The majority of patients with sleeping sickness live in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where 85% of cases caused by the parasite Trypanosoma brucei gambiense were concentrated in 2017.

Then come the Central African Republic, Guinea and Chad. The latest data released by the WHO in July 2018 confirms the decline in the number of new cases. Only 1,447 new cases were notified to WHO in 2017, compared to 2,164 in 2016 and 9,870 in 2009.

The history of this disease is however marked by resurgences, followed by several decades during which it seems largely under control.

The WHO Roadmap for Neglected Tropical Diseases, published in 2012 and supported the same year by the London Declaration, listed sleeping sickness as one of the diseases to be tackled and plans to achieve its elimination as as a public health problem by 2020.

In this perspective, therefore, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has issued a marketing authorization for fexinidazole for the treatment of Human African Trypanosomiasis (HAT) or sleeping sickness caused by the parasite Trypanosoma brucei gambiense.

This approval paves the way for distribution of fexinidazole this year in countries where sleeping sickness is endemic, with another regulatory submission planned for Uganda as well.

Sleeping sickness is usually fatal if left untreated. Transmitted by the bite of a tsetse fly, it is characterized by neuropsychiatric symptoms such as aggressive behavior, psychosis and disabling sleep disturbances, hence the name given to this neglected disease.

About 65 million people are threatened by this disease in sub-Saharan Africa.

The current treatment for sleeping sickness, although effective, is very restrictive for patients and health workers because it requires hospitalization of patients, raising significant logistical difficulties, in particular for people living in regions remote.

Fexinidazole is approved in the Democratic Republic of Congo once a day for 10 days for the treatment of sleeping sickness caused by the Tb gambiense parasite (the most common form, which is found in African countries West and Central Africa).

It is above all the first treatment entirely by oral route which acts against both 1) the early phase of the disease and 2) its second phase, when the parasite has crossed the blood-brain barrier causing the appearance of neuropsychiatric symptoms. Fexinidazole could therefore eliminate routine hospitalizations of patients.

Peter Jackson to make Beatles documentary with never-before-seen footage

After Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippin, Peter Jackson embarks on a cinematographic adventure with four “boys in the wind”: John, Paul, George and Ringo. The New Zealand filmmaker will make a documentary on the “Fab Four”, according to a press release from Apple Corps, the company that holds the rights to the Beatles.

“We are proud to announce an exciting collaboration between The Beatles and Oscar-winning director Peter Jackson,” read a message posted on the band’s official Twitter page, separated for almost 50 years today. To do this, the director of Lord of the Rings will have more than fifty hours of unpublished videos, filmed in studio between 1969 and 1970 during the creation of Let it Be, the quartet’s last studio album.

“This film will be the ultimate experience that Beatles fans have always dreamed of,” the New Zealand director said in a statement. I was relieved to discover that the reality is very different from the myth. It is quite simply an extraordinary historical treasure ”.

Reissue of the 1970 film

Ultimate testimony of the “Fab Four”, Let it Be marks a period of crystallization of tensions between the members of The Beatles, leading to the band’s disbandment in 1970. “Of course, there are some dramatic moments – but none of the discord that the project has often been associated with,” added the director. Watching John, Paul, George and Ringo work together, creating songs that are now classic from scratch is not only fascinating, but also funny, inspiring and surprisingly touching ”.

Directed by Michael Lindsay-Hogg, a first film Let it Be was born in 1970 accompanying the release of the album. The feature film – Oscar for best music in 1971 – marketed in VHS format, has now disappeared from circulation. A digital version will accompany the documentary by Peter Jackson, announced Apple Corps Ltd.

No date has yet been communicated. According to Variety , the film could see the light of day in 2020, the year in which we will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the record that has forever marked pop history.

* The Beatles – Don’t Let Me Down, filmed during the band’s final concert on the roof of Apple Corps in London:

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Michael Jackson is not successful in Vendée but is the joy of a Parisian fan

She comes from Paris, is called Céline and collects everything that touches Michael Jackson directly or indirectly.
Coming especially to La Roche sur Yon for the auction, she bought two hats and an autographed album of her idol. 4600 euros the whole. When we love…

Celine had calculated her move well. La Roche sur Yon, capital of the Vendée department, is far from Paris and even more from Neverland, Michael Jackson’s ranch, located in Santa Barbara County, California, USA.

