Florida by Jean Dytar, a French fiasco in Florida

In Florida, designer Jean Dytar continues to question the image and its representation through the history of a failed expedition to Florida in the 16th century. Between fiction and historical reality, a magnificent historical, human and pictorial adventure.

Detail of the cover of “Florida” by Jean Dytar © Delcourt

A refugee in England in the 16th century, the Protestant designer Jacques Le Moyne de Morgue no longer wanted to hear about Florida, synonymous with a terrible fiasco: an expedition ordered by Admiral de Coligny, led by Jean Ribault but poorly prepared. Expected to counter Spanish ambitions there, it was also expected to bring in gold.

But food quickly ran out. The settlers became dependent on the Indians. Then revolted, fell ill … Before being taken prisoner and, for some of them, executed by the Spaniard Pedro Menendez de Aviles. Jacques Le Moyne survived and it is to his wife, a fictional character, that he recounts his traumatic journey. On board as a cartographer, he had to draw the new earth. What he did but at what price! Disgusted, returned to Europe, he only drew … flowers.

Florida extends the fascinating work on the distance between an object and its drawing that Jean Dytar started in his previous works as The Vision of Bacchus located during the Renaissance. We follow the ultra-documented truthful adventure of Jacques Le Moyne with all the more interest since it is superbly drawn. When the story is in the present, drawing at the height of men is done in sepia tones. In the past, Jean Dytar adopted green and blue, under a frame that recalls the parallels and meridians of old maps.

Jean Dytar’s drawing lesson

How to draw Florida ?

Flip through a few pages of Florida

Florida by Jean Dytar is published in the Mirages collection at chez Delcourt

Detroit, from bankrupt city to coolest destination in the States


While the bastion of the New York hype has become in recent years a caricature of itself; further west, Detroit is boiling and attracting tourists in search of raw but also creative coolness of all kinds, driven by the prohibitive price of housing in Brooklyn. Guided tour of a trendy Eldorado built on the ruins of the American dream.

At the time of its glory, intrinsically linked to that of the US car manufacturers, Detroit had almost 2 million inhabitants, giving Motorcity and its colored shingle houses a sprawling suburban air, the surface of which could accommodate more than 5 times that of Manhattan Island. With its shiny cars stamped Ford, Chrysler or GM parked next to the manicured lawns of pretty pavilions, the city then offered an image of Epinal in the colors of the American dream, attracting workers from across the country to take advantage of the ultra competitive salary donated by Henry Ford at the time. If racial segregation was particularly marked in Detroit by a clear demarcation between white or “colored” districts, the city was nevertheless a social springboard for African-Americans who could hope here to join the middle class and the privileges that go with it. A bet more than successful by the Gordy family.

Chain work at the hit factory

Attracted by the promise of a stable profession at an attractive salary made by the automotive industry, Berry Gordy II did not hesitate to leave his native Georgia accompanied by his wife Bertha to start a family in Detroit. While the rest of the country is struggling with extremely difficult living conditions following the crash of 1929, Berry and Bertha manage to keep their heads above water and even to establish a comfortable financial situation thanks to the launch of various businesses. 8 children were born from their union, including one Berry Gordy Junior, a worthy heir to the parental entrepreneurial spirit and founder of the legendary Motown Records.

Kathleen Wuyard

A sign of the times, the house where it all started, when Berry Gordy still called him “Hitsville USA” and where he lived above his recording studio, is today in the heart of a neighborhood battered by the crisis. Because if the “big three” (Ford, Chrysler and GM) are still present in the city, their hour of glory has passed, and the economic crisis of 2008 followed by the declaration of bankruptcy of Detroit in 2013 represented a sacred exit from road to Motor City. While at number 2648 West Grand Boulevard stands the dapper blue and white facade of the Motown Museum, a few meters away, in the parallel street, the landscape is only abandoned gutted houses and empty plots where the ruins were shaved. Rise and fall, but at the Motown Museum, enthusiasm is the order of the day.

