Series … and men – Mania Series Festival – French fiction in the middle of a blizzard

After nine days of screenings, meetings, debates and wild animations, the Séries Mania festival in Lille ended this Saturday in joy and good humor. A downside, however: the general level of French fiction, as worrying for the future of our channels as in terms of opportunities opened by new platforms like Netflix or Amazon. Review of French audiovisual players who cannot see three meters away.

An international festival like Séries Mania is cruel
(and exciting) that it allows us to compare heterogeneous productions from
from around the world with ours, and therefore to take stock of the
French fiction vis-à-vis that of competing channels not only
American or English, but also Israeli, Russian, Indonesian, Argentinian,
Norwegian or Spanish. A test of fire which offers us the precious opportunity to place France on the map of world series producers. However, it turns out to be anything but an exaggeration to say that the comparison is a
once again proved to be very unfavorable overall for hexagonal production,
we refer to the
global selection (combining official competition, French competition, panorama
international and “Nuit des comédies”) or at
winners of the 2019 edition of Séries Mania.

Of English
The Virtues
Israeli Just for Today, going through another
British Channel 4 series,
(soon to be broadcast on Canal +), the official competition included its
lot of dense, poignant, stylized works, quick to pass their trajectories
personal before any idea of ​​”thesis” wanting to be universal –
a pitfall to watch closely in the years to come, for the Séries festival
Mania as for others, in a context of exponential “platformization” of
TV shows. that
The Virtues and
Just for Today have obtained
respectively the Grand Prix and the Special Jury Prize (led by Marti
Noxon) is only justice, these two original creations having brought together most
votes during the nine days of the festival
Not retained in official competition due to their format
or their non-exclusivity, the Norwegian Exit
(Prix du panorama international) and the Spanish Arde Madrid would also deserve that a French diffusion their
brings visibility at the height of their enthusiasm and their biting could not be more delightful.

Cocorico, however: not only is she an actress
French woman who won the prize for Best Actress in competition
official (Marina Hands), but the series in which she is one of
principal roles was entitled to the Public Prize (which, according to
terms of the press kit of Séries Mania, rewards “the favorite”
spectators of the festival, among seasons 1 of the new series
presented in Official Competition, French Competition, Panorama
international or Best of USA ”). In
Hands interprets a totally overwhelmed mother who decides to do
believe in her husband and children that she has breast cancer. Produced
by Arte, produced by Fabrice Gobert (The
), accompanied by the music of Jean-Benoît Dunckel (one
halves of the Air group, with Nicolas Godin),
Mytho has a solid technical sheet and is full of ideas
promising (the neighboring family whose apparently idyllic existence reminds
that of Jerry Gergich in
Parks and
, the youngest daughter absorbing all the anxieties of society
contemporary like a sponge). We could therefore naturally rejoice that it is
managed to seduce an international jury as well as the extremely diverse public
and passionate about Series Mania. Except that it’s not enough, Commander.


The notice worth
already for
Ten percent
, she
still applies to
Mytho : the
French channels cannot be satisfied with a soft consensus and a
race to the bottom of hexagonal fiction to justify the weakness of
their overall production. Because beyond its qualities, there would also be
thousand reproaches to make to a proposal such as
Mytho : its programmatic writing (once the lie
formulated, we will have to act “as if” while assuming the waves
of affection that will surge everywhere), his initial emotional overload
Suspicion at The Last Wave, of Double
at An island, families
dysfunctional and siblings in crisis have succeeded one another
in the French series in selection), its lack of finesse
psychological (to show us the stress of little Virginia, we see this one
watch a documentary on television about Nazism, then take a course
on Anne Frank, an all but subtle vertical panorama reveals…
the portrait hanging on the wall). As many caveats as many critics will strive to
to pass over in silence to give us the illusion that French fiction is
set off for a ride.

Let’s get on well: we obviously won’t be able to
criticize Arte for not trying to diversify its offer or for failing to explore
new playgrounds. Between a half-fantastic half-horrifying re-reading of
myth of the mermaids (An island, whose
narrative issues unfortunately fail to rise to the height of
visual and sound beauty), a Franco-German co-production addressing the
delicate subject of the exile and exploitation of migrants (Eden, drowned under a demonstrative will embodied by multiple
parallel narrative sons), a Franco-Spanish co-production taking place on
a remote island in the Canary archipelago (Yesterday,
too tied to the worn strings of the traditional thriller) and
Mytho, so the opportunities to catch us off guard don’t
were not lacking, even if the result was inevitably below the hopes placed in these beautiful projects on paper. All that remains is to convert good intentions into actions
worthy of past creations such asSo
are they
, Lil
or Manon,
whose descendants are annoyingly late to see the light of day.

Osmosis (Netflix, 2019)

Next to that of Arte, the serial programming of Canal +
sorely lacking in flesh in recent years, to the point that
would almost wonder if success stories like
The Legends Office and Baron
would not be the trees that hide the forest. Suffice to say that the
presentation of
Vernon Subutex (whose
the absence at Séries Mania has repeatedly raised the
question of the “squabble” between the latter and Canneséries, so far
privileged by Canal +) will be scrutinized very closely… For its part, TF1 assumes
fully formatted creation devoid of the slightest risk-taking,
which immediately closes any discussion concerning it. Of course open from
new possibilities with the entry into the market of platforms like Netflix or
Amazon but the projection of the disastrous
Osmosis, hardly more valuable than Marseille, Heart map (already
on Netflix) and Deutsch-les-Landes
(Amazon side), has cooled a lot of enthusiasm among spectators and among
French producers.

Remain M6 (at the beginning of a period of renewal), OCS (of which
Mania Series presented the suites ofIrresponsible
and of Missions, while waiting for that
Great) and, above all, France Télévisions,
whose chain of proposals more insipid the ones than the others is
turning into an industrial disaster. How long ladies Ernotte and
Will Holmes be able to settle for the popular success of just one of their
original series,
Ten percent,
before becoming aware of the terrible inadequacy of creations
original from their group? The aging of the channel audience which
make up, linked to the flight of young spectators to SVOD platforms,
does he justify putting on such a heartbreaking show to taxpayers in front of
free themselves each year from a fee that does not fail to follow the
inflation rate?

