The Ground
04. John Henry Was A Steel Drivin ‘Man
05. Time Is Never On Our Side
06. It’s About Blood
07. If I Could See Your Face Again – feat. Eleanor Whitmore
08. Black Lung
09 Fastest Man Alive
10. The Mine


NBA: Los Angeles Lakers fall in Memphis – Basketball – NBA

Bad surprise for the Los Angeles Lakers. Western conference leaders lost to the Memphis Grizzlies (105-88) on Saturday, ending their seven-game winning streak since February 9. Only eighth in the conference, the Grizzlies, themselves, offered one of their best victories of the season, and thus stopped their own series, of five losses in a row. They hadn’t won since February 13.

After a balanced first quarter (29-25), Memphis escaped the scoreboard in the next 12 minutes, notably leading by 16 units (49-33, 19th) and reaching the break with a comfortable lead ( 58-46). Returning from the locker room, the Grizzlies did not drop their pace and had a 20-point lead (86-66) at the end of the third quarter.

Seven minutes from the buzzer, the Lakers managed to return to nine points (90-81). But Memphis did not deconcentrate so far and immediately widened the gap again, to win clearly against one of the best teams of the season. Ja Morant (27 points, 14 assists) and Dillon Brooks (24 pts) were the two best scorers for the Grizzlies, followed by Jonas Valanciunas, author of a nice double-double (22 points, 20 rebounds).

As for the Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron James was limited to 19 points (8/18 in the shoot, 2/8 of which was three points). But he still “doubled” with 10 assists. Anthony Davis had 15 points and nine rebounds. Californians will not have time to mull over this defeat, since they will play with the New Orleans Pelicans on Sunday.

Victorious golden state

Two other Western conference teams won on Saturday. The Golden State Warriors, who live a nightmarish season (last of the conference, after having been in the finals the previous five seasons), went to win with the Phoenix Suns (115-99). They stayed on eight straight losses and have been waiting for a victory since February 4.

Phoenix had however started the meeting very well, leading 41-28 after a quarter. But Golden State had reduced the gap at the break (65-61), before passing a 31-16 to the Suns in the third quarter. The Warriors then kept their hand up to the buzzer. From the bench, Eric Paschall was the top scorer for Golden State with 25 points. In the ranks of Phoenix, Élie Okobo stood out, scoring 14 points and taking seven rebounds in 20 minutes of play.

The San Antonio Spurs imposed themselves at home against the Orlando Magic (114-113). Led in the final seconds, the Texans equalized and then took the advantage on shots from Bryn Forbes. Trey Lyles was Spurs’ top scorer with 20 points. On the Orlando side, Evan Fournier shone with 23 points, finishing the game’s best scorer.


The first case of COVID-19 in Quebec is confirmed | News | The sun

En press conference Thursday evening, the Minister of Health, Danielle McCann, had made the announcement of this “probable” case, after positive tests from the Laboratoire de santé publique du Québec.

This is a woman from the Montreal area who returned on Monday from a trip to Iran. The lady presented herself to an unidentified health facility on the evening of her return to Canada.

The infected person had mild symptoms. As her condition does not require hospitalization, she is currently in isolation alone at her home.

A process of tracing close contacts of the infected person has been carried out and the people concerned have received the appropriate recommendations, the Ministry of Health and Social Services said on Friday. A similar approach is taken with regard to his travel by plane, it was specified.

According to the Deputy Director General of Public Health Protection, Dr. Yves Jalbert, the lady has not gone to work or has not taken public transport since returning to Quebec.

The deputy director general maintains that the “overall risk remains low all the same” despite the first case in Quebec.

“I would like to underline the great civic sense of the infected person, who hastened to take the necessary preventive and hygiene measures to avoid the contamination of those around him. I also want to salute the work of the staff in the care settings targeted for taking charge of the person, ”Mr. Jalbert said on Friday.



Ontario health officials announced on Friday evening the confirmation of an eighth case of the novel coronavirus in the province – the sixteenth in the country.

Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr David Williams said he is an octogenarian who recently visited Egypt.

The man went to the emergency room of the Scarborough Health Network General Hospital Thursday, a week after his return from his trip, it is said.

The patient has since been released from hospital and has been able to return home, where he remains in isolation. He wore a protective mask while traveling and Toronto health officials say they are tracking people with whom he came into contact.

It is the 16th confirmed case in the country, with seven more having been detected in British Columbia. Quebec for its part confirmed its first case on Friday.

A seventh Ontario case had been confirmed hours earlier on Friday.

He is a man in his fifties who traveled to Iran. He arrived in Toronto on Tuesday and went to the emergency room at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Center the next day.

Dr David Williams clarified that appropriate protocols were in place at the hospital and the man was isolated while being tested for the virus, known as COVID-19.