Suddenly, there might not be as many people as in the capital, for this auction! And therefore, of competitors. About fifty people were present, but more for wine, jewelry or paintings than for a few records and two Michael Jackson hats!

Duel of fans?

In fact, there were only two! Two fans to covet some memories of their idol: autographed albums and stage hats. No buyer over the phone, no internet buyer.

Suddenly, Celine was able to get what she wanted:

A black felt hat, brand Worth & Worth Guerra 1855, made exclusively for concerts, with a gold inscription inside: “Made Exclusively for Michael Jackson“. Price 800 euros.

A cream felt hat signed and autographed by Michael Jackson, “All my love“, with certificate, hat of a fan that the star agreed to dedicate during the History Tour in Germany. Price 3,000 euros.

Un album vinyl “Thriller” dedicated, from 1982. Price: 800 euros.

The other fan, a man, landed a 1987 vinyl album, Maxi Single “Smooth Criminal”; “As featured in the Movie”, “Moonwalker”, autographed and authenticated.

Her shopping finished, Céline left, reduced by 4,600 euros but her heart filled with emotions because she knows that if the sale had taken place in Paris, the prices would certainly have soared.

The King of Pop’s items were sold by a lady who wished to remain anonymous as well as her motivations, she simply indicated that she would donate part of the proceeds to breast cancer research.

Celine, Parisian fan of Michael Jackson, did well to make the trip to Roche sur Yon

© D.Raveleau France 3 Pays de la Loire

© D.Raveleau France 3 Pays de la Loire

NBA: Philadelphia finally offers Golden State

They have been waiting for this for a long time and the way Joël Embiid grabbed the last ball before the final siren showed it. The Philadelphia 76ers remained on ten consecutive losses (since March 2013) against the Golden State Warriors. Thursday, they broke that barrier with aplomb like the … Warriors.

The Sixers notably achieved a perfect third quarter where they scored 42 points to take control of the game (95-86). Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons were the main players in this offensive festival (19 points between them during this period) while Jimmy Butler remained rather discreet all evening (7 points to 3 out of 12 shooting).

Curry was too lonely for Golden State

And in the last quarter, it is in defense that Philadelphia ensured its success, not letting itself be carried away by a fiery Oracle Arena with each shot of Stephen Curry. The leader of the Warriors was exceptional with 41 points and a formidable 10 of 18 with three points. The problem is that with Klay Thompson’s last minute package, the other Warriors did not respond (1 in 20 at three points in particular).

The Sixers were also able to muzzle Curry in the dying moments; Ben Simmons then Mike Muscala countering him on two consecutive possessions two minutes from the siren. It is a three-point basket from JJ Redick (15 points) with 23 seconds to play which definitely folded the game in favor of Philadelphia (113-104). “We got what we deserved. We should have had a larger scoring advantage at the break (60-53) but then we were too careless and we were dominated ”, admitted Steve Kerr after the setback that ended an eleven-winning streak for the Warriors.

Joel Embiid signed his third double-double of the season at a minimum of 20 units with 26 points and 20 rebounds (but also 8 ball losses). Simmons scored the same points total and added 8 rebounds and 6 assists.


How Sean McVay led the Los Angeles Rams into the Super Bowl – the big portrait

He is the youngest Super Bowl coach in NFL history and an internet phenomenon: Sean McVay (33) has not only brought the Los Angeles Rams up through clever coaching.

Jamison Crowder with the wheel route on the right sideline to the first down, then Jordan Reed from a 4×1 Individual Iso Slant for the touchdown. In the closing seconds of matchday seven in 2015, Washington turned the deficit against Tampa Bay into a 31:30 win and improved their score to 3-4. Kirk Cousins ​​later shouts “U like that?” into the catacomb cameras and becomes an internet hit.

Sean McVay remembers the move well. First, because he was Washington’s offensive coordinator and announced him; second, because in the end he was a reason for the Redskins’ first play-off participation in three years; and mostly because McVay is up to it everyone Turn reminds. A Bleacher Report quiz a few months ago proves that the current head coach of the Los Angeles Rams not only remembers the actions of the previous week, but also detailed excerpts from games over three years ago. He even has high school plays in his head.