Take the example of the new France 3 series, Suspicion (yet another thriller centered on a
unexplained disappearance, with Julie Gayet and Bruno Debrandt in the first
roles). How can such an outdated, hackneyed and disembodied creation
find themselves in “French competition
[3] ”
at Séries Mania? Is the chain nothing more commendable in its
boxes that this
Harlequin »
to the highlighting music (emotion sequence, sequence
tension, mystery sequence, etc.) and dialogues from another time? Of
younger son who is carried away with finesse (“It’s bousous-land here, there is
not even 4G! “,” Go ahead, adapt, because I am
not ready to stop having a face! “) To the exasperated mother who
resumes the last last of volley (“Eh oh the fly of the tick, I did not you
asked your opinion, okay? “), You have to pinch yourself to convince yourself
that we are looking at a series from the late 2010s.

The two new products from France
Double I and The Last Wave, certainly have slightly more ambitions
but we are still a long way off, especially after the
terrible disappointments that were
and Philharmonia. Evil seems
deep, and the remedy not found. Maybe we should start by modulating its
time slots and capitalize on the success of
Ten percent to give more proposals a chance
daring, more abrupt, even if it means absolving them of any imperative of hearing?
Given the state of fiction signed France Télévisions since the departure of
Do not do this, do not do that and A French Village, what risk can this
represent well? The history of American television has shown us that
networks were never so
skilled at finding the summits only after having hit rock bottom; it might be
time that our most struggling French channels do the same…

The Grand Bazaar (M6, 2019)

this latest edition of the Mania Series festival has proven that all hope is not
not lost. The tri-color light in this case came from M6, an unexpected outsider
including several recent attempts (Quadras,
Mom or dad) had already asked
the foundations of a return to business through family comedy. Good
that shunned by much of the criticism, the
only series presented by the channel to Séries Mania,
The Grand Bazaar, does not depart from the rules of the genre since it is itself typical of this mixture of satire and tenderness
which should normally have made the happiness of a chain like France 2: no
only we find Grégory Montel (alias Gabriel Sarda in
Ten percent), but the series is created by Michel Leclerc and
Baya Kasmi, city couple who previously worked on
Do not do this, do not do that.

Narrating the
hectic daily life of a (very) large family articulated around Nicolas and
from Samia (bright Nailia Harzoune),
takes up the idea of ​​exploring family diversity and restructuring
who were already making salt
Dad or
, but by replacing the Portuguese roots of sir with
madame’s Maghreb roots, and substituting for the initial separation a
nascent union and a surprising presence of relatives as invasive as they are obtuse (ex-spouses
included). By its radiant photography, its perky musical punctuation, its
recurring game on the words that hang and that we resume by barking a
syllable or two, his comical threads and his constant concern to vary
tones (a moving scene ending with a humorous touch which
in turn gives way to a new depth of feeling, like when
this magnificent sequence during which Samia maliciously renews the
dialogue with his father by “communicating in objects”, before
enjoy a fig beside him in the garden symbolizing the birth of his
The Grand Bazaar attest – if he
was needed – that a good dose of affection and human warmth will be worth
always better than those damned self-righteous speeches that pride themselves on telling us
what to do. French television as a whole would do well to
meditate on it. And to regroup quickly.

Photos France 3, Netflix


Ohio / USA: Columbus and Cleveland – completely underrated cities

Ghe just lay down, and then it was. A fall from a height of 40 meters, no, no one can survive, completely impossible – guardian angel or not. It’s a miracle that the man can still laugh. Even eat bread! Both hands on the collar, the buttocks placed on an iron bar just as wide as an office chair and no safety line in sight: If this construction worker is not afraid of heights, then probably nobody in the world.

Where does this scene take place? Not in one of the big cities in the United States, in Los Angeles or Chicago. Not even in New York, where a new skyscraper scratches the Manhattan sky almost every day. No, the man is working this morning in the Midwest, more specifically in Columbus, Ohio.

The population of the state’s capital has grown by eleven percent to around 880,000 residents within seven years. With the suburbs, it is two million people. Another 20 million could be added by 2050. Anyone who counts the scaffolding in the center immediately believes the forecast.

Source: WORLD infographic

In Short North, for example, shell construction follows shell construction. The district is considered a Columbus hotspot. This is where star chefs and bartenders meet business people who want to offer the city more than the same chain of large chain stores.

Unconventional shops in Columbus

There are shops like that of Jason Williams. The shop windows give the impression that they last saw water during Bill Clinton’s presidency, and the confusion of dusty dolls, faded rubber balls and carelessly placed model cars does not initially suggest business success.

But “Big Fun” (672 N High St), as Williams called his shop, has proven to be one of the first addresses for the many young families who move to the city or are already here. After their time at Ohio State, the third largest university in the USA, students stay in Columbus and plan the next steps in life.

Upon entering, “Big Fun” turns out to be a treasure trove: rare Lego and Star Wars figures, Barbies, trading cards are piled up in the boxes and boxes, behind glass and on shelves. If every child in the city were allowed to take a toy home with them, there would be enough left for sale.

And “Big Fun” is by no means the only unassembled shop. A few hundred meters further, locals and visitors draw candles in the “Candle Lab” (751 N High St). Souvenirs, such as pins with sayings like “Ohio Til I Die”, are sold by “Tigertree” (787 N High St).

Lunch at the market, then to the museum

While more than 100 individually managed boutiques attract different special audiences, one institution attracts men, women and children alike: the North Market (59 Spruce St). Since 1876, traders have been loudly bringing food to the people here, and at this lunchtime, young and old are crowding through the building aisles with briefcases and prams, on walking sticks and on skateboards.

