Orlando: a 100 million contract for Nikola Vucevic

Nikola Vucevic’s priority was to extend at Magic, and it will be done in a few hours as the All-Star interior will accept a 100 million contract over four years.

We are far from the maximum (190 million over five years) but the great friend of Evan Fournier never made money a priority, and he especially wanted to find the right compromise between his personal comfort, the sporting aspect and a very good contract. Young dad, he doubles his salary in a team that has found the playoffs. Everything is there!

Having become an All-Star this season after seven seasons in Florida, the Montenegrin was on the shelves of a few franchises who were hoping he didn’t get along with his leaders.

As Nikola Vucevic will not receive the maximum salary, the Magic will quickly be able to focus on extending the contract of Terrence Ross, the other main free agent of the franchise.

Nikola Vucevic Percentage Rebounds
Season Team MJ Min Tirs 3pts LF Off Def Until Pd Fte Int Bp Ct Pts
2011-12 PHL 51 16 45.0 37.5 52.9 1.7 3.1 4.8 0.6 2.2 0.4 0.7 0.7 5.6
2012-13 ENT 77 33 51.9 0.0 68.3 3.6 8.4 11.9 1.9 2.8 0.8 1.8 1.0 13.1
2013-14 ENT 57 32 50.7 0.0 76.6 3.3 7.7 11.0 1.8 3.0 1.1 2.0 0.8 14.2
2014-15 ENT 74 34 52.3 33.3 75.2 3.2 7.7 11.0 2.0 3.0 0.7 2.0 0.7 19.3
2015-16 ENT 65 31 51.0 22.2 75.3 2.7 6.2 8.9 2.8 2.7 0.8 1.9 1.1 18.2
2016-17 ENT 75 29 46.8 30.7 66.9 2.4 8.0 10.4 2.8 2.4 1.0 1.6 1.0 14.6
2017-18 ENT 57 30 47.5 31.4 81.9 1.8 7.4 9.2 3.4 2.5 1.0 1.9 1.1 16.5
2018-19 ENT 80 31 51.8 36.4 78.9 2.8 9.2 12.0 3.8 2.0 1.0 2.0 1.1 20.8
2019-20 ENT 62 32 47.7 33.9 78.4 2.3 8.6 10.9 3.6 2.2 0.9 1.4 0.8 19.6
Total 598 30 49.9 33.5 74.6 2.7 7.5 10.2 2.6 2.5 0.9 1.7 0.9 16.1

NBA: Kemba Walker leaves Charlotte and joins the Boston Celtics – Basketball – NBA

After celebrating the departure of Kyrie Irving, who joined Brooklyn with Kevin Durant, the Boston Celtics found, according to ESPN, their new incumbent leader in the person of Kemba Walker (29 years old), who leaves the Charlotte Hornets after eight seasons in North Carolina (2011-2019). Following the verbal agreement and awaiting official signature (from July 6), the two parties are expected to agree on a four-year, $ 141 million (€ 124 million) contract.

Selected for the All-Star Game these last three seasons, Walker brings statistics substantially equivalent to those of Irving (25.6 points and 5.9 assists on average last season against 23.8 points and 6.9 assists) but also a different mindset.

The challenge of joining a team full of young talents

While Irving has constantly thrown trouble in the Celtics’ locker room with his statements, Walker is a model teammate, who even announced a few days ago that he did not want at all costs a maximum contract to stay in Charlotte. But the Hornets would have opened the door to him with a too light offer: 170 million dollars over 5 years or 149 M € were mentioned, far from the maximum contract.

The challenge of joining a Boston team full of young talents (Jayson Tatum, 21, Jaylen Brown, 22) but disappointing last season tempted him. As a wink, in Boston, Walker will find Brad Stevens. The latter was the Butler University coach finalist of the 2011 University Championship won by the Connecticut university guided by an untenable Walker.

