Steinmeier in Boston: “Thank you America” | Germany | DW

It’s been raining the whole Thursday morning in Boston, and it makes the impression that it would stop soon. But Federal President of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier does not spoil the mood. In a good mood, he greeted the guests, with whom he meets at the Intercontinental Hotel for a working Breakfast. The Motto is: “populism and polarisation – challenges on both sides of the Atlantic”.

Steinmeier sits with some of the Bundestag, five social scientists from Germany and the United States. Will talked about how we should be with demagogues in politics, bypass, how to on voters of populist parties, or supporters of populist politicians can go, and what is the role of media in an increasingly polarized society.

The morning discussion is the prelude to a two-day Boston-visit of the Federal President. The stay puts an end to the year of Germany in the United States, which bore the title “Wonderful Together”. Around 12 months the length of the English was celebrated-American friendship. The appreciate also the Federal President.

Populism for Breakfast: Steinmeier at the round-table discussion in Boston

“German-American relations – that is far more spending as a trade dispute, or the dispute over defence”, stressed the Federal President after the Breakfast to journalists. “The interest of the people in our two countries together is preserved.” With his visit, he wanted to show 30 years after the fall of the wall also appreciation of the United States. “Thank you to America for the contribution this country has made, in order to make unity and freedom in the re-United Germany.”

A neglected friendship

The year of Germany, a cooperation of the Goethe-Institut, the Federal foreign office and the Federal Association of German industry, has reached around 1.3 million visitors. In all 50 U.S. States, and events in the fields of science, art, culture, language, economy, and sports took place.

The “Wonderful Together” Initiative had done to the transatlantic relationship, well, says Cathryn Clüver Ashbrook. The German American, who has both passports, directs the Harvard Kennedy School “Project on Europe and the Transatlantic Relationship”.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel with a distinctive US President Barack Obama (Getty Images/AFP/J. MacDougall)

Good transatlantic relations, NSA or not: Angela Merkel with Barack Obama (2016)

“We have the ratio, as you do sometimes with a friendship that has been long neglected,” says Clüver Ashbrook. She stresses: “The miss sounds are not caused only under Trump. Under Obama we had, for example, the NSA scandal, the wiretapping of the German Chancellor’s mobile phone. But Obama and Merkel had a very close personal relationship.”

Ratio of head of state, not heads of crucial

You can’t say the same for the German Chancellor and the current US President. Donald Trump referred to Germany as a counter-player in economic issues, and criticised the low level of defence expenditure of the country. On the other side of the Atlantic, the aversion to the US President and his harsh, Twitter-influenced policy is great.

But the leading politicians are not green, does not mean that the Germans and the Americans to keep per se of each other. “The fracture that emanates from the White house, is not reflected in the population,” says Clüver Ashbrook. “There are close Connections between German and American cities and companies.”

Katja Petrowskaja and David Levitz at the Bay Area Book Festival in Berkeley (DW/D. Michel)

“Wonderful Together”: The author Katja Petrowskaja and DW editor David Levitz, Berkeley (may)

The organizers of the German American Conference, held annually at Harvard University on the outskirts of Boston, say that the disagreements in the policy no effect on other Connections. “The true German-American friendship plays out on a much more personal from the higher level,” says Philipp Simon, one of the four heads of the organizing Committee of the German American Conference. “All of the close Connections between communities in the United States and in Germany, whether they are based on friendship, economic cooperation or the exchange of ideas, are in a much better condition than it is to make some believe.”

Data on the Internet: privacy vs. convenience

On Friday, Steinmeier will speak before the participants of the German-American Conference. In the discussion it should go to the “ethics of the digital Transformation” of society. An interesting topic – especially when you consider how differently Germans and Americans of digitization and the Internet giant, which you are promoting are.

“One side appreciates privacy at the highest, and the other is comfort,” says Clüver Ashbrook. “The Germans trust their data to the state and its bureaucratic institutions. The Americans are more willing to provide their data to Google, Amazon and Facebook, if that makes life easier for you.”

Differences such as these can lead to lack of understanding, when observing the other country only in the abstract from the distance. This is exactly why projects such as the Germany year, with his many personal encounters, so important, says Clüver Ashbrook. “It’s a pity that it goes to the end.”


