Annapolis in shock after the shooting in a local newspaper

Meditation in Annapolis, where five people, including four journalists, were killed in a shooting on June 29. Jose Luis Magana / AP

Balloons in the colors of the United States, American flags planted in the lawn, a teddy bear, a few bouquets of flowers and a letter swearing to make things change “. As often after a massacre, a memorial was hastily erected in front of the police cordon installed a few hundred meters from the premises of the Capital Gazette, the Annapolis (Maryland) newspaper where on Thursday June 28, a 38 year old man, armed with a shotgun, killed five people: Gerald Fischman, the editorial manager, 61 years old; Robert Hiaasen, the associate editor, 59; John McNamara, 56 and Wendi Winters, 65, two journalists; and Rebecca Smith, 34, marketing assistant.

On the sidewalk of this soulless crossroads, where brick buildings line up indifferently sheltering banks, beauty salons or real estate agencies, the inhabitants drop off a bouquet or meditate, on their knees, in prayer. For Olivia Fox, who came next door, this new drama is sorry . There is no more respect for life. And above all, there is too much anger: people can no longer manage their emotions. And if you add guns to it, you get that kind of drama.

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New standard

Chaining the interviews to television cameras installed on the spot since the day before, the mayor of Annapolis, Gavin Buckley, said nothing else. This type of killing cannot become the new norm in our society. You have to stop being angry and hateful as soon as you don’t agree with each other “, insists the democrat councilor of this rather chic little port city, renowned for its naval base. I do not understand what is happening to this society where journalists and teachers have to worry about having a killer enter their premises. “ Nearly 24 hours after the tragedy, Donald Trump, familiar with violent diatribes against the press, also judged horrible “ the assassination of the four journalists and the sales manager. Journalists, like all Americans, should be able to do their jobs without fear of being the victim of violent attacks “, did he declare.

The murderer, Jarrod Ramos, had a tumultuous history with this small newspaper, popular for sports results, photos of events in the region and his monitoring of local politics. In 2012, he unsuccessfully sued the publication for libel following an article claiming that he harassed a woman on Facebook. He was dismissed three years later. In a tweet from that time, he made threats. “I would be happy to see the Capital Gazette cease to appear but it would be better to see Hartley and Marquardt [le journaliste auteur de l’article et le rédacteur en chef] stop breathing. ” Determined to close the case, the editor did not prosecute him, and subsequently the newspaper never heard of Jarrod Ramos again. Until Thursday afternoon when he fired at the newspaper’s unsecured premises. A few minutes before, his Twitter account, inactive for two years, had once again been the receptacle of his hatred: “Go get fucked up … leave me alone.”

Premonitory echo

Founded in 1727, the Capital Gazette is one of thousands of small publications that somehow survive across the United States; it employed six reporters, two photographers and five editorial secretaries. The mayor recalled that this newspaper was not “Neither right nor left”, just a local newspaper with professionals trying to do their best. At a time of the systematic denunciation of “fake news” by part of American public opinion, led by the President of the United States, the survivors of the massacre, helped by journalists from Baltimore Sun, member of the same group as the Capital Gazette, reported the drama in their Friday morning edition and on their website throughout the day, promising in their page reserved for editorials informed opinions ».

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As a premonitory echo of this drama, the newspaper republished on its website the editorial by one of the victims, Gerald Fischman, written after the shooting at a Parkland high school in February. In the article entitled “Let us wake up from this national nightmare”, he deplored the repetition of these killings and the reactions they provoke: Horror, mourning, candlelight vigils, articles on victims, articles on failed signals concerning the murderer, fiery debates on weapons that lead to nothing and then, waiting for the next bloodbath. Between fatalism and resignation, the Annapolis killings have not, for the time being, sparked any debate.

In Jakarta, Doris Leuthard talks about aviation and …

During an official visit, the Minister of Transport strengthened collaboration between Indonesia and Switzerland.

Switzerland and Indonesia signed an agreement yesterday in Jakarta to strengthen their cooperation in air transport. The climate and energy policy were also discussed during the two-day visit of Federal Councilor Doris Leuthard.

The initialed agreement concerns civil aviation. It aims to offer better framework conditions to airlines providing connections …

treatment, duration, contagion, symptoms, how to treat it?

Angina red is an acute inflammation of the throat. Very contagious, it manifests itself by a particularly red mucous membrane. Update on this frequent ENT pathology.

Red angina is a acute throat inflammation, more precisely tonsils. The mucous membrane that covers them (as well as the larynx) is particularly red after infection. This is what differentiates from white angina. For the same reason, it can also be confused with pharyngitis.