Note that another leader, Terry Rozier (25) will go the opposite way and join Charlotte. Unhappy with his playing time behind Irving last year after playing an important role in the 2018 play-offs, Rozier found a three-year and 58 million dollar (51 M €) agreement with the Hornets, knowing that there is a possibility of seeing Charlotte, Brooklyn and Boston carry out an exchange with three teams around Rozier, Irving and Walker for reasons related to the salary ceiling.


Matt Duchene would go to Nashville

Matt Duchene would have finally chosen to pursue his career in Nashville.

Several sources, including the Sportsnet network, reported Sunday evening that the attacker will earn an average of $ 8 million per season with the Predators.

The 28-year-old forward, who was drafted third overall in the 2009 draft, wore the colors of the Ottawa Senators and the Columbus Blue Jackets in 2018-2019.

Duchene also played for the Colorado Avalanche from 2009 to 2017 before being traded to the Senators. The forward was then sent to the Blue Jackets in February 2019.

In 727 games in the National Hockey League, Duchene scored 547 points, including 232 goals.

NBA: Jimmy Butler leaves and Al Horford arrives at the Philadelphia 76ers – Basketball – NBA

After securing the services of Tobias Harris for the next five seasons, the Philadelphia 76ers took another route for Jimmy Butler. The latter wishing to join the Miami Heat, an agreement was reached between the player and the two franchises to proceed with a “Sign and trade”.

Butler will therefore sign his new contract with Philadelphia, which will be exchanged in the process with Miami (with Josh Richardson in return). The contract runs for four years and $ 142 million (€ 125 million), the maximum amount for him.

Miami loose Dragic

Butler will therefore only have spent half a season with the Sixers and it will be necessary to see, at the Heat, whether his “abrasive” personality is compatible with characters such as Hassan Whiteside, his coach Erik Spoelstra, or Pat Riley, legendary president of the franchise. To have enough space in its payroll and to accommodate Butler, Miami could let Goran Dragic leave. He was to join the Dallas Mavericks, but the deal was overturned.

Shortly thereafter, the Sixers surprised everyone with the signing of Al Horford. In recent days, the former interior of Boston had moved away from the Celtics who would have done everything to convince him to stack again. He finally decided to join rival Philadelphia, with the key four years of contract for $ 109 million (€ 96 million) including $ 12 million bonus in case of title (s).

Horford, 33, will bring all of his defense science and experience to the 76ers, always making them a real contender in the Eastern conference. But he will have to prepare to receive a warm welcome during meetings at TD Garden in Boston given the rivalry between the two teams for several years.

Another experienced player, JJ Redick, left the Sixers for the New Orleans Pelicans.


Tua Tagovailoa – Raised to be a superstar like Michael Jackson

Munich / Tuscaloosa – At the latest in the Orange Bowl 2018, the last football fan understood what a gem this Hawaiian named Tua Tagovailoa is.

In the semifinals of the college championship, the Alabama Crimson Tide with Tagovailoa was on the one hand, and the Oklahoma Sooners with quarterback Kyler Murray – the newly selected Heisman Trophy winner (award for the best college player of the year) on the other.

But it wasn’t Murray who dominated the game with his strong 308 passing yards. Instead, Tagovailoa mutated into a formative figure, selling 24 of his 27 passes, finishing 319 passing yards and four touchdown passes.

Tagovailoa led his team to victory and was named MVP. Many spectators were left with the feeling of having seen the upcoming two first overall picks from the NFL. As expected, Kyler Murray was selected at # 1 by the Arizona Cardinals in April.

And Tagovailoa? This is considered the likely successor in 2020.

Drew Brees praises: I couldn’t be more impressed

Even Drew Brees, the quarterback icon from the New Orleans Saints, raves about the young passers-by. “He’s got some really good throws on the field, he’s got some really good reads too – I couldn’t be more impressed,” he told ESPN about Tagovailoa.

The 21-year-old played his first season as a starting quarterback, but triumphed like a veteran. His quarterback rating: 199.5. An impressive 43 touchdown passes were matched by just six interceptions. 69 percent of his passports came to his destination. Its reliability with long balls is particularly impressive. He has a good overview and always finds gaps in the opposing defense.

