6LACK – East Atlanta Love Letter

Revealed in 2016 with his opus Free 6lack, 6lack is back with a new project: East Atlanta Love Letter. An ode to his hometown but also an opportunity for the one who recently became a father to take stock. More than an album, a real therapy.

I turned a nightmare right into a dream

He also raised in zone 6 of Atlanta, 6lack is nothing new Gucci Mane. More influenced by the smooth jazz of Sade and the nu-soul ofErykah Badu | that by the violence of the districts, Ricardo Valentine of his real name, remains a disillusioned former kid who sees his entourage go up in smoke, squatting the concrete of the prisons or the engraved stones of the cemeteries. Introduced to music by his father, Valentine quickly turned to rap and distinguished himself in battles at college in which he faced other kids in the neighborhood, including a certain Young Thug. A passion that drives him to pack his bags in 2011, heading for the Miami sun. Then aged 19, he signed with International Music Group, label of Flo Rida. Luxury cars and over-equipped studio, such are the promises made to the young artist, on one condition: drop this R’n’B that he loves so much in favor of more pop, more “bankable” music. Trapped and unable to meet these unnatural requirements, he quickly found himself up against the wall with a label that did not want to make him grow or let him go. Five years of hardship, hunger and uncertain nights followed, spent outside or in the studio.

There is no question for Ricardo to give up his dreams: he will be a rapper, no matter what he has to go through and this episode will not be the last. Finished International Music Group and Miami, 6lack now joins LoveRenaissance and Interscope Records, a big team that we no longer present. The real adventure begins, with Free 6lack, the artist’s first studio album, and his flagship track “Prblms”. On the cover of the project, the tone is set: the rapper poses serene next to a bear, symbol of quiet strength, which he also loathes tattooed on his hand. The success is with go since the album is found 34th on the Billboard and will be worth to him a tour in company of The Weeknd and 2 Grammy nominations. A big hit in the raposphere that sits 6lack’s soaring style.

East Atlanta Love Letter

A successful first album is necessarily accompanied by thousands of pairs of eyes (and ears) on the lookout for the next success … or the last crash. What about thenEast Atlanta Love Letter, in which the artist engages more than ever?

Between FREE 6LACK and East Atlanta Love Letter, two years have passed and in two years in a man’s life many things can happen. This period transformed 6lack from a young R’n’B prodigy to a thoughtful and confident dad. A recent paternity which largely influenced this second opus and which is confirmed, among other things, by the cover of the album on which he staged himself in a “home-made” studio carrying his daughter, Syx Rose Valentine.

The responsibilities are not the same, nor the way of creating. He who claimed to be too selfish because too much in love and devoted to his art must now refocus his priorities and integrate his daughter into the equation of his life. He declares it by asserting “Music will never make me smile like my daughter can”.

Composed of 14 tracks, the album will not be a musical metamorphosis for 6lack, but all the more affirms the trajectory that he has always tried to take.

Unsurprisingly, we find the same gliding and dark atmosphere in which Ricardo comes to expose pain and sorrows. 6lack’s great strength lies in this R’n’B with its deep trap nuances. Without being the greatest of singers, he succeeds in producing a perfect homogeneity between the production and the voice which manages to snatch the listener into a melancholy whirlwind from which it is difficult to escape.

On the production side, we find Created, (the French having worked for Drake, Lomepal or Nekfeu) which signs the titles “Nonchalant” and “Unfair”. T-Minus, Bizness Boi or Jakob Rabitsch (very present on FREE 6LACK) are also in the game.

The other particularity of this opus is the meager presence of featurings. Relatively appreciable concept, Ricardo simply surrounds himself with four guests and turns to a casting of the most prestigious. Future comes to lend his voice on the eponymous title of the album while J.Cole, Offset and Khalid are responsible for completing the guest list.

The project is marked by a soft and refined overall atmosphere, interspersed with titles more shaped for radio stations (“Balenciaga Challenge”, “East Atlanta Love Letter”). Side texts, the sincerity and humanity of 6lack observed on his first project are confirmed more on this last. He claims to have written the album himself with a view to helping people with social anxieties and difficulties with the word “perspective” as a starting point on a whiteboard. A positive approach in which 6lack lays bare its difficulties and fears and opens the door to communication as a solution, music as therapy.

And as if the musical aspect was not enough to convince, Ricardo manages to bring his album to another dimension through the various clips. The most convincing example is the video for “Nonchalant”, the album’s second single, where the calm vibe of the song perfectly matches the tranquility of the shots filmed in Iceland. Icebergs, geysers and waterfalls reinforce the reassuring message of the rapper from Atlanta who understands with intelligence and finesse the exercise of visual staging of his songs.

