A visit to Trump’s “rat nest”

It’s actually about rats. But the first thing visitors see on that day are oysters. They are in wire baskets on the quays of the inner harbor Baltimore raised – not for human consumption, of course, but later as a natural water filter in the Chesapeake Bay being able to be exposed. Demonstration objects are exhibited on the lively waterfront. You can touch the rough shell of the noble shells.

“Just Play!” – a simple game – is written on colorful flags on the promenade, over which white and black youths whiz on e-scooters, while tourists enjoy the view of the water with a glass of beer or wine. “No human being would want to live here,” has Donald Trump claims. Something can’t be right with the American president. Or with Baltimore. Or with both.

In fact, the port city is fighting on the American Atlantic coast for a long time with their bad image. The decline of heavy industry has hit them hard. The predominantly black population has been since the end of the Second world war shrunk from a million to 615,000. “O Baltimore! Man, is it hard to just live, just to live, ”complained in 1977 Randy Newman wistful in a famous song. A quarter of a century later, the drama series “The Wire” painted a bleak picture of drug trafficking, corruption and crime in the city. With a wild Twitter tirade, in which he defamed the birthplace of the US national anthem as “disgusting, dirty hole infested with rats and rodents” Trump at the weekend the reputation is finally ruined.

The series “The Wire” already painted a dark picture of the city

“I am the last to claim that there are no problems,” says Leon Pinkett. The eloquent city councilor descends the steps of the city hall in an elegant dark blue suit. A proud dome sits enthroned on the four-story Empire style building. Under Pinketts Shirt cuff peeps out an orange plastic bangle with the inscription “Stop the gun violence!”. Yes, there is too little affordable housing, the infrastructure is deteriorating and there are deficits in the schools, the Democrat politician admits: “But there are many cities.”

“I am the last to say that there are no problems,” said City Councilor Leon Pinkett.
Quelle: Karl Doemens

Has two decades ago Pinkett a semester in Munich educated. It was a great time, he reports. But he was born and grew up in Baltimore, and here he lives with his family. “I just looked at the menu again,” jokes the African American with his well-groomed three-day beard bitterly: “Baltimore lies in the USA. And the president bears responsibility for the country. ”He sees an important reason for the high crime rate in the city Pinkett in the lack of job opportunities for the black underclass. The local politician demands that the president should take action here. Instead, he aggravates the problem by teasing the community of bad talk and huge holes in public budgets with tax cuts.

The city center and poor district are less than 5 kilometers away

It all sounds very reasonable. And still you can go through with a ride Pinketts Do not avoid the constituency of the impression that the problems are somewhat greater than the politician describes. Less than five kilometers separate the city center from the poor district of West Baltimore, where many episodes of “The Wire” played. There are no shops here. But countless dilapidated houses with broken roofs and barred doors and windows. Lost figures sway along the side of the road in the intoxication of drugs. Dirt and garbage are lying around on the sidewalks. A hydrant was broken open on a street corner. A dog tries to cool off in the massive water jet. “What three things in life are free?” Someone sprayed on the wooden crate of a ruin a few streets away: “1. Education, 2. a prison sentence, 3. death. ”It is supposed to be an encouragement. But for many here, only the last two options seem to exist.

When darkness falls, it becomes dangerous in some corners. Danger to life. With more than 300 murders a year Baltimore one of the most violent cities in the world USA. On a website on the Internet, you can follow the development on a daily basis. Every murder is recorded with the date and details of the victim. Virtual needles on a city map indicate the crime scene. This hot July alone killed 39 people. If you fight your way through the statistics of horror, you’ll notice that only two of them were white.

