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NFL betting odds
Picture: The Kansas City Chiefs with quarterback young star Patrick Mahomes are the current Super Bowl Champion – and favorite for 2021. (© imago images / Icon SMI)

Who wins the Super Bowl LV? – Overview and comparison of the best NFL betting odds

The current NFL betting odds for the winner of the Super Bowl LV on February 7, 2021 in Tampa compared the sports betting providers.

Bet on the Super Bowl winner
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The current betting odds for the Super Bowl winner 2021:

* Odds as of April 22, 2020, 9:30 a.m. Information provided without guarantee. The quotas are subject to ongoing adjustments and may have changed in the meantime. This is just a selection, the complete list can be found at the betting provider.

Prediction: does Brady win the Super Bowl with Tampa?

Contents: NFL betting odds

Super Bowl LV on February 7, 2021

The Super Bowl LV is the 55th Super Bowl and thus the final of the 2020 season of the National Football League (NFL).

The game will be played on February 7, 2021 at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida.

Super Bowl in Tampa

Icon stadiumThe Raymond James Stadium has been the home ground of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers football team since September 20, 1998.

There have already been two NFL finals at this stadium: the Super Bowl XXXV (2001) and the Super Bowl XLIII in 2009.

Construction of the stadium began in October 1996 and cost $ 168.5 million.

The total capacity is 65,657 seats. There are 12,000 club places and 195 luxury places.

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The best NFL betting providers April 2020

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NFL: List of all Super Bowl winners

team Super Bowl victories Super Bowl finalist
New England Patriots 6 (last 2019) 5
Pittsburgh Steelers 6 (last 2009) 2nd
Dallas Cowboys 5 (last 1996) 3rd
San Francisco 49ers 5 (most recently 1995) 1
Green Bay Packers 4 (last 2011) 1
New York Giants 4 (last 2012) 1
Denver Broncos 3 (last 2016) 5
Oakland Raiders 3 (last 1984) 2nd
Washington Redskins 3 (last 1992) 2nd
Miami Dolphins 2 (last 1974) 3rd
Indianapolis Colts 2 (most recently 2007) 2nd
Baltimore Ravens 2 (last 2013) 0
Seattle Seahawks 1 (last 2014) 2nd
Los Angeles Rams 1 (most recently 2000) 3rd
Kansas City Chiefs 2 (most recently 2020) 2nd
Philadelphia Eagles 1 (last 2018) 2nd
Chicago Bears 1 (last 1986) 1
New Orleans Saints 1 (last 2010) 0
New York Jets 1 (last 1969) 0
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1 (most recently 2003) 0

NFL title defense: how often has it been?

So-called “back-to-back” championships (twice in succession) have so far already managed seven NFL teams.

The Green Bay Packers succeeded for the first time in 1966 and 1967, followed by the Miami Dolphins in 1972 and 1973 and the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1974 and 1975, and 1978 and 1979 respectively.

The San Francisco 49ers did this rare feat in 1988 and 1989, and in 1993 the Dallas Cowboys successfully defended their 1992 Super Bowl triumph.

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In 1998 the Denver Broncos defended their title from 1987 before the New England Patriots made it last time in 2003 and 2004.

3x in a row no team has been able to become NFL Superbowl Champion.

However, one team managed the “feat” 4x in a row to reach the final and lose all 4 (!) Super Bowls: the Buffalo Bills from 1990 to 1993.

Who has never been to the Super Bowl?

With the Cleveland Browns, Detroit Lions, Jacksonville Jaguars and Houston Texans, four of the teams currently playing in the NFL have never before entered the Super Bowl.

Was there a perfect season in the NFL?

Yes, in 1972/1973 the Miami Dolphins were the only team to enjoy a “perfect season” (season without defeat).

After 14 wins in regular time, they also won the following playoff games against the Cleveland Browns, or Pittsburgh Steelers, and the Super Bowl VII against the Washington Redskins.

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NFL teams, divisions, conferences of the 2019/20 season

32 teams take part in the 2019 NFL season. The 32 teams are divided into two conferences – 16 teams form the American Football Conference (AFC) and 16 teams form the National Football Conference (NFC).

Each conference is divided into four divisions – East, South, North, West.

Note: The best betting providers for NFL betting also have long-term bets for the conference winners or division winners within their NFL betting odds!


