Isaac Bonga stats & results at the South Bay Lakers

The G-League is now also in full swing. This year Isaac Bonga will also be there for the South Bay Lakers. SPOX provides you with all the information about the G-League and provides an overview of when the German is playing.

In the NBA G-League – formerly D-League (Development League) – the farm teams of the NBA franchises play in order to enable the young players to play with playing times and match practice. In the long term, the goal is for these talents to move into the squad of the respective NBA team on a permanent basis.

Isaac Bonga begins NBA career in the G-League

After Isaac Bonga was selected in the 2018 draft by the Los Angeles Lakers at position 39 and was allowed to go on the floor in the preseason in purple-and-gold, the German became the South Bay Lakers shortly before the start of the new NBA season, the LA Lakers G-League team.

This is not unusual for a young player. Bonga, who was still active for the Frankfurt Skyliners in the basketball league last season, should develop further in the G-League and collect match practice in order to make the leap into the NBA team at some point.

Bonga made his debut in the G-League against the Stockton Kings. He put down a more than impressive performance with 27 points and 9 rebounds, also at the side of Moritz Wagner.


To the marathon in Honolulu | Onetz

Done: Stefan Falter has reached the goal. In 3.47 hours he ran the Honolulu Marathon and can wear the finisher shirt.

Image: exb

Stefan Falter and his wife Daniela happily embrace each other. They have reached the finish after 42.196 kilometers, receive the medal from shells and the coveted finisher shirt. The successful runners in red outfits are approached by strangers on the street in Honolulu. You congratulate. “Nobody asked us about the time,” says Stefan Falter. It is the persistence, the persistence to achieve a goal.

Respectable time

The result of the couple is really respectable: around 30,000 runners start, 20,000 finish. By the way, the last one was an 88-year-old Japanese after 17 hours and 50 minutes. It took Stefan Falter 3.47 hours and his wife 4.05 hours. Falter was 443rd among 11,000 men, wife Daniela 221st among 9,000 women. In the overall field, the 51-year-old finished 535th and the 45-year-old 1123rd.

Marathon has become their common hobby. Stefan Falter is a sporty type. “I’ve always loved to run,” he says. “But just half an hour to an hour.” Ten years ago, his maid of honor Sabine gave him the taste of trying longer distances.

For the freeway run

There was a goal worth striving for: participation in the Via Carolina opening event, the run before the A6 motorway was opened, to which Chancellor Angela Merkel herself traveled. At that time, Stefan Falter, born in Amberg and living in Weiden, did not know that it would lead him professionally to the market town of Wernberg-Köblitz five years later. He bought himself a book for the run. Author Herbert Steffny is “one of the greats in the field of athletics”. Falter prepared, ran four to five times a week after work and on weekends. He followed Steffny’s instructions exactly. Falter covered the 21.098 kilometers in the A6 run just under two hours. “After that I felt really bad,” he remembers: “Typical beginner’s mistake, I started too quickly.” What remained was the enthusiasm for long-distance runs. He was involved in the Regensburg Marathon, in Hamburg, Berlin, Salzburg and Vienna, also as a relay runner in Roth.

Stefan Falter follows exactly the plans of his Weiden trainer Stephan Loew. In addition, there is a conscious diet. He came back from Honolulu “under 80 kilos”. “I’ve had 94 before.” Running the marathon is a way for the 51-year-old to stay fit, but also to cope with stress and to be more balanced. “When I run I don’t think of anything else.”

Extreme headwind

The couple had already vacationed twice on Hawaii, this year they were to be linked to the Honolulu Run, the fourth largest marathon in America. The booking was made through Ali Schneider, a provider of marathon travel. This way, the starting places are made clear beforehand. A group of 40 got on the plane.

Stefan Falter and his wife spent two days in San Francisco before island hopping was popular: to Kauai, Maui, Big Island – where the famous Ironman Triathlon takes place – and Oahu. Training took place a few days before the run. The sweat flowed in extreme humidity. But you never run the entire route in advance. “Since I’ve been training slower, I’ve run faster in competition,” Stefan Falter quotes Ethiopian world record long-distance runner Haile Gebrselassie. “Whereby another house number was slower for him.”