If in Baltimore when darkness falls, it becomes dangerous

Baltimore is a divided city. While in civil Mount Vernon the fountains splash and the world famous in the Meyerhoff concert hall Baltimore Symphony Orchestra plays, the city further west or north actually looks as depressing as it was portrayed in “The Wire”. Still defends itself David Simon, the series’ s screenwriter, decided against the political rights taking over his series. “There’s a party at our block today,” he wrote over the weekend for a photo that showed him on the steps of his house with guitar: “This is a city with good Americans who earn something different than a fraudulent, dull, and self-possessed failure like their president. ”Since then he’s been firing tweets after another. Trump abuse the city to fight its uncomfortable black MP Elijah Cummings to rush the head of the House Control Committee, the author argues: “The complex problems of Baltimore he doesn’t care about Deut. “

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You can see it similarly in the local newspaper “Baltimore Sun“. Under pressure from economic conditions, the editorial team moved to the industrial area on the outskirts of the city, but continues to critically monitor the development of local politics, which is full of corruption scandals. The black mayor had to wait until May Catherine Pugh resign after the sheet revealed that she had sold a children’s book she had written to urban societies for half a million.

“This city has a lot of problems,” says opinion editor Peter Jensen of the “Baltimore Sun”.
Quelle: Karl Doemens

“This city has a lot of problems,” says opinion editor Peter Jensen. Nevertheless, he has the most powerful counterattack at the weekend Trumps Failure delivered, for which it has since been celebrated online. With its wide braces and rolled-up shirt sleeves, from which two massive forearms spring up, shines Jensen to have emerged from a journalist film of the last century. He has been writing comments in his newspaper for 15 years, six every week. In the meantime, 3000 should have come together, he calculates with amusement: “But this was a little different.”

Actually wanted to Jensen enjoy his free saturday when he from Trumps Tweet heard. “The president calls my home the worst place in the world that is unsuitable for human settlement?” The journalist was certain that the repulsive rat metaphor was “full of racism”. After a short discussion with his boss, she was fine Jensen sure: “This is the one chance to fight back.” In a short time he chopped up a brilliant settlement with the president. “It is better to have a couple of rats than to be one,” he wrote about it – a deliberate crossing of borders. “All newspapers have struggled with it as they have with the phenomenon Trump bypass. We usually stick to the rules while he’s marauding like a street fighter, ”says Jensen: “But sometimes you have to choose an emotional language to clarify the seriousness of the situation.”

Many in Baltimore are convinced that Trumps Target attacks on the majority black population

Jensen knows what he’s talking about: Amidst that of Trump A heated mood against the “lying press” had a confused man in the sister newspaper “The Capital” shot five colleagues last year. Since then, a security guard has been protecting the editorial rooms of the “Sun“.

Many in Baltimore are convinced that the president attacked the city primarily because the majority of its population is black. “That didn’t surprise me at all,” says Kobi Little: “This is the native version of his dirty-hole countries.” Little is sensitized: the Baptist pastor worked in for seven years Tanzaniabefore heading the local group of the black civil rights movement NAACP took over. Describe on the surface Trump The 48-year-old analyzes objective grievances in a calm voice: “In fact, he uses a dog whistle to stir up his base with hostile language.” Little criticizes the connection of dirt, laziness and brutality with African-Americans to white racists: There is a direct link to slavery and its policies. ”Talk about it Trump of course not.

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“I hope that the hatred that this man emits strengthens the country’s resistance,” said Pastor Kobi Little.
Quelle: Karl Doemens

Nevertheless, Little is demonstratively optimistic in the conversation: “I hope that the hatred that this man emits strengthens the country’s resistance.” Baltimore just actually get that impression. “I received tons of letters, most of them positive,” reports the journalist Jensen: “Many people are angry with the President.” Just hours after the Twitter tirade from the White House, thousands gathered online behind the hashtag #WeAreBaltimore. With 3.7 million page impressions, the editorial in the local newspaper broke all records. “Trump underestimated the pride of the people here, ”believes the city council Pinkett: „Baltimore has grown together in a way that I have never experienced before. ”How robust this movement is still to be seen. In any case, the oysters from the harbor basin are to be released in nine months.

By Karl Doemens / RND


Spectacular opening in Florida – ahgz

HOLLYWOOD / TAMPA. Two expansion projects of the Hard Rock International (HRI) group will open in Florida, USA this October. On October 3, the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tampa, the largest casino in Florida, starts. On October 24th, the world’s first guitar hotel with a casino complex will follow, the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Hollywood. In both projects …

On Amazon Prime Video in August: Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevingne in Carnival Row, the doctors at Code Black … – News Séries

Amazon Prime Video has unveiled its program for the month of August which contains “Carnival Row”, a fantastic series with Orlando Bloom but also season 2 of “The Terror” and the integral of “Code Black”.