Belichick coaches

McVay coaches

National Football League Playoffs – Super Bowl

New England Patriots – The last matches

Tennessee (H)

Miami (H)

Los Angeles Rams – The last matches

Arizona (H)

San Francisco (A)

New england patriots – club dates

Date of establishment


Club colors

dark blue, red, silver, white

Los Angeles Rams – club data

Date of establishment


Club colors

Dark blue, gold, white

Photographic memory? “If that wasn’t agreed …”

The video that not only
Björn Werner in a kicker interview
amazed (“If that was not agreed …”), gives in two minutes and twelve seconds why two years after his arrival in Los Angeles
half the league is looking for the “next Sean McVay”.
The youngest head coach in NFL history has made a name for himself in no time with his meticulous work, the relationship with his players and the football-crazy head. Sunday night (0.30 a.m., LIVE! At,
and at ProSieben) the just 33-year-old meets the 33-year-old Bill Belichick in the Super Bowl – a pre-defined path.

McVay comes from a football family, his father Tim played as a defensive back for Indiana University, his grandfather John was involved as general manager of the San Francisco 49ers in their five Super Bowl victories between 1981 and 1994. Because John McVay previously worked as head coach at the University of Dayton from 1965 to 1972, the family settled in southwest Ohio. Sean McVay lived in Dayton until he was six and later went to the Marist School in Brookhaven (Georgia), for whose football team (the “War Eagles”) he was active for four years as a quarterback and defensive back – and was even successful .

Nepotism in football: Sean McVay benefits from John McVay

In his senior year, McVay led the War Eagles to the State Championship and was named the 4A Offensive Player of the Year in Georgia. Although he was unable to build on his successful high school days at Miami University (Oxford, Ohio), McVay was also convincing there by thinking outside the box. “He understood everything,” later praised his college coach Shane Montgomery, who had trained McVay as a wide receiver. “He understood the whole offense and was a great leader.”

McVay didn’t catch a touchdown pass at college, but he still wanted to stay loyal to the sport after graduation. Since his family was well networked and thanks to Grandfather John, above all thanks to his Gruden family, McVay got a foot in the door in 2008 with vitamin B.
Jon Gruden
, then head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, installed McVay as an assistant wide receiver coach. “How many kids are hired straight from college in the NFL?” Father Tim McVay said with praise. “Really not many. He suddenly became one of Jon’s assistants and is completely committed to this task.”

After Gruden was released from the Bucs, McVay’s NFL career also had to take a short break, instead he worked in the (no longer existing) United Football League as a wide-receivers coach for the Florida Tuskers – under offensive coordinator Jay Gruden, John’s brother. The reason that McVay later brought to the big stage.

This time Gruden follows McVay – and the rise takes shape

In 2010, two years after graduating from college, head coach veteran Mike Shanahan brought McVay to the Washington Redskins as an assistant tight-end coach because McVay “asked questions that people of his age don’t normally ask,” like the Washington Post later quoted Shanahan. The following year, the “assistant” supplement was removed from his job title.

His predecessor still knows exactly how McVay worked his way up quickly. “I heard through the wall how he installed plays,” said Matt LaFleur,
new Head Coach of the Green Bay Packers
, the platform “The Ringer”. “It was pretty impressive.” Back then, LaFleur had become a quarterbacks coach and had more and more to do with McVay. “I knew he became head coach the first time I met him. He just has insanely positive energy, is extremely intelligent, loves football more than anyone I know and is just brilliant. I think he could have a photographic memory. ”

McVay recommends for L.A .: “It didn’t take ten minutes”

When Jay Gruden McVay followed to the capital in 2014 and was introduced as the Redskins’ new head coach, he promoted his old companion to the offensive coordinator; McVay was just 28 then. He said goodbye three years later with the recommendation of the league’s second best passing offense, but the play-offs missed Washington.

Sean McVay and Jared Goff

Understand: Sean McVay and quarterback Jared Goff.
Getty Images

McVay had made a name for himself, even if he was not praised at the time as the “offensive guru” (original sound Björn Werner) who he is today. The Rams, among others, were looking for a new head coach in 2017, had just completed the move to Los Angeles, ended the unspeakable Jeff Fisher era and ended the season with number one pick Jared Goff (seven games, seven defeats) and a 4:12 record as the worst offense in the league. Goff was quickly considered a draft disaster.

General Manager Les Snead invited McVay to the interview.
“It didn’t take ten minutes”
, as he later revealed “The Ringer”, Snead was already convinced. “Out of intuition. Listening to him with this enthusiasm and his communication skills. I just thought: ‘You know what? I’ll buy it from him.'”