There are two types of angina red:

  • L’erythematous angina or catarrhal red angina. It mainly concerns children under 10 years old. It may, in certain exceptional cases, complicate into a per-tonsillar phlegmon, that is to say an abscess capable of causing a trimus, a contraction of the masticatory muscles. This causes a blockage in the jaw.
  • L’strep throat. It is the most dangerous, because it can lead to a acute articular rhumatism, rare upper airway disease. In addition to the inflammation of the tonsils, there is also vomiting and headaches. It can lead to many complications in the kidneys, joints and heart.

What are the causes of red angina?

Red angina is most often viral origin. It can be the consequence of another infectious disease such as measles, the rubella or the scarlatine. In this case, it is only one symptom among others.

Some bacteria can also be responsible for the appearance of red angina. The most common is group A beta-hemolytic streptococcus (SGA). It can also be an infection with a staphylococcus, a meningococcus or one pneumococcus. The bacterial origin is rarer, but has more serious consequences.

It is imperative to practice a rapid diagnostic test (TDR) to determine the origin of angina, to treat it effectively with the appropriate treatment. This consists of a study of cells collected from the tonsils using a stick.

What are the symptoms of red angina?

Angina red is manifested by a red discoloration in the tonsils and pharynx as well as sharp pain in the throat, especially during swallowing.

There is also often fever, headache, swelling of the glands (lymphadenopathy), cough, a feeling of feverishness and sometimes even vomiting. The inability to eat or drink, difficulty in breathing or a high fever, however, should alert and push to consult a health professional at most vite.

How to treat red sore throat?

Treatment of red angina depends on the origin of the disease. In case of viral angina, the manifestations disappear on their own after a few days.

Management is therefore symptomatic: antipyretics against fever and analgesics against pain. Of gargarismes several times a day with sage or thyme infusions can also soothe sore throats.

The taking antibiotics is also necessary in connection with bacterial angina. It is important to follow the treatment to the end, in order toavoid relapse and contamination of loved ones.

The Crew 2: All photo assignments

Each of the 92 photo assignments will reward you with 2,000 followers and 15,000 bucks. You also unlock the achievement “Only pictures are wilder” when you have completed 40 photo tasks. We will therefore show you all the photo spots in detail on the map and give you more tips so that you can master this task well.

What happens when you push the boundaries of The Crew 2 game world can be seen in the following video:

The Crew 2: How you get the achievement “The end is approaching”.

Tips for photo assignments

You can do the photo tasks in the main menu under the tab “Activities” see. Here you will find among the 4 disciplines Street Racing, Offroad, Freestyle und Pro Racing each that Photo album as a submenu. There are then three thematic areas with different photographic tasks.

Note the following when taking pictures Tips:

  • Select the corresponding photo task you want to dedicate yourself to at the beginning of the activity menu. This will pin it and show it to you in the HUD at the top left. This is important because it shows you all the requirements for the photo assignment at a glance. Alternatively, the game also shows you photo assignments when you are close to them.
  • If you are at the respective point in the game world and have met all the requirements (suitable vehicle, stunt, etc.), the points will color degree a. Then open the Fotomodus (Digipad left on Xbox and PS4).
  • Here you have to set the camera so that the gray colored requirements turn green. Then you have captured the motif for the photo task perfectly and can take the snapshot (A / X button on Xbox and PS4).
  • You do not have to activate the photo mode directly when everything is colored gray, but you can also use the photo mode later Use the replay function to jump back to the corresponding positionwhere you meet the requirements for the photo. This is useful if you have to do difficult stunts for a photo.
  • Some photo tasks require you to include pictures certain weather conditions snaps. You don’t have to wait for the weather in the game world to change accordingly. In photo mode you can adjust the weather via the settings so you don’t have to wait.

If you did everything correctly with a photo assignment, the game jumps out of photo mode and you get it Final screen with your reward displayed.

Locations of all photo tasks in the photo gallery

We will show you on the following pages of this photo series the locations of all photo assignments on the map and the respective motifs. Alternatively, use the following list to quickly jump to certain photo tasks that you are still missing. Via the link you will get to the corresponding task with location and further explanations.

Street Racing – Fotoalbum




Offroad – photo album


In the abyss:


Freestyle – Fotoalbum


King of the mountains:


Pro Racing – Photo album

Official route:


Elite riders:

Michael Jackson 10 duos mythical review

1. Michael Jackson and Mick Jagger

Recorded by The Jacksons and Mick Jagger, State of Shock is a song that was released in July 1984. Fun fact ? It was to be originally sung in duet with Freddie Mercury.

2. Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney

Say Say Say is from the album Pipes Of Peace of Paul McCartneydating back to 1983. The duo was recorded in February 1983 in England.

3. Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson

Released in 1995, Scream is probably one of the most emblematic of the tandem Michael-Janet Jackson. Fun fact ? The clip futuristic acceompagnant the tube is known to be one of the clips to be the most expensive in history.

4. Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury

This is a nugget that is almost unknown in France. There Must Be More To Life Than This was composed in 1981 by Freddie Mercury. Two years later, Michael Jackson welcomes the artist in the greatest secrecy, for the recording in his studio in california. Yet, this title will not be revealed to the general public in 2014.

5. Michael Jackson and Diana Ross

In 1981, Michael Jackson, at the age of 23 years, invites you on stage for that Diana Ross interprets his inconique tube Upside Down.

6. Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder

Just Good Friends one of the tracks from the album Bad. It is a duet between Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder that has never been the subject of an output in single contrary to the other 9 tracks from the album. The duo then worked on the title Get It in 1987.

7. Michael Jackson and Eddie Murphy

From the album d’Eddie Murphy, Love’s Alrigh, Whatzupwitu was released in 1993.

8. Michael Jackson and 3T

Why? is a song of 3T (group composed of the nephews of Michael Jackson) written by Babyface and sung with Michael Jackson. This single is part of the album Brotherhood which was released in 1995.

9. Michael Jackson and Akon

Hold My Hand was recorded in 2008 in collaboration with Akon, and is the second single posthumous Michael Jackson (after This Is It).

10. Michael Jackson and Britney Spears

In 2001, Britney Spears will is invited on stage to sing the tube The Way You Make Me Feel with Michael Jackson.

My opinion on Boston College: “The campus is a place of life in its own right”

Axelle, a graduate of an English-German degree at the Catholic Institute of Paris (ICP), studied for one semester at Boston College, one of the most prestigious universities in the United States.

Axelle Balekdjian, 21, chose to fly to Boston for her third-year university exchange. This city on the East Coast of the United States hosts the most prestigious universities in the world, such as Harvard, MIT. But it was at Boston College that the student, freshly graduated from an English-German license at the Catholic Institute of Paris (ICP), made her last comeback. The university, founded in 1863, has 14,000 students, sometimes nicknamed “The Eagles” because of the university’s emblem, the eagle.

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● What I liked: “Community life is exceptional”

Axelle, 21, graduated with an English-German license.

The study environment was exceptional. The Boston College campus resembles that of Oxford and differs from other Boston universities in its architecture. I was lucky enough to live a five-minute walk away, but my accommodation, a room in a family home, was very expensive ($ 1,100 a month, or € 950). As it was an exchange with the PKI, I did not pay any tuition fees. I chose “American studies” (American studies) in order to discover the United States through history, sociology or literature. The way of teaching is different than in France. The teacher builds his course according to the questions of the students. Relations with the teacher are much less framed. The assessment looks like what we know, with midterm and end of semester partials, even if I had to do homework every week in each course.

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In addition, the dynamism of community life is impressive. For my part, I was involved in two associations. Along with other Breakfast Club volunteers, I regularly cleaned around the campus, for example by picking up trash left on the streets after the match. I was also enrolled in the French Club, where I introduced other students to the French language and culture. Finally, I particularly appreciated the O’Neill university library. It is open 24 hours a day and is a gold mine. A real asset for research and essays to write. This is the headquarters of most students who spend a lot of their time there.

● What I liked least: “I lacked information when I arrived”

I expected heavy administrative procedures to obtain my student visa. In fact, the most restrictive was the medical follow-up. I had to fill out a 15 page file to inform me of my possible illnesses, allergies, etc. Authorities make sure we are up to date on our vaccines. I advise to start the process as soon as possible, as soon as your registration is validated by the host university.

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In addition, I would have liked to have had more information in advance on how studies at Boston College work. When I arrived at the end of August, I did not know that we had one week to test several courses before definitively establishing syllabus (or timetable). In fact, I enrolled in the first courses I visited. It is difficult to change courses afterwards, especially since American students have priority.

● What surprised me: “The campus is a place of life in its own right”

In Boston, and I imagine in the rest of the United States, the daily life of students takes place almost entirely on campus. The university is not only a place to study: it is also a place to live with its bars, theaters, gyms, green spaces … At Boston College, there was even a market with local products . I also discovered something that hardly exists in France: interuniversity sports competitions. The sports club, Boston Eagles, which brings together many discliplines (football, hockey, baseball …) is an institution in the city, even in the country.