ALEX, season 2 – August 6

The crime thriller made in Sweden returns for its second season on the platform.


CODE BLACK – August 26

This medical series with Marcia Gay Harden and Rob Lowe takes us behind the scenes of an understaffed emergency department that must do everything to save lives. The 3 seasons that compose it will be available in full on Amazon Prime Video.


THE TERROR, season 2 – August 16

The second season of this horror series headed by Ridley Scott will be broadcast just four days after the American broadcast, at the rate of one episode per week.


UGLY BETTY – July 29

You missed this American remake of Lisa’s Destiny during its broadcast on TF1? Don’t panic, you will be able to find all 4 seasons on the platform.


CARNIVAL ROW, season 1 – August 30

Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevingne are the main characters in this detective series, set in a fantasy world during the Victorian era, where mythological and human creatures must learn to live together.

Films and docu-series


Shot around the world, this documentary series in 6 episodes tells us about the stories, the passions, the emotions and the triumphs lived through the prism of the most popular sport in the world.

FREE MEEK – August 9

Discover the life of rapper Meek Mill, from his rise in the world of music to his incarceration.


The documentary series returns in four parts to the 2018/19 season by plunging us into the heart of one of the biggest European football clubs.

Primaries in the United States: dates, candidates, election procedures

2020 is election year in the United States. For president Donald Trump is about the Reelection, in Florida he recently announced his motto for his second term: On “Make America Great Again ”follows“ Keep America Great “. There seems to be little resistance to Trump within the Republican Party, so far there is only one opponent from within the ranks.

In complete contrast to the Democrats, where more than 20 applicants already apply for the Presidential election Announced in 2020. The most prominent candidates include the former vice president Joe Biden, the last competitor of Hillary-Clinton Primaries, Bernie Sanders, and the current mayor of new York, Bill de Blasio.

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When do they find Primaries in the United States instead of?

The Primaries to Presidential election in the United States usually take place in the election year between January and June. When exactly, each state or administrative zone regulates itself. Traditionally, the states hold Iowa and New Hampshire first Primaries from.

These are the confirmed dates of the 2020 presidential primaries:

February 03, 2020: Iowa

February 04, 2020: new York (Primary could be postponed to April 28th.)

February 11, 2020: New Hampshire

February 22, 2020: Nevada

February 29, 2020: South Carolina

March 03, 2020: Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, CaliforniaMaine Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina, OklahomaTennessee Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Democrats Abroad (Official association of eligible Democrats living abroad)

March 10, 2020: Idaho, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, North Dakota, Ohio, Washington

March 17, 2020: Arizona, Florida, Illinois

March 24, 2020: Georgia

April 04, 2020: Alaska, Hawaii, Louisiana

April 07, 2020: Wisconsin

April 28, 2020: Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island

May 02, 2020: Kansas

May 05, 2020: Indiana

May 12, 2020: Nebraska, West Virginia

May 19, 2020: Kentucky, Oregon

June 02, 2020: Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, South Dakota

June 07, 2020: Puerto Rico (Primary could be brought forward to March 29th.)

June 16, 2020: Washington, D.C.

Dates for the state Wyoming as well as for the outside areas American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands and American Virgin Islands are not confirmed yet.

Dates of the Pre-election campaign in the United States

Before the actual Primaries there are several duels in which the applicants present themselves to the electorate and announce their positions. In total, the Democrats will hold twelve such “primary debates”, six of them in 2019. Since there have so far been only one opposing candidate among the Republicans Donald Trump there are no duels scheduled.