The youngest head coach in the league rolls up a franchise on the left

A year later, at 31, the youngest head coach in NFL history had turned the worst into the best offense, reached play-offs in his first year, shaped Goff from a draft disaster to a pro-bowl quarterback and became the coach of the Appointed annually. “It’s incredible,” said patriots receiver Julian Edelman the other day, who played McVay himself in college and faces him on Sunday. “He is my age and leads an entire organization to the Super Bowl.”

Read also: Part I and Part II of the big kicker interview with former NFL professional Björn Werner – about the Super Bowl, draft oddities, the next German wave and much more.

How? Firstly, with charisma and communication. “Age is completely irrelevant to anyone who meets Sean,” says Left Tackle Andrew Whitworth, one of McVay’s most important signings. “As soon as you talk to him, you realize that his intellect and understanding of the game are on a different level.” Goff is also full of praise: “How he communicates things, how he makes the most complicated moves look so easy. I just thought ‘wow’.” The “wrestler” sums it up like this: “McVay doesn’t train football, he teaches football.”

Werner is also enthusiastic: “People think that’s cool”

Goff & Co. not only benefit from communication, but also from the way they play. No team plays more 11 people (a formation with a running back, a tight end and three wide receivers) than the Rams (96 percent). From a formation that looks almost the same before each snap, infinite possibilities are exhausted, which the opposing defense often catch on the wrong foot. “That is why we are so difficult to defend,” said Goff, who meets with McVay every Monday and Friday to prepare new moves for the upcoming opponent.

Through the play-action-heavy game, Goff also escapes the pass rush. The 24-year-old, like McVay and so many others in his first Super Bowl, is the most vulnerable under pressure
and revealed that in the middle of the season.
Together the quarterback and his coach got out of the hole.

McVay is not a normal trainer, not just because of his age. “He controls the superstars,” explains ex-NFL professional Werner, “You don’t see that very often either.” At 4 a.m., McVay is the first on the Rams training ground in Thousand Oaks, northwest of Los Angeles. He becomes a Twitter hero weekly; sometimes because of violent cheers with Goff; sometimes because he knows the opposing squad better than his coach; sometimes because of his athletics coach, whose only job in the game is to keep McVay away from the referees around the field to avoid penalties. “McVay shows his emotions and how much he loves football,” says Werner. “People think that’s cool.”

“A lot of players want to have a beer with him after the game”

A Super Bowl bankruptcy would be a neck blow for the Rams, but not a broken leg. Even though Goff will soon no longer be playing under his rookie contract and the free agency options will then be somewhat restricted, the young squad is designed to play at the top for a long time. Bjorn Werner would wish McVay the triumph, even if he relies on the experience of Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. McVay’s reputation would not be interrupted: “Surely many players want to drink a beer with him after the game.”

two Michael Jackson hats for auction

Tomorrow Thursday at 2 p.m., the Roche-sur-Yon auction house will certainly be full. On the auction program: two exceptional objects, two hats of the king of pop, which amateurs will be able to examine this Wednesday.

Fans of Michael Jackson will have to drop a few tickets to acquire one of the singer’s two souvenirs on sale tomorrow Friday at La Roche-sur-Yon. The hats (one black, the other white) were not worn by Michael Jackson himself. They are fan hats but one of them is signed by the star with a characteristic mark: a spark that extends the name.

This hat will go on sale around 1500 to 2000 euros but prices can soar up to 10 000 euros.

© DR Ingrid Girardot

This hat dates from 1996 and was bought in Germany during the tour “History World Tour” . Starting price: between 1,000 to 2,000 euros for a sale which should reach, according to the auctioneer, Ingrid Girardot, 5 to 10,000 euros. The proceeds will go to cancer research. It is the will of the Vendée collector who separates from these objects and some vinyls and who wishes to remain anonymous.

Usually, the auction of the hall located route des Sables attracts 100 to 200 people, double if you count the registrants on the website. With this exceptional sale, many curious people may come in addition.

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“Grey’s Anatomy”: Jackson Avery actor wants April back for season 16

Admittedly, we are still mourning the involuntary quits of the actresses Sarah Drew and Jessica Capshaw and would still like to see some new characters – we’re talking about Dr. Kim and Dr. Lincoln – pass up to see April and Arizona back on our screens. Because if the loss had one positive thing, it was that neither of them had to suffer serial death: April is now married to her ex-boyfriend Matthew and no longer works at the Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital, but lives for it – in contrast to Arizona – still in Seattle. Accordingly, as Jackson Avery actor Jesse Williams already noted, it would make perfect sense to allow April to be part of “Grey’s Anatomy” again. Last but not least, a reunion with April offers itself: “She is one of my favorite people. The story would practically write itself, because April and I share responsibility for a child and we could take a look at what it is like for she feels like being the third wheel in my relationship with Maggie. It’s like in real life, some marriages fail and after a divorce you meet new people and have to learn to coexist. You don’t see that on TV so often.”

