The Washington Post: Trump opens a new trade war by targeting France, Brazil and Argentina

The Washington Post saw that President Donald Trump accelerated his global trade war by opening two new fronts, by announcing the imposition of customs duties on American imports of industrial minerals from Brazil and Argentina, as well as his threat to increase customs duties on dozens of famous French products. .
The newspaper said – in a report published on its website today, Tuesday – that the US administration considers these steps necessary, given the unjust behavior of the United States trading partners in order to harm the country’s traditional economic pillars as well as its hopes and aspirations for future prosperity.
Trump wrote in a Twitter post on Twitter, saying he had ordered new tariffs on steel and aluminum from Brazil and Argentina to counter what he called a “massive devaluation of their currencies” at the expense of American farmers.
Hours later, US chief negotiator Robert Lightzer announced the results of a five-month investigation that concluded that the digital services tax in France was discriminatory against American Internet companies, and he proposed an additional fee of 100% on certain French products in return for that. Its value is 2.4 billion dollars.
The American newspaper saw that this proposal, which awaits a presidential decision, threatens to intensify trade frictions across the Atlantic, in light of Trump’s accusations that European carmakers enjoy enjoying the protection of their governments from American competition.
In this regard, Leitzer considered the French tax “as discrimination against American companies and contradicts the prevailing principles of international tax policy and constitutes an extraordinary burden on the affected American companies.”
The (Washington Post) added that this stream of protectionist decisions comes at a time when President Trump (America First) trade policy remains stalled at the negotiating table and in the US Congress less than a year before the 2020 presidential election.
She noted that despite Trump traveling to London to attend a NATO summit, all key elements of policy-making based on Trump’s approach of bold action, controversial economy and sparse detail remain dominant in Washington.
The (Washington Post) concluded its report by saying that the implications of Trump’s decision to impose new tariffs casts a shadow over the possibilities of future or ongoing ongoing talks with countries in Asia and Europe.


President of Argentina describes Messi with national pride


Tuesday 3 December 2019

12:34 PM

Argentine President Mauricio Macri congratulated his compatriot Lionel Messi, the star of Barcelona’s soccer team, on winning the Golden Ball for the sixth time in his career.
“All my congratulations to Liu on the new Golden Ball! It is my national pride with so much talent, effort, and humility,” Macri wrote in a Twitter Tweet.
Expectations were that the 32-year-old Argentine, known as “Al-Barghout”, was the favorite to win the Golden Ball. Thus, he became the first player to win this award six times, beating his Portuguese rival Cristiano Ronaldo, who won it five times.


Trump levies steel on Argentina and Brazil

Steel And aluminum for the United States from these two countries".

Trump called the US Federal Reserve "To act in the same manner" Not even "Other countries are taking advantage of our strong dollars to make further devaluations of their currencies".

And last year, it was announced Trump Imposing 25 percent customs duties on steel and 10 percent on imports Aluminum From all countries of the world, but in March he agreed to remove Brazil and Argentina from the list in addition to countries that were previously listed.

Trump said in a later tweet that the US markets "It rose to as much as 21 percent" After his decision.

Despite this, the US steel sector is still suffering from a decrease in total employment, and production in smelting furnaces stopped last month.


He wrote on Twitter that “Brazil and Argentina have made a significant reduction in their currencies,” noting that this harms American farmers, and he continued, “Immediately and effectively, I will return duties on steel and aluminum to the United States from these two countries.”

Trump called on the US Federal Reserve to “act in the same manner” so that “other countries do not use our strong dollar to make further devaluations of their currencies.”

And last year, Trump announced a 25 percent tariff on steel and 10 percent on aluminum imports from all countries of the world, but in March he agreed to remove Brazil and Argentina from the list in addition to countries that were previously listed.

Trump said in a later tweet that US markets “rose to as much as 21 percent” after his decision.

Despite this, the US steel sector is still suffering from a decrease in total employment, and production in smelting furnaces stopped last month.


what are its three main challenges?

