Hurricane “Dorian”: Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida is also at risk

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Trump property Mar-a-Lago at risk from hurricane

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“The possible storm surge will be four to five and a half meters high”

In the course of Monday the hurricane “Dorian” is expected on the east coast of Florida. In the WELT studio, meteorologist Alexander Hildebrand explains the expected strength and possible effects of the hurricane.

The fear of hurricane “Dorian” is great. The homes of millions of people, Walt Disney World amusement park, and President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate are on his predicted path.

HHurricane “Dorian” continued to gain strength on its way to Florida. The United States National Hurricane Warning Center upgraded him to an “extremely dangerous” second-tier four storm. On Saturday he headed for the northwestern islands of the Bahamas at wind speeds of 225 kilometers per hour, and should reach Florida in the night to Tuesday (local time).

Meteorologists could not say with certainty whether he would hit the Florida east coast directly or rather pass it. After a few computer models, it was possible that “Dorian” could move north off the coast. “There is hope,” said weather underground meteorologist Jeff Masters.

Millions of people in Florida, however, were already preparing for the storm, heavy rain and storm surges, barring windows and stockpiling. Among other things, the potential course of “Dorian” also included Walt Disney World and President Donald Trump’s estate Mar-a-Lago. When asked a reporter if he was worried, Trump said on Friday: “Yeah, it looks like Mar-a-Lago is right in the middle of it, but you see, Mar-a-Lago is fine. It is a very powerful place. “

It could be a “record hurican,” he warned. “It could be one of the largest so far. So far, I have to be honest, it doesn’t look good, ”said the President. Some local authorities came to the same conclusion.

Mar-a-Lago is a very powerful place, says Donald Trump

Credit: AP / Alex Brandon

Among other things, in the Brevard County district on the east coast of Florida. The first forced evacuations were ordered there – residents of offshore islands, potential flood areas and less stable dwellings must therefore get to safety by Sunday morning at the latest.

“Don’t evacuate into the path of the storm”

Trump has declared a state of emergency for Florida as a precaution. Large-scale evacuations were initially not ordered because the storm, which only moves at 17 kilometers per hour, will still take days. And Disney World also remained open over the long weekend – Monday is a holiday in the United States. “Sometimes if you evacuate too early, you could evacuate the path of the storm if it changes,” said Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. In some districts, however, residents of lower areas have already been prepared to leave their homes and caravans on Sunday.

Trump flew to Camp David, the U.S. presidential country house, on Friday evening. He will be back on Sunday afternoon to coordinate the efforts of the authorities before the storm arrives, Trump said.

Politicians called on residents to stock up on sufficient supplies. TV pictures from Florida showed people who supplied themselves with drinking water and durable food supplies for many days in supermarkets. Long queues sometimes formed at petrol stations.

Upgraded – and “Dorian” continues to gain strength

A category four hurricane typically involves destructive winds that can cause catastrophic damage. Houses are likely to be covered easily, many trees and electricity pylons buckle under the pressure of the gusts, which can reach up to 250 kilometers per hour.

As a result, affected areas could be without electricity and uninhabitable for days or even weeks, as the US authorities warn. The hurricane will also bring heavy rain and lead to flooding.

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Thanks to new methods, it is already possible to predict with certainty where extreme heat events will become more common

“Dorian” continued to gather strength over the 29 degrees Celsius warm water of the Atlantic. The center of the storm was slowly moving towards the northern Bahamas. The storm already reached wind speeds of around 215 kilometers per hour on Friday evening.

Trump had voiced concern on Thursday that the hurricane could be as dire as hurricane “Andrew” – or worse. When Andrew hit the east coast of Florida in 1992 as a category five storm, dozens of people died. The damage in various states at that time was around $ 43 billion.

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The storm warning hits the US on a long weekend – Monday is a public holiday there. Some airlines had passengers rebooked flights free of charge, US media reported.

“Dorian” was expected in the Bahamas on Sunday. Storm surges could raise the water level by up to five meters.