Baby, I’ma love you like a stan, stan, stan

Marked by strong moments mixing social problems, romantic failures and declarations to those close to him, this introspection into the mind of the native of Atlanta is a convincing success, to such an extent that 6lack wonders if his link with his audience is partly due to the intimate aspect of his tracks.

Damn, do i even have the fans for this shit ?
to be rapping like this people understanding this shit
it’s demanding and shit, but i stand for these kids
like they stan for the kid, understand, how we clear

A dialogue undertaken with his fans with whom he does not hesitate to change places to declare his obsessive love for a woman on the last track of the album, “Stan”. The title is an obvious reference to the tube ofEminem and is built on a sample of the song “New Grave” by the American duo DJDS. Here, it’s Ricardo the frozen fan, the man who can love without limit. Because if the project oscillates between fears and revelations, it ends with a positive feeling, perhaps the most positive of all: love.

Pasta with crickets [vidéo] | News | The Nouvelliste

Ready, not ready, stop at nothing to inform our loyal readers, the photographer of Le Nouvelliste, François Gervais and myself are starting the tasting. Quite quickly, we agree that the pre-baking taste is reminiscent of certain brands of dry cookies. “Did you know that cricket pasta is rich in iron and calcium?” Our guests point out, as if to encourage us to taste it well.

Coop to expand its logistics center in Aclens

The plant is now accessible via the new cantonal road 177, which links it directly to the Cossonay motorway exit. The current building is being redeveloped. A second building will see the light of day. Upstairs, it will house the administrative department of Coop Suisse romande, currently based in Renens.

This centralization will provide a modern, spacious and close to nature working tool for administrative staff, Coop said in a press release on Monday. More than 300 people will join the approximately 550 current employees at the Aclens site.

The gradual opening of the new building is scheduled for early 2022. The shutdown of the La Chaux-de-Fonds (NE) logistics center and the transfer of employees from this site will take place during the second half of the year. of 2022, specifies Coop.

“The evolutions of the company announce the death of the hypermarket”

VIDEO INTERVIEW – The former boss of Système U delivers an uncompromising analysis of the situation of food distributors in France.

After thirteen years at the head of Système U, Serge Papin left the group of independent traders in May. Now a consultant, this connoisseur of food distribution, whose upheavals he has experienced, has even greater freedom of speech. What to deliver a scathing analysis, at a time when the French distribution giants are going through serious turbulence. Despite major strategic announcements in recent months (alliances with Amazon, Ocado and Google) and good commercial performance published in recent days, Casino and Carrefour share prices are struggling to rise significantly. Amazon, for its part, has jumped 40% since January, despite falling 8% last week.

LE FIGARO – How do you explain the market’s mistrust of French distributors, while they praise Amazon?

SERGE PAPIN. –Commerce is only a reflection of society. Amazon corresponds to the modernity of the time. It’s no more

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Pink October: our 9 essentials to support the fight against breast cancer

Like a booster shot, Pink October helps us remember each year that breast cancer still threatens one in eight women in her lifetime. Together, associations, organizations and brands of all kinds work together to inform and educate women about screening, but also to support research. Take a look at the horizons of these labels who are committed to a good cause!

T-shirt You Go Girl, Orta

The brand made in Brussels Orta has designed a t-shirt with the message “You go girl”, with the aim of supporting the fight against cancer. This t-shirt will go on sale on Sunday October 11 at 11 a.m. at a price of € 45, and 15% of the sale price will be donated to the Gustave Roussy Institute, the leading European center for the fight against cancer. And not to spoil anything, the t-shirt is super hot.


T-shirt You Go Girl d’Orta, 45 €, disponible sur orta-store.com.

Necklace La Femme, Aroz

Because the two sisters who created the brand have recently been closely affected by the disease, they have decided to support the fight against breast cancer by creating a necklace, in limited edition. It is sold for € 80, of which € 20 will be donated to the Think Pink association.

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Collier Boobies Aroz x Think Pink, 80€, disponible sur aroz.com.

The Intense Regeneration Cream, The Sea

La Mer will donate 50% of the amount of the purchase of its 30ml Intense Regeneration Cream to the Ruban Rose association from October 1, 2020 to October 31, 2020. This luxurious rich cream, one of the brand’s bestsellers, moisturizes in depth, soothes and nourishes dry skin. The opportunity to really pamper yourself this fall, while doing a good deed …

La Mer Intense Regeneration Cream, 30 ml, € 160, available on cremedelamer.fr.

Hand relief moisturizer with cherry almond aroma

This rich cream deeply hydrates dry hands thanks to andiroba oil and other nourishing plant components. For the purchase of a 150ml Pink Ribbon Hand Relief Hand Cream, € 3.50 will be donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Aveda hand relief moisturizer, € 26.50, available on aveda.eu.