● What I’m doing now: “I’m entering a geopolitical master”

I have just finished my English-German license at the Catholic Institute of Paris (ICP). At the start of the school year, I joined a master’s degree in geopolitics and international relations, still at the ICP.

Joe Jackson, father of Michael Jackson, is dead

Joe Jackson, in Los Angeles (California), in September 2011. MARIO ANZUONI / REUTERS

Joseph Walter “Joe” Jackson, who was the manager of his children, in particular of the group The Jackson Five, and is behind their solo careers, including those of Michael Jackson (1958-2009) and Janet, died Wednesday, June 27, in a Las Vegas (Nevada) hospital, of pancreatic cancer, at the age of 89 years. The information was announced by his family. Since June 21, news circulated on celebrity sites concerning the deterioration of his state of health.

The eldest of five children of his mother and father, a teacher, Joe Jackson was born on July 26, 1928, in Fountain Hill, a village in Arkansas. When his parents divorced, he was 12 years old and went with his father to California. Several years later, he moved to the Chicago (Illinois) area, where his mother lived. It was there that he began to work, as a crane operator and welder, while practicing boxing.

In November 1949, he married, in second marriage, Katherine Scruse. In January 1950, the couple moved to Gary, Indiana, where their ten children were born – Brandon, twin of Marlon, died a day after his birth in March 1957.

After boxing, which he abandoned, he caressed for a time the idea of ​​becoming a professional musician, guitarist within a rhythm’n’blues band, The Falcons, which stopped in 1952. His dream came true decade later through his children.

In the early 1960s, the three boys – Jackie, born in 1951, Tito, born in 1953, and Jermaine, born in 1954 – formed the vocal group The Jackson Brothers. Their father makes them rehearse dance steps and vocal parts for several hours a day, before and after school. The troop begins to be known locally. Marlon, born in 1957, and Michael, in 1958, soon joined the group, which became The Jackson Five.

A violent father

In 1967, the group, which won a few young talent competitions, toured regularly. During this learning period, Joe Jackson literally led the world with his wand. An error, an uncertain installation are punished with a strong slap, with a stroke of the belt. What brothers and sisters will reveal in interviews years later. Over time, the family’s official speech was that this is how children were educated at the time.

Joe Jackson, in 2005.
Joe Jackson, in 2005. HERMANN J. KNIPPERTZ / AP

In the summer of 1968, singer Gladys Knight, who discovered the band, recommended it to the big soul music company Motown Records. However, it was not until August 1969 and the sponsorship of another singer of the house, Diana Ross, that the “Jacksonmania” began in the United States.

The tubes follow one another: I Want You Back, ABC, I’ll Be There, The Love You Save… The concerts too. An animated television series in 1971 and 1972 is devoted to the group. At the same time, Motown officials are betting on a solo career of Michael Jackson, who recorded his first album under his name in 1972.

In 1975 Joe Jackson negotiated a new contract with the phonographic company Epic Records. The group becomes The Jacksons. Randy, born in 1961, soon replaces Jermaine, the Rebbie sisters, born in 1950, LaToya, in 1956, and Janet, in 1966, join the band occasionally on stage.

In addition to his managerial activities, Joe Jackson founded a record company, Ivory Tower International Records, which will leave little trace.

Victory Tour

Her children becoming adults, the paternal control diminishes. He allowed, by signing with Epic, that they obtain artistic control of their recordings (they produce Destiny, in 1978), but gradually he became less decision-maker.

Within The Jacksons, the international success of Michael’s solo albums, Off the wall (1979) and Thriller (1982), will gradually distance the young singer from the group. He participated in the Triumph Tour of 1981 and recorded his last album with them, Victory, in 1984. The album and the Victory Tour from July to December 1984 brought together the six brothers.

In 1982, Joe Jackson still takes charge of the career of his last daughter, Janet. He obtains for her a contract with A & M Records, supervises the realization of his first album, Janet Jackson, followed by Dream street, in 1984. In 1986, Janet Jackson takes, after her brothers and sisters, her artistic independence, changes manager and begins a successful collaboration with producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis.

Joe Jackson in a few dates

July 26, 1928 Born in Fountain Hill (Arkansas).

1950-1952 Guitarist within the group The Falcons.

Early 1960s Becomes the manager of the group formed by three of his boys, The Jackson Brothers.

1967 The Jackson Five professional career boom with Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon and Michael Jackson.

1982 Oversees the production of Janet Jackson’s first album.

June 27, 2018 Death in a hospital in Las Vegas (Nevada).