In Honolulu, after a great firework display, the starting signal was given at 5 a.m. due to the heat. The route became a challenge: “In Germany the race would have been canceled due to a storm. I had never had to hold onto my cap before on any run,” Falter describes the extreme headwind. But then the goal was in front of him: in Kapiolani Park on the world-famous Waikiki Beach – and there all effort was forgotten.

Happy about the accomplishments: Stefan Falter and his wife Daniela Krämer in Honolulu.

Image: exb

Hawaii Marathon 2018:

Hawaii Marathon 2018

On the marathon day you have to get up early. At 20 degrees it goes to the Ala Moana Beach Park. Start at 5 a.m. due to the rather high daily temperatures. The attraction at the start of the huge field of runners with around 30,000 starters is fantastic fireworks. The route then runs past the Aloha Tower across Honolulu at night across Ala Moana Boulevard and Kalakaua Avenue past the world-famous Waikiki Beach, at the end of which the marathon runners leave Kapiolani Park with the finish area on the right and the ten Mileage runners have reached their destination. It continues a bit uphill, almost over the foot of the “Diamond Head”. If you are not traveling too quickly, the sun rises here and you have a fantastic view over the almost endless Pacific. The runners reach the Kalanianiole Higway at around 18.5 km. This is a “oncoming traffic route”, on which the normal runner meets the eventual winner.

If you leave the highway on the way back at km 35, you walk through a beautiful, partly shady residential area. It is time to unwind and regain strength, because the “Diamond Head” lies in front of you again. But from the apex, it’s almost always downhill for a mile. And then it is there, the home stretch at Kapiolani Park on Waikiki Beach.

Maître Gims compares himself to Michael Jackson … and gets lynched on social networks

“Let the time do its work …”. What did Maître Gims mean? The singer posted this enigmatic phrase on Instagram Friday, accompanying it with a snapshot where we see the portrait of the interpreter of Saped like never before next to that of Michael Jackson. A wobbly comparison with the “King of pop”, judged many Internet users, not hesitating to attack the rapper in the comment section.

“Michael is a legend, and you are far from having his level”, reframes a surfer. “Molo, compare yourself to the king of pop, stop!” Advises another. “Gims, are you embarking on a career as a comedian?” Asks a third, believing it to be a joke. “Proud, why are you swelling like this?” asks a user of the social network, while many others notice “the watermelon” or “the melon” of Gandhi Djuna, alias Master Gims.

Direction l’international

“He doesn’t compare to Michael Jackson on the contrary. Gims shows that his work pays and that he is lucky to see his photo next to that of a global and timeless icon of the song, ”notes a user, defending the singer. “Master Gims does not compare himself to Michael Jackson, he just implies that he will follow in his footsteps !!! Neither more nor months !!! MJ remains a model for a large number of singers, ”says another.

Released last March, his third album Black belt , has sold more than 500,000 copies in France, receiving diamond certification. In this record, the former member of Sexion d’Assaut moves away from his rap roots to try his hand at variety, while continuing collaborations with current singers such as Sofiane, Orelsan, Vianney or his brother Dadju. Gandhi Djuna also got closer to international artists, the time of two “featurings” with Lil Wayne, then Sting and Shaggy in their collaborative album.

● Listen to Gotta “Get Back My Baby” by Sting and Shaggy, with Maître Gims:


Column of a student at Columbia # 7 – Humor or identity, you have to choose

There must be some comical aspects to the identity crisis that is ravaging American university campuses today. For once, Columbia took care not to issue one of its innumerable press releases, after the evening of November 30 turned into ridiculous situations. The Asian-American Alliance gave its annual charity gala called “cultureSHOCK”. The guest of honor was the Indo-American author Nimesh Patel, who has been part of the famous entertainment show since 2017 Saturday Night Live broadcast for 40 years by the NBC channel and followed on average by eight million viewers. You can’t get more anti-conservative, and that’s where the situation gets funny.