More people than ever ready to donate bone marrow

TÜBINGEN. In the largest file, the German Bone Marrow Donor File (DKMS), around 5.1 million people are registered. This was announced by the organization based in Tübingen on World Blood Cancer Day (May 28). In 2016, the DKMS arranged 7028 stem cell donations to blood cancer patients worldwide – according to its own figures, also an unprecedented number (2015: 6999).

In most cases, an outpatient removal of the stem cells is sufficient. According to the DKMS, a somewhat more complex bone marrow donation is only necessary in 20 percent of the cases.

As a result of the expansion in recent years to Poland, Spain, Great Britain and the USA, the DKMS has gained additional donors and claims to have 7.3 million registered people worldwide. “DKMS is working flat out to improve the situation for blood cancer patients worldwide, because blood cancer knows no boundaries and can suddenly affect everyone,” said a spokeswoman. There are a total of 26 donor files in Germany. (dpa)

That’s how much Michael Jackson, Elvis and Co. earn after their death

When a great artist dies, it often does not mean the end of his success. Filled with nostalgia, fans play up and down the greatest hits of their idols, watch their films repeatedly or browse through their books. The US business magazine “Forbes” has now again determined the top earners among the dead stars.

The top ten are predominantly musicians: Prince, John Lennon and Bob Marley are just a few of the deceased whose creative legacy is being discovered by new generations in the streaming age. In addition, there are album sales and merchandise licensing.

After death, income sometimes increases

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It is not uncommon for the hype about an artist to be increased by his early demise: Prince’s streaming and sales income (1958–2016) has grown by 12 percent since his death. Even in the grave, he still earns around 12 million dollars (around 10.7 million euros) a year.

John Lennon’s (1940–1980) income last year even amounted to 14 million dollars (around 12.5 million euros) – the 50th anniversary of the legendary Beatles album “Abbey Road” certainly played a major role in this. But Lennon’s solo music was also in demand 52 percent more than in previous years.

Monroe makes money through licensing

Actress Marilyn Monroe (1926–1962), on the other hand, makes the box office sound in a different way: She generates around 13 million dollars (around 11.6 million euros) in sales per year through so-called licensing; Among other things, a collection of Montblanc pens bore her name, while the fashion house Chanel used video and sound recordings of the Hollywood icon for an advertising campaign. Monroe once said in an interview that all she wears in bed is a splash of Chanel No. 5.

The comic artist Charles M. Schulz (1922–2000) is also still very popular in the afterlife. The inventor of the “Peanuts” earns a whopping 38 million dollars (around 34 million euros) on his characters, especially dog ​​Snoopy. In addition to greeting cards and gift items, this also adorns pajamas and underwear.

Michael Jackson remains number one

Rock ‘n’ roll legend Elvis Presley (1935–1977) benefits not only from album sales and streams but also from fan tourism: up to 500,000 people make a pilgrimage to his Graceland property in Memphis every year. The annual income amounts to around 39 million dollars (around 35 million euros). The planned biographical film by “Moulin Rouge” director Baz Luhrmann should further stimulate the hype surrounding the man with the irresistible swing of the hips.

The undisputed front runner is and remains Michael Jackson (1958–2009) with an income of around 60 million dollars (around 53.7 million euros). Despite allegations of child abuse, the magic of the King of Pop seems unbroken: radio stations and DJs in discos play his songs up and down, a musical brings his songs to life for a new live audience. In 2019 Jacko’s songs were streamed even more often than in 2018: They are 2.1 billion views.

Call of Duty League: start of the season in Minneapolis

The start of the season in Minneapolis

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The start of the season of the Call of Duty League

Lena Reinhart

31.10.2019 / at 15:31

Reading Time: 2 Minutes

The first season of the Call of Duty League starts with the Launch weekend of the 24. to 26. January 2020 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Minnesota Røkkr will be the host of the first event. The Call-of-Duty-League Team from Minnesota is owned and operated by WISE Ventures in Esports.

On the opening weekend are all 12 Call-of-Duty-Teams go to the Start.

In addition to the professionals, the Amateurs withdraw from 24. to 26. January, for the first time. This weekend, as the first is Call-of-Duty-Challengers-Open take place, in which Amateurs from all over the world as a Team in an open tournament format can compete.

The event is the beginning of the first season of the League, which used to be a Home-and-Away Format, with each Franchise home game weekends organised.