Ford launches transformation of old Detroit train station into high-tech center

Will Ford take a double hit? The automaker, which seeks to revive in particular in the face of competition from digital giants, formalized this week the acquisition of the old Detroit station.

His project is ambitious: to give new life to this immense station, which has been abandoned for thirty years to transform it into an “innovation center”.

Built in 1913 in the city center, Michigan Central Station welcomed 4,000 travelers every day at the peak of its activity. Its 17 floors of offices, its Beaux-Arts facade and its huge hall decorated with chandeliers were a reflection of the richness of the “Motor City”, then world capital of the automobile.

After the Second World War, the plane and the car reduced the frequentation of the station. In 1988, the American railway company Amtrak stopped serving Michigan Central Station in favor of another station, smaller and less expensive to maintain.

Abandoned, Michigan Central Station becomes one of the symbols of the decline of Detroit.

But since the declaration of bankruptcy of the municipality in 2013, the city is experiencing a renaissance thanks to new investors. For several months, it has been rumored that the automobile giant Ford, born a few kilometers away, is preparing to buy the old station.

After four years of work, the manufacturer wants to make the old station a high-tech center to catch up on the autonomous car and the electric vehicle, facing competition from Silicon Valley.

Some 2,500 employees of the builder will work there in 2022 and 2,500 other people will rent offices. There will remain nearly 30,000 square meters where Ford imagines commercial and living spaces and housing.

As a sign of the residents’ interest in the building, more than 20,000 people signed up for visits to the building that Ford is organizing this weekend, before the start of construction, reports the daily “Detroit News”.

We want the best start-ups, the best talent, thinkers, engineers, people who see things differently to join us “Said Bill Ford Jr., group president and great-grandson of the builder’s founder. Recognizing the risk associated with the acquisition of the old station: ” We are making a big bet on our future.

Luka Doncic lands in Texas, Trae Young arrives at the Hawks !

After Phoenix and Sacramento, it was the turn of Hawks make their Pick. Atlanta has decided to select the european phenomenon Luka Doncic… better to donate in Dallas ! In return, the Falcons recover Trae Young, selected by Dallas with the pick number 5.

Trade Alert !

The destination of Luka Doncic was one of the big storylines of this Draft 2018. That will select the engineering of Real Madrid ? Will he be transferred ? Here are the questions which were posed before the big ceremony on Thursday. And a little before 2 o’clock in the morning, the news came on. Trade alert ! With their third pick, the Hawks have decided to go up a deal with the Mavericks, ranked fifth on the table. Selected by Atlanta, Doncic will play in Texas next season. The franchise of Dallas has selected Trae Young, who made the opposite journey. According to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN, the Falcons also retrieve a future choice for the first round of the Draft in the course of this transfer. Here’s the rundown.

Atlanta : selects Luka Doncic with the third choice, but transfers it to Dallas

Dallas : selects Trae Young with the fifth choice, but transfers it to Atlanta in addition to first-round Draft

Double up for Atlanta !

This transaction demonstrates several things. Visibly, the Hawks were not very keen on the idea to highlight Luka Doncic, and this despite the incredible season performed by the prodigy in madrid. However, they were often connected with the name of Trae Young, and this election confirms their interest for the sniper of Oklahoma. On the side of Dallas to get the MVP of the Euroleague was a goal, except that the Mavericks were a little down in the order of selection compared to the standing of the player. This transfer is not necessarily a huge surprise in and of itself, but it shows well that the odds of Doncic was not so high in the end.

In making this trade to recover Young, the Hawks took a risk. Luka Doncic, with his talent, his technique and his past with Real Madrid, has everything it takes to succeed in the NBA. He showed how strong he was by making the misery to guys much older than him, all in the Spanish championship and in Euroleague. In other words, he already knows the very high level and there is absolutely no reason that it crashes in the States. The Mavericks can, therefore, break out the champagne, the ones who may have found the successor perfect to Dirk Nowitzki. For Trae Young, there are more question marks. Yes, the latter has ignited the NCAA last season being the best scorer and the best passer at the university. Yes, it has a shoot of a sick and a pure technique. Yes, it may be the successor of Stephen Curry. But we are also talking about a player who may have difficulty adapting to the NBA game because of his physical limitations. We’re talking about a guy who represents a weakness in defence and that is not always the best choice in attack. In short, it is typically in the case Boom or Bust.

Unquestionablythis transfer will be a lot to talk about and will be analyzed in the long, wide and across. The Hawks will regret this choice in the future ? It must, of course, expect to be able to answer that question, but the franchise of Atlanta did not hesitate to take a risk.