Some try “Herbert’s” Polish cuisine, others try tacos. Mason, in his mid-50s, who comes every day because he works around the corner, joins the queue for pulled pork.

Ohio (USA): Merchants have been selling their goods on the North Market in Columbus since 1876

Merchants have been selling their goods on the North Market in Columbus since 1876

Credit: Getty Images / Walter Bibikow

If you are longing for peace and quiet, sit in the “The Guild House” opposite, where bagels with salmon and capers are on the menu. For just around $ 15, you can eat anywhere from good to excellent on the North Market, which is why budget for dessert remains: a dough ring with chocolate icing, salted caramel sauce and roasted almonds from “Destination Donut”, for example.

After lunch, you can simply stretch your feet or stroll through the large Columbus Museum of Art (480 E Broad St). In addition to African sculptures, paintings by European masters and works by contemporary artists, the paintings by US painters such as Robert Rauschenberg, Norman Rockwell and Frank Stella also inspire.

Just a short, free bus ride away, the National Veterans Memorial (300W W Broad St) has told the story of US soldiers since late October. The architecture alone – the building looks like a rolled up snake – attracts visitors from all over the world.

The neighbors meet in the German Village for dinner

The German Village, one of the city’s eleven historic districts, is less bustling. In addition to the oaks, the whole neighborhood seems to be made of bricks: streets and sidewalks, houses and property walls.

Tourist guide John Clark has his explanation for this: “Ohio is one of the northernmost areas in which clay occurs.” However, it has not yet been clarified that the rest of Columbus was not made of bricks. On the contrary, he had to repeatedly deprive his visitors of the idea that all of Germany was made up of brick buildings like the German Village.

Ohio (USA): The German Village in Columbus was once built by German immigrants

The German Village in Columbus was built by German immigrants

Source: Anja Francesca Richter

Clark knows the neighborhood and its residents well, he is one of them. 27 years ago, he moved to the German Village, which also feeds the cliché of German order and thoroughness with precisely trimmed lawns, symmetrically arranged flower tubs and perfectly painted shutters like a filigree film set.

The neighbors meet for a meal once a month, “You can always go around in turn,” says Clark. Now he hopes that gentrification, which began in the quarter once built by German immigrants, will not destroy traditions like this.

Friedrich Schiller and the German flag

The Germans came to Columbus in the early 19th century, so numerous that a third of the city soon spoke German – until the First World War. “Then suddenly the mood started against the Europeans,” says Clark. Breweries had to close, many lost their jobs.

Even if hardly any resident today has Bavarian roots in the family tree, the district should remember its origins: Anyone who wants to (rebuild) build needs the approval of a city commission. In the park there is a statue of Friedrich Schiller, at the book store “Book Loft” a flag in black, red and gold is waving next to the stars and stripes.

The Book Loft in the German Village, Columbus (Ohio, USA)

Idyllic: the entrance to “The Book Loft”, where 500,000 books are lined up

Source: Experience Columbus

In 32 rooms – one as large as a garage, the other as small as a shower cubicle – more than 500,000 books are lined up. An employee holding a book on the “100 different ways to prepare cabbage” under his arm says: “If we don’t have a title, it won’t be written.”

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Matthew Barbee is sitting a few blocks away with his after-work beer; the foam crown slowly flows down the glass towards the wooden table. In 2014 he opened the “Rockmill Brewing” restaurant in a former horse stable in the brewery district.

Today he is the only one selling beer in the area, a Belgian ale is his specialty. It’s going well, says the 41-year-old. He could only use a few more parking spaces in the district, so that the restaurant business would also get going. But new parking spaces are apparently planned: “The city has assured me that there will be a lot going on here soon.”

Ohio’s second largest city, Cleveland, is booming

Cleveland, with almost 400,000 inhabitants, the second largest city in Ohio, is in a great mood of optimism, two hours’ drive north of Columbus. In the Ohio City district in the west alone, three microbreweries are lined up at 300 meters; if you want, you can move from one tap to another with a stamp book. “There has never been so much beer here,” says Robert, in his late 60s, who improved his pension with taxi rides.

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Leather worker cutting leather at workbench

“On the other hand,” he muses as he drives over an intersection, “I was rarely in the area before.” He shrugs his shoulders. Since the district was dominated by crime, he had hardly left the east side, never crossing the Cuyahoga River, which divides the city. But now Robert also lives in Ohio City, in one of the many Victorian houses.

The old – and new – residents shop at the West Side Market, drink coffee at “Rising Star Coffee” (1455 W 29 Street) and lick ice cream at “Mitchell’s” (1867 West 25th St.). It is quite possible that Prince also tried one or the other variety. The musician, who died in 2016 and was a frequent guest in Cleveland for appearances, looks down from a house wall as a portrait. Street art determines the district.

Cleveland: The old department store “May Company” closed in 1993, now it is being converted into a residential building

Source: Anja Francesca Richter

Cleveland’s boom is also evident in a forecast: According to forecasts, the number of guests will increase to 20 million by 2020. A little self-deprecation obviously does no harm: Last year the official tourism agency distributed postcards with the slogan “Greetings from a city that you have never visited”.

In June Cleveland celebrates a big welcome weekend with events. By then, the artisans are said to have done their job. On Euclid Avenue in downtown, a new building is just getting floor-to-ceiling glass fronts, while plasterers also prepare the facade of a historic building. Two houses away, tarpaulins flutter from a scaffolding. The tourist boom often includes a construction boom.

Citizens shape the city themselves

Hotel manager Hartmut Ott, who recently moved to Cleveland, is enjoying the spirit of optimism. In Chicago, his former home, it was impossible to have a say in the image of a city. In Cleveland, on the other hand, citizens could get involved.

The native of Munich is also impressed by the cultural offer: there is the world-famous Cleveland Orchestra. The equally famous Museum of Art with 45,000 works. The Rock’n ’Roll Hall of Fame with memorabilia from Elvis Presley to Pink.