“Grey’s Anatomy”: A comeback in April would be more than realistic in the future

We agree with Jesse William. The show hasn’t ruled out April’s reunion either, mostly given that it’s still in the same town as what’s happening on Grey’s Anatomy. At the moment, the heart of the 15th season is the love triangle between Teddy Altman (Kim Raver), Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd) and Amelia Shepherd (Caterina Scorsone). It has to be said that the storyline around Jackson and April contains much greater potential and is also much more adult and realistic. Even if we are aware that “Grey’s Anatomy” does not always correspond to reality.

“Grey’s Anatomy”: Sarah Drew doesn’t rule out a return

The former “Grey’s Anatomy” actress Sarah Drew should not be ignored, of course. After all, she slipped into the role of April Kepner for around nine seasons and with her developed into an important character in the series. Last summer, Drew commented on the chances of returning in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter: “Part of me will always be sad that Jackson and April didn’t get a happy ending together.” Even now, with a little time and some distance to the decision, the 38-year-old confesses: “It will be hard to watch ” Grey’s Anatomy” in the future. To see your own family how they go on without you is painful. “

Still, the actress didn’t say a definite ‘no’. And even if a return in the 15th season of “Grey’s Anatomy” still seems unlikely, a comeback – even if it is only a small guest appearance – in season 16 would be more than conceivable. Anyway, we keep our fingers crossed.


Paris Jackson can’t handle documentary about her father Michael

Paris Jackson, the daughter of singer Michael Jackson, who died in 2009, has suffered a mental breakdown due to the recent documentary allegations against her father. As the “Sun” reports, Paris has not coped with the new allegations of child sexual abuse and has reverted to old patterns. Since the death of her father, the 20-year-old has been struggling with depression and the constant accusations that the self-proclaimed “King of Pop” had sexually abused children on his “Neverland Ranch” several times during his lifetime.

In the documentary “Leaving Neverland,” which recently premiered at the Sundance film festival in Utah, two men, Wade Robson (36) and James Safechuck (40) claim that Michael Jackson sexually abused her in the eighties. Allegedly, there were secret rooms with beds in which Jackson allegedly abused the ten-year-old, the two say in the documentary by director James Reed.

Paris dives down

With the words “because sometimes it can be too much and everyone deserves a break”, Paris Jackson had withdrawn from all social media a few days ago. She is said to have even been admitted to a clinic.

Order “Dangerous” from Michael Jackson here

The relatives of the singer are angry. “We can’t just watch this public lynching go on. Michael is no longer there to defend himself, otherwise these accusations would never have been made. ”This statement was made by the remaining family members of the Jackson Clan of the“ Washington Post ”.

They also emphasized that in the abuse trial against Michael Jackson in 2005, both men from “Leaving Neverland” testified for Jackson and only changed their mind after his death.

Atlanta: delay for season 3?

Actress Zazie Beetz talks about a shoot planned for next spring.

We know that Donald Glover is a very busy man. The creator and main actor ofAtlanta takes its time, between two seasons. And season 3 could be delayed for quite a while. Eight months after the release of season 2, the rest is far from in sight.

“Ideally, we should be filming now … But that’s not the case“, comments the actress Zazie Beetz at IndieWire. “Everyone has overloaded calendars. They hope we can shoot in the spring, but we don’t have a date yet “.

“Everyone is busy”, she says, ” et Donald [Glover] did his musical tour in the fall, which does not leave much time for writing the script. I know they finished two or three episodes. But I have no real information. “

Clearly, we should not see season 3 ofAtlanta on our screens before 2020.


