A tick bites you? What to do? | News | The Nouvelliste

LThe mark, in the shape of a target, was very characteristic of the bite of a blacklegged tick, the one that transmits Lyme disease. “Unfortunately, the tick was not found,” she said. The young boy had gone to play in a wooded area behind the Jérôme-Cotnoir arena, in the Trois-Rivières-Ouest sector, a few days before. […]

Portrait of triathlete Laura Philipp

She is the prime example of a successful career changer. Laura Philipp cannot build on a long-term basis in swimming, cycling or running – and yet she has become an excellent triathlete who will dare to do a long distance for the first time on July 8th. In Frankfurt, of course, practically on their doorstep […]

Florida by Jean Dytar, a French fiasco in Florida

In Florida, designer Jean Dytar continues to question the image and its representation through the history of a failed expedition to Florida in the 16th century. Between fiction and historical reality, a magnificent historical, human and pictorial adventure. Detail of the cover of “Florida” by Jean Dytar © Delcourt A refugee in England in the […]

Detroit, from bankrupt city to coolest destination in the States

Travel While the bastion of the New York hype has become in recent years a caricature of itself; further west, Detroit is boiling and attracting tourists in search of raw but also creative coolness of all kinds, driven by the prohibitive price of housing in Brooklyn. Guided tour of a trendy Eldorado built on the […]

Laeticia Hallyday and Isabelle Camus: The simple life in Los Angeles

Laeticia Hallyday is never alone, visits follow one another in Los Angeles. After spending a few days in Hawaii with her husband Yannick Noah, their 13-year-old son Joalukas, but also the rest of the clan, Isabelle Camus did not return to France. She took a flight to California where she was seen on May 26, […]

Detroit: Become Human: save all characters

Surviving all characters in Detroit: Become Human is probably one of the hardest tasks in the game. Because in order to receive the associated gold trophy “survivors”, you not only have to save the three main characters, but also all the secondary characters. To do this, you sometimes have to make the right decisions early […]

Anti-wrinkle care: what does hyaluronic acid do in face creams?

How is an anti wrinkle cream different from other face care products? If you take a closer look at the list of contents, you will usually discover the active ingredient hyaluronic acid. What are the benefits of this substance? Hyaluronic acid is often part of anti wrinkle care products for the face. This active ingredient […]

Video game “Detroit: Become Human”: I am a robot

Ümirrors everywhere! Seldom has so many mirrors been seen in the world of a video game. Pat Garrett once stepped in front of a mirror, after killing Billy the Kid in Sam Peckinpah’s famous film, and shot it. Out of disgust for yourself. In the video game “Detroit: Become Human” you keep stepping in front […]

Columbia Sportswear calls on Vanksen

The American brand Columbia Sportswear called on Vanksen to manage its social & digital media strategy on the European market. This comprehensive support takes place on two levels: annual with the social media strategy and digital media planning / buying, endorsing and influencer relations, but also event planning with the management of related digital activations. […]

US justice orders Samsung to pay Apple $ 539 million

The saga around Paul Rusesabagina, the hero of the film Hotel Rwanda, has taken the turn of a diplomatic spat between Washington and Kigali. The Rwandan authorities on Wednesday opposed the request of an American deputy to release Mr. Rusesabagina, arrested in August in circumstances difficult to determine and transported to his native Rwanda, where […]