The Rock ’n’ Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland (Ohio, USA) features memorabilia of Elvis Presley and other musicians

The Rock ’n’ Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland features memorabilia of Elvis Presley and other musicians

Credit: Getty Images / Lonely Planet Image / Richard Cummins

And of course the Playhouse Square. After New York, it is the largest theater district in the country, and musicals are celebrating here that are celebrating success on Broadway: “Hamilton”, “Wicked” and “The Phantom of the Opera”. From September to June there are more than 300 different shows on the program. “We count a million visitors a year,” says Cindi Szymanski of Marketing at Playhouse Square. “Even Carnegies and Rockefellers once mingled with the audience.”

It is bad luck that America’s most successful entrepreneurs cannot visit Ohio today. You would certainly be extremely impressed – also when it comes to growth.

Cleveland (Ohio, USA) has Playhouse Square, the country's largest theater district after New York

With Playhouse Square, Cleveland has the largest theater district in the country after New York

Credit: Getty Images / AWL Images RM / Richard T Nowitz

Tips and information

Getting there: American Airlines, for example, flies from Frankfurt to Charlotte, North Carolina, or Dallas to Cleveland. United, for example, runs from Berlin via New York City.

Accommodation: The “Marriott Downtown at Key Tower” in Cleveland is a 15-minute walk from Playhouse Square, double rooms from 120 euros. In Columbus, the “Marriott Hotel LeVeque” is one of the best addresses (from 170 euros; With prices starting at 115 euros, the “Drury Inn” ( is a cheap alternative.

Excursion: Amish Country is located between Cleveland and Columbus. In the “Amish and Mennonite Heritage Center” in Berlin in Holmes County, interested parties can find out about the lifestyle of the strictly religious population.

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All over the region, the Amish people sell home-made products that are a nice souvenir, such as honey, cheese, carpets and furniture (;

Information desk:;

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Miley Cyrus resurrects her character of Hannah Montana and drives the Web crazy!

From 2006 to 2011, Miley Cyrus played the role of Hannah Montana on Disney Channel. A cult series that has made the singer a true global icon. Get ready, Hannah Monatana is back!

“You get the best of both worlds!” If you spent your youth watching Disney Channel or KD2A in the 2000s – like the author of these lines – you must instantly sound like that credits roll in mind. For many, Miley Cyrus is the young ultra-sultry pop singer and buzz specialist. But for her first admirers, Miley Cyrus was the alter-ego of “Hannah Montana”. The series adored by a whole generation retraced the adventures of a young girl Miley Stewart who lives a double life: when she puts on her blonde wig with bangs, she becomes Hannah Montana, superstar of the song. So to celebrate the 13th anniversary of this cult series, Miley Cyrus has decided to trigger an earthquake of nostalgia by posting several videos and photos decked out in her mythical blonde wig. The star first sang the credits in her car, then exclaimed, “I’ve decided to be Hannah Montana forever!” A simple nod to the role that revealed her to the world. whole, but which filled his fans with happiness.

Is a return possible?

The excitement began to rise among fans of the artist when an account dedicated to his double of the small screen was created on Instagram, and that the singer subscribed to it. Miley Cyrus is full of surprises, so could an album under the name Hannah Montana see the light of day or a reboot of the series? There is no doubt that success would be there.

NFL Draft: Tyree Jackson – the largest quarterback wildcard in the draft

For some he is the most exciting and interesting quarterback project in the upcoming draft – others see the hype around him as a key mistake in the NFL in the quarterback rating: Tyree Jackson divides minds; and sometimes almost the hands of its receivers.

Steve Smith still has a certain scary aura. The former wide receiver is optically not the most physically impressive player of all time – but it has a way of getting respect, whether on the field or next to it. Sometimes not at all subtle.

So if Steve Smith goes to a 21-year-old quarterback who is in the middle of the most stressful time of his life and has an announcement ready for him, it can get you out of the way – Tyree Jackson has been able to do this for a few weeks Report first-hand experience.

During the wide receiver gauntlet drills – the draft prospects sprint across the field and get balls thrown alternately from the left and right and are supposed to catch as many of them as possible – Jackson was one of the quarterbacks who threw the balls. Jackson, himself a prospect with the Combine, fired rockets such that the commentators at NFL Network quickly noticed and pointed out during the transmission.

It was also obvious to the viewer: whenever receivers arrived at Jackson, they couldn’t control the passports. Smith, working as a field reporter for the network on the ground, had seen enough at some point. Jackson “costs people money here,” and someone has to “throw the ball back for him to understand the message,” Smith growled into the microphone before heading to the young quarterback.

Tyree Jackson: A rocket launcher on the shoulder

At first Jackson obviously didn’t know what was happening to him and after a short smile he went back to his task. The next pass then came visibly slower and was caught, whereupon he raised his fist in the air to cheer and could laugh with Smith about the incident.

So in the end it’s little more than a little anecdote that Jackson can tell his friends at some point when Steve Smith is introduced to the Hall of Fame. But it is also an anecdote that Jackson, as a prospect, gets to the point so well before the upcoming draft.

In every draft there is at least one quarterback who carries the proverbial rocket launcher on his shoulder – that is, he has enormous arm strength when throwing. Some of these candidates meet additional checkpoints that prioritize teams in the quarterback rating; and quickly catapulted her arm into the top 10.

It won’t be that extreme with Tyree Jackson. He has his arm to throw a ball under the stadium roof; but behind most other checkpoints there is a big question mark instead of a tick. And yet it is increasingly regarded as one of the most exciting mid-round prospects in this year’s draft among experts.

NFL Draft: Jackson and the physical potential

Apart from the Gauntlet Drill, the Combine also contributed to this opinion. Jackson ran the second fastest time of all quarterbacks over 40 yards, only Trace McSorley was faster – McSorley is around 18 centimeters smaller and 23 kilograms lighter. Jackson’s 4.59 seconds would have been by far the fastest QB time last year, for comparison: Bills top pick Josh Allen needed 4.75 seconds.