Hurricane “Dorian” over the Atlantic

Source: AP

Shopping in the rain to prepare for “Dorian”

Credit: dpa / Charles Trainor Jr


Florida: Hurricane “Dorian” upgraded to the second highest category

Hurricane “Dorian” is moving relentlessly towards the southeast coast of the USA and has continued to gain strength. It has now been upgraded to the second highest category, hurricane level 4 on the five-tier scale. This was announced by the National Hurricane Center. The “extremely dangerous” hurricane will likely hit Florida on Monday or Tuesday.

If “Dorian” reaches land in this strength, it would be the most violent storm for the east coast of Florida in more than two decades.

President Donald Trump said in the White House on Friday that the exact route of the hurricane is still not foreseeable, so the authorities would probably only decide on possible evacuations on Sunday. Only a few hours later, the Brevard County district on Florida’s east coast ordered the first forced evacuations: residents of offshore islands, potential flood areas and unstable dwellings must therefore get to safety no later than Sunday morning.

It could be a “record hurricane,” Trump warned. “It could be one of the biggest so far. So far, I have to be honest, it doesn’t look good,” said the president. Trump flew to Camp David, the US presidential country house, on Friday evening. He will be back on Sunday afternoon to coordinate the efforts of the authorities before the storm arrives, Trump said.

Georgia has since declared a state of emergency after the US state of Florida. Politicians called on residents to stock up on sufficient supplies. Florida TV pictures showed people stocking up on supermarkets with drinking water and durable food for many days. Long lines sometimes formed at petrol stations.

The center of storm “Dorian” was slowly moving towards the northern Bahamas. The storm reached wind speeds of around 220 kilometers per hour as early as Saturday night.

Trump had voiced concern on Thursday that the hurricane could be as dire as hurricane “Andrew” – or worse. When “Andrew” hit the east coast of Florida in 1992 as a category five storm, dozens of people died. The damage in various states at that time was around $ 43 billion.

The storm warning hits the US on a long weekend – Monday is a public holiday there. Some airlines had passengers rebooked flights for free, US media reported.

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important dates, unmissable matches, it’s here!

It’s ready, it’s official: the calendar for the Orlando Magic 2019-20 edition has finally fallen! So as not to miss anything from the program that awaits fans and players in the NBA this season, here is the complete analysis of the matches to come.

The mission is known for Vavane and his friends, you have to return to the Playoffs after having enjoyed the joys of basketball at the end of April last season. The workforce has not changed, the darons have been extended, everything is in place for the Magic to carbide. That said, nothing will be given in an Eastern Conference which wants to redistribute its cards. Where to place Orlando in the ranking? What about competitors like Detroit, Brooklyn, Miami and Indiana who were also active this summer? Steve Clifford will have to start the season strong, especially at home with posters that are not easy but often in front of their audience. The reason behind this desire not to hang out of the box? The month of December, which will be the real test for the Magic. A hellish month, punctuated by the longest roadtrip of the season in early January, before having a good blow before the trade deadline. If Orlando does not want to be left behind and therefore struggle to go up the slope, there can not be a cataclysm over the month of Christmas. Even better, if Orlando wants to send a message to the competition, going wild on these 30 days of madness could be a great opportunity. Once these five weeks have passed, we will closely follow the end of the Magic season because there could be the same push as last year, with crucial matches against the heavyweights of the East. The plan is known, in Orlando to make the taf, as quickly as possible.

# Plus long road-trip : 6 matchs (January)

# Longest home session: 5 games (November)

# Hottest month: December (no respite)

# Coolest month: March (balanced program)

# Matches in national antenna: 1 throughout the season.

# Nombre de back-to-backs : 11 throughout the season.

# Number of early meetings in France: 5 throughout the season.

# Three posters to remember: Raptors (30/11), Bucks (08/02) and Celtics (11/04)

“the UTMB is a unique sporting event”

Columbia main partner of UTMB

Romain Cancilleri-Michy, Columbia’s marketing manager France looks back on the partnership that links the brand with the UTMB.

What are the reasons that pushed Columbia, at the end of 2018, to renew its partnership with the UTMB for three more years, until 2021?

We are very satisfied with the first four of our partnership with the UTMB which is a unique sporting event. We learned during this period and managed to reach our goals. This partnership is part of the construction of our global trail-running offer launched in 2017 and expected to strengthen over the coming seasons. The UTMB has also proven and strengthened its international resonance, which is a strong point in our Asian and South American markets.