AFC East AFC North AFC South AFC West
Buffalo Bills Baltimore Ravens Houston Texans Denver Broncos
Miami Dolphins Cincinnati Bengals Indianapolis Colts Kansas City Chiefs
New England Patriots Cleveland Browns Jacksonville Jaguars Los Angeles Chargers
New York Jets Pittsburgh Steelers Tennessee Titans Oakland Raiders

Quote 2.50 Titans Concerence winner

* Providers Betway in the test | Odds as of 6.1.2020, 9:15 a.m. Information provided without guarantee. The quotas are subject to ongoing adjustments and may have changed in the meantime. Terms and Conditions apply 18+->


NFC East NFC North NFC South NFC West
Dallas Cowboys Chicago Bears Atlanta Falcons Arizona Cardinals
New York Giants Detroit Lions Carolina Panthers Los Angeles Rams
Philadelphia Eagles Green Bay Packers New Orleans Saints San Francisco 49ers
Washington Redskins Minnesota Vikings Tampa Bay Buccaneers Seattle Seahawks

Quote 1.35 49ers Concerence winner

* Providers Betway in the test | Odds as of 6.1.2020, 9:15 a.m. Information provided without guarantee. The quotas are subject to ongoing adjustments and may have changed in the meantime. Terms and Conditions apply 18+->

The NFL mode for the regular season

Both a home and an away game are played against each team in their own division (six games).

As part of the annual rotation, four games are played against the teams of a division from their own conference (intraconference) and four games against the teams of a division from the opposing conference (interconference).

The last two matches will be played against the teams from their own conference, which achieved the same final position in the division in the 2018 season and are not already determined as opponents by the annual rotation.

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NFL schedule season 2020/21

The season is expected to begin on September 10, 2020 with the Regular Season and is scheduled to end on February 7, 2021 with the Super Bowl LV at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida.

There is an innovation: The Oakland Raiders moved to Paradise, Nevada, near Las Vegas, before the start of the season and became the Las Vegas Raiders.

This makes them the first NFL team to be based in the state of Nevada. In Las Vegas, the Raiders will play at Allegiant Stadium

32 teams will play in a total of 256 games within the 17th week of the game to move into the play-offs. Each team has to complete 16 games.

The play-offs will start on January 9, 2021 with the Wild Card Round

NFL Playoffs Schedule – from Wildcard Round to Super Bowl

The play-offs will start on January 9, 2021.

The play-offs consist of the Wild Card Round, the Divisional Playoffs, the Championship Games and the Super Bowl.

Wild Card Round

The first round of play-offs, which is called “wild card games” in technical jargon, corresponds roughly to a round of 16.

In this round, teams # 1 and # 2 of each conference always have a walk-through (they only start in the divisional playoffs, i.e. the next knockout round).

In the Wild Card Games, Team # 3 will compete against Team # 6 at home in both conferences. Team # 4 will play Team # 5 at home.

The four winners of the WC round are in the Divisional Round.

Divisional Round

This round corresponds to a quarter-finals.

Team # 1 and Team # 2 from the basic round now intervene again. They also have a home advantage.

# 1 competes against the worse winning team of the Wild Card Round in the regular season. Accordingly, # 2 plays against the winning team with the better record.

Championship games

In the semifinals, the Championship Games, there are only two teams in each conference.

The winners of the Divisional Playoffs play out the respective conference champion in the Championship Games (“semi-finals”), who then moves into the Super Bowl.

The winners will be in the Super Bowl LIV on February 2, 2020 in Miami.

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NFL 2020/21 on TV – live dates, broadcasts, stations & live stream

ProSieben, ProSieben MAXX and broadcast at least three seasonal games on each of the 17 match days: two on TV, one exclusively in the livestream.

In addition, the streaming service DAZN regularly broadcasts games from the current NFL season.

By the way, there has been recently Unibet to see every NFL game in live stream:

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NFL betting odds
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Watch NFL live streams at Unibet!

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NFL free bets & promotions

The NFL season is one of the most important betting markets for the sports betting industry every year – which is why it stops the best betting providers for NFL betting here especially year after year.

They offer new and existing customers many different and attractive promotions, be it free bets or cashback offers.

Super Bowl odds boost at Betsson

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Super Bowl Freebets at Bwin

The Austrian bookmaker Bwin comes up with two freebet promotions for the Super Bwol LIV.

One € 5 Freebet is exclusively for new customers – the other is also available to existing customers!

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Pick up € 5 freebet here

In the second Super Bowl free betting campaign from Bwin there is a free bet for the second half for every touchdown that is scored in the first half.

The prerequisites for this are quite simple:

Easy here on the Bwin website Register for this promotion and then place a single bet on the big NFL final before the start of the game with a minimum odds of 1.70 & a minimum bet of € 20 or € 50.

Super Bowl Freebet (s) per TD at Bwin

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Secure freebets here

Regardless of whether the bet is won or lost – depending on the bet, the tipster receives either a € 2 freebet as a live bet for the second half or a € 5 free bet per TD in the first half.

  • At minimum stake € 20 ➜ € 2 freebet per TD in 1st half
  • At minimum stake 50 € ➜ 5 € freebet per TD in 1st half

  • € 50 risk free bet at Ohmbet

    Sports betting provider Ohmbet, who is not yet well known in Germany, has a top offer for Super Bowl 2020:

    A risk-free bet worth 50 euros!

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    Secure 50 € free bet now

    Interwetten: Risk-free betting – cashback guarantee

    The Austrian online betting provider Interwetten gives everyone a risk-free bet!

    That means: If the previously placed bet is lost, the stake will be refunded!