Jackson also delivered the best high jump among quarterbacks and the eighth best QB over the past five years. His long jump landed together with Dukes Daniel Jones in shared first place. In short: Jackson put on fantastic athletic stats while doing several go routes over 50 yards on the QB passing drills.

The best way to sum it up: In a way, Jackson is the epitome of the “tools” prospect; a player who, with his physique and the possibilities he has in theory, lights up the eyes of coaches.

Tyree Jackson: “Cooler” als Josh Allen?

As the “coolest piece of pottery clay I’ve ever had in my hand,” quarterback coach Jordan Palmer Jackson recently faced the Sports Illustrated described, “and I trained Josh Allen last year. I had a lot of requests, I chose him, among other things. And I believe that a team will do that – higher than people think.”

Palmer, brother of ex-NFL quarterback Carson Palmer, has been a top contact for years when it comes to training quarterbacks before the draft. He has worked with Sam Darnold and Deshaun Watson, among others, in recent years, but Jackson is probably unique among his students in one respect: Jackson never had a private quarterback workout before turning to Palmer and was only in an Elite 11 camp before his senior year of high school.

“I like to work with one or two prospects where I think they really need my help with the different aspects of the quarterback play,” continued Palmer, “because they either weren’t coached enough or were not played enough Tyree has never had a private coach and has never been part of a private quarterback training program, he hasn’t been in any of the big All-Star games. These are the guys who need my help. “

Jackson: Via YouTube videos about the quarterback

This applies to Jackson without question. In high school, his individual quarterback drills mostly consisted of watching YouTube throwing tutorials and then copying them in the home garden. And this in part while he made the remarkable jump from 1.75 meters (9th grade) to two meters in height (today’s dimensions).

He has an enormous arm strength and the athleticism to be used as a runner; Jackson is not the kind of electrifying player like a Lamar Jackson or Kyler Murray, but he can run with power and physique – the comparison would be more like Cam Newton.

From the point of view of many coaches in the NFL, all of this primarily draws a picture: that of a player who is only just becoming aware of his abilities and who is just beginning to scratch the surface of his potential; which is only being coached accordingly. So the “potter’s clay” applied by Palmer, or simply put: a lot of potential at least one coach will be convinced to be able to shape it.

Jackson and the Josh Allen comparison

Many of the characteristics listed here would also apply to Josh Allen, who was a top 10 pick last year. Jackson is in some categories the much rougher version of Allen in many ways – accuracy, understanding of the game, pocket behavior, throwing movement – in which exactly these aspects were also criticized before the draft last year.

This leads to the exciting question of in which areas can a quarterback really improve drastically when he comes from college to the NFL?

To what extent can pocket behavior, which has been used for years, be reversed? What about the footwork? What about the feeling of the ball and touch so that you don’t fire out every slant pass at 100 km / h and thus draw Steve Smith’s anger?

When is Tyree Jackson drafted?

A constant throwing movement can be a huge challenge, especially for such large quarterbacks – for a player with the range of Tyree Jackson it is simply much more difficult to carry out a compact throwing movement permanently than for Baker Mayfield or Russell Wilson.

It’s no coincidence that the five quarterbacks who have been measuring two meters or more at Combine since 2000 – Jackson, Ryan Mallett, Mike Glennon, Paxton Lynch and Brock Osweiler – all have problems in the area.

Conversely, it can be said that none of these other candidates even had the slightest athletic potential that Jackson has. And everyone was significantly further in their training. So at what point will a coach say to himself that he can fix this throwing motion? The rumor mill is increasingly leveling towards round 3 in the draft.

And Jackson himself? He is at least aware of the fact that he still has some catching up to do. “It is great for me that I still have so much space to learn and improve,” he emphasized recently with regard to his work with Palmer. “I really want to work on my mechanics here. You have been seeing improvements since January. I believe there are no limits for me.”

Given its physical potential, experience has shown that the NFL is inclined to agree to this.


art and daring at the Museum of art and history of Judaism

Jet-black and haughty, the brunette with hair pulled in a low bun had an explosive temper. The numerous portraits of her show a determined and determined woman. Helena Rubinstein, born in 1872 into a Jewish family in Krakow, marked the first half of the XXe century by its extraordinary destiny. While her parents, modest – her father is a grocer, her mother takes care of her eight daughters, of which Chaja (who will become Helena) is the oldest -, wish to marry her, the young girl prefers to embark alone for the Australia where three of his uncles live. She is 24 years old and routspah (“Toupee” in Yiddish).

Legend has it that when he left, his mother slipped into his trunk a few jars of the famous cream that would make his fortune and change the course of his life. “Vegetable wax, lanolin, mineral oil and sesame,” she said. Entrepreneur, she opened a beauty salon in Melbourne before returning to conquer Europe in 1905. She visited Berlin, Vienna, London and especially Paris, which fascinated her. She opened an institute there at 255, rue du Faubourg-Saint-Honoré in 1909 and her laboratories in Saint-Cloud. Passionate about culture and fashion, she decides to settle her family in the capital of arts and fashion.

Helena is a woman of taste. She surrounds herself with artists and writers of her time. Colette, Cocteau, Hemingway, Joyce, Man Ray and Chagall are received at her home. During the war years, from 1914 to 1918, she left for New York where she developed her business. The more her business grows, the more Helena supports the artists by commissioning portraits of her. At the end of her life, she owned more than thirty, made in particular by Raoul Dufy, Salvador Dali, Marie Laurencin. Only Picasso resists him. From her, the master will only draw sketches in the 1950s. She also poses for the greatest photographers, from Cecil Beaton to Erwin Blumenfeld.