The 25th International Climate Conference opens Monday in Madrid. At the end of 2019 marked by an unprecedented series of citizen mobilizations for the climate, the biggest polluters are expected to turn the corner on the fight against inequalities.

2019, year of all records. Hurricanes, floods and fires were numerous and violent. The temperatures, they have risen more than reason, according to Météo France. Record in the streets, too: millions of young people around the world took part in the “global climate strikes”, led by a Greta Thunberg who became the environmental icon of this year.

In Madrid, the meeting promises to be tense for the 196 signatory countries of the Paris Agreement (2015), since the United States’ decision to leave it. Gathered on the occasion of a COP25 organized under the Chilean presidency, the States Parties will have to revise their climate ambitions upwards in order to achieve the objectives necessary for the full realization of the Paris Agreement.

  • Support populations irreversibly affected by climate change

How does a country recover from a cyclone like Kenneth who swept through Mozambique last April? How to act in the face of the consequences of rising sea levels?
Assistance to developing countries to adapt to the impacts of climate change will be one of the main points of contention of this new international climate conference.

Associations and NGOs highlight the inevitable link between the fight against climate change and the fight against inequalities. “This is something that is not sufficiently taken into account or even denied by the developed countries, while they are existing”, regrets Lucile Dufour, international policy manager at the NGO Réseau Action Climat. It specifies that the issue of loss and damage is nevertheless the subject of a specific article in the Paris Agreement. Lucile Dufour will be among the heads of NGOs present in Madrid from December 2 to 13. “Since then, developed countries have turned a deaf ear and denied the existence of this article and the needs associated with it.”

“We must find financial means to support the populations concerned, and innovative means so that this no longer weighs on the budgets of countries, which are already very constrained”, believes Lucile Dufour, whose mission is also to coordinate the work of the Climate Network & Développement, which brings together some sixty French-speaking African NGOs around climate issues.

Among the suggestions of environmental associations: tax companies that use fossil fuels, tax the aviation sector, or even freeze the debts of developing states when one of them is faced with a major climate disaster , so that it quickly releases funds.

This is precisely what the COP25 must serve, according to Lucile Dufour, “to recreate the link between developed countries and developing countries so that this mechanism of solidarity exists to fight against climate change, and to face its consequences”.

The countries of the North have pledged to increase the financing of the Green Climate Fund to 100 billion dollars per year by 2020.

According to the latest OECD report, these figures are on the rise, with 71.2 billion in 2017. But the countries of the South are now calling for an acceleration of negotiations on the financing of the “losses and damages” suffered, that a group of NGOs recently estimated at 300 billion per year in 2030.

The COP25, the final rehearsal before the COP26? “This is a very important COP because it comes on the eve of the year 2020 which is the year when countries must adopt more ambitious greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction targets”, explains Lucile Dufour. If we miss this preparation, it will then be very complicated to get back on the right path to limit global warming “, she adds.” This COP is a necessary stage: if at its end, we do not we don’t have the prerequisites, we will approach 2020 with a big handicap “.

  • Definition of rules and a stricter framework for carbon markets

The new carbon markets are also one of the main challenges of this COP. According to the NGOs, countries should be prohibited from counting emission reductions traded several times, and excluded from trade emissions reductions made before 2020, which represent 4 billion tonnes of CO2, or the equivalent of total emissions from the country. ‘EU in 2016.

This system, created under the Kyoto Protocol in 1997, and which aims to reduce GHG emissions via a system of carbon credits trading between countries, is “riddled with flaws”, denounces Lucile Dufour.

The principle was to transform CO2 into economic assets that can be exchanged by issuing companies on a carbon exchange, taking into account certain quotas.
Except that poorly defined and poorly framed, these rules now allow the exchange of emission reductions that do not exist, or which are out of date, even counting several times reductions that have only taken place once. time.