Jonathan Wilf, President and co-owner of WISE Ventures Esports sees it as a honor to the opening weekend of the Call of Duty League host. The companies have longed for an eSports event of this caliber in Minneapolis.

Johanna Faries, the Supervisor of the Call of Duty League, says that with the start of the season, a new Era for Call-of-Duty-eSports initiated would be.

Dress like the eSports professionals? Not A Problem! The SPORT1-eSports-Shop! | DISPLAY

The participating Teams

  • Atlanta FaZe
  • Call of Duty Chicago
  • Call of Duty Paris
  • Dallas Empire
  • The Florida Mutineers
  • London Royal Ravens
  • Los Angeles Guerrillas
  • Minnesota Røkkr
  • New York Subliners
  • OpTic Gaming Los Angeles
  • Seattle Surge
  • Toronto Ultra
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The surprise Toronto out of Atlanta and will play the final !

Ready this summer by Guingamp at Toronto FC’s Nicolas Benezet takes his foot off the other side of the Atlantic. Scorer in the final of the Conference Is on Wednesday night against Atlanta (2-1), the former Guingampais has greatly contributed to the qualification of his team for the final of the MLS.

Indeed, the midfielder of 28 years has responded to the opening score early champions (4th) of a sublime strike curled (13th).

On November 10, the French and his teammates will compete so the great final against Seattle, winner of the Los Angeles Galaxy of Zlatan Ibrahimovic in the final of the Western Conference.

Matthew Tkachuk guides the Flames to victory in Nashville

Matthew Tkachuk tied the game late in the third period and tied the game in overtime in a 6-5 victory for the Calgary Flames (7-6-2) against the Predators (8-4-1), Nashville, Thursday.

The Flames closed a three-goal gap in the final 19 minutes of the game to win overseas and put a stop to a four-game winning streak for the Predators.

The new Central Division leaders were the first to sign up for the score sheet early in the first half.

Nick Hatino scored a hat trick on Tuesday against the Chicago Blackhawks (3-6-2) in a fourth straight period. However, his successful streak ended.

Austin Watson doubled the bet five minutes later, but Derek Ryan reduced the Flames to a length from the Predators before the initial engagement ended.

Calle Jarnkrok had two shorthanded hits, each with Watson’s help, in the middle period to widen the gap to 4-1.

David Rittich (no 33), Roman Josi (no 59) and Calle Jarnkrok (no 19)

Photo: The Canadian Press / Mark Zaleski

The Flames tied the game twice rather than the third. Rasmus Andersson, Elias Lindholm and Alan Quine hit the target in quick succession, before seeing Watson get his double to give the Predators a 5-4 lead.

Tkachuk, however, pushed the overtime clash with a goal in the last minute of the third period. He sealed the outcome of the confrontation beautifully by making a shot with the stick placed between his legs.

Goalkeeper Pekka Rinne only faced nine hits from the visitors in the first 40 minutes of play. He concluded with 21 saves.

His counterpart at the other end of the ice, David Rittich, received 36 throws, 5 of which made the cracks in the net.

NHL: Roman Josi signs 8-year contract in Nashville –

This time, its value was recognized at its fair price: Roman Josi signed a new contract with the Nashville Predators. It will receive $ 72 million over the next eight years.

At 29, the Bernese has made it essential in the defense of the Tennessee franchise. On Monday, he was voted second best player last week in the NHL.

His gold contract will earn him the third highest paid defenseman in the NHL. This new lease corrects the previous one a little. He made a commitment in the summer of 2013 for $ 28 million over 7 years. He becomes the highest-paid Swiss in the North American League ahead of Nico Hischier of the New Jersey Devils, who signed a new contract 11 days ago for $ 50.75 million over seven years.

In 645 games under the colors of the Nashville Predators – his only club in the NHL – he scored 393 points. In 2017, he reached the Stanley Cup final but lost 4-2 to the Pittsburgh Penguins.

ats / adav

the city where the United States was born

City of brotherly love, the birthplace of the United States, Philadelphia is often overlooked during American stays. However, less than two hours from energetic New York and serious Washington, Philly is a special stopover for those who want to delve into the history of the country. Far from being frozen in the past, the city of Rocky Balboa is also an extraordinary cultural center with impressionist collections that would make any European jealous, murals where you least expect them. A parking lot, an old factory … Art is everywhere you look. And a good restaurant is never too far away, as evidenced by the recent James Beard Awards nominations for the best tables in the country. A concentrate of America in Pennsylvania with a European touch, this is the charming Philadelphia.