Clement Jadot

Led by jovial Jordan, a small group of tourists mainly from Michigan or neighboring Canada admire the vintage interior and the photos of Motown stars, from Stevie Wonder to Temptations, Supremes and Diana Ross. Between two vocalizations, the young guide recalls the founding principles of Motown, as well as the desire for emancipation of Berry Gordy and his artists, who should not be content to sing but to have impeccable posture and manners to shine in society. The secret of Motown’s success according to Jordan (and Michelle Obama, who wrote a missive to Berry Gordy, exhibited at the museum)? Beyond the contagious hits and beats, powerful lyrics that have made artists the voice of their generation. Voices that have mostly fallen silent today, while with its sometimes rough-hewn landscape, resplendent with resilience and wild beauty, Detroit has become the face of America today.

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America left behind, and incorrigible dreamers, of those who chanted ” Yes we can » and elected the first African-American president and then the others, who made Trump succeed him in the White House. Over the past fifty years, Detroit has lost more than two-thirds of its population due to closings and relocations. Before the bankruptcy declared in 2013, offering Detroit the disastrous title of the largest American city to have gone bankrupt, drew new blood. If yesterday, the city seduced thanks to the competitive salaries of the automotive sector, it was first the promise of 500 dollar houses that attracted a new wave of inhabitants in 2009. Artists, creatives, utopians: dreamers were needed to repopulate abandoned districts and restore their abandoned wooden houses, often for years and in very poor condition.

Kathleen Wuyard

Jesse Welter is one of them. Originally from the Detroit suburbs, this photographer came to live in Motor City a few years ago. Today, on the sidelines of his work, he takes tourists to discover the most spectacular ruins of the city, an irresistible porn ruin for the curious and those who play the objective.

Clement Jadot

Beyond the thrill provided by the Urbex, and the desolation of seeing the splendid amphitheater of the Thomas Coley High School ravaged by a fire or what remains today of the Packard Plant, a flagship time of the America, the Motor City Photography Workshop offers a hopeful look at the city. It is that to connect the various ruins to visit, you have to cross Detroit, and along this way urban farms, forests planted on disused plots or city hives. The fall of the industry being intimately linked to that of the city, the revival of the latter could only be green. Besides the Motown and the modern automobile, the world also owes to Detroit the legendary boxer Joe Louis, whose giant replica of the fist decorates the water’s edge, a sign of the foolproof combativeness of the city that has it. seen being born. At the bend of an opulent suburb, we discover the explosive contrast of a charming villa decorated with skeletons in war posture, whose owner is none other than Meg White, of the White Stripes, two children of the city who, with the MC and Iggy Pop among others, contributed to Motown being also known as Rock City. Jack White, meanwhile, was not satisfied to install a sign of his label Third Man Records in the trendy district of Midtown but also to make a generous donation to maintain the masonic temple of the city, the largest in the world.

Joe Louis
Kathleen Wuyard

Become a land of cocagne for hipsters, who not only have the place here to dream of their future (open a tattoo shop! start a whiskey distillery! create dog accessories!) but also the means to carry out their projects. If the time of houses put up for sale for 500 dollars now seems to be over, property prices remain well below those of the rest of the country and in particular allow a wave of promising young chefs to open their establishment here without have to save for years.

Angels of Detroit
Kathleen Wuyard

Result: between the distinguished American cuisine at Prime + Proper, the locavor delicacies prepared by Kate Williams at Lady of the House or the Belgian bistronomy at Lumen, Detroit turns out to be a paradise for foodies. From the typical taverns and colorful facades of Mexican Town, to the Polish specialties served in Poletown without forgetting the trendy canteens that grow like mushrooms in the historic district of Cork Town, it turns out simply impossible not to crunch the city. It is rumored that the best burgers in the country are eaten here at Motz, while Barack Obama himself was impressed by the quality of the pizza served at Jolly Pumpkin, where Cuban sandwiches are also good to die for.