The man was sent home the same day to recover, and has since been in segregation.

New York in EL PAÍS


The organizers of two of the most iconic races in the world have decided to postpone their celebration because they cannot comply with the sanitary measures


The Puerto Rican congresswoman easily surpasses her rival, former television presenter Michelle Caruso-Cabrera

United States Elections

The New York primaries, in which the young congresswoman is no longer the rebel, are the first test of the Democratic left after Bernie Sanders


The battle between William Barr and Geoffrey Berman, at the head of the southern office in New York, reveals tensions in a Justice Department criticized for its increasing politicization


From the headquarters in Spain they assure that their operations “will not be affected” by the closure of the branch in the Big Apple.

Article under registration

The letter from the editor of the June issue reminds us of something that should never be forgotten: if the rights won are not defended, there is a risk of losing them


The Portuguese architect turns 87 this month and, for him, this project in one of the cities that most fascinates him came to him in the injury time


The American Federation confirms that the tournament will run from August 31 to September 13, with no fans in the stands. Previously the Cincinnati Masters will be held, also in Queens


Most tennis players refuse to play it, including the heavyweights, but the great New Yorker stands firm and continues with his idea of ​​celebrating it from August 31 to September 13

The coronavirus crisis

Cities like Bogotá, Mexico and Berlin created bicycle lanes and widened sidewalks due to the pandemic. What was provisional, now remains, and several cities are considering following the example

racial unrest in the us

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo defends the permanence of the explorer sculpture in Central Park

The marches against police violence are intertwined with the health crisis in New York that begins its reopening on Monday


Minneapolis bans immobilization techniques, Los Angeles cuts police budget, and cities across the country debate crackdown on protests

Racial tension in the USA

Several cities in the US lift the curfew and protesters return to the streets after the first religious act held in memory of the African American killed by the police

Racial unrest in the US

After his failed presidential career and in the midst of the coronavirus crisis, the mayor of New York faces criticism for the response to protests by a police who promised to reform

who is the singer, whose concert sowed chaos at Gare de Lyon?

Fally Ipupa: who is the singer, whose concert caused chaos at Gare de Lyon?

FALLY IPUPA – Star in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the singer Fally Ipupa performs this Friday, February 28 at the AccorHotels Arena. Clashes broke out at the nearby Gare de Lyon between fans and opponents of the holding of this show.

[Mis à jour le 28 février 2020 à 19h31] The Paris police headquarters had set up a specific security system around Bercy but that did not prevent clashes from breaking out a few hours before the Fally Ipupa concert at the AccorHotels Arena. It was at the nearby Gare de Lyon that violence erupted, with several starts of fires. The concert is scheduled at the AccorHotels Arena in Paris, not far from the station, which had to be evacuated and closed for security reasons at the start of the evening. Scooters burnt down, hooded men and immense black smoke … The images of the fires, posted by several Internet users and a journalist from Brut on Twitter, are impressive.

A show that had been placed under high surveillance

The cause of these chaos scenes in the capital? Tensions between opponents of the Fally Ipupa concert and the police. The show of the one we nicknamed “El Maravilloso” had been placed under high surveillance. His return to France is threatened by political opponents of the Kinshasa regime, opponents who accuse Fally Ipupa of being close to President Félix Tshisekedi and who had called to gather around the Gare de Lyon to demonstrate against the return of the Congolese artist in Paris.

Millions of subscribers and collaborations with Booba or Aya Nakamura

Ten years of career, millions of views on YouTube, collaborations with the greatest artists in the world … The Congolese singer has become a real international star, known for his rumba tunes. Born on December 14, 1977 in Kinshasa, he distinguished himself as a singer, dancer, author, composer, performer and producer. Since the beginning of his career, he has released five albums and collaborated with artists such as Booba, Aya Nakamura, Youssoupha, or DJ Arafat. In 2014, he is considered the 6th richest African artist and in 2018, he was ranked among the 50 most influential Africans by the magazine Jeune Afrique. With its 1.4 million subscribers on its YouTube channel, its 2.5 million on Instagram, Fally Ipupa Nsimba, aka Fally Ipupa could afford to fill the AccorHotels Arena. In 2011, Fally Ipupa had already had to cancel one of her concerts in Paris, at La Cigale, as a security measure.

In 2018, he was one of the 50 most influential Africans in the ranking published by Jeune Afrique

Shares on the radar July 19, 2020

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The listed BKS Bank, based in Klagenfurt, Austria, employs around 1,100 people and operates its banking and leasing business in Austria, Slovenia, Croatia and Slovakia. BKS Bank also has representative offices in Hungary and Italy. With Oberbank AG and Bank für Tirol und Vorarlberg AG, BKS Bank AG forms the 3 Banken Gruppe.

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