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    10 euros freebet at Betano for the NFL:

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    NFL betting – fun and long-term betting up to the Super Bowl

    Then there are some interesting, weird / crazy fun bets, especially for the Super Bowl – here are a few examples:

    Which team wins the coin toss before the game?

    Which head coach does a challenge first (requires video evidence)?

    Which player does the most rushing yards during the regular season?

    Which player does the most running yards during the regular season?

    Which player throws the most touchdown passes in the game?

    Which team commits the first violation (yellow flag) or most violations?

    Does the interpreter of the national anthem make a mistake?

    How long does the hymn interpretation take?

    How many / which outfits does the performer of the halftime show wear?

    Who is the Super Bowl MVP thanking first in his acceptance speech (God, his coach, his parents, his mother, his wife)?

    NFL special bets at Betano
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    NFL betting odds – who will become Super Bowl MVP?

    One of the most popular markets in the NFL betting odds is one that is not related to the team but to the individual player – the Super Bowl MVP bet.

    The player who, in the opinion of a jury made up of media representatives, has the largest share in the respective game result is selected.

    For some years now, viewers have also had the opportunity to influence the award. By Internet voting, their total share in the decision is 20%, the remaining 80% remain with the media representatives.

    The winners of the MVP Award (since 1991 the award, in the technical jargon Pete Rozelle Trophy, named after the same-named and former NFL commissioner Pete Rozelle) come almost exclusively from the ranks of the winning teams.

    Icon EditChuck Howley is the only MVP of an inferior team so far – the Dallas Cowboys lost 13:16 in the Super Bowl V against the Baltimore Colts.

    So far, 42 offensive players, but only 10 defensive players, have been awarded this prize since 1967. The most successful player is Tom Brady with four awards.

    The Dallas Cowboys and the Pittsburgh Steelers each presented the MVP six times.

    Betting friends Note: Especially long-term tipsters with a good nose can make a big profit here. Because the odds for the Super Bowl MVP are of course very high before the start of the season and far more lucrative than right before the big finale.

    NFL betting odds for the quarterbacks

    The NFL is a so-called “quarterback league” – this means: Success and failure largely depends on the quality and form of the quarterback. Thus, the “playmaker” has a very special meaning.

    That is why the betting providers that rank among the best in the industry in NFL betting also have bets on the quarterbacks in the standard repertoire!

    Mahomes vs Garoppolo: comparison & stats

    How about: How many touchdown passes does the quarterback throw in the game or how many yards does the quarterback throw in the game?

    For an overview, we use the statistics of the current season to present the quarterbacks of the two teams that will appear in the Super Bowl LIV:

    The playoff stats 2019 of the QBs in comparison

    Stats postseason Jimmy Garoppolo (49ers) Patrick Mahomes (Chiefs)
    Games: 2nd 2nd
    TDs: 1 8th
    INTs: 1 0
    Yards: 208 615
    Comp. Pct .: 63.0% 65.7%
    Passer rating: 83.6 131.5
    Total QBR: 47.2 95.5
    Sacks: 3rd 2nd

    The Regular Season 2019 stats of the QBs in comparison

    Stats Regular Season Jimmy Garoppolo (49ers) Patrick Mahomes (Chiefs)
    Games: 16 14
    TDs: 27 26
    INTs: 13 5
    Yards: 3,978 4,031
    Yds / Gm: 248.6 287.9
    Comp. Pct .: 69.1% 65.9%
    Passer rating: 102.0 105.3
    Total QBR 58.8 76.3
    Sacks: 36 17th

    NFL Live Betting – Regular Season, Playoffs & at the Super Bowl

    When, if not at one of the greatest sporting events in the world, with hundreds of millions of viewers watching live worldwide, are live bets the big issue?

    Right – with NFL bets, live bets are very high on the popularity scale of betting fans.

    Icon Mobile - cell phoneAmerican football in particular, and the NFL in particular, is made for live betting:

    A drive (“attack”) of a team can sometimes take a very long time, and this can either be completed with a touchdown, a field goal, or it can go completely wrong.

    This is where live betting comes into play.

    The course of the game is relatively predictable – often easier than in football or tennis – and thus the chance to land real live tips increases.

    Best betting provider for NFL betting

    There are also many interruptions that can be used not only for studying statistics, but also for careful consideration and placement of bets. Everything is much faster in football, ice hockey or tennis.

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    Betting assistance for NFL betting

    American football is a bit more complex than “conventional” football – especially for newcomers and those who don’t watch or type regularly.

    That is why we offer betting friends at NFL betting aid a little help to everyone interested!

    Here is a brief overview of the most important types of betting in NFL betting:

    Two way bet: Probably the most important and most placed bet on an NFL game – who wins (no matter when and how)?

    Three way bet (1X2): It is rare, but there is also a tie for NFL games. In a three-way bet, such as in football, you can bet on a draw. Because of the rarity, the odds are very high.

    Handicap bet: Be in US sports Handicap betting also called spread betting, but it is the same: the supposedly weaker team gets a virtual lead (e.g. 7 points)

    Halftime bet: In this bet, the result is scored at half-way.