Barely thirty minutes after the start of the evening, Patel was suddenly interrupted by the organizers and fired manu militari from the campus in an atmosphere of hoots and dismay. He had just made a joke too many, before an assembly already frozen from his first speech. The iceberg that sank this Titanic was an evocation of his own experience of diversity in New York. And to launch about one of his black and gay neighbors: “Come on, being gay, that cannot be a choice, nobody looks in the mirror and thinks: This thing of being black is too easy, just let me add something. Amazed by the reactions of the students and by his expulsion, the comic, before leaving the scene, wanted to advise his audience to learn to confront “real life”, but his microphone was cut and his departure d ‘all the more rushed.

A week later, the scandalous man broke out of a platform in the New york times where he expresses his discomfort: “This joke, I repeated it several times in New York clubs filled with gays, blacks and students. I did not hesitate to use it in a room full of young intelligent and progressive adults. I kept going and started laughing again. Five minutes later, I was asked to leave. I left the stage, silent and angry. I was shocked. During the drive to another show, all the pictures of today’s students were going through my mind: are these students that nice? This is where we are with overprotected minds! Everyone is so easily offended! Jerry Seinfeld was right when he said a few years ago that kids in universities “don’t know what they’re talking about”. “

“The inclusive spirit” if nothing

But what was Patel thinking when he agreed to perform at Columbia? He is no stranger to academia – he graduated from prestigious New York University and earned a degree in Finance. It may be that his meteoric rise made him forget for a moment that “real life” is being reinvented on campus. Since then, the Asian-American Alliance has continued to apologize for “the injury these words have caused”, saying they went against “the inclusive spirit”. A torrent of comments has spread on social networks and student publications. For one, “If you are black and gay, you don’t need a South Asian guy to tell you that your life is difficult because you are black and gay”. Another did not digest the final remark on “real life”: “I hate older people telling us that our generation must be exposed to the real world. When older generations say that we have to stop being so sensitive, it’s like undermining what our generation is trying to do to accept others and make them feel safer. A student still dared to write: “This incident shows a disturbing attitude at Columbia, an attitude that threatens comedy as part of freedom of expression on campus. And the problem, indeed, is that freedom of expression has become a source of insecurity in Columbia.

Moment of inattention

I experienced it – fortunately very early, during my first semester in 2016. I participated every week in a program intended for students wishing to share their university experience. During a moment of relaxation where we changed our ideas by talking about everything and nothing, I let out a note of humor about the irreplaceable presenter of North Korean television news, Ri Chun-hee . Alas for me, there was no Korean student in this group – they are the first to have fun with the funny lady. Icy silence, closed faces, diverted looks except that of the educational adviser who shoots me. You quickly learn, at Columbia, the gravity of a moment of inattention.

Columbia has around 4,000 Asian students, more than 11% of the total, making it the largest so-called minority group. Where I must now justify myself is that I am going to be guilty of stereotype: I no longer count the hours spent on the data obsessively produced by our professors and researchers, used to explain to students that all their impressions are false. However, empirically, I have always found students of Asian origin to be extremely moderate and focused on their studies. I took many specialized courses on Indochina, the Vietnam War, the Khmer Rouge genocide or the internments of people of Asian origin in the United States after Pearl Harbor, not once did I see one student concerned first raise a controversy himself, and it is not for lack of being exposed long time to the monstrosities of the Western world against everything that is not white.


I have just reviewed two years of publications to prepare this column, and I cannot change my guilty perception. I also came across this column published by a Chinese student, on December 2, about a Facebook group called “subtle Asian traits”. The student explains that this group of 800,000 members – including 2,000 Asian students from Columbia – caused a scandal among Asian American students. It basically consists of memes, jokes and simple comments, the majority of the content relating to food, “often in the form of debates on the best type of Asian noodles,” she writes. In a calm tone, she gives her feeling: “The subtle Asian features are important because they are a community for those of us who are not part of major Asian cultural groups like the Korean Students Association or the Chinese Students Club. (…) When I see someone online sharing this experience – like buying a specific type of hot sauce or playing Gaia Online at the age of nine – I feel strangely validated. It’s like I can finally share or see my experiences represented in a visible way that encompasses not only the Asian community of Columbia, but also the Asian community around the world. (…) The subtle Asian features have made many Asians proud of the little things that make us Asian. But his last remark is the most significant: “I implore you, Asian Americans: find comfort in these little things and be proud, however you choose to be Asian.” In an environment where it is so easy to get lost and lonely, maybe these little things are exactly what we need. This counter-revolutionary platform has only increased the surrounding rage which urges Asian students to submit to the violent identity claim which is in order.