A small deficit could be his height: Tagovailoa measures just 1.85 meters. There are still many general managers in the NFL who value a tall quarterback so he can look over the O-Line and D-Line. On the other hand, Kyler Murray is still considerably smaller at 1.79 meters.

Parenting methods like Joe Jackson

Tagovailoa was practically “bred” to the football star – the hard way. He was two years old when his father started training him. He forced him to throw with his left hand, although instinctively he wanted to do it with his right hand. Today Tagovailoa writes and eats with the right, but throws with the left.

Poor performance was punished. Tua said of the punishments at “ESPN”: “The belt was involved and other things too. It was almost the same with school. If I didn’t get a good grade, I had to bear the consequences.”

The hard training had an effect: at eight, he already threw the ball 30 yards. Children of this age are usually happy when the ball comes close to ten yards.

The oldest of four siblings attended St. Louis High School, the same school as NFL quarterback Marcus Mariota, also from Hawaii, and caused a stir with his “cannon arm”.

His father Galu Tagovailoa still thinks his upbringing methods are appropriate. He openly reports the inhuman perfection with which he drove his son to peak performance: “He could mount 15 out of 15 passes and throw four touchdown passes. But if there was a pick, it was a bad game.” The consequence: the belt.

Long-time NFL professional and current TV expert Desmond Howard joked in the conversation that the upbringing methods are reminiscent of those of Joe Jackson, who physically and emotionally abused Michael Jackson and his siblings to make them music stars – was completely wrong with this comparison he probably doesn’t.

The father determines, the little brother lurks

It was not Tua himself who determined his athletic and academic career, but his father. “My father is the decision maker in the family. Whether I wanted to go to another school or not, my father had the final say on where I was going,” he says.

The move from Hawaii to Alabama took place in 2017. Of course, he did not move to the southeastern state of the USA alone, but together with his parents. “The main reason for the move is to be with our son Tua. We are a family and want to stay that way,” said the father at the time.

Incomprehensible to outsiders given the hardness of the father: the quarterback jewel has a close relationship with its parents. After success in the field, there are intimate hugs between father and son. He also likes to show up with his parents on his social media channels.

His younger brother Taulia also moved to the mainland. He is also a talented quarterback, played for Thompson High School in Alabama, had several scholarships, and ultimately chose the same university as Tua.

In Alabama, he will be able to act as a backup behind his brother next season and possibly take on the role of starting quarterback in 2020. Then Tua Tagovailoa will have left college and caused a sensation in the NFL.

Oliver Jensen

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Matt Duchene would go to Nashville

Matt Duchene would have finally chosen to pursue his career in Nashville.

Several sources, including the Sportsnet network, reported Sunday evening that the attacker will earn an average of $ 8 million per season with the Predators.

The 28-year-old forward, who was drafted third overall in the 2009 draft, wore the colors of the Ottawa Senators and the Columbus Blue Jackets in 2018-2019.

Duchene also played for the Colorado Avalanche from 2009 to 2017, before being traded to the Senators. The striker was then sent to the Blue Jackets in February 2019.

In 727 games in the National Hockey League, Duchene scored 547 points, including 232 goals.


New York Yankees beat Boston Red Sox in insane first game in London

The historic first Major League Baseball (MLB) game in Europe was definitely memorable. (MLB in London: Boston Red Sox – New York Yankees, Game 2 on Sunday from 4 p.m. on LIVESTREAM)

In the London Olympic Stadium in 2012, the New York Yankees beat their arch-rival Boston Red Sox in front of almost 60,000 spectators with 17:13. Only in 2009 there were more runs in a similarly crazy game between the two teams (31).

The relatively short distances to the wall in the outfield ensured an offensive spectacle right from the start, which was honored by the enthusiastic fans. Prince Harry and Meghan were also in the audience. The Yankees got off to a furious start with six runs and a home run by Aaron Hicks.

Red Sox hängen Tanaka 6 Runs an

The defending champion countered New York star pitcher Masahiro Tanaka with six runs. Tanaka only managed two runs and had to take a shower early after Michael Chavis’ home run to 6: 6.