    Even odd: With these bets – also under Over / Under betting known, is bet on the sum of the points scored by both teams. Example: Over 31.5 points in the game.

    Touchdown betting: Which team scores the first touchdown? Will the first touchdown be achieved (run or pass)? Which team scores more touchdowns? Over / under bets (e.g. over 3.5 touchdowns in the game for team X) are common here.

    Test winner in the category sports betting bonus:

    To the betting provider comparison

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    Columbia renews its contract for 3 years with the UTMB

    This Thursday on the sidelines of the athletes’ press conference for the UTMB which will take place on Friday (6 p.m.), the organization of the Chamoniard event and its title partner, Columbia, announced that they are renewing their partnership for a period of three years. The American group joined the UTMB in 2015 after leaving The North Face, which had accompanied the event since its inception. “We are delighted with the confidence that Columbia has placed in us by renewing its partnership,” explained Catherine Poletti, director of the organization. We have u share the same vision and the same values ​​and also this family vision. We have worked in the same direction to advance the UTMB and share our passion for outdoor sports. The commitment of the Columbia group recognizes the work of our teams. “

    a dark face of Baltimore

    Imani Hakim (Candace) and McCaul Lombardi (Keith) in “Sollers Point”, by Matthew Porterfield. JHR FILMS

    The opinion of the “World” – to see

    At first glance, everything suggests that Sollers Point, the fourth feature by American filmmaker Matthew Porterfield, born in 1977 and affiliated with the independent scene, will not shine for its originality. We are indeed faced with yet another “portrait on edge”, that of a young proscribed, aspiring to “a new beginning”, but quickly “caught up in his past”. A furrow tirelessly drawn by independent cinema, which has often found in characters of marginalized and underprivileged as many counter-models ready to use. However, the film turns out to be quite different: Porterfield manages to transcend a sore subject by opening it up to a complex geography, both urban and emotional, which bypasses commonplaces and forced passages.

    Sollers Point is an African American district of Baltimore, which was since the early twentiethe century an important iron and steel worker home

    Sollers Point is an African American district of Baltimore, which was since the early twentiethe century an important steel workers’ home, before the deindustrialization of the 1970s and 1980s devastated employment and sowed the range of social wounds that ensued. This is where Keith (McCaul Lombardi), a little over 20 years old, lives in the house of his father, Carol (Jim Belushi), one of the few white homes in the neighborhood. Keith gets out of prison and turns in circles, electronic bracelet around his ankle, waiting to finally be able to put his nose out.

    When that day arrives, a gang of white supremacists, with whom he had found protection during his incarceration, comes to pick him up at his door. Keith rejects them and tours his old relationships: his sister, his grandparents, his ex-girlfriends, his neighbors, a childhood friend who has become a successful rapper … He goes on odd jobs, tries to follow trained as an air conditioning technician, but still finds the gang on its way, ready to fight. Little by little, he reconnects with some of his old demons: alcohol, striptease boxes and the rage that we feel boiling in him, sometimes spilling into self-destructive puffs.

    Descriptive register

    At the expected tragic slope, the film favors a much more surprising “horizontal” approach. In fact, Porterfield aims less to retrace a social process than to reveal the landscape that surrounds his protagonist (racial tensions, unemployment, the ravages of drugs, young people in deprivation …) and thus to browse the network of relationships that define him or her. ‘imprison. The filmmaker adopts an essentially descriptive register, letting out the passive of his character by snatches, by allusions, by conversations, like those, superb, with his loving grandmother or a hallucinated gang leader. If the film begins in the family home, perceived as a closed and narrow universe, it is to then launch out in concentric circles towards the outside, in the exploration of a district in which each stratum contains a trace of the Keith’s past existence, retraced in dotted lines.

    Urban geography appears on the screen as a singular “archeology of violence”

    The real object of the staging is therefore the topography of this district, and more broadly that of Baltimore, the city where Matthew Porterfield is from and on which he concludes here a trilogy, started with Putty hill (2010) and I Used to Be Darker (2013). By following the comings and goings of his protagonist, he draws up a poetic inventory of spaces, urban installations – avenues, bridges, dwellings, crossroads, bus stops -, with a frame work of photographic inspiration (signed by the chef operator Shabier Kirchner).

    The robust and dynamic body of Keith’s interpreter McCaul Lombardi – new face seen in American honey (2016), by Andrea Arnold -, circulates in these spaces that seem to close in on him through emptiness and inertia. Urban geography then appears on the screen as a singular “archeology of violence” which also contains, on every street corner, as many loopholes to take the tangent.

    American and French film by Matthew Porterfield. With McCaul Lombardi, James Belushi, Zazie Beetz, Imani Hakim (1 h 41). On the Web:

    Dossier: Detroit State of Mind

    We like to imagine his city, his region as being at the origin of a movement, the soul of a current. The Rastafarians have Ethiopia and Mesopotamia is considered the cradle of humanity, but can’t one imagine Detroit as the cradle of American counterculture?