Duty of anger

As another Columbia student wrote very well about this “liberal stronghold,” he “converts political and societal interpretations of the left and liberalism into unquestionable dogma. Certain beliefs, such as the idea that the United States is structurally biased against minorities or that feminism on campus is an undoubtedly good thing, can be asserted without justification. And this is where the shoe pinches indeed. Because by inviting Nimesh Patel, some Asian students have obviously forgotten the “duty of anger” that is that of students at Columbia, and their comrades do not fail to remind them.

The comedians, in reality, are not always where one believes, even if it is, on their part, involuntary. At the beginning of October, the eminent professor Gayatri Chakravorty, co-founder at Columbia of the Institute for Comparative Literature and Society, warned the students during a conference. Quote: “Although identity politics can create a feeling of unity among the different diasporas, they overlook the many divisions existing within a diaspora. »Decryption: just because you are black does not mean that the black man next door is your friend. Quote: “Don’t stay narcissistically focused on yourself. It is a very Eurocentric position. Decryption: yes, evil comes from the European world, but do not do like it, do not love yourself, because it is an offense against others. Quote: “Do not follow an established pattern, because future generations will diagnose you. »Decryption? Impossible. So try to explain to someone who is not dogmatic how to set identities on fire is preparing a world of tolerance. Nimesh Patel has foolishly ignored that humor can no longer exist in this elite made of snipers ready to fly – including against his own – for a smile.

* French journalist and author of several political biographies, including the last devoted to President Kennedy, Kennedy or the invention of lies (Editions de l’Archipel), Stéphane Trano decided to settle in the United States and to resume, at the age of 40, studies at Columbia University. At present, he is a third year student in history and political science at the School of General Studies at Columbia University in New York, specializing in the history of civil and military conflicts, terrorism and counterterrorism, crisis resolution.

Student in a coma after her baptism: three of her fellow accused

Three veterinary medicine students from the University of Liège were charged with inhuman treatment at the end of June by the Marche prosecutor’s office for having forced a young student to drink 10 liters of water as part of her baptism last September, we learn. Tuesday in the newspapers of the Sudpresse group and in Le Soir.

The young Frenchwoman had been hospitalized a few hours later, and, suffering from a cerebral edema, she had been plunged into a coma for three days. The three young people involved are the two godparents and the girl’s baptismal godmother. Two of them are accused of degrading treatment for having forced her to eat dog food, it is explained to the Marche prosecutor’s office.

And all three are charged with inhuman treatment for forcing her to drink several liters of water, as well as unintentional assault and battery.

A supporter of the belgian is still retained in Brazil

Dominique Rous had gone to Brazil support the Red Devils with his son, Matthew. En route to the quarter-finals of the Devils against Argentina, he has committed a road accident, report our colleagues from Het Laatste Nieuws. Wanting to pass a truck on a road, dual-band, Dominique is then faced with a vehicle coming in the opposite direction. Dominique has done everything to avoid the worst, but the impact between the two vehicles was inevitable. The passenger of the other vehicle died.

Since then, arrested by the police and stripped of his passport, the Bruges 46-year-old is held in Brazil. His son Matthew, who was beside him in the car and has suffered a quintuple fracture of the leg, was able to return home. Matthew, in revalidation, calls his father every day: “I call at least once per day to show that I still support it. He is completely alone there, and has no notion of Portuguese.”

Dominique is currently housed in a rental apartment in Rio de Janeiro, waiting to collect his passport. Dominique doesn’t understand. “The judge of the locality of Posse has decided not to make me the passport. My lawyers and I have filed an appeal against this decision. They have good hope”, he said.