Columbia Canuk Titanium Omni-Heat 3D Outdry Extrem Shoes Review

Characteristics of the product tested

  • Type of product tested: Outdoor shoes (hiking, mountain biking, mountaineering, skiing …)
  • Description: High performance boot for optimal comfort in winter in low temperatures
  • Seasonality: 4 seasons
  • Gender: Man
  • Technologies: Omni-Heat ™ 3D, OutDry ™ Extreme, Techlite ™, Michelin® WINTER COMPOUND
  • Membrane: ExOutDry ™ Extreme waterproof outer membrane
  • Sole: Michelin® WINTER COMPOUND, Techlite ™ midsole
  • Available product sizes: 40 to 48
  • Weight (manufacturer data): 637 g
  • Weight (product weighed by the tester): 610 g in 42
  • Colors: Black, Phoenix Blue
  • 2 years warranty. More informations
  • Interview: NC
  • Price: 219.99 €

Test conditions

  • Test locations: Finnish Lapland
  • Activities: Hiking, Snowshoes, Dogsledding
  • Ecosystem: Forest, Lake
  • Duration of the test (number of days): 7 days
  • Weather conditions: Polar winter. Permanent night. Temperatures from -7 ° c to -29 ° c

Ecological footprint

  • Manufacturing place: China
  • Recycled product: NSP
  • Recyclable packaging: Yes
  • Recyclable product: NSP
  • Recovery by the manufacturer: NSP
  • Brand environmental policy and commitments:

Leaving for a multi-activity stay in Finnish Lapland at the end of December 2018, I tested the Columbia Canuk Titanium Omni-Heat 3D Outdry Extrem shoes in polar conditions on snow-covered terrain with temperatures ranging from -7 ° C to -29 ° c.

In parallel, I was able to compare them with the boots loaned by the local agency and therefore well suited to these particular conditions. Here is my opinion after 7 days of testing.

First Impressions

This test started off rather badly … When choosing the size, I look at the size guide on the Columbia website, I look at the equivalent of the size for a 27 cm foot and there I see 43 … I who generally shoe size 41.5 or 42 here I am with 43 (foot length 26.9-27.3cm), why not? Upon receipt of the pair of shoes I immediately noticed that there was a problem … Finally, after trying on several sizes I set my sights on 41.5 given for feet 25.6-26cm.

After this episode, after opening the box, the Columbia Canuk Titanium Omni-Heat 3D Outdry Extrem shoes have a resolutely aggressive look! Their cut, this black color and the silver interior clearly give them a particular style, a style of cosmonaut shoes! And that is good because it is not on the moon that we are going to take them but by -29 ° c!

Comfort and protection

When you put on the Columbia Canuk Titanium Omni-Heat 3D Outdry Extrem shoes, you immediately feel a funny feeling. It’s not necessarily comfortable, it’s rather rigid, this shoe looks like armor! In addition, the sole being quite imposing, we quickly realize that we will not bend it easily … but that brings a feeling of robustness. Knowing that we count on it in difficult conditions is ultimately quite reassuring!

And then the “Omni Heat” technology has its effect! It is a thermo-reflective aluminum layer which, like a survival blanket allows thanks to our body temperature to gain 20% more heat. The foot warms up slowly and finally we feel comfortable in this armor …

The manufacturing materials of these boots make them very light (610 g weighed by me in size 42) which made me doubt about their performance at the start. But over the next few days, regardless of the activity (snowmobile, snowshoeing, snow walking), the feeling of optimal protection was the same. I finally really took confidence in these shoes to only wear them during my outdoor activities!

Foot support / Lacing

As explained in the comfort and protection section, these Columbia Canuk Titanium Omni-Heat 3D Outdry Extrem shoes are like real armor for the feet!

From a practical point of view, the foot slips on quite easily even with a pair of thick socks. The front upper is wide and the hard plastic protuberance at the back helps a lot to keep the boot in place while the foot slides inside (even mittens in hand).

Cross lacing is simple but effective and it is easy to manage to make your laces. Everyone can choose to tighten a lot or not depending on the needs of the moment and the foot is very supported, as in very rigid walking shoes.

The interior is generally soft without being too soft. Columbia Canuk Titanium Omni-Heat 3D Outdry Extrem shoes are not high, they are “mid” and in this sense they will hold the foot and ankle very well. It kind of feels like you’ve put on roller skates.

At the beginning I had to face a small annoying friction with the tongue at the level of the left tibia which I resolved by loosening my lacing a little.


The Columbia brand announces a Michelin® WINTER COMPOUND rubber outsole with good abrasion resistance with a Techlite ™ midsole. Very clearly when you look at the sole, you have the impression of wearing contact tires!