Patron and art collector

This retrospective – presented in Vienna in 2017 – brings together some 300 documents, objects, clothing (signed Dior and Balenciaga), but above all many photos and works of art from his collection (dispersed after his death in 1965). Canvases by Vuillard, Giorgio de Chirico, Utrillo, Louis Marcoussis, but also sculptures by his friends Sarah Lipska and Chana Orloff surround this luxury nomad in his numerous residences, from New York to Grasse. We also discover, on the picture rails of the museum, two very beautiful tapestries, one by Jean Lurçat – Cavalcade(1930) -, the other by Picasso (rarely seen) – Secrets (1934). Always curious, she is interested in the art of Latin America (Portinari, Frida Kahlo) and in African art. Later, the abstraction of Martin Barré, with the decomposed canvas 57-50-B (1957) also seduces her.

The one who will defend the slogan “Beauty is power” is fearless. She divorced in 1938 and remarried to a Russian prince twenty-three years younger. The beauty industry keeps. Helena Rubinstein died at the age of 93.

“Helena Rubinstein. The adventure of beauty “, Museum of Art and History of Judaism, 71, rue du Temple (IIIe). Tel .: 01 53 01 86 65. Hours: Tue to Thu 11 am to 6 pm, Wed 11 am to 9 pm , Sat and Sun from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Until: August 25, 2019. Cat .: “Helena Rubinstein. The adventure of beauty “, Éd. Mahaj-Flammarion

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Joe Jackson live in Berlin: The chameleon is still biting

It was supposed to be just a gag, but it expressed more than a thousand words could: Shortly before the end of their triumphant concert in Berlin’s Admiralspalast, Joe Jackson and his band left their instruments from one moment to the other and froze in front of their eyes the astonished audience. Musicians statues. Pillars of salt. Monuments that tell of the fact that these guys are on tour more often than in their own four walls. An eerie sight, which at the same time demonstrated cunningly what the impresario wants to prove with his “Four Deacde Tour”.

Joe Jackson remembers that he’s been on stage for 40 years and has pulled out just about every stop a musician can do from “Look Sharp” (1979) to the current 20th album, “Fool” to entertain people (demanding) and to write oneself into the history of music on the side. Despite a few single hits and of course “Stepping Out”, Jackson always remained an outsider; talented, headstrong and live a grim chameleon.

No show is like the other, Jackson consciously changes the arrangements in order not to bore himself – and only secondarily his audience – as he has emphasized several times in the past. You can hear on the current tour, which has some more Germany gigs, selected from the past. But in Jackson’s way: The now 64-year-old chose an album from every decade to get it on the road to check its validity again. So “Rain” (2008) from the noughties, one of his best records according to Jackson, and “Laughter And Lust” (1991) came to fruition with several pieces. Plus a handful of casually played tracks from “Fool”.

With “Fool” Joe Jackson gave himself an anniversary present

You have to say it now, because when choosing the annual best list, for far too human reasons, many of the highlights of the first weeks of the year have been forgotten: “Fool” is one of the most beautiful, roundest albums so far with its easy, playful bar-rock pounders of the year. Finally that pointed sentimentality that we love about Jackson – driven by an irresistible dramaturgy (one side of tragedy, one side of comedy). The title track, with its wonderful tempo and genre jumps, works excellently live. The closer “Alchemy” is doubled on tour: as a fragile jazz ballad that immediately merges into the vitally gripping relic “One More Time”, and then actually as a bouncer, in which the wonderfully well-rehearsed band members leave the boards individually.

At the latest with “Is She Really Going Out With Him”, the first obscure of Jackson’s many obscure hits, it is clear that people are jumping through the times here and that the part-time Berliner also has a home game. The atmosphere is as good as I have not seen it for a long time in the venerable building in Berlin. As an encore, it tears people from their seats, simply because they want to see how Jackson plays “Stepping Out” exactly as it was recorded in 1982 single-handedly. With glockenspiel, delayed beat and actually still preserved drum machine. The musicians treat the good piece like a sacred item. It was the icing on the cake of the musician’s long career.

The voice doesn’t really want to pull along

This evening, however, other treasures are deliberately on the program: Jackson combines his brilliant songs (“You Can’t Get What You Want…”, “Real Men”, “I’m The Man”) with supposedly subordinate (“My House “,” Wasted Time “), lets his colleagues, above all the eternally young bassist Graham Maby, play with a lot of emphasis and twist. As if the concert hall were a festival stage. Several drumsticks lose their lives, on the Dinosaur Jr. volume scale there is a cracking 3/5.

The (even) Beatles cover “Rain” and the (grandiose) Steely Dan cover “King Of The World” are also played. So all in all a multi-course menu where the chef, of all people, is a little weak. The voice does not want to join in, even when there is squawk and lament like in the old days. Jackson pissed off: “It’s annoying, but it’s not bad what I deliver here, is it?”

Dafran ended his professional career with Atlanta Reign

Daniel “dafran” Francesca is leaving the Overwatch League for good and is probably giving up his professional career this time around.

The 25-year-old Dane announced his exit from the league on his social media channels: “I’m leaving the OWL and going back to my cozy streamer life. I would like to thank Atlanta Reign for the opportunity to play in the OWL Professional gaming has always been my biggest dream since I was young and you gave me the chance. Unfortunately, that’s no longer the case. I want to be a streamer and chill out at this point in my life. “

The Overwatch player is very popular on the Twitch platform and that was evident in the league too. His jersey is the best-selling of the season so far. With Atlanta Reign he played himself in fourth place in regular season. In the playoffs, the team finally lost 3-1 to Philadelphia Fusion.

The departure is a big loss for the OWL team, but the organization still keeps it as a streamer.

Will you stay with this farewell?

© Blizzard

In November 2018, the OW star wrote that he had had enough of the game.

“The end. I hate the game,” it said on Twitter. “Contract expired, Overwatch uninstalled, McDonalds I’m coming. Seriously, thank you for everything OW Community.”

The Danish player worked in the well-known fast food chain before his gaming career.

Shortly thereafter, apologized for the tweet and corrected his statement. He said he would continue to compete for Atlanta Reign.

He’s turned his back on the competitive OW scene in the past after being banned from Blizzard for his in-game behavior. The streamer is known to get frustrated very quickly.