The arrival

Philadelphia Airport is only 7 miles from the city center, there is no need for a taxi to get there. For about $ 7 one way, the SEPTA Airport line (the city’s public transport system) will get you there directly in 20 minutes. And for those of you who are frightened of waiting at US customs, rest assured, barely 40 minutes after landing you will already be exploring the city.

All new, all hot!


30 Americans at the Barnes Foundation, the exhibition dedicated to African-American artists from the Rubell family collection celebrates its tenth anniversary. She has already toured the country several times, raising important questions about personal and cultural identity in the face of stereotypes. We find there the works of Jean-Michel Basquiat, Mark Bradford, Nick Cave or Kerry James Marshall. More than just an exhibition, 30 Americans was for a long time a phenomenon that launched great careers as artists.

Exhibition ticket: $ 25, until January 12, 2020 at the Barnes Foundation, Wednesday to Monday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.
2025 Benjamin Franklin Parkway.


Voted best new restaurant of 2019 by Food and Wine magazine, this little place in Fishtown is already one of the best restaurants in town. Veal tartare with miso, an unforgettable octopus dish, but also simpler products such as cauliflower or beets sublimated by cooking and surprising but successful combinations of flavors. To top it off, Cadence is the best place to test the BYOB principle (Bring your own bottle). Very common in Pennsylvania due to the high taxation of alcohol, this concept allows you to bring your bottle of wine to the restaurant without having to pay corkage fees. Four-course menu 68 dollars, reservation recommended.

Cadence Restaurant, 161 W Girard Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19123. Tel .: + 1-215-419-7537.


Four Seasons Philadelphia

All of Philadelphia can already be found at JJ SkyHigh, the bar at the Four Seasons Philadelphia. Four Seasons / Photo press

He is back downton. Two years after leaving Logan Square, the Four Seasons moved to the highest floors of the ComCast Technology Center in September. Go up to the reception on the 60th floor and lose your gaze above the city. This view is omnipresent in the hotel’s 219 rooms and suites, which make you feel like you are in New York or Tokyo.

Four Seasons Philadelphia, 1 N 19th St, Philadelphia, PA 19103, from € 560 in a double room.

” Read also – The Four Seasons Hotel in Philadelphia: the “Figaro” expert opinion


The Rocky Steps are the stairs to the south facade of the Philadelphia Museum of Art in Philadelphia. Kyle huff


Start your day early with a solid breakfast at High Street on Market and taste their bagels and sandwiches made from artisan breads. The rest of this day will be a dive into history with the visit of theIndependence National Historic Park “the most historic square mile in America”. Go early to the Visitor Center to get your tickets because the number of tickets is limited. Independence Hall, this Victorian red brick building is the birthplace of the country! It is here, on this site, now classified as World Heritage by Unesco, that the Founding Fathers signed the Declaration of Independence in 1776 as well as the constitution. The story continues in front of the Liberty Bell Center, an all-glass cube that contains the bell of independence; if the queue of high school students is long, go instead to the Museum of American Revolution. In addition to multimedia installations and 3D simulations to understand a part of the history of the United States, the museum shop is worth a visit to bring back typical American gifts like … a George Washington plush!

Lunch break

Over 80 artisans offer their products to
Reading Terminal Market,
covered market in the heart of Philadelphia which has existed since 1892.

Go to Reading Terminal Market one of the oldest covered markets in the country. The 80 stands offer local specialties such as Amish products from the region but also dishes from around the world, a sign of the cosmopolitanism that reigns over Philly. Don’t miss Miller’s Twist pretzels and freshly squeezed juices from Four Seasons Juice Bar. For the cheesesteack, THE specialty of the city, we recommend Carmen’s stand.


Opposite the Pennsylvania Convention Center is the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and the Lenfest Plaza. Sean Tucker

Walk along the shopping street Market street to number 1301 where a giant fresco decorates the wall. This is the tree of love, painted in 2003, this work is one of the 4,000 frescoes that make Philadelphia the city of street art. Since 1984, the Mural Arts Program has transformed the city into a giant museum. For lovers of modern art, then head to Philadelphia Museum of Art. Known for its steps that a certain Rocky Balboa climbs at the end of each training, the building, like a Parthenon, dominates the city. There is the largest collection in the world of Marcel Duchamp with in particular the Big Glass or Fountain who scandalized the art world in 1917. The American naturalist Charles Wilson Peale, but also Picasso, Matisse, Bosch, Mondrian or Kandinsky… The collection continues to grow to the point that the studio was called star architect Frank Gehry for the extension works.