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For the first time since 1989, both teams scored at least six runs in the first inning of an MLB game.

As a result, the MLB record champions got his pitching with Chad Green and David Hale under control, the Red Sox could not say that of themselves.

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Yankees dominate with power

They made 9 more runs in the third, fourth and fifth innings. Superstar Aaron Judge and Brett Gardner make more home runs. Luke Voit shone with four hits. The Red Sox came up again late, in the eighth inning they even brought the potential equalizer, but in the end it was no longer enough.

For the “Bronx Bombers”, who once again underlined their claim to the first World Series since 2009, it was their 53rd victory in their 81st game of the season. They lead the American League East well ahead of Tampa Bay and Boston (44 wins – 39 losses).

The second game of the two traditional arch-rivals follows on Sunday in London, before they both return to the States.

Sisi meets the President of Argentina on the sidelines of the G20 summit in Osaka


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Saturday 29 June 2019 – 10:15 am
| Last updated :
Saturday 29 June 2019 – 10:15 am

President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi met, Saturday morning, with Argentine President Mauricio Macri, on the sidelines of their participation in the work of the Group of Twenty summit in Osaka, Japan.
The spokesman for the Presidency of the Republic, Ambassador Bassam Radi, said that Argentina and Egypt have close ties with historical cooperation, as it adopts a strong economic reform program and develops economically, and it is useful for Egypt to benefit from the Argentine success story, and fruitful cooperation between the two sides.
He pointed out that President Al-Sisi and his Argentine counterpart agreed to develop relations between the two countries in various fields and activate the frameworks already existing, explaining that Egypt has a free trade agreement with the “Mercosur gathering” in South America and among its members is Argentina.
Ambassador Bassam Rady said that the two sides also discussed ways to activate Egypt’s membership in this organization and increase the volume of trade exchange between Egypt and the countries of this gathering.
He added that President Sisi presented economic reforms and the development process in Egypt, projects of the Suez Canal axis, and free trade agreements that bring together Egypt and the countries of the region, which could represent a starting point for Argentine goods and products to the region, especially Africa and the Arab countries.
He noted the compatibility of views between Egypt and Argentina on many political issues, and the agreement of the two sides to continue coordination at the level of the foreign ministries of the two countries, especially with regard to issues of peacekeeping and Security Council reform, as well as in the framework of South-South cooperation, the Group of 77 and countering terrorism.
The Spokesman for the Presidency of the Republic indicated that there is a welcome for the Argentine President to visit Egypt, noting that Argentina had had strong relations with Egypt in the 1950s.

Jackson surprises with a new look

Baltimore / Munich – These are impressive pictures that reach us from the USA. And you really have to look twice to be sure: yes, it is actually Lamar Jackson who looks at us so grimly.

Because compared to his rookie season, the quarterback of the Baltimore Ravens has grown significantly. The face appears much fuller, the arms much bulkier. Everything trained muscle mass? Or was there just too much to celebrate during the offseason?

Memories of Fitzpatrick

Reminder: Last season Ryan Fitzpatrick explained his extra pounds during the free months with the numerous children’s birthdays that the sixfold father had to spend. And lo and behold: “Fitzmagic” then performed at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

But back to Jackson, who in his rookie season franchise quarterback Joe Flacco in Baltimore literally ran out of rank on his fast feet. As a run machine, he immediately made a name for himself throughout the league.

Ravens want to act more balanced

However, the club has already announced that the offensive snaps will in future be divided more evenly between running and passing. Jackson’s new look could be an indication that he is attuned to more tete-a-tetes with the D-liners of the opponents.

However, this of course deprives him of a large part of his maneuverability and speed, which makes Jackson so elusive for the defense formations. So for now it can be speculated whether the new Jackson is the result of hours of sessions at the pumper station or just the result of an enjoyable offseason.

Maybe we are smarter at the start of the Ravens Training Camp. In the event that a significantly narrower Jackson should face us again.

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