    A city in southern Michigan in the United States, Detroit takes its name from the “Detroit” river that crosses it. The city appears today in distress, with the end of the industrial era and the subprime crisis, Detroit is on the brink. In 2013, Detroit’s economic and social situation was dire: the debt stood at $ 18.5 billion. Moreover, the demographic situation is of the most concern with the loss of half of its inhabitants in 60 years. On July 18, 2013, the city declared bankruptcy. A sad reality far from the cultural richness of this city.

    Motor City – Motown

    Berry Gordy Jr. Founder of Motown

    It’s hard to imagine the economic state of Detroit when you consider that it has hosted for years the « Big Three » (Ford, Chrysler, General Motors), the most powerful industries in the United States. The auto industry has branded the culture of this Michigan city. Like the Motown label (for “Motor Town”) created in 1959 by Berry Gordy who was inspired by it when it came time to find a name. The label is considered one of the most important in the history of music. Synonymous with an entire era, Motown’s Soul music was at the heart of the civil rights movement, the protests against the Vietnam War and the social upheavals of the 1960s and 1970s. With a large black community working in the smoking factories of the city. The automotive industry had an abundance of stars. Founder Berry Gordy was himself a younger worker on a Lincoln car assembly line in Detroit.

    The sound of Motown landed in the 1960s, when segregation was still very present in the United States. Music was then a catalyst, an instrument of integration. During those years when racial tensions were at their peak, the gap between the whites and the blacks seemed impassable. Nevertheless, the federalism of Soul melodies backed by their lyrics has made it possible to lower tensions and bring men closer together. Motown wanted to reach as many audiences as possible with its popular music, capable of bringing together young people. The desire for emancipation is great and will find in this label a revealing soundtrack of the time.


    The African-American community in the Detroit area was gradually gaining self-confidence and no longer hiding. She could be proud of her music broadcast in all the transistors in the country (Michael Jackson, Smokey Robinson, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, les Temptations…).

    The influence of Motown in Hip-Hop

    The influence of Motown is still present everywhere in musical culture both in the United States and throughout the world. The label’s artists have become real legends and are often cited as a reference for new generations.

    The art of sampling, that’s what Hip-Hop feeds on and what could be more enjoyable for a digger than ending up in an old record store in Detroit buried under a pile of Motown-stamped patties. As we know, Double H producers are crazy about those old Soul vinyls full of dust. It’s clear that Detroit artists have a real comparative advantage over their rapper counterparts: they live in the holy land of Soul.

    Detroit’s Hip-Hop scene is blessed with both a rich history and heritage, but also a bright future. It is certain that Detroit has always had an important place in the “rap game”. The grimy freestyles between scorching mics MCs never really stopped. With Eminem as the spearhead, Midwestern Hip-Hop has made its voice heard. And what about the impetus of the mythical group Slum Village who splashed his talent on the underground world.


    James Dewitt Yancey (1974 – 2006)

    Impossible to talk about Detroit without making a little aside on James Dewitt Yancey alias Jay Dee aka J Dilla. This producer is, for me, undoubtedly one of the most talented of his generation. We can even classify it in the “legend” category. With an opera singer mother, passionate about classical music and a bassist father, Jay Dee’s destiny was traced: music.

    True self-taught, he very quickly began to play all types of instruments: piano, cello, drums, guitar. It is thanks to this musicality developed from an early age that he will become the exceptional producer that we know. After graduating from Farwell Middle School, Yancey enrolled in Davis Aerospace Technical High School. This is where he will start DJing and make his debut in student parties. It was in the 80’s that Yancey met T3 and Baatin at Detroit Pershing High School where he was spending his final year of study. The three of them set up the Slum Village group and quickly became the Hip-Hop benchmark for Motor City, in particular thanks to Yancey’s ultra-polished and polished productions. There follows a meteoric rise through the rap game and Yancey starts working with the greatest (Pharcyde, De La Soul, Busta Rhymes, A Tribe Called Quest). He will become an essential and indispensable producer for the game.

    Unfortunately, two years after the release of the majestic Jaylib (2004) in collaboration with Madlib, Yancey passes away (February 10, 2006) following a rare blood disorder. Carried away too quickly, Jay Dee remains and will remain the reference of the underground world of Detroit. He was considered by many to be a genius who was always one step ahead of his time. Detroit mourns its legend, but the young guard is ready to take over.


    Jay Dee in search of the rare pearl

    Motor City comes out of the shadows

    Eminem and Royce Da 5’9 ″ are the first artists to have succeeded in establishing themselves outside the borders of Michigan. The first one really exploded in the middle mainstream solo, but also through his group D12. As for the second, his career was slightly more complicated, in particular due to his quarrel with Eminem and Dr Dre. Not to mention his little passage through the prison box (and without going through the starting box or touching the $ 20,000!). However, the dark-glasses rapper continues to ride his rap hump.