These are the previously known dates for the Pre-election campaign:

June 26 and 27, 2019:
First part of the first democratic TV debate

June 30 and 31, 2019:
Part two of the Democrats’ first TV debate

July 30 and 31, 2019:
Second Democratic TV debate

September 12 and 13, 2019: Third Democratic TV debate

October 2019: Fourth TV debate by the Democrats

November 2019: Fourth TV debate by the Democrats

December 2019: Fourth TV debate by the Democrats

February 3, 2020: begin the Primaries in Iowa

July 13 to 16, 2020: At the Democratic National Convention, the Party congress the Democratic Party in Milwaukee, the delegates determine their presidential candidate.

August 24-27, 2020: About a month later, the Republicans officially designate their candidate at the Republican National Convention in Charlotte.

The presidential candidates (from left to right) Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris during the second TV debate on the selection of the democratic candidate for the 2020 US presidential election.
Source: Al Diaz / TNS via ZUMA Wire / dpa

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No Primaries with the republicans?

The Republicans have alongside President Donald Trump only one candidate positioned so far. But all the louder: the 73-year-old Bill Weld designated a possible one Reelection Trumps as a “political tragedy”. The former governor of Massachusetts however, no serious opportunities are included. For this, the president enjoys popularity ratings that are 90 percent too high among Republican supporters.

If it stays that way, the Republicans could turn up Primaries waive – provided William Weld is the only opposing candidate to withdraw his candidacy. Most recently, ex-president stepped in George W. Bush as the only Republican party candidate in the United States Election campaign to Presidential election 2004. Bush succeeded Reelection then against the democratic challenger John Kerry.

Wide range of applicants to the Democrats

It only took four weeks for the incumbent president to just get in White House moved in Election campaign for his Reelection 2020 started. The day he took office on January 20, 2017 was enough Donald Trump the documents for his participation in the Presidential election 2020 with the federal electoral authority. The Republican served as early as no US president before him Reelection.

Many applicants have already positioned themselves among the Democrats, the Trumps Reelection want to prevent. The first democrat was enough John K. Delaney his candidature in late July 2017. The Congressman represents the US state Maryland in the House of Representatives. Since then, more than 20 candidates have announced themselves as challengers for the presidency.

These are the previously confirmed candidates for the Democratic Party:

Joe Biden, US Vice President under ex-president Barack Obama

Bernie Sanders, Senator out Vermont

Bill de Blasio, Mayor of New York City

Pete Buttigieg, Mayor of South Bend (Indiana)

Elizabeth Warren, Senator out Massachusetts

Kamala Harris, Senator out California

• Beto O’Rourke, a former congressman from Texas

Kirsten Gillibrand, Senator out new York

Steve Bullock, Governor of Montana

John K. Delaney, former congressman Maryland

• Tulsi Gabbard, Congresswoman Hawaii

Mike Gravel, former senator from Alaska

Tim Ryan, Congressman from Ohio

Julian Castro, former mayor of San Antonio (Texas) and youngest member of the cabinet Obama

Joe Sestak, former congressman Pennsylvania

Marianne Williamson, Author and activist

Michael Bennet, Senator out Colorado

Seth Moulton, Congressman from Massachusetts

Amy Klobuchar, Senator out Minnesota

Jay Inslee, Governor of Washington

Cory Booker, Senator out New Jersey

John Hickenlooper, former governor of Colorado

• Wayne Messam, Mayor of Miramar (Florida)

• Andrew Yang, lawyer and entrepreneur from Manhattan

Tom Steyer, Hedge fund manager

These are the most promising Democratic candidates for the Presidential election 2020.

What role do donations play in Pre-election campaign?

Tax regulations are a major reason why many candidates announce their candidature two years before the election. Larger donations and expenses for the Election campaign are in the United States only allowed after submitting an official declaration of candidacy. The earlier this is submitted, the more time the candidates have to collect money and spend it on the costly campaign.

How do they work Primaries?

The Election process the Primaries in the United States is complex. In a multi-stage process spanning several months, the political parties vote on their candidate for the upcoming one Presidential election from. In 2020 this will take place on November 3.

To this end, in all 50 states, in Washington and in the outskirts of the United States Elections (the so-called primaries) or meetings (the so-called caucuses) are held. A distinction is made between open and closed primaries. In addition, there are both primaries and caucuses in some states.