This time his decision seems to be final though: “Being part of the OWL was one of the best experiences in my life and it’s something that you can really admire and try to do when you try to turn pro in Overwatch. It’s so well done and way better than expected, at least that’s how it was for me. “

From professional back to streamer

After the first edition of the OWL, there was another OW player who gave up his professional career to stream. Seagull is one of the most famous OW streamers and left the Dallas Fuel team in August because, according to his own statements, his work-life balance did not allow it. He went back to his life as a full-time streamer and, just like before, can afford it thanks to the thousands of followers and viewers.

Georgia Fowler reveals her beauty secrets

The first thought that comes to your mind when you wake up?

I need a coffee!

Your morning routine?

I wish it wasn’t, but I’m checking my phone directly. I then drink a coffee, put on my sports clothes and immediately set off for a session, before I have time to find an excuse not to do it …

The philosophy behind the new “Wanted Girl” fragrance by Azzaro, of which you are the muse?

“To be or not to be wanted.” It fits perfectly with my personality because the “Wanted Girl” is a bit mischievous, she is competitive and she is a real fighter!

Can a perfume change your mood and your self-perception?

Of course ! It boosts self-confidence. When you smell good, everyone asks you what perfume you are wearing, which immediately puts you in a good mood.

Your definition of Beauty?

In my opinion, Beauty must be “inside out”. I don’t want to look a little cheesy, but nothing like a beautiful smile, a sparkle in my eyes, to be nice and to smell good!

Tips for natural beauty?

I always brush my eyebrows upwards even if I don’t wear any make-up. And the golden rule: always hydrate your skin!

Beauty icons that inspire you?

I’ve always copied the hair of Freja Beha Erichsen or Jane Birkin. But also other iconic models who are still superb today, who fully assume their age and who do everything to stay fit and healthy!

The best beauty advice you’ve learned so far?

Take care of yourself from the inside, which translates into a good night’s sleep, opt for a healthy diet by focusing on good fats and drinking lots of water and finally, sweating through sports sessions!

The 3 beauty products that never leave you?

1 / I’m putting a lot on serums right now, which I apply under my moisturizer. 2 / A lip balm, because nobody likes dry and irritated lips. 3 / And finally, eyebrow gel.

The products you find in French pharmacies passing through Paris?

Nuxe lip balm, Créaline micellar water and Embryolisse moisturizer.

The craziest beauty trend you’ve ever tested?

To be honest, I don’t follow trends too much. But I already wore a fluorescent orange eyeshadow and the result was pretty cool after all …

The ideal beauty look for spring?

In the spring, I like to turn to pink hues. I have a Charlotte Tilbury blush stick that melts on the skin with a very natural healthy-looking effect. He’s my perfect ally for the season!

The skincare routine that you follow from day to day?

After a day of work, I take care to remove all traces of makeup with a good cleanser. I am currently using CosMedix. Then I exfoliate my skin with Biologique Recherche P50 lotion. I apply a Chanel serum (but I regularly change formulas), then I apply La Mer moisturizer. When I travel, I also make a fabric mask to stay well hydrated by plane.

The best tips to erase traces of fatigue in express?

Eye drops, a very good make-up artist, lots of moisturizer and finally, a few minutes of a DIY facial massage to boost circulation.

The secret to obtaining the signature glow of supermodels?

A good light! More seriously, you also need a ton of moisturizer and make sure you are healthy from the inside. Simply take care of yourself!

The golden rules that you follow on the make-up side?

Instead of camouflaging or transforming, the make-up should always be used to highlighter the parts of the face that we like! In general, less is more! For a glowy complexion, opt for a good moisturizer rather than cover it with make-up. Then a little brown around the eyes, brushed eyebrows and a hint of pencil on the lips do the trick. Either way, you always seem cooler by being natural!

The make-up look that most sticks to your personality?

A touch of sunbathing and an ultra-glowy complexion.

A make-up look that you are particularly proud of?

I tried to copy a make-up look that Morgane Martini had made for an event: she explained to me how to do it on the phone and I recreated it. It was a thick line of black square liner that adorned the outer corner of the eye. The result, very graphic, was flattering and original! It changes from smoky eye.

The tip for healthy hair?

I wear masks regularly and leave nourishing oil on either overnight or when I go to the gym or take the plane. My favorite formulas? An Oribe moisturizer and a Bumble & Bumble cream.

A favorite hairstyle?

My hair is usually pulled up to clear my face. Otherwise, I keep my natural texture and slightly smooth the tips, without ever bringing too much bulge on the top.

What is the place of wellness in your life?

Wellness is essential in my life! Because you have to feel good from the inside to have good energy and look great! For me, that means eating healthy, playing sports (like going for a walk with friends) and taking time for yourself.

The wellness practice that makes you feel the best?

Play sports ! Any of them !

What sports do you practice for a 100% fit body?

I try to alternate disciplines to keep my body alert and not get bored. I train with a coach in New York and I mix between boxing, bodybuilding, Pilates …

Any tip a coach gave you to stay motivated?

It’s really thanks to my father that I do a lot of sports. He taught me to be competitive, to train hard. This determination was not only applied to sport, but also to my modeling career.

A wellness practice that you discovered recently and that changed your life?

The importance of knowing how to rest too! It’s something I’m still working on, but you have to take full advantage of the moments off by having a massage, for example.

The keys to taking care of your mental health?

Enjoy simple pleasures on off days like spending time with your best friends, going for a walk, reading a book or even cutting social networks for a day!

The thing that makes you the happiest?

When I am back in New Zealand, at the beach with my friends and family.

A particular diet?

I think everyone is different and no one should follow someone else’s diet with their eyes closed. You have to listen to your body. For my part, I am generally healthy. I always favor the natural. I don’t eat processed food, I turn to good fats (nuts, avocado, olive oil). I also eat a lot of leafy vegetables and lean protein.

A favorite healthy drink?