    Royce Da 5’9 ″ reminds us of the long road traveled by the Hip Hop community of Detroit:

    « When we first started, if you went anywhere abroad and said that you were a Detroit rapper, nobody cared. We kind of have a name now. We’ve grinded to the point that we’ve created a standard that I’m very proud of. We have to live up to that standard. »

    At the veteran level, Guilty Simpson is doing pretty well with his recent signing with the Stones Throw label and let’s not forget about the DJ, the very good House Shoes which punctuates the evenings of Detroit clubbers.

    Eminem-Royce Da 5'9 ''

    Concentration of Eminem and Royce Da 5’9 ″ before a show

    Youth with fangs

    The city is now on the brink of financial abyss and is on the verge of being placed under trusteeship by the governor of the state of Michigan. A calamitous economic and social situation where jobs are scarce and where houses abandoned to their creditors are multiplying in certain neighborhoods. In this gloomy context, local Hip-Hop is full of nuggets and does not abdicate, on the contrary. The next generation is on the way and has things to say.

    It is time to wake up. First by the MC / Producer Black Milk who was one of the first to restart the machine. Far from the scene mainstream he has established himself in the industry as one of the most talented and prolific rappers / producers of his generation. Let’s not forget either Elzhi (ex-Slum Village) which took off solo. How to talk about succession without mentioning the talented Apollo Brown, which has been able to breathe new life into local production with a sensational entry into the game thanks to the sublime album Gas Mask (2010). An opus in collaboration with The Left, two local lads (Journalist 103 and DJ Soko). An album that reminds us that the ghost of Jay Dee still hovers over this mythical city. Apollo Brown is a child of Motown, he has an ease and a rather disconcerting ease to combine old Soul samples with drums loops to blow your eardrums. No doubt, Detroit producers have that in their blood.

    Pure and hard MC side, it’s Danny Brown who has impressed lately with The Hybrid (2010), XXX (2011) and Old (2013). He has proven to be a safe bet in the rap game. He knew how to impose his paw, his trademark. A drug addict travelo look, hypnotic beats for an authentic and quirky rap.

    As for the young girl, we can also appreciate the breakthrough of the group Clear soul Forces. A new crew that is working together and trying to win at the national level. Clear soul Forces, a quartet composed of: L.A.Z., E-fave, J-Roc et Ilajide. Google will tell us that the group was born during a sleepless night when the 4 MCs recorded their respective sets in a studio where by coincidence Royce Da 5’9 ″ also made the music vibrate. mic for his album Street Hop (2009). Taking their courage in both hands the 4 lads decided to make Royce listen to their vocalizations. Impressed by the 4 kids, the MC suggested they form a group. Clear Soul Forces was born.


    Danny Brown hair in the wind

    You will understand, Detroit is full of good artists. The harshness of life in this city shaken by financial difficulties and rising crime, pushes young people to take the mic to express themselves. The aim of this paper was by no means to draw up an exhaustive list of all the actors of the game of Detroit, but to try to introduce you to the artists who have shaped the HH history of this city. Detroit has always been rocked by music. Motown launched the movement of this black American counter-culture, a launching pad perfectly suited to Hip-Hop in (a) spirations. A door ajar which has allowed many artists to emancipate themselves. Indeed at the beginning of the article I was talking about the cradle and believe it or not, but Detroit is also considered the cradle of Techno music, but that’s another story …

    Jacksonville massacre: the shooter had been hospitalized with mental disorders

    The profile of the Jacksonville killer becomes clearer. The man who opened fire during a video game competition on Sunday in this large Florida city had been hospitalized twice with mental illness, reports the Associated Press agency.

    David Katz, 24, killed two other players before taking his own life. Ten people were also injured. They were taking part in a tournament on the American football game “Madden NFL 19”.

    Documents seized from the shooter’s home, in the State of Maryland, show that he had particularly badly lived the divorce of his parents, in 2007. During his adolescence, he had thus had to be treated twice, the first time during twelve days, the second time for thirteen days. He had been prescribed antidepressants, among other things.

    Several incidents in adolescence

    Court documents show that the shooter’s parents disagreed over how to handle his problems. The father believed that the mother was exaggerating the difficulties their son was suffering from.

    David Katz was in any case compulsively playing video games during his schooling, frequently missing school and regularly forgetting to wash in order to devote as much time to his addiction as possible.

    One day he had even locked himself in his mother’s car in an attempt to escape a medical appointment. A policeman intervened and handcuffed him.

    After arguing with his mother for control of the television, again as a teenager, the shooter had followed a program of around 100 days in an establishment specializing in the treatment of mental disorders.

    “Trail running is 10% of the European outdoor market”

    Columbia main partner of UTMB

    Romain Cancilleri-Michy is Columbia’s Marketing Director for Europe, UTMB sponsor. Trailer top class (2nd in the 1st edition of the UTMB, 6th in 2005 and 2006, 11th in 2008 …), it looks back at what seduced the legendary brand of sportswear and outdoor equipment to get involved alongside the UTMB.