Masques Think Pink

Think Pink Belgium sells fabric masks to protect those around you from the coronavirus. A mask costs 2.49 euros, so a pack of 10 costs 24.90 €. All proceeds go to Think Pink Belgium and therefore to the fight against breast cancer!

Pack of 10 Think Pink masks, € 24.90, available on think-pink.be.

Mascara Scandalous Lash Extreme Volume de BE Creative Make Up, Ici Paris XL

Like every year, Ici Paris XL stores are committed to the fight against breast cancer! This year, all Belgian and Luxembourg Ici Paris XL perfumeries will sell Think Pink ribbons at a price of € 1 per ribbon from September 18 to October 31, 2020.

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By Terry

The cosmetics brand By Terry will donate to the Ruban Rose association 10% of the profits from the Baume de Rose range and the CC serum foundation for each sale on the byterry.com site during the month of October 2020. Another one good reason to crack!

Baume de Rose range and CC serum primer by By Terry, available on byterry.com.

Pink October capsule, Sézane

Already well known for its ethics, its concrete and united actions in favor of education, access to culture and the fight for equal opportunities, Sézane is now looking into another issue. On the occasion of Pink October, the French brand is launching a new small capsule.

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10% of sales will be donated to the Gustave Roussy Institute for breast cancer research. A nice call to solidarity, all in style and softness. So neither one nor two, we treat ourselves to a pretty fall piece while doing a good deed!

Sézane pink october


October Rose Sézane capsule, available on sezane.com

The October beauty box, Blissim (ex-Birchbox)

As in previous years, Birchbox has decided to donate 100% of the profits from the limited edition box for this month of October to the “Ruban Rose” association. We also don’t forget that the start-up also offers the Even brand, a range of cosmetics and care products entirely designed for women affected by cancer on its e-shop.

And if the box does not appeal to you, you can add 1 € or more donation to your order of different products!

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Charlotte deprez See his articles>

Assumed foodie, obsessed with travel, photography and tech, always on the lookout for the latest Instagram trend that will revolutionize the world.

Tags: Breast cancer, Woman fight, Pink October, Health, Think pink.

Series … and men – Excerpt from the “HBO Concept”: A slogan sometimes frowned upon

To accompany the release of my essay “The HBO concept”, I suggest that you reproduce each week a symptomatic extract of the different themes addressed by the book. Today, a critical exercise in criticism itself, which consists in clarifying the contours and redefining a provocative slogan which is so often frowned upon: “It’s Not TV. It’s HBO. “

“” After all these years when HBO’s brand image
aimed to distinguish itself from that of networks, [Jeff] Bewkes and [Chris]
Albrecht made a major concession to the commercial television model: they
opted to broadcast episodes series on a weekly basis. ”

This remark by Christopher Anderson, pointing here
blame the hidden side of the strategic reversal operated by HBO in 1995, says
long on the incomprehension that could arouse the promotional campaign “non-televisual” launched officially by the chain as of the following year. Because the latter
never intended to cut bridges in an unacceptable way with his
medium – in essence, HBO East of television – in the same way as
the directors of the New Wave may have pilloried ” quality
French ” and papa’s cinema in the mid-1950s, they never used it
no less cameras and film to shoot their own films, and
movie theaters to screen them. Furthermore, we have seen that HBO did not have
waited for the year of grace 1995 to (co) produce and broadcast television series
in 30 or 45 minute format, which requires further nuancing of the “concession” to the commercial television model hastily denounced by Anderson.
By his ostentatious liberties and his will to change the face of
American television, it would be fairer to say that HBO is questioning the
TV series asart, most often considered minor in the
journalistic (non-specialized) and academic circles before
cable chain positioning premium in the niche market
of a series that wants to be both adult
and prestigious. “

The HBO concept. Raising the TV series to the level of art, by Benjamin Campion. Presses Universitaires François-Rabelais, coll. “Serial”. 234 pages, 25 €. ISBN: 978-2-86906-680-9.


From Beauce to Nashville: The Autobiography of Robby Johnson

October 28, 2018 – 04:00

By Maude Ouellet, Journalist

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Between shootings and recording sessions, Beauceron singer Robby Johnson has found the time to write a “mini autobiography”. He explains why, but more importantly how he ended up in Nashville in the spotlight.

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Robby Johnson presents “Until the end”, his first French album

Robby Johnson was visiting La Vieille Tablée to present his autobiography “From Beauce to Nashville, all dreams are allowed”. The book will be on shelves from October 31.

In this autobiography, the singer explains what motivated him to persevere in the country music industry. Lots of musicians come to Nashville each year, but many leave empty-handed.

Robby Johnson explains that writing this autobiography allowed him to revisit more exciting moments in his life like the Country Music Awards, but also more difficult moments with which he was able to make peace.