What does it mean to be presenting partner of the UTMB ? What does this imply?

Presenting Partner is the highest level of partnership with the UTMB which allows us to have strengthened collaborations with the UTMB teams, visibility on all communication media and on the entire digital ecosystem of the UTMB via the “UTMB presented by Columbia” logo. This partnership status also covers the shoe textile part since we provide the UTMB with all of the runners ‘and volunteers’ endowments, in addition to the organization and press endowments.

What objectives have you set for yourself with this UTMB partnership?

The first objective was to associate the Columbia brand with the UTMB event. Today we come to this level: we have visibility on the ground, on social actions and a presence with the runners. The second point was to raise the perception of the Columbia brand among trail running practitioners and to move from general outdoor to more specific and technical outdoor. We also know that our sales increased in Chamonix this week. This strengthened us in the idea that we must communicate in this way.

How does the UTMB help Columbia improve its R&D?

We invest a lot in R&D. This year, on the UTMB, we are bringing in biomechanics, we are implementing foot scans, etc. We try to take into account the needs of European runners vis-à-vis American specificities. The idea is to better understand how to segment the offer of our products, because in Europe the distances of the trails are not the same, the types of terrain either, etc. Thus, our trail running offer is refined and becomes more and more relevant. For example, we have redefined our range architecture in trail running, because we have faced the terrain.

More generally, Columbia aims to double footwear within three years. This notably involves reworking the product offer. We also have a brand new footwear team. Our VP footwear is a former Nike (he led the basketball category and supported the growth of the Jordan brand) and Under Armor.

The idea behind trail running is also to penetrate the huge sneakers market?

The sneaker is a strong trend in the shoe market. It necessarily questions outdoor brands, because consumers are evolving. We will always have the classic outdoor, but we also know that city dwellers want to hike and will not necessarily change shoes. With our new SH / FT collection, ‘is the beginning of a long-running story between the outdoor and the city of sneakers, a revival of light hiking shoes without compromising on style. Consumers want to have versatile products that are not for single use, but can wear for many different activities. It is a product that we will introduce in Europe in mid-September. It will be the standard bearer of our footwear energy in the years to come.

In terms of supply, what does shoe represent at Columbia?

We are a historic player in textiles, so it is logical that textiles, in number of references, are the most developed. The shoe is increasing year by year and we are working on all segments … By spring-summer 2020, we will present a new offer for trail-running. We have renewed a large part of our range with new cushioning and rebound technologies, soles with different grips, a redesigned clamp, an innovative fit. It was to renew it.

Salomon and Hoka One One are two of the most visible shoe brands on the UTMB. Where is Columbia located?

In distribution, we are still in our infancy, because there are very established players like Salomon, and very talented new ones like Hoka. The difference is that they focus a lot on trail-running and running when Columbia has a wider offer, and is very established in textiles … But in the medium term, our desire is to be able to bring our trail running vision with Columbia Montrail and offer consumers the choice.


Amazon’s “Carnival Row” with Orlando Bloom: Everything about the start of the fantasy series

The story is based on a film script by “Pacific Rim” author Travis Beacham. He had the material under the title 17 years ago “A Killing on Carnival Row” written. Beacham will be executive producer on the Amazon series alongside Marc Guggenheim (“Arrow”), René Echevarria (“Castle”), Jon Amiel (“Outsiders”) and Orlando Bloom.

On the press tour of the Television Critics Association he recently commented on the adaptation of the series, because reports were circulating that “Carnival Row” had to initiate a number of re-shoots: “The advantage of having a real series order like this one can be all eight episodes turn, then look at everything completely and see what you find. Are we getting things in place that are really important later and are good enough? Because of the narrative breadth, we have the luxury of doing it that way. There’s a stigma to re-shooting, but in the world of Peak TV, where shows keep getting bigger and bigger, it becomes necessary. “

Apparently, the creators and streaming provider Amazon are planning big things with the fantasy story – at least Amazon leaves its production a lot of freedom, otherwise such generous improvements cannot be explained in retrospect. A lot in the trailer actually looks big, so can the visual shadows quite show. With “Pacific Rim”, Travis Beacham wrote the screenplay for the theatrical implementation together with Guillermo Del Toro, the tightrope act between brute imagery and the fantastic story was right. But already with part two “Pacific Rim: Uprising” the quality fell.