    How did Columbia become the official sponsor of the UTMB?

    Columbia is a company created in 1938 with more than $ 2 billion in sales. The company is 51% family owned, the rest is listed on the stock market. During the 2000s, the group acquired other brands. Today, Columbia Sportswear Company owns Mountain Hardwear for mountaineering and expeditions, Sorel, which designs outdoor and very cold shoes, and Montrail for trail running. In 2015, when Columbia had the opportunity to become a partner of the UTMB [l’équipementier The North Face avait mis fin à son partenariat, d’un commun accord avec l’organisation de l’UTMB, NdlR], we jumped at the chance. But it was a group-level partnership contract. In other words, we brought the whole Columbia group to Chamonix: Moutain Hardwear, especially for the PTL [la Petite Trotte à Léon, 300 km, 25 000 D+, NdlR] for more technical and specific equipment, Montrail for trail running shoes and Columbia for the textile part. We were not a title partner, but a rank 1, 2 and 3, one brand per level. When the naming official of the event became UTMB [la course s’appelait jusque-là Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc], we had the opportunity to become presenting partner from 2016. If the UTMB has no more naming partner, Wanting to be a brand in its own right, Columbia today has the highest level of partnership of the event. We are talking about the UTMB by Columbia.

    It’s sort of a homecoming for Columbia. Franco Fogliato, Director General Europe, Columbia and Sportswear Company Africa and Middle East, and Topher Gaylord, President of Mountain Hardwear, having been in the UTMB adventure from the start …

    Not really, because at the time Franco and Topher worked for The North Face. They arrived at Columbia’s house afterwards. But it’s true that their personal connections allowed them to initiate conversations business with the Poletti [fondateurs et organisateurs de l’UTMB] pretty quick.

    What motivated Columbia to become a partner of the UTMB?

    Columbia is part of a trail running strategy. In 2017, Columbia and Montrail merged under the Columbia Montrail brand. The UTMB is one of the biggest trail running events in the world by its organization, the number of bibs, the difficulties in aligning with the starting line … The UTMB is the benchmark race in the world . Columbia has the will to assert itself in the outdoor community. And trail running is no longer a trend but a sport in its own right. Chamonix has an international resonance. For our foreign subsidiaries, Chamonix makes sense. The UTMB week is the busiest of the year for Chamonix. For us, it is an extraordinary platform for visibility and field tests. We have beta testing throughout the UTMB week, we have Columbia Montrail athletes for shoes, like Ruy Ueda [2e sur le Gaoligong by UTMB 2018, 124 km, 6 700 D+], registered on the OCC this year, the Camus brothers [dont Sylvain, fondateur du Team Adventure Garmin, 2e de la TDS 2017], registered on the UTMB this year, for which we have great ambitions, or Amy Sproston [8e des femmes UTMB 2017], also involved in the UTMB.

    What does Columbia expect from the trail phenomenon?

    It is no longer a phenomenon. The UTMB was born in 2003 and trail running has been a sport in its own right since 2007, 2008. Today, in all sports shops, you have a section of wall dedicated to trail running and athletic brands all have a trail running offer. The market is valued at 500 million euros in fair market value for Europe, when the market value of European outdoor sports is 5 billion euros. Trail running therefore occupies 10% of this outdoor market. We can therefore speak of activity assumed in its own right. As an outdoor brand, we see that trail running must be part of Columbia’s activities. We have to bring our point of view on textiles and shoes.

    What exactly is Columbia’s “point of view” on trail running?

    Columbia brings all the expertise developed by Montrail, one of the first full-fledged trail running brands, to shoes. We also have proprietary technologies on the soles, midsoles and stability points. In Lyon, you can now find all Columbia Sportswear products in our new store, which opened on July 28.


    Multiple dead in Jacksonville, Florida shooting

    Bthree people were officially killed in the shooting during a video game competition in a mall in Jacksonville, Florida. Sheriff Mike Williams said at a press conference on Sunday that the shooter was among the dead. “There were three dead on site, one of which is the suspect who took his own life,” said Williams. The sheriff identified the alleged perpetrator as a 24-year-old from Baltimore, Maryland.

    Williams added nine victims were also taken to hospital by rescue workers. Some of them had gunshot wounds. Two other injured people with gunshot wounds went to clinics independently.

    Shots during a virtual football game

    Sheriff Mike Williams had previously announced that the incident took place in one of the restaurants in the mall. According to media reports, the shots were fired during a “Madden 19” tournament, in which video players compete virtually in an American football game. On a video supposedly from the competition, you can hear gunshots and screams in the background. The recording initially shows a virtual football game, then apparently the shots are fired.

    A representative from a professional video game team said one of its players was at the tournament in Jacksonville, but fortunately was only slightly injured.

    The shopping and entertainment center called “The Landing” is located in the center of the city on the St. John’s River. According to the website, this includes numerous restaurants and a shopping mall. Jacksonville is located in northern Florida and has a population of around 880,000.