“If the rules allow us to cheat on these accounts, we will never achieve the objectives of the Paris agreement,” recalls Lucile Dufour, advocating the establishment of a strict framework for these carbon markets.

In addition, it also created risks, in particular for respect for human rights. These carbon markets have in fact made it possible to finance projects to reduce GHG emissions which have severely penalized local populations. The creation of huge hydroelectric dams has, for example, led to the flooding of the lands of indigenous populations, especially in Panama, depriving them of land to cultivate, polluting their waterways, and causing many deaths, injuries and displacements. .

  • Increase greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets in 2020

NGOs want the countries most responsible for climate change to take the lead.

According to the firm Enerdata, the G20 countries were responsible, in 2018, for 80% of global GHG emissions. “They are the ones who will have to do their fair share of the effort,” says Lucile Dufour, referring more specifically to the case of the European Union. “Currently, its objective is – 40% of GHG emissions by 2030, but to be compatible with the Paris agreement, it will have to be – 65%”.

According to the NGO, the current inaction would lead the world to produce 120% more fossil energy (coal, gas, oil) than what would be needed to limit warming to 1.5 ° C.
The COP25 must therefore be a call for the coherence of States, a call which also applies to France which, in 2018, exceeded its carbon budget by 4.5%.

It will have to have a strong positioning, as an EU country, and speak out in favor of increasing the EU’s climate objectives. However, the latter, brought to the European level, remain well beyond those fixed at the national level.

“To be credible and coherent, France will have to be able, at this COP25, to announce how it intends to go about implementing additional measures in order to respect its own objectives, particularly in the transport sectors, building and agriculture, which are the most emitting, “insists the manager, who regrets that Emmanuel Macron does not go to Madrid for the occasion.

The Paris agreement had confirmed the central objective of containing the increase in average temperature below 2 ° C, and to endeavor to limit this increase to 1.5 ° C. “Next year, countries will have to come back to the negotiating table with new goals, so COP25 sets the course for 2020: who is going to do what, when and how.”


Ultraman Hawaii: Canadian double victory in the 35th edition, Conny Dauben second

Jordan Bryden and Tara Norton ensured a Canadian double victory at the 35th Ultraman Hawaii. After three days and 515 kilometers of competition, Bryden achieved a start-to-finish victory in 23:24:46 hours. Tara Norton (winner time: 28:22:09), who won the previous year for the first time, was also in the lead from the start, but on the last day of the double marathon, the German Conny Dauben came dangerously close to her.

Only eight minutes separated the staves at the finish at the old airport of Kailua-Kona from the former Canadian professional triathlete. Norton started vehemently on the first day of the competition with the 10 km swim from Kailua Pier to Keauhou Bay and the subsequent 145 km by bike to the military base at Kilauea Volcano Park and worked out almost an hour ahead of Conny Dauben. On the second day, the 276 km long bike ride with the finish line in Hawi, 48-year-old Norton extended her lead by a good 20 minutes.

Conny Dauben is catching up in the double marathon

The last day of Ultraman belonged to Dauben, who won the Ultraman in 2002. In 8:17:04 hours, the 44-year-old ran the 84 km from Hawi over the notorious Ironman Hawaii bike course to Kailua-Kona and came within a measly eight minutes of Tara Norton.

Conny Dauben on the Ultraman Hawaii bike course – © Private

Jordan Bryden’s first Ultraman Hawaii win also had the competition close to his neck for three days. The former ITU World Cup starter from Canada used his strong swimming skills to set himself apart from his opponents for 2017 winner Rob Gray on the first day of competition. On the second Ultraman day, 33-year-old Bryden was able to maintain his lead just ahead of Gray. Behind them were the French Arnoud Selukov, who set the fastest time of the day in 7:56:49 hours on the 276 kilometers by bike, and Marc Puig Amiel from Spain, two other athletes still within striking distance.