Carnival Row on Amazon: What is the magical series with Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevingne worth? – News Series on TV

We saw the entire season 1 of “Carnival Row” ‘, a new Amazon Prime Video series, available this Friday, August 30. And here is what we remember from this story with police and fantastic accents carried by Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevingne.

Amazon Prime Video


In a Victorian-era fantasy world, where mythological creatures must cohabit with humans, Detective Rycroft Philostratus and a refugee fairy named Vignette Stonemoss live a dangerous relationship at the heart of an increasingly intolerant society.

Carnival Row with Orlando Bloom, Cara Delevingne … – Created by Travis Beacham & René Echevarria

Available on Amazon Prime Video since August 30 – Episodes viewed: 8 of 8



After being one of the sirens of Pan and the Enchantress of Suicide Squad, Cara Delevingne adds one more magical creature to her fantastic bestiary as an actress, playing a fairy. On the small screen and alongside Orlando Bloom. A month after the success of The Boys, Amazon Prime Video presents its new baby: Carnival Row. A series which, on paper, does not lack assets, between its cast, its universe where mythological and human beings coexist, and its postulate, which leads us in the footsteps of a monstrous serial killer while intolerance who reigns and grows in the society depicted could be even more dangerous. From where a dark atmosphere at will, that a cold photo oscillating between blue, green and gray, comes to reinforce.

This is what strikes us in the first place: the beauty of the whole. From sets to costumes through special effects (with the exception of the werewolves that we meet in the opening scene and then episode 4 and which are barely more beautiful than that of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban), the series is a success in this regard. The fairies appear more real than life and the actors do not give the impression of evolving in front of green backgrounds, which facilitates immersion in the notorious streets of this fictitious city of Victorian and Lovecraftian inspiration, where the danger seems watch out for every street corner, in one form or another. As if the worlds of Sherlock Holmes and Jack the Ripper had come together on the small screen.

Amazon Prime Video

Reunion with daggers drawn

Because it is indeed a case of murders as violent as mysterious which takes place in the last minutes of a pilot who took care to make us discover the places alongside the character of Vignette Stonemoss (Cara Delevingne), fairy who managed to escape from the island where her family were held captive, before surviving the sinking of the boat that was to take her to dry land. An episode that sets the tone and makes us understand that it will be more about the characters than the police side, which only really starts at the very end, when a woman is murdered by a creature of which we distinguish a little from the ‘monstrous appearance. And if we have the end of the story at the end of the season, we must nevertheless be patient.

In terms of rhythm, Carnival Row is in tune with the character played by Orlando Bloom: its secrets and complexity are revealed over the course of the story, but the whole is all too rarely hectic. It is even boredom that predominates during the first four episodes (out of eight), devoid of humor and intended to lay the foundations of a universe and present the characters that a common thread will bring together. More or less, because one of the sub-plots seems disconnected from the central investigation: the shadowy relationship between a brother (Andrew Gower) and a sister (Tamzin Merchant) on the verge of ruin since the sinking of the boat belonging to them. family, while the second approaches the faun (David Gyasi) who intends to deliver the final blow to them to avenge his people too often reduced to the rank of servants.

Caught between its desire to keep us going and the need to present a world that we will visit for (at least) two seasons, the series seems a victim of its ambition and risks losing a good number of viewers in its first half, slow and whose it is difficult to grasp the goal, between the story of a son whose kidnapping was organized by his own mother focused on a prophecy that promised great things to the young man; a secret society, Black Raven, which Vignette integrates; and her reunion with Rycroft, who had passed herself off as dead to her a few years before, and would have been the source of all her misfortunes ever since. A relationship of which episode 4, in the form of a long flashback, presents the origins to us, in addition to returning to the past as a soldier of the hero, who then became a private detective.