    The state was the site of a blood bath that left 17 dead on February 14. At the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, a 19-year-old shot dead 14 teenagers and 3 adults. After the fact, there were numerous demonstrations across the country. After the massacre, President Donald Trump held out the prospect of tightening gun laws, but later moved away from it. For this he was sharply criticized.

    The president was informed of the fatal incident in Jacksonville on Sunday, his spokeswoman Sarah Sanders announced. There was initially no reaction from Trump.


    two players killed in esports tournament on Madden NFL 19

    The United States has just experienced another shooting in Jacksonville, Florida. This took place during a video game tournament on Madden NFL 19.

    The tragedy is repeating itself in the United States. Constantly bereaved by mass shootings, the country has just experienced a new tragedy this Sunday, August 26: while a video game tournament was taking place in Jacksonville, the largest city in Florida, a man started shooting the competitors, killing two, before ending his life by turning his gun on him.

    One more catastrophe in the long list of daily killings or almost that America knows, because of a very permissive legislation which allows easy access to firearms. According to the count made by an initiative seeking to document armed violence, there have been 234 mass killings in the United States, 31 of which in August alone.

    To our knowledge, this is the first time that such a shooting has taken place in a video game tournament – so far there have been massacres in schools, churches, shopping malls, cinemas, campuses, hotels, or even nightclubs, to name but a few examples. Some events, like Columbine or Sandy Hook, have even entered the collective memory.

    Video games are often put on the dock whenever there is a mass killing caused by a teenager or young adult, on the grounds that certain violent titles would have a detrimental impact on individual behavior – which many dispute of scientific studies – it is expected that this accusation will resurface in the media in the days to come.

    An esports tournament on Madden NFL 19

    This accusation should be brushed aside, however, since the esports tournament in question did not involve any shooter: the competitors were competing on Madden NFL 19, an American football simulation game published by Electronic Arts which features the teams of the National Football League (NFL). There is no question here of Call of Duty, Battlefield, GTA or Carmageddon.

    The fact remains that the shooter who ended his life after leading to death two other people (and injuring eleven other individuals) participated in the tournament as a player. The 24-year-old native of Baltimore had just been beaten in a game. The investigation will have to determine how the killer introduced his weaponry and take into account the security loopholes of the event.

    Madden NFL 19 partie
    Part of Madden NFL 19.

    This was obviously insufficient and incapable: it must be said that it was not a competition taking place in a special enclosure, whose entrances can be checked and filtered by security agents (as at the entrance to a stadium or concert hall), but in a bar-restaurant in the city. Here again, the investigations will shed light on the conditions for hosting the tournament.

    It remains to be seen what effects this slaughter will have in the United States. On the improvement of gun control, it is certain that it will not have any – much more spectacular tragedies have not made it possible to move the political lines on this file. What is to be feared, on the other hand, is the emergence of an act in video game tournaments by mimicry.

    The competition of Madden NFL 19 was indeed retransmitted on the net, and this even if it was only a eliminatory phase. Viewers attending the matches were also able to capture some sequences, only audio, of the shooting, without seeing the scene directly (the video showed a game in progress), before the broadcast was interrupted.

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    Madden NFL: killing spree at eSports tournament in Jacksonville

    Drama in Florida: A NFL Madden tournament in Jacksonville has seen fatal shots, local police say. The gunman attacked the gamers during a game.

    The authorities confirmed three fatalities, including the alleged perpetrator. According to official information, there are no other suspects. The police warned the population urgently not to go near the crime scene.

    Rescue workers took nine victims to the hospital, Sheriff Mike Williams said at a press conference. Two other injuries with gunshot wounds had gone to clinics independently.

    However, there is now no acute danger.

    Special police units cordoned off the site. According to the US broadcaster ABC the perpetrator opened fire on Sunday at around 2 p.m. Eyewitnesses reported chaotic conditions. Between 40 and 50 people are said to have been at the scene at the time of the crime.

    Perpetrators themselves players of the tournament?

    The eSports tournament was held in a restaurant of “The Jacksonville Landing”, a shopping center in the middle of the metropolis (880,000 inhabitants).

    The event was broadcast live on the Internet – when the first shots were fired, the image of the stream broke off. Shots and screams continued to be heard in the background.

    The culprit is said to be loud Fox News participated in the tournament themselves. After a defeat, he opened the fire.

    The top gamer Drini Gjoka reported on Twitter: “I was so lucky. The ball hit my thumb.”

    And further: “Worst day of my life. I never take anything for granted. Life can be over from one second to the next.”

    NFL and Jaguars comment on killing spree

    The Jacksonville Jaguars were shocked by the gunfight. “It is impossible to grasp this news,” Jaguar owner Shad Khan said in a statement. He could only express his “deepest sympathy” while we try to understand why and how this can happen.

    “We are shocked and deeply affected by the terrible tragedy in Jacksonville,” said the NFL in a statement, “We feel with those affected. We thank the first responders who were immediately on the scene. We support our partners at EA Sports and will continue to monitor developments with local law enforcement. “