The 32-year-old Spaniard also set the fastest pace in the final double marathon. In 6:52:59 hours, Puig Amiel ran the 84 km on the hot pavement of the Queen Kaahumanu Highway. This pushed him past Selukov and South African Rob Gray and reduced the gap to Ultraman winner Jordan Bryden to a quarter of an hour.

A total of 23 athletes arrived at the finish line in Kailua-Kona for the 35th Ultraman edition.


Before “Magnum” crossover: Conflicting “Hawaii Five-0” episode should never be shown again

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Curious glove story: Depp produces weird Jackson musical

Johnny Depp’s friends are currently very concerned about the actor and his excessive alcohol consumption. Some believe that he will not live long. But Depp himself continues to make plans and is now producing a new musical about the “King of Pop” with his company.

In recent years, the headlines that have been read about Johnny Depp have rarely been positive. Be it the Rose War with his ex-wife Amber Heard or his massive alcohol and drug consumption – the actor is Hollywood’s problem child. But now there is at least again professional news from his environment to report. Depp is launching a new Michael Jackson musical with its production company.

The glove from space.

(Photo: Bazalaam Beats Productions)

“For the Love of a Glove” is told from the point of view of Jackson’s famous sequin glove. This weird idea comes from the US author and playwright Julien Nitzberg. He wrote the book “For the love of the glove – An unauthorized musical fable about the life of Michael Jackson, tells of his glove”, which was originally supposed to be made into a film. However, as Nitzberg told US celebrity site “Page Six”, the project was abandoned because he and the production company couldn’t agree on how to deal with the allegations of abuse against the “King of Pop”.

Glove from space

Nitzberg went on to explain that trying to tell the story of Michael Jackson from the perspective of his famous sequin glove requires rethinking. For the project, he interviewed a lot of people who knew Michael and nobody really could explain why he behaved like this. “Everything that Michael Jackson is accused of was actually caused by his glove. He is actually an alien from outer space and feeds on virgin boy’s blood,” said Nitzberg about the idea of ​​the whole.

After the film had ended, Nitzberg now worked with Depp’s production company “Infinitum Nihil” on the implementation of the crazy story for the stage. Nitzberg and “Infinitum Nihil” had already worked together for the biopic of the one-hit miracle Tiny Tim from the 1960s. The Jackson musical premiered in Los Angeles on January 25. The premiere is already sold out.

On tour with Hollywood Vampires


In addition to Depp (left), Joe Perry is one of the Hollywood Vampires.

(Foto: imago images / ZUMA Press)

Meanwhile, rumors about Johnny Depp’s health have been going on for weeks. After all, he has been drinking since he was a teenager and has also consumed numerous drugs. An alleged acquaintance of the 56-year-old told the “Globe” that Depp would not live long if he went on like this.

The “Bild” newspaper, however, said the Frankfurt music manager Alex Becker, also a good friend of Depp’s, that this was wrong. “Fear of death is total nonsense. I spoke to him on Thursday, he was totally fit. Sure, he sometimes does a little partying, but there is no need to worry.” Depp himself plans to go on tour again with Alice Cooper and Joe Perry and the band Hollywood Vampires at least in 2020. Among other things, they will play in Berlin on August 20.


MLS: Miami in the East and Nashville in the West

It was only a formality, but Major League Soccer (MLS) announced that the East and West sections of the league would have an equal number of teams, despite the addition of Inter Miami CF and Nashville SC for the 2020 campaign.

Miami, David Beckham’s team, will join the Eastern Association and will therefore become the 13e section team. Nashville will do the same, but in the West.

This means that the Montreal Impact will face Inter Miami twice next year, once at home and once abroad. As in 2019, all teams will play 34 games, including 17 at home. They will compete against the teams in their section twice while the remaining 10 games are scheduled against opponents outside their group.

In 2021, it will be Austin FC’s turn to join the Garber circuit, which should unbalance the two sections again. In 2022, Sacramento Republic FC and the still unnamed St. Louis team will join the group.