Bound and Unbound Delegates

Both Primaries US citizens indirectly decide whom to send to the presidential race. That is, they designate delegates from their state, who are then on the Party congress of their party (the Democratic or Republican National Convention) elect the respective presidential candidate. The so-called tied delegates are expected to vote in accordance with the will of voters in their home country.

In addition to the bound delegates, there are also unbound delegates in both parties. The term “super delegate” has established itself above all with the democratic party, although it is now also used for unattached delegates of the republican party.

The super-delegates are high-ranking party members, i.e. mostly current or former incumbents and party leaders. You are free to choose your own favorite and therefore free. In the democratic party, super-delegates make up almost 15 percent of all party delegates. Republicans consider the three party leaders in a state or territory to be unattached delegates.

From RND / pf


Books in the suitcase, “Vanessa and Virginia” by Susan Sellers

• Vanessa and Virginia, by Susan Sellers, Translated from English by Laurent Bury, Otherwise, 296 p., 18 €

Vanessa Bell was not only the sister of one of the greatest novelists of the XXe century, she was a woman painter, passionate and free at the start of a singularly corseted British century. Specialist in Viriginia Woolf’s work, Susan Sellers has chosen first-person narration from the perspective of older sister Vanessa speaking to her great accomplice and rival.

A documented fiction, from their childhood until the Second World War and the suicide of Virginia, which reveals a passionate and fusional relationship between the two sisters. Gradually stands out the portrait of a loving, fiery, possessive and jealous sister, whom creation has never left.

Burning rivalry

Susan Sellers had the audacity to take place in the midst of a tragic family history, a childhood punctuated by family dramas. Very young, the Stephen sisters undergo sexual abuse of their half-brother George before successively losing their mother, their sister Stella, their brother Thobby then their father in 1906. Ghosts that will haunt both, plunging Virginia , from the death of their mother, in a deep neurasthenia, a madness of which the narrator recognizes to have been “ protected ” After a suicide attempt, following a romantic breakup, ” Ness “Signs a pact – which she will keep – with Virginia never to do it again.

If the relation which links the two inseparable is given to see in a salutary and benevolent light (they will never be abandoned), the academic places at the heart of his novel the burning rivalry which will spare neither one nor the other.

“You succeeded where I failed”

Commenting on her pictorial compositions like her dreams, the painter specifies the more immediate and sensual relationship with her art, in the image of her less intellectual personality than her sister: ” When I paint, I only think about what’s in front of me

Before the words of her sister, she perceives a ” way to survive “Which she refuses to see in her artistic practice. The writer envies the painting of her eldest, her family lifestyle, her rich love life and freed from norms. While the painter deplores the lack of recognition, regrets not selling her paintings and jealous of her sister’s genius: ” I was anxious to see my work more and more marginalized compared to yours “Before admitting:” but I also enjoyed my darkness

Faced with the impossibility of painting the portrait of her mother, she declared sharply: ” you succeeded where I failed ” In early spring 1941, however, Virginia was nicknamed ” Billy Who goes down into the river with his pockets full of stone.


Yellow fever epidemic with 89 cases and one death

The secretary general of the Ivorian presidency Patrick Achi, one of the closest collaborators of President Alassane Ouattara, announced Thursday on social networks that he was affected by the coronavirus.

“This Thursday, April 16, I tested positive for Covid-19. So I am confined to my home although I have no symptoms,” said Achi on his Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Aged 64, Mr. Achi is close to the president whom he often meets. Several times minister, he succeeded in January 2017 as secretary general to Amadou Gon Coulibaly, another close friend of the president when he was appointed Prime Minister.

Mr. Gon Coulibaly was also designated as the candidate for the Ouattara coalition for the presidential election in October 2020.

“I am followed by wonderful health workers who will surely help me overcome this ordeal,” writes Mr. Achi on the networks, stressing: “This is the place to remember that this virus is extremely contagious. I therefore invite you again to strict compliance with barrier measures, social distancing and screening in order to stop the spread of the virus together. “

Achi is the second political figure, after Defense Minister Hamed Bakayoko, known as “Hambak”, to be affected by the virus.