During this test, I walked on snowy forest paths and really there is nothing to complain about! The sole grips well, it is so thick that you do not feel the defects of the ground and as it is very light you do not get tired. The course is excellent.

After seeing a promotional video of the brand I really looked for a plate of living ice to test the grip (it says on the label that they are equipped with Michelin Ice Control technology which provides traction and grip exceptional on snow and ice), but I did not succeed! I therefore postpone this during a causal attempt on the streets of Moscow in January 2019. An update will complete this notice.

Waterproofing / Breathability

On these Columbia Canuk Titanium Omni-Heat 3D Outdry Extrem shoes the “OutDRY ™” technology is well put forward. This technology is supposed to make the shoe extremely waterproof and breathable. Coupled with 600 g insulation and “Omni-Heat” technology, it’s supposed to be the magic formula for temperatures down to -54 °!

I had the “chance” to test them by -29 ° C in active mode (snowshoe trekking) and passive (snowmobile trekking, sled dog). I have used thin silk socks only because I am not chilly with the feet, and clearly I only felt cold during a fairly long inactivity (+ 1h). All the rest of the time I have no complaints, my feet stayed warm! I imagine that for the chilly with a good pair of Merino socks there should be no problem until very low temperatures!

I read here and there some people complaining of having very wet feet following the use of these boots… I am one of those who sweat feet more than the average person and there I have experienced nothing of all that !

To finish on the waterproofing chapter, I must address a negative aspect that I encountered: let us remember that these shoes are “mids” and not high uppers. However when I was brought to walk in a certain amount of snow and well a part entered the shoe from above! My ankle is found wet and well refreshed! It’s really a shame and I had to be careful where I set foot to avoid this annoyance. So I recommend wearing them with gaiters or with pants whose bottom has a hook to secure it to the shoe.

UPDATE following the urban test in Moscow in January 2019

Leaving for a stay in Russia in January where I make a 72 hour stopover in Moscow, I decide to take the Columbia Canuk Titanium Omni-Heat 3D Outdry Boots to see how they react in extreme urban use.
The local weather is ideal for this test, -19 ° C on the meter but it does not rain. The sidewalks of Moscow are frozen, people are careful when walking and the cold air coming from Siberia gives a feeling of temperature well below -19 ° C especially in the early evening.

As in the test in Finnish Lapland, putting on these boots is always a bit disconcerting. They are comfortable but at the same time they are so rigid that you don’t necessarily feel comfortable …
The protection of the foot is once again impeccable, we are not afraid to bump into the heaps of snow and ice that are on the edges of the sidewalks.
What about grip on the ice? I must admit to having seen some visitors doing acrobatic figures with their urban shoes not adapted. For my part even if I was suspicious I never felt in danger. The grip on the ice is therefore good but not to the point of doing anything, indeed the ultimate test was the crossing of the footbridge of Zaryadye park which overlooks the Moskova river. This wooden-covered walkway is located above the wettest place in the city… and as much to say that the film of ice covering the wood is extreme! Visitors go there for their sliding contests and even I with my Columbia Canuk Titanium Omni-Heat 3D Outdry boots I skated well over long centimeters! So be careful on the ice, it grips much better than a pair of normal shoes but it is not studded shoes either!

THE BALANCE SHEET of this second test phase
These 72 hours of walking in winter conditions in the city of Moscow confirm my initial idea. The Columbia Canuk Titanium Omni-Heat 3D Outdry Boots are undeniably a pair of technologically advanced boots with a strong character! However, they do not seem to me necessarily adapted to the needs that one can meet in polar expeditions. As for their ability to dress in town, if the look does not seem too marked and you are not looking for slippers then they are made for you!

  • Manufacturing quality – 100%
  • Comfort – 50%
  • Foot protection – 65%
  • Foot support – 70%
  • Sole – 80%
  • Waterproofing – 90%
  • Breathability – 90%
  • Weight – 85%


My opinion

The Columbia Canuk Titanium Omni-Heat 3D Outdry Extrem shoes are undeniably a true summary of technology! Omni-Heat ™ 3D, OutDry ™ Extreme, Techlite ™, Michelin® WINTER COMPOUND technologies are clearly effective, but all for what?
This Columbia pair, due to the fact that it is not rising, clearly cannot become a “must” for polar conditions… As for the “casual” side for someone who would wear them every day in town in northern destinations with very rough weather, I think they are too rigid to be comfortable enough not to mention their “look” which is in this case can be a little too aggressive!