And that’s where the sauce takes. If the alchemy between Cara Delevingne and Orlando Bloom is not what the series offers us more successful, the actor of the Lord of the Rings pulls out of the game and recalls that he has a more nuanced palette than what l ‘we might have believed. It is also not a coincidence that the whole improves as the mystery surrounding it is clarified, suggesting its flaws. A baring which, precisely, really begins with the beautiful love scene that episode 4 offers us. With the wings of the fairy which shine beautifully intermittently, the sequence illustrates the way in which special effects are used. relevant and parsimonious way, as two races unite before our eyes.

There is clearly some Guillermo del Toro in this scene, or the one between David Gyasi and Tazmin Merchant that comes in a little later. And that is no coincidence, since the director of The Shape of Water was initially supposed to co-write and produce this series adapted from a signed film script. Travis Beacham, co-creator of the show and screenwriter of Pacific Rim. It is also not forbidden to think of the Hellboy II market when the ensemble plunges us into the daily life of the city, knowing that we find many elements and themes characteristic of his work. Starting with the monstrosity, the marriage between the real and the fantastic and the dark fairy tale aspect of the whole whose era is not clearly defined, as if to facilitate the parallel with ours.

The Victorian inspiration is obviously assumed, but the atmosphere also recalls that of the interwar period with the rise of nationalism and intolerance, just as it echoes our news when the word “migrant” is used to qualify fairies who have left their ravaged territory. The metaphor is sometimes supported, while it is not difficult to grasp what each race represents, but it is in its political side that lies one of the strengths of Carnival Row, with the character of Orlando Bloom which makes the connection between species and intrigue, supporting the idea of ​​collisions between species and classes, as a system seems on the verge of collapse. Too bad we have to wait for the fourth episode that the series finally takes the measure of its potential.

Amazon Prime Video

What is the link between Rycroft and Vignette?

Not totally because it is the last two episodes that are the most successful, when the story of murders is resolved around family matters and misinterpreted prophecy, and the sequel is put in place. Renewed for a season 2 a month before the premiere aired, Carnival Row clearly wasn’t envisioned as a “one shot” and makes us feel it. Because the investigation that serves as a common thread, in addition to revealing to us who Rycroft really is, above all acts as a spark to ignite the powder and exacerbate the tensions that reign in the city between humans and creatures: real monsters do not are not what we think, and the fairies are now under threat of stalking “to the ends of the earth” led by the new political powers in place. The season finale thus marks the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new one, more totalitarian and dangerous for the heroes.

The political metaphor is still present and the show teases what it has in store for us next: “The real game will begin”, says one of the characters after announcing that “chaos creates opportunities”. It’s up to the series to seize them, because everything suggests that serious things will really begin in season 2, and that the 1 was only an introduction. Sometimes too long and scholarly in his way of presenting the different places of his universe to us like a video game would. Too busy to the point that all the intrigues do not come together in the end. Also unbalanced, because the characters are too far behind, like Tourmaline, prostitute played by Karla Crome (Misfits) who makes the link between several protagonists. But beautiful, and interesting for those who have had the patience not to give up.

There is of course something infuriating, annoying even, about being told to wait for two or three episodes of almost an hour each before the whole thing gets okay. And it is clear that the series is taking a little too much of its time. But our patience ends up being rewarded, so much so that it is on a frustrating note that this season 1 ends, with the beautiful promises of darkness, conflicts and destinies to be fulfilled that it gives us for the future. . If the aesthetics are as neat as ever, and the tale becomes more captivating, this is when Carnival Row risks being one of those that matter. Considering the potential of his universe, it would be a shame if this was not the case.

Clemson Tigers overrun Georgia Tech at the season opener

Munich – Defending champion Clemson Tigers has started the new college season with an impressive 7-touchdown performance (Saturday, from 5:45 p.m. live on ProSieben MAXX and

Quarterback Trevor Lawrence’s team defeated Georgia Tech 52:14 at the start of the season. Lawrence himself put the season’s first touchdown. After 3:08 minutes in the first quarter, he came into the end zone with a run of six yards.

In addition, Lawrence wide receiver Tee Higgins served over 62 yards for a touchdown. However, the expected first-round pick in the 2021 draft made two interceptions and only brought 13 of his face-offs to the man.

On the other hand, Travis Etienne was outstanding. The running back dismantled the Georgia Tech Defense with his runs. Over 90, 14 and 48 yards, the junior screwed the result to 35: 0.