“Hambak”, another key man in President Ouattara’s regime, announced on April 6, also on social media, that he was infected with coronavirus. He has not given official news since.

He was behind Prime Minister Amadou Gon Coulibaly for the 2020 presidential election, when many observers believed that he was more charismatic and better able to represent the ruling party.

Côte d’Ivoire has 688 confirmed cases and six deaths from coronavirus, according to the latest official report.


when the creator of “The Wire” responds to Donald Trump

(© HBO)

“The Wire”, saison 3
(© HBO)


30/07/19 11h58

The comments of the American president on Baltimore did not leave indifferent, Saturday, July 27. After a CNN presenter from this city of Maryland, it’s David Simon who cracked a scathing retort.

David Simon, best known for having created the series The Wire (Bugged in VF) which brilliantly maps Baltimore, defended the city against the caricatural and stigmatizing portrait that the President of the United States made of it on Saturday, July 27. On Twitter, Donald Trump had notably compared Baltimore to a “brothel infested with rats and rodents”. It is therefore without restraint that the filmmaker retaliated: “If this empty suit, this racial hate fraud were to go to West Baltimore for five minutes and meet the American citizens who endure life there, he would have pissed himself on it.”

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When other netizens asked Simon what he meant by that, he clarified: “That means the President, if he (came to Baltimore and) got out of his limo and found himself a racial minority, he would piss himself on just because of that. The humanity of everyone he met wouldn’t matter to him, only their lack of whiteness and uneasiness. So he won’t come. “ He continues in another message: “He doesn’t give a shit about Baltimore or anybody else. He’s a bunch of crap. And only those who are so fecal can be fooled.”

Some Twitter users called out to Simon, insisting that The Wire precisely proved the validity of Trump’s opinion. It was without counting on the acerbic response of the showrunner and screenwriter who did not go dead hand, defending the complexity of his series and believing that only “a bunch of idiots, trolls and morons” can see a story “which speaks only of Baltimore rather than the forces deployed against and in every American city”.

Christoph Mattner: In the fast lane to Ironman Hawaii

At the finish line of an Ironman, trembling begins for many finishers: Was it enough for the Hawaii qualification? 40 starting places for the Ironman Hawaii, the lifelong dream of all passionate endurance athletes, were allocated at the weekend among the 2500 starters of the Ironman Hamburg. Or on Monday afternoon afterwards – at the “Slot Allocation”, the starting point allocation in the cruise terminal in the Hafen-City. There is a place in every age group in which at least one athlete finishes, the others are distributed as a percentage according to the number of finishers in all age groups. Therefore, the exact number of places per age group is only known after the race.

But Christoph Mattner was already certain during the course of the race: “I’m going to Hawaii.” Born in Meyenburg, who until two years ago still kicked for Hansa Wittstock, he was lucky after eight hours, 53 minutes and 54 seconds at the Ironman in Hamburg can hardly believe. “I knew that I was in a good mood. The plan was to implement the training data and stay under nine hours. Most of the time, dream and reality are far apart, ”explained the 29-year-old, who crossed the finish line in ninth place. Because the Ironman also held the German long-distance championship in the Hanseatic city, Mattner not only secured the starting place for the competition on the archipelago in the Pacific Ocean, but also became the German runner-up.

“I became the second best amateur, hence the vice title. I don’t have a professional license, everything will be evaluated a little differently, ”reveals Mattner, who lives in Lübeck and works in Schwerin as a department for weapons disposal. At almost 32 degrees outside temperature, the three-part fight, his first Ironman on the long distance, started surprisingly well. The 3.8 km swim distance was completed in 57:01 minutes. “I started here last year, but swimming was canceled due to blue-green algae in the Alster. It went great from the start, I would not have expected that. “, Mattner admits. Afterwards, the jack of all trades, who had only been doing intensive triathlon for two years, had to overcome 180 kilometers by bike. After 4:52:56 hours he reached the transition area before the Ironman completed 42.195 kilometers on foot.