Mexican town
Kathleen Wuyard
Mexican town
Kathleen Wuyard

Sign of the times and the growing enthusiasm for the city, it is now served by the airline WOW Air, which after cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco or New York, has bet to add Detroit to its destinations. If the company explains this decision in particular by the fact that ” for Americans living in the city of Detroit (or in the Midwest in general), it was previously impossible to travel to Europe without making a stopover via another large American city, such as New York, Philadelphia or Chicago for example “, adding the destination is a testament to the city’s tremendous growth. ” The region has suffered from deindustrialization but is now in full economic dynamism and therefore hosts many international companies. The Midwest remains little-known in Europe while it is now booming. Historical places, gastronomy, landscapes: everything is to be discovered. If the rest of the country is largely covered today, the Midwest remains to be explored, but European travelers are in demand of discoveries and new destinations. ”.

Kathleen Wuyard

Detroit, the new Eldorado for travelers, artists and hipsters? The population of the city’s trendy bars and the proliferation of boutique hotels, luxury restaurants and cutting-edge art galleries seem to indicate this. After falling into decay, the David Whitney Tower, the city’s emblematic skyscraper, was renovated at great cost in 2011 and now houses stand-alone apartments and the comfortable rooms of the Aloft hotel, in the heart of the bustling district of Downtown.

Aloft detroit
Aloft detroit

On the city walls, even the graffiti is showing optimism, between those who proclaim ” Nothing stops Detroit » and those who invite to ” Say nice things about Detroit ». If the road is still long, the machine is running and does not seem to stop, on the contrary.

Whole Foods Detroit
Kathleen Wuyard
Kathleen Wuyard

As Drew Philp, who looked like an uproar when leaving the prestigious University of Michigan to buy a decrepit ruin in Detroit at the age of 22, explains: ” what I didn’t understand at the time was that if Detroit was the most interesting city in the world, it was because when you scratched its surface, you were faced with a mirror that looked back at you. state of society. A few years ago, Detroit was a gaping wound on the body of America, but today, we are faced with a situation similar to that of Greenwich Village in the 1950s, the Lower East Side in the 80s… This What makes Detroit so special today is that we rebuilt the city together “. An energy like no other that has allowed Detroit to go from yawning ruin to the status of the most exciting US destination, to be discovered urgently.

Laeticia Hallyday and Isabelle Camus: The simple life in Los Angeles

Laeticia Hallyday is never alone, visits follow one another in Los Angeles. After spending a few days in Hawaii with her husband Yannick Noah, their 13-year-old son Joalukas, but also the rest of the clan, Isabelle Camus did not return to France. She took a flight to California where she was seen on May 26, 2018.

The daughter of the producer of Jean-Claude Camus, close to the Hallyday clan, was photographed with the last wife of the French rocker in a supermarket in Pacific Palisades where the house of Laeticia Hallyday and her two daughters, Jade (13 years old) is located. and Joy (9 years old). Dressed in a long pink dress, wearing heeled sandals and her hair as always up, the widow of Johnny Hallyday did her shopping with ease.

That same day, Isabelle Camus and Laeticia Hallyday were seen going to a restaurant in Malibu, the Little beach house, a lunch attended by their children. Joaluka Noah, Jade and Joy Hallyday were present.

Mired in a legal battle concerning the thorny file on the legacy of Johnny Hallyday and his American will, Laeticia Hallyday has reduced her lifestyle since the disappearance of her husband. Although at the head of a trust, LMS (Laeticia Marie Smet), created in 2014 in Los Angeles and which brings together a heritage of 28 million euros, the last wife of the Taulier must face the freezing of her property pronounced on April 13 by the Nanterre regional court when she also obtained that Laura Smet and David Hallyday do not have the say they demanded on their father’s latest album. Jade and Joy remaining her top priorities, Laeticia Hallyday pays attention to her lifestyle – we know that the couple’s spearmaker was our late Johnny -, especially since she doesn’t know when the legal battle against Laura Smet and David Hallyday s ‘will complete.