Overall, Clemson came to 632 yards, 411 of which from the running game.

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Cazilhac. Let the fun begin with Columbia!

After four intense evenings around the table, the members of the dynamic village festival committee are expecting many of you today for the opening of the 2019 Summer Festivities.

From 2 p.m., the traditional pétanque competition organized by the festival committee will open the session (registration at the refreshment bar).

At 6.30 pm, the opportunity will be given to remember the old ones with the Souvenir Match between the Cazilha veterans and the “All Star of the committee”. It should be a nice moment of friendship and exchange.

At 10:30 p.m., the group Columbia will begin the musical festivities with a performance that only they have the secret.

So, don’t hesitate to come to Cazilhac, this evening, atmosphere and good humor are guaranteed.

Hurricane “Dorian” off Florida: The “monster” is approaching – panorama society

For days, the warnings have been more intense, the weather programs longer and longer. By Thursday at the latest, it was clear that a disaster was looming. Hurricane “Dorian”, which is currently gathering power over the western Atlantic, may have grown to a level 4 out of 5 hurricane when it hit the southeast coast of the United States early Monday morning, making it possibly the strongest hurricane since Florida has hit almost three decades. A state of emergency was declared in Florida and in parts of the state of Georgia bordering on the north.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis called on people to prepare and stock up on drinking water, food, and medicine for at least seven days. Evacuations have not yet been ordered because it was still unclear exactly where “Dorian” will head after his landfall. If it turns north, as a predictive model suggests, and rages almost unchecked along the densely populated east coast, there is a risk of huge destruction. In another scenario, he moves across Florida to the west coast, losing some strength, and then turns north.

Trump doesn’t fly to Poland

US President Donald Trump canceled his planned trip to Poland as a precaution on Thursday. “The most important thing for us is people’s safety.” For the United States, Vice President Mike Pence will instead attend the commemorative events to mark the outbreak of World War II in Poland, he said at an event in the White House. Trump was originally supposed to arrive in Warsaw on Sunday. A few days ago, he had already canceled an associated visit to Denmark because of a dispute over a purchase of Greenland that he brought into play.

Trump, whose golf club Mar-a-Lago is located in Palm Beach / Florida, warned that “Dorian” could become an “absolute monster”. “Everything indicates that he will strike very hard and that it will be very big,” he said in a video message on Thursday evening. “Be vigilant, stay safe and God protect you.” The president compared “Dorian” to hurricane “Andrew”, which destroyed southern Florida in 1992 and killed dozens of people. The damage in various states at the time was around $ 43 billion.

On Wednesday “Dorian” had passed Puerto Rico on its way through the Caribbean, but largely spared the island. Puerto Rico was devastated by hurricane “Maria” in 2017. The hurricane and subsequent chaos are estimated to have killed 3,000 people. Many residents still suffer from the consequences today. But Trump is always condescending about the island, which is a part of the United States. So he doubted the high number of deaths and repeatedly criticized the government of Puerto Rico. Before “Dorian” reached the island, Trump said: “Puerto Rico is one of the most corrupt places in the world.” He accused the government of wasting much of the US Congress aid payments at the time. Critics pointed out on Friday the different tone Trump was playing in Puerto Rico and Florida.

More than 210 kilometers per hour are possible

On Friday morning “Dorian” with wind speeds of almost 180 kilometers an hour had almost reached hurricane level 3, as the National Hurricane Center announced. And it continues to gain strength. More than 210 km / h are possible if it reaches the US east coast. There were warnings of floods caused by heavy rains and life-threatening storm surges as well as power cuts that could last for weeks.

The people of Florida are storm-tested and this time they have comparatively much time to prepare because “Dorian” has slowed down. US media showed empty supermarket shelves and long lines at gas stations where people filled up their cars to escape in an emergency. Local residents blocked the windows of their buildings with plywood panels. A Rolling Stones concert scheduled for Saturday night in Miami was brought forward by one day.

The U.S. Coast Guard called on commercial ships to leave South Florida ports. Airlines offered their passengers rebookings. Florida is actually a coveted getaway destination this weekend because of the Labor Day holiday on Monday. “Labor Day” marks the end of summer in the USA, after which traditionally colleges and many schools start.