Besides coffee, I love Kombucha!

Are food supplements part of your daily life?

I alternate according to my schedule and my needs. When I travel and exercise a lot, I take magnesium, which helps muscles recover better. To have beautiful skin, I put on fish oil. When I’m on the go, I choose probiotics for good gut health. Finally, when I am sick, I take vitamin C supplements … That said, I think that if you eat healthy, it is not necessary to take a lot of food supplements.

Healthy fetish spots in Paris?

Healthy Season and Wild and the Moon canteens. And any place where I can eat fish and vegetables. And I love to run at the Tuileries Gardens, like this morning, before the interview. The setting is magnificent!

The motto that guides you in life?

Always try to do your best! Work hard, stay motivated and true to yourself. But also surround yourself with good people who love us!

Make-up: Clarins

March 29, 1982: Michael Jordan gives the title to North Carolina

NCAA 1982 final. In front of nearly 62,000 white-hot people, North Carolina faces Georgetown. A match which keeps all its promises, and whose outcome will be decided by a shot from Michael Jordan, then 19 years old. The beginning of the legend.

“This is the match where Michael Jordan was born. Before I was Mike Jordan “

His Airness knows it, there was a before and after March 29, 1982. Thanks to an end of the most epic, the myth Michael Jordan did indeed find its origins that evening in Louisiana. It must be said that the poster of the final was something to dream about, with future legends on both sides.

Let’s start with Georgetown. The Hoyas of the time were led by a rather enticing duo: Sleepy Floyd and Patrick Ewing. The first then made his last season in NCAA. He will be drafted in 13th position in 1982 and will make a good NBA career on the side of Golden State, where he has shot at around 18 points and 7 assists in 6 seasons in California.

The second is a pivotal first year NCAA, future number 1 draft in 1985: Patrick Ewing. Icon on the side of the Knicks, taking them to the NBA Finals and asking stats of 22.8 points (50.8% on shots) and 10.4 rebounds in 15 seasons in the Big Apple, the one who will be nicknamed “The Beast From The East” scares North Carolina.

But the Tar Heels’ workforce has nothing to envy that of the Hoyas, with also a strong duo: James Worthy and therefore Michael Jordan. Like the Floyd / Ewing duo, there is one last year player and another first year player. James Worthy will be drafted by the Lakers in 1st position a few months later.

Read also | Michael Jordan’s very first NBA game (video)

He will be triple NBA champion in the Lakers of Magic show-time with honorable stats: 17.6 points (52.1% on shots) and 5 rebounds in 12 seasons in LA. At the Tar Heels, he teamed up with a very young rear, a certain Michael Jordan. A freshman who is hungry for glory, and who will get it.

The confrontation gives a tense match with a knife end. 30 seconds from the final buzzer, the Hoyas are ahead by one point, 62-61. That’s when Michael Jordan came out of his box. Admittedly, he was not the top scorer of the match, leaving Worthy with 28 points.

That evening, MJ is satisfied “only” with 16 points, but marks a shot which is worth thousands. In a mid-distance shoot, he crucified Patrick Ewing’s team 15 seconds before the end and gave the university title to North Carolina.

17.5 million Americans are riveted to their screen (30% market share), in what then becomes the second most watched university match in history behind the legendary clash between the Indiana State of Larry Bird and Michigan State of Magic Johnson in 1979. James Worthy left with the MVP of the match, but history will remember that it is the legend of Michael Jordan who was born that evening.

Cold as a blade from the beginning to the end of his career, MJ traumatized many teams including the Hoyas on March 29, 1982. Much later, he will come back to haunt Patrick Ewing’s nights, notably making Madison Square Garden a of his favorite playgrounds. Boss.

Lisa wants to live! | Lucia’s example gives hope for Lisa – help us!

Lucia and Lisa. Both girls are 10 years old and both share one fate: Lucia has cancer of the blood at the age of 4. A suitable stem cell donor could be found for you. She is fine today.

Lisa wants to live! She has blood cancer and needs your help.

A few weeks ago, Lisa from Stadtbergen suffered from blood cancer for the second time. And only a stem cell transplant can save her life. No suitable donor has been found for her worldwide. To help the elementary school student and other patients, now takes place on 07/20/2014 a registration campaign to win new stem cell donors in Stadtbergen / Leitershofen (we reported).

A similar wave of willingness to help was already rolling through the region in 2008.

The then 4-year-old Lucia was diagnosed with blood cancer and dependent on a stem cell donation. Under the motto “Help for Lucia and others”, over 4,200 people followed the call for help in May 2008 and were accepted as potential stem cell donors in the DKMS in the Osterfeldhalle in Stadtbergen.

Fortunately, a suitable donor could be found for Lucia. Today the 10-year-old, who is now in the 4th grade of primary school, is doing well.

And not only Lucia got hope and strength from the overwhelming participation in the registration campaign at that time. Many other affected people also benefited from the willingness of the more than 4,200 new registrants to donate stem cells. To date, 86 people affected by a stem cell donation from this campaign have been given a chance of survival.

So that a suitable donor can also be found for Lisa and that she, like Lucia, can go back to school as soon as possible, there will be a campaign on Sunday, July 20 to win new potential stem cell donors from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the Oswald-Merk-Halle in Stadtbergen .

Financial support for the campaign is just as important. The registration and typing of a donor costs DKMS 50. As a non-profit organization, DKMS relies solely on cash donations to attract new donors. In order to be able to carry out the planned action at all, we need your financial help! Every euro counts!

DKMS donation account
IBAN DE12720501010030342927, BIC BYLADEM1AUG

Every 16 minutes in Germany, a person gets blood cancer, including many children and adolescents. For many patients, like Lisa, the transmission of healthy stem cells is the only chance of survival. With more than 4,200,000 registered stem cell donors, the DKMS family is the world’s largest network of files. An average of 15 DKMS donors donate stem cells every day. However, no suitable donor can be found for many patients. It is therefore important that as many people as possible be included in the file.