Detroit: Become Human: save all characters

Surviving all characters in Detroit: Become Human is probably one of the hardest tasks in the game. Because in order to receive the associated gold trophy “survivors”, you not only have to save the three main characters, but also all the secondary characters. To do this, you sometimes have to make the right decisions early in the game so that someone doesn’t accidentally die in the end. We’ll tell you exactly what you have to do for it.

Important tips for your playthrough:

Before we get to the individual characters in detail, first a few general tips that you should definitely pay attention to throughout your game:

It is not enough for the “Survivors” trophy to only save the three main characters, but you also have to save all of the supporting characters. These are: Connor, Hank, Kara, Alice, Luther, Jerry, Markus, North, Josh, Simon. Details of which decisions you have to make in detail for each individual can be found in the relevant section below.

Level of difficulty: The choice of the degree of difficulty has no influence on the trophy “Survivors”. So you can safely set it to “easy”. As a result, characters can no longer die in the Quicktime events. However, we recommend choosing the normal difficulty level at least in your first game run and not using a guide to experience Detroit: Become Human the way you should experience it.

Markus’ story / playthrough: Walk the peaceful path

  • Markus’ revolution can end in a violent or peaceful final flow out. In order to save all characters, you have to take the peaceful path early on, otherwise a few secondary characters will die in the end.
  • For this you have to make sure that the public opinion is on his side at the end.
  • You should therefore not kill people and always adopt a non-violent, conciliatory attitude, especially in the following ones three key scenes
  • First: Choose for the Android release in Capitol Park exclusively pacifist actions and do not commit vandalism. Do not kill the captured police officers afterwards.
  • Second: at Peace March you must not fight the police.
  • Third, choose the peaceful one in the end demonstration to the camp, not the attack. Until then, public opinion has to be at least “skeptical” or “neutral” so that it ultimately supports you. You also need one Love relationship with North enter – this is not difficult, however, and is explained to you in the corresponding paragraph below.

Connor’s Story / Playthrough: Become a dissenter and make Hank your friend

  • In order for all characters to survive, Connor has to Deviant be and in the end Hank’s friend be.
  • For this you should, if possible, talk to Hank do not appear cold and numbbut show him that you have human-like emotions.
  • If Hank is in danger, you should do it to him every time save livesto get a big sympathy boost from him.
  • Pay particular attention to these two Key scenes: Shoots in Sex club by no means the two Tracis, otherwise Hank hates you for it. In Kamski’s mansion you must not shoot Chloe, the blonde Android from the main menu.

Kara’s story / playthrough: family with Alice and Luther

  • There is actually nothing long-term to be considered for Kara’s way through the game, except that you should put yourself in a good position with Alice and Luther so that they are weighed to the end, but this is almost automatically the case if you are not completely unfriendly to them. In the next section, we explain what else you have to look out for in the individual chapters.

How the individual characters survive:


  • Todd’s house, On the run, Zlatko: In some chapters, Kara can sometimes die quite early in the game, for example while fleeing the highway or trying to escape from Zlatko’s house. There are dozens of different ways to prevent this, and it shouldn’t be difficult for you to figure out one of them. If she dies anyway, simply reload the chapter from the main menu or, if necessary, set the level of difficulty to easy. But that will hardly be necessary.
  • crossroads: Already with the saving bank in sight, Kara and Alice are still put on the run from Jericho by soldiers. Be sure to select the “put dead” option and then “stay put”. In this way, Kara and Alice can escape and are not captured or even killed. Although the two can survive the game if they are captured and deported to the camp, at least one minor character will inevitably die.
  • Battle for Detroit: If you the Bus tickets finds, then keep them instead of giving them back to the couple – even at the expense of a guilty conscience. At the Border crossing in the end you choose the option “do not sacrifice anyone”. The border policeman will then expose you as an android, but will still let you pass secretly. For this, however, public opinion must be on your side! This is only the case if you have taken the peaceful path with Markus. If this is not the case, you can still sacrifice Jerry or Luther if necessary so that Kara and Alice survive, but then you will no longer receive the “Survivors” trophy.