“With my marathon time of 2:56 hours I am really happy, was on a par with the professionals,” said Christoph Mattner, who was supported by his parents, his best friend Robert and girlfriend Marie: “They got me in between always kept up to date and signaled to me if I had to give another 1 percent more. ”Due to the great success, the annual plan of the 29-year-old changed directly. In September, the middle distance at the World Cup in Nice (France) is only a training session used: “I will also take part in Eichenfelde, I cannot miss the competition in my own home region.”

“God and the world,” as Mattner joked, congratulated him thanks to the social media, and congratulations still reach the athlete. On October 1st, together with girlfriend Marie, we head for Hawaii, where the starting signal for the most traditional Ironman in the world is given on October 12. “I am really happy, it will be unique, I will enjoy it.”

Theater Orlando In Rastede: fairy tale ends creative break


Breaks are a good thing, often advisable in day-to-day work, especially if you continue with new strength afterwards: Sylvia Meining took time for a year, is now “completely relaxed”, as she assures, and reports back. The Theater Orlando in the Rasteder Palais, the smallest stage in Lower Saxony, celebrates its premiere on November 6th – with a play about the fairy tale poet Hans Christian Andersen (1805-1875).

“Sulfur wood & new clothes or: A fairytale journey” is the title of the play that Meining’s long-time acting partner Ulf Goerges (62) wrote, his third in the 30-year history of the unique room theater. And as always, both of them did a lot of research to prepare for the production, not only visiting the Andersen exhibition “Poet with Feather and Scissors” in the Bremen Kunsthalle, but also the Andersen Museum in Odense.

Detour to Rastede

A stay in Denmark even makes it possible to set up a small exhibition in the palace at the same time. For Andersen it is the second visit to a certain extent: during his stay in Oldenburg in 1847 he also made a detour to Rastede and found the place to be “green and friendly”.

Consent and advertising policy

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The starting point of the new piece is a woman on a park bench, to which a man sits. “Andersen’s mother,” explains the theater director (66). The poet was born in Odense in 1805 to the impoverished shoemaker Hans Andersen and the alcoholic washerwoman Anne Marie Andersdatter. When the boy was eleven, his father died, and when he was 14 he went to Copenhagen.

The new piece at the Orlando Theater is entitled “Sulfur Wood & New Clothes or: A Fairytale Journey”. It celebrates its premiere on November 6th at 8 p.m. in the Palais Rastede (Ammerland district). The season runs until April 2020. The author is Ulf Goerges, directed by Björn Kruse.

The imagination are known to sell out quickly. Tickets are available on 04402/59 88 20 or can be ordered online at


The approach between Andersen and his mother on stage is repeatedly interrupted by short fairytale sequences that Goerges interspersed – scenes from “The Snow Queen”, “The Shadow”, “The Emperor’s New Clothes” or from “The Girl with the Sulfur wood ”.

That sounds like effort and many role changes that have to be implemented under the direction of long-time director Björn Kruse. “These are actually multiple roles and a big challenge,” confirms Sylvia Meining. Fortunately, not quite as many as in the piece “Tour des Farce”, the last production so far in which Meining and Goerges had changed ten times.

Less ideas

The last performances had to be canceled due to illness. This time it should be different, Sylvia Meining wants to cut it short. No more 60 to 80 performances in the season from November to April, but only 40 are planned. “I just feel my limits,” she says, “and also need a little time for me.” But she is really looking forward to the new production.

After all, the theater director and her team have made the Orlando Theater, which was founded in 1988, with its almost 40 square meters, a gem with great external appeal that attracts visitors from the entire Weser-Ems region. A creaking wooden staircase leads up to the Golden Salon of the Ducal Palace, which is rearranged for every performance: during the day, the room is part of the museum, in the evening windows and walls are covered with curtains and 30 chairs are set up for the theater goers. There is no room for more. But the actors are within your grasp, no gesture escapes the audience.

How things will go with the Orlando Theater is still unclear, however, as there are renovation plans for the Palais. The theater director has to wait and see how they work out. And if necessary, she says, still very relaxed, “I’ll just take another year off”.