Another monument to see is the LOVE sculpture by Robert Indiana (1978). It is one of the symbols of Philadelphia that refers to the city’s nickname: “the city of brotherly love”. Edward Savaria / PCVB

Aperitif and dinner

Take the bus or walk to Rittenhouse Square, this Parisian-style square with its many terraces is the ideal spot to stroll or have a drink. Walnut and Chestnut streets are just a stone’s throw away from tax-free shopping throughout Pennsylvania. For t-shirts of local sports teams like the Eagles or the Phillies, prefer Shibe Vintage Sports where the t-shirts look a little more retro than the ones you buy everywhere. Take a cocktail and bowling break in the amazing restaurant-bar Harp & Crown or Charlie was a Sinner. For fans of American football, take a half at the Graffiti Bar: this is where we watch the Eagles’ games with the supporters. For dinner, head to Washington Square to land at Talula’s Garden, an oasis in the city where you can eat tasty cuisine made from fresh, local products. You can also come for an aperitif and order some impressive cheese boards. If you prefer to dine at the best restaurant in the country, visit Zahav nominated for the James Beard Awards (1) this year. Israeli cuisine with bread baked in a wood oven, skewers of meat and fish cooked in charcoal to enjoy in a casual room. Reservation required.


The Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts is the large complex dedicated to live performances on Broad Street. Roman Vinoly / PCVB

Take 13th Street towardsAvenue des Arts for an evening under the sign of the big show. The best Broadway musicals, Mean Girls!, Hello, Dolly!, stop at the Academy of Music while the Kimmel center hosts the Philadelphia Philharmonic and the Pennsylvania Ballet. Finally, those who are in the mood to dance all night will then opt for the Fishtown, an old industrial district that is now bubbling after dark. The Foundry Space upstairs at the Fillmore, a metallurgical factory transformed into a huge performance hall, it hosts renowned DJs every night.


In Philadelphia, the Barnes collection stands out as the largest ever assembled by an individual in the Impressionist, Post-Impressionist and early modern world. Michael Perez


The alarm clock is late and the luxurious brunch at restaurant Jean-Georges at the top of the recent Comcast Technology Center. Perched on the 60th floor of the tallest building in Pennsylvania, in a space suspended in the air, surrounded by bay windows and mirrors, taste the cuisine of the Frenchman Jean-Georges Vongerichten, one of the most renowned chefs the United States. Then, in just ten minutes on foot, you will be at the Barnes foundation to discover the breathtaking collection of impressionist paintings including, among others, 181 Renoir, 69 Cézanne and 59 Matisse. Nearby, children can hunt butterflies in the large tropical garden.Academy of Natural Sciences.


And if the brunch was not generous enough, head to the restaurant of the Barnes foundation. With its beautiful room overlooking an opulent garden, it is one of the best places to have lunch on the Benjamin Franklin Halway.


Art comes out of museums in Philadelphia. To see it up close, take the metro to Magic Gardens. A maze of mosaics, mirrors, and all kinds of recycled objects created by the artist Isaiah Zaga, which is reminiscent of an Ali Baba cave created by the Catalan Gaudi. Walk along 9th Street to Italian Market to do your shopping with the whole Italian community that rushes to the many grocery stores, butcher shops and early food for the big family dinner on Sunday evening. At Di Bruno Bros, a historic grocery store, you can buy tasty Italian sandwiches or bring back some very delicious specialties.

Sunday stroll

Sunday Balda on the streets of Philadelphia. Kyle Huff for PHLCVB

Browse South philly walk to Society hill for your last afternoon. The streets become narrower and tree-lined. Calm reigns in this opulent neighborhood bordered by red houses straight out of an old American film. Do not miss Elfreth Alley’s, the oldest residential street in the country still inhabited. For your last hours, nothing beats the banks of the Delaware, just 5 minutes walk. The old warehouse rehabilitated as a café, restaurant and exhibition place Cherry Street Pier is perfect for enjoying a local beer. What leave with a good taste of Philly.