  • See Kara. The two usually survive both together or not at all. You should always have a good relationship with Alice and especially not reject her when Kara finds out her big secret in the chapter “Crossroads”. But I don’t know what can be done wrong.


  • Zlatko: Successfully escapes from Zlatko’s house with Kara and Alice, then Luther will join them.
  • In Rose ‘s house: If the Police officer rings the doorbellLuther sends Alice upstairs. Also hides the three references to androids present (close the door to the washroom, close the wall shelf, hide the clothes on the dresser). Then choose the dialog options during the conversation: Alice is upstairs, the son is tired from gardening, the noise comes from the old washing machine – so you can get rid of the policeman again without an accident.
  • crossroads: If Luther is shot while trying to escape, turn back to save him. He stays behind shortly afterwards, but will join you again later.
  • Battle for Detroit: When Kara and Alice sneak from car to car towards the bus stop, you have to remain undetected throughout the section. This is relatively easy if you always wait for cover until you are only shown “low risk” for the next hiding place on your way. Never start with “high risk”!
  • After a short time you will find Luther and Jerry caught by soldiers. Save them by sneaking up on them (don’t push the analog stick to run!) And knocking the cop down with the brick.
  • Once at the checkpoint, choose fast but risky route, otherwise you will no longer arrive on the bus in time. Be sure to keep your nerve, don’t attack the soldiers and, above all, keep Luther from doing this. Then everything will be fine.


  • Jerry is such an insignificantly small minor character that you may not even have on the screen that he has to be saved for the “Survival” trophy. Otherwise, if you followed the instructions in this guide, there are only two scenes to watch out for.
  • See Luther. In the chapter “Battle for Detroit“If you sneak between the cars, free him and Luther from the hands of the soldiers by carefully sneaking up on them and knocking them down with the brick.
  • Border crossing: Select the “Don’t sacrifice anyone” option here to save all characters including Jerry. However, this only works if you take the peaceful path with Markus and have public opinion behind you. Otherwise, if necessary, you can sacrifice Jerry to save Kara, Alice and Luther and to get the associated trophy “Happy Family” for it, but you mess up the trophy “Survivors”, for which you have to save all characters.

On the next page: How to save Connor, Hank, Markus, North, Josh and Simon.

Video game “Detroit: Become Human”: I am a robot

Ümirrors everywhere! Seldom has so many mirrors been seen in the world of a video game. Pat Garrett once stepped in front of a mirror, after killing Billy the Kid in Sam Peckinpah’s famous film, and shot it. Out of disgust for yourself. In the video game “Detroit: Become Human” you keep stepping in front of a mirror, but then just look. Is looking for. We play a robot, the year is 2038. Artificial intelligence is slowly discovering itself.

Once, at a central point in the game, you are an attractive Android whose memory has just been cleared by villains. Now she wanders through an empty villa and tries to remember. She looks in a big mirror. Sees itself, but doesn’t understand anything. Behind it hangs a painting by Velazquez. It shows the poet Luis de Gongora y Argote, an outsider of the Baroque. A tough man who never quite found his place in society, he looks at us critically and angrily.

Like a film noir

The programmers left a hint for all educated citizens. After all, some of them will now be playing this game. Because whenever the French David Cage publishes a new game, there is again this faint hope that something completely new is coming, a game that no longer offends the intellect and that whirls all expectations upside down, just as great art should do .