Baltimore, Johannesburg, Lake City : the ransomwares are very expensive to the town councils

Against the upsurge of cyber attacks by ransomwares, the city councils of cities affected by this phenomenon are opposing strategies : while some buckle down and pay the ransom, other sweep of a brush of the hand every financial transaction. But in the end, the note is always salty.

The ransomwares propagated within the information systems municipal they became a real trend in the last few months ? In view of the number of cases in high-growth, the answer comes dangerously close to ” yes “. From Baltimore to Florida, passing through Johannesburg, ransomware will proliferate and inflict serious damage to the infrastructure of administrations of cities.

Baltimore, resistance

If the employees of the municipalities will remain the first victims of these attacks, the inhabitants, them, in pay sometimes the broken pots. The example of Baltimore is probably one of the more convincing : for the past three months, this city of 620,000 inhabitants wipes a powerful cyber attack was launched on the 7 may 2019. In total, 100 000 dollars in the form of bitcoins have been requested by the hackers.

Supported by the FBI and several firms of cyber-security, the town council refuses to pay any ransom. In addition to the laptops and mobile devices professional outside services, messaging services have also problems to work. Worse, the local taxes and parking fines, for example, cannot simply be collected by the agents.

The city of Baltimore and its skyline. // Photo credit : BruceEmmerling via Pixabay.

To such a point that this attack has already cost the tidy sum of 18 million dollars to Baltimore. As noted by the Parisian, ten million dollars have been invested to repair the computer system, including one million for the purchase of new computers, while eight million are related to losses of revenue to the city. Ironically, the virus has in part been created by the National Security Agency (NSA), before the agency can do is to fly in 2017.

If the mayor of Baltimore is here shown resilience and determination in the face of the blackmail of hackers, other cities have quickly bent down to the difficulty of the situation. The image of Lake City and Rivieria Beach, Florida, and the County of Laporte in Indiana, all affected by the ransomware Ryuk — very popular pirates, which spreads by e-mail.

Ransom sometimes paid

On June 6, 2019, Lake City (12 000 inhabitants) has experienced the bitter experience : computers and business phones out of use, payment systems, and gas down, copy machines out of service because related to the computer network, 16 terabytes of information locked. The database set up by the town hall to facilitate the consultation of information to its employees has even disappeared.

A few days later, for a financial consideration, sent by the pirates demanded a total of 42 bitcoins, at the time the sum of 460 000 dollars approximately. Once the money is sent, the municipality has received a decryption key. Problem : a month later, some of the data have not yet been unlocked, the key has not unlocked all of the data. Accused of having neglected the security of the networks, the director of information technology has since been thanked.

Panoramic view of Johannesburg, it also affected by a ramsamware. // Photo credit : mzgiaconte via Pixabay.

Laporte County (11 municipalities, 110 000 inhabitants), has also suffered the wrath of Ryuk on July 6, 2019. Half of its servers have been neutralized, so that its platform of e-mails and his web site no longer met. Results : a check of 132 000 dollars has been paid out twelve days later, to regain the proper functioning of its computer systems. Riviera Beach (Florida) has its side relieved of $ 600,000 to resolve the problem.

In Johannesburg, around 250 000 inhabitants (4.5 million) who were without electricity on Thursday, July 25, 2019. The fault, again, a ransomware designed the databases and the network of City Power, in charge of providing electricity to the largest city in South Africa. Impossible for customers to purchase their electricity on the dropper via the prepayment system.

Secure systems to protect the inhabitants

According to the company, no data has been stolen by pirates. And if the distribution of power has since been restored, the group’s web site remains inaccessible. No information on the amount of the ransom has not been disclosed. But what lessons can we really draw from all these events ? In the first place, that the cyber attacks of the type ransomware affects small, mid-sized and large cities.

The attack is balance or not by success, the financial consequences are generally bad for the city targeted : in the event of a ransom paid, she loses money, but in showing resistance, a heavy price is to pay for the damage caused. The case of Johannesburg also shows how the daily life of the inhabitants, themselves collateral victims, can be turned upside-down. Well secure the computer systems of the cities, so it is better to protect the employees who work there and the people who live there.

Photo credit of the a : Todd DeSantis via Unsplash.

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