Ask about
Philadelphia Tourist Office, tel: 01 53 25 12 03 and

American Airlines offers two direct flights per day from Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle all year round from € 419.75 return.

Passport valid six months after the date of return and ESTA form completed at least 72 hours before departure,

Address Book

Where to eat?

High Street on Market serves breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner in the historic Old Town district of Philadelphia. Chaucee Stillman

Talula’s garden, 210 W Washington Square, Philadelphia, PA 19106. Tel .: +1 215-592-7787.

Reading Terminal Market, 1 N 12th St, Philadelphia, PA 19107. Tel .: +1 215-922-2317.

High Street on Market, 308 Market St, Philadelphia, PA 19106, Tel .: +1 215-625-0988.

Cadence, 161 W Girard Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19123. Tel .: 001 215-419-7537.

Zahav, 237 St James Pl, Philadelphia, PA 19106. Tel .: +1 215-625-8800.

Jean-Georges Philadelphia, 1 N 19th St, Philadelphia, PA 19103. Tel .: +1 215-419-5000.

Go out for a drink

Charlie was a sinner, 131 S 13th St, Philadelphia, PA 19107. Tel .: +1 267-758-5372.

Harp & Crown, 1525 Sansom St, Philadelphia, PA 19102. Tel .: +1 215-330-2800.

Graffiti Bar, 124 S 13th St, Philadelphia, PA 19107. Tel .: +1 215-732-3501.

Cherry Street Pier, 121 N Christopher Columbus Blvd, Philadelphia, PA 19106. Tel .: +1 215-923-0818.

Or sleep?

Lokal Hotel is located in the Old Town district of Philadelphia, 500 meters from the National Museum of Liberty. Heidi’s Bridge

Lokal Hotel
To feel like at home in the center of the historic city. This boutique hotel with only six rooms and without reception is not a real hotel but the perfect pied à terre. Apple TV, Spotify, a tablet with all the apps you need to really feel at home. From 215 dollars per night in a double room.

Lokal Hotel Old City, 39 N 3rd St, Philadelphia, PA 19106. Tel .: +1 267-702-4345.

Kimpton Hotel Palomar
An Art Deco building and comfortable rooms where art is omnipresent next to Rittenhouse Square, quite simply, one of the best locations in the city. From 265 dollars a night.

Kimpton Hotel Palomar, 117 S 17th St, Philadelphia, PA 19103, Tel: +1 215-563-5006.

(1) The James Beard Foundation awards are annual awards given to kitchen professionals in the United States. They reward chefs, restaurateurs, authors and culinary journalists.


Palestinian demands to cancel the friendly of Argentina and Uruguay

Rafah Services Club has requested the cancellation of the friendly match between Uruguay and Argentina scheduled for November 19 in Israel.

Lionel Messi may return to his country’s camp in the November rally after being excluded in the last two games due to suspension.

The Spanish newspaper “Sport” reported that the Rafah Services Club sent a letter to the Argentine and Uruguayan federations, asking them not to play the match on the Hebrew lands.

The newspaper pointed out that the Rafah Services Club indicated in his speech that “Israel is using sport to pass its crimes against humanity,” demanding the elect to refuse to play the match there.

Previously, a match for Argentina in Israel had been postponed due to demands from the Palestinian government and the demonstrations organized by some in Gaza.

It is worth noting that Argentina and Uruguay are trying to organize the World Cup in 2030 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the tournament.


Palestinian demands to cancel the friendly of Argentina and Uruguay

Rafah Services Club has requested the cancellation of the friendly match between Uruguay and Argentina scheduled for November 19 in Israel.

Lionel Messi may return to his country’s camp in the November rally after being excluded in the last two games due to suspension.

The Spanish newspaper “Sport” reported that the Rafah Services Club sent a letter to the Argentine and Uruguayan federations, asking them not to play the match on the Hebrew lands.

The newspaper pointed out that the Rafah Services Club indicated in his speech that “Israel is using sport to pass its crimes against humanity,” demanding the elect to refuse to play the match there.

Previously, a match for Argentina in Israel had been postponed due to demands from the Palestinian government and the demonstrations organized by some in Gaza.

It is worth noting that Argentina and Uruguay are trying to organize the World Cup in 2030 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the tournament.