In his game “Heavy Rain” you had to play a father who has lost his son and is now lonely in a shabby shack. “I don’t have time for normal games, they’re too difficult,” he said once on a podium in Cologne. “I have children, a family, a life. I want a game to move me. ”Because that was too rare, he was the guarantee for exactly that. David De Gruttola was a musician when he switched to a new, exciting industry in 1997 and founded a games company. From then on he called himself David Cage, French didn’t seem to go well with video games. His game “Fahrenheit” from 2005 was already a revolution. A crude story about the climate catastrophe, a criminal sect, hypnotized murderers – but tells like a clever film noir. With music by Angelo Badalamenti, who otherwise wrote for David Lynch. Suddenly there was a whole new kind of game. One that wants to be taken seriously.

“Detroit: Become Human” is also fighting for recognition. The debate about artificial intelligence is raging. The talking Amazon device Alexa first conquered households, then created massive doubts. The most exciting novel of these days, “Hologrammatica” by the Munich author Tom Hillenbrand, depicts a world that has been shaped by robotics and cyberspace, in which reality is barely perceptible. And now comes this game and makes these discussions really tangible.

The robots as victims

Tech-wise, the game that came out on Friday is a walk-in science fiction novel. There are three storylines that are getting closer and closer to each other. (A recipe that also made “Grand Theft Auto 5” a narrative masterpiece.) There is Android Connor, who works as an investigator for the police and hunts rogue robots who suddenly develop feelings. Then there is Kara, the electric housekeeper, who is just one of them and is on the run with a child. And finally there are always dark episodes from the scene of the robotic revolutionaries who no longer want to live like slaves. The game is like an episode film that the player has to work through little by little, in which you have to make many decisions, and which always ends differently.

No matter how it ends, it’s basically about how a robot feels. You always play androids. There is an “Android Compartment” on the bus, robots have to stand there and not sit with people. The parallel with the Montgomery bus boycott, the anti-segregation protest in the United States, is obvious. The reference to the film “Blade Runner” or Philip K. Dick’s basic short story “Do Androids dream of electric sheep?” Is also obvious. This time we should experience everything from the perspective of the robots, here: victims.


Become Human ”is a very great game

Why “Detroit: Become Human” is such a great game

Video games

25/05/18 12h34

New creation from the Parisian studio Quantic Dream and its founder David Cage (“Heavy Rain”, “Beyond: Two Souls”), “Detroit: Become Human” tells us about the fate of rebellious androids fighting for their freedom. Both sentimental and political and of a magnitude as remarkable as its attention to detail, it is the masterpiece of its author.

Funny studio Quantic Dream. Funny author of video games than David Cage who, if he is rather less sympathetic to us since the revelation by The World, Mediapart and PC duck of certain practices at work in the company he founded and the complaint filed in return against two of these publications, has nevertheless just signed with Detroit : Become Human which is undoubtedly his masterpiece.

For those who have already practiced the previous titles of Cage, and more particularly Beyond : Two Souls and Heavy Rain, the principle (a story with multiple branches), the interaction system (a mixture of imitation of the gestures of our character on the right stick of the controller and Quick Time Events which require you to quickly press the button that s displayed on the screen) and the general atmosphere (rather gloomy, even depressive, with frequent bursts of sentimentality) will probably not surprise much. But never before has a Quantic Dream game conveyed such a sense of both scale and attention to detail. And coherence, too, between the ideas he brews and what he is, and makes us, deeply.

Diving in the America of 2038

The starting point of Detroit is not particularly original. Its story is that, in America of 2038 where the unemployment rate exceeds 37%, of a revolt of androids who are more and more numerous to feel alive and dream of freedom – as in Blade Runner or the series Real Humans, among many others. During the divided adventure

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First patient with homegrown approval – hemp news

First patient with homegrown approval – hemp news – hemp magazine

On September 28, 2016, a patient with multiple sclerosis was given permission to grow cannabis for medical use. The Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM) limited the license to June 30, 2017, provided the costs for cannabis flowers have been borne by the pharmacy to date. Otherwise the application would be extended.

The 57-year-old had actually been able to assert himself against the Federal Ministry of Health