“It is now necessary to wait for the appeal decision. There are two possible options. Either a single judge will review the case and take a decision within two weeks. A new judge considers ought to be assisted by a ‘council’, and in this case, the judgment will not be made in one month”says t-it.

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New Orleans is over, we must go

Never cautious when it comes to balancing his opinion like a big cobblestone in the pond, Kevin Garnett spoke at USA TodaY regarding Anthony Davis. The New Orleans years? For KG, this must be done, that’s it.

If there is one who is in the ideal position to discuss all this with AD, it is Mr. Garnett. Not that he’s the most relevant veteran in human history, but when you see the seat Davis has been sitting in for years, it sure reminds us of someone. A winger, with an all-time talent, of rare versatility, who gets high in a small market, to try to make a name for himself and go far in the spring, all that to get screwed by the superteams in May? Yes, KG knew that well. His first 7 appearances in the Playoffs ended with an elimination in the first round, by lack of luck, by lack of great players around him, by self-sacrifice in this galley, too. Then, the Wolves will spin some real good stuff to Garnett and the animal will become MVP, in addition to touching the Conference Finals in 2004 in the West. This is the peak that Kevin will reach in Minnesota, before being transferred three years later to the Celtics where he will become champion. Today ? Anthony Davis can look at Garnett’s career and ask himself a few questions. Does he want to leave Louisiana right away, not necessarily. Does he want to follow the trend by joining another big client via a transfer, rather than hoping his management will surround him well, not sure. But does Anthony Davis want a ring above all else? Yes, that’s it. And the more the days pass with the Pels, the more sighs follow in the All-Star clan who, we can think what we want, will not win a title this season. He probably won’t make the NBA Finals, or even the Conference Finals. Suddenly, Garnett prefers to anticipate and was clear with his little protégé: don’t make the same mistake as me.

“I told him that, straight in his eyes. You don’t play against the guys you meet every night, you play against history man. […] When Anthony Davis plays in New Orleans, I don’t mean it’s wasted days, but it’s non-days actually. He has to play in a team where he can play with another great player, and fight to win a title. He’s been in New Orleans long enough. It’s time for a change now. It’s over. And there is no better timing to do it. “

Knock knock, LeBron? The Lakers cyborg must be smiling when he sees the speech given by KG, his former Eastern Conference rival. Because he knows it better than anyone, especially after having defeated the Warriors for Christmas Eve, the franchise in Los Angeles has everything it takes to offer AD the platform that will allow him to play in June. With the best player in the world by his side, young people who will get high, the hegemony of Golden State questioned and a future of domination to be created in the West, the stars are lining up above Davis. There is this lingering rumor, which sees Anthony Davis join the Lakers in the coming months. But to do this, we will have to hurry. Because as some have seen or understood in our various files and Apéros, Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka will have to settle this matter as soon as possible, in order to avoid the arrival of a competitor in the negotiations. Hello Boston? Hello Boston, unable to make any deal currently concerning Davis, but who will be able to lie down on his stomach in July and offer wonders of counterpart to the management of New Orleans. Every minute that passes is a lost minute for the Lakers, every game played with the Pelicans is a potential last for the multiple All-Star.

Anthony Davis may not follow the same path as Kevin Garnett, who had to wait until he was 31 before playing for a real team allowing him to aim for the title. Lakers, Celtics or others, it’s time to bet on the future of a talent like we have rarely seen in the NBA.

Source : USA Today

Disfigured in a road accident, he inherits a new face thanks to a 3D printer

Victim of several facial fractures following a road accident, the Welshman Stephen Power has recovered an appearance close to that before the accident thanks to titanium implants printed in three dimensions. “What is really innovative in this case is that we used 3D throughout the process: to cut the bones, reconstruct the face then, to create the implants with great precision. The results are much better than everything we’ve done before. It’s incomparable. It allows us to be much more precise, “Adrian Sugar, the surgeon who operated on Stephen Power, told the BBC.

The patient is also delighted with the results of the operation. “It changed my life. I directly saw the difference when I woke up,” he said.