Hurricane “Dorian”: Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida is also at risk

panorama Upgraded “Dorian” Trump property Mar-a-Lago at risk from hurricane Published on 08/31/2019 | Reading time: 4 minutes “The possible storm surge will be four to five and a half meters high” In the course of Monday the hurricane “Dorian” is expected on the east coast of Florida. In the WELT studio, meteorologist Alexander Hildebrand […]

″ Absolute Monster ″ scares Florida | Currently America | DW

As announced by the National Hurricane Center (NHC) in Miami, “Dorian” is now a category four of five cyclones. Before the “extremely dangerous” hurricane hits the US state of Florida on Monday or Tuesday, it is likely to get stronger over the warm waters of the western Atlantic. US President Donald Trump warned that the […]

Florida: Hurricane “Dorian” upgraded to the second highest category

Hurricane “Dorian” is moving relentlessly towards the southeast coast of the USA and has continued to gain strength. It has now been upgraded to the second highest category, hurricane level 4 on the five-tier scale. This was announced by the National Hurricane Center. The “extremely dangerous” hurricane will likely hit Florida on Monday or Tuesday. […]

important dates, unmissable matches, it’s here!

It’s ready, it’s official: the calendar for the Orlando Magic 2019-20 edition has finally fallen! So as not to miss anything from the program that awaits fans and players in the NBA this season, here is the complete analysis of the matches to come. The mission is known for Vavane and his friends, you have […]

“the UTMB is a unique sporting event”

Columbia main partner of UTMB Romain Cancilleri-Michy, Columbia’s marketing manager France looks back on the partnership that links the brand with the UTMB. What are the reasons that pushed Columbia, at the end of 2018, to renew its partnership with the UTMB for three more years, until 2021? We are very satisfied with the first […]

Clemson Tigers overrun Georgia Tech at the season opener

Munich – Defending champion Clemson Tigers has started the new college season with an impressive 7-touchdown performance (Saturday, from 5:45 p.m. live on ProSieben MAXX and Quarterback Trevor Lawrence’s team defeated Georgia Tech 52:14 at the start of the season. Lawrence himself put the season’s first touchdown. After 3:08 minutes in the first quarter, […]

NBA 2K20 – Which team has the best average rating? The complete ranking

Which team has (so far) the best rating on NBA 2K20? We offer you a first ranking with the 30 franchises of the league. Now that most of the player ratings are known, the American site HoopsHype took the opportunity to calculate the average rating for each team. Without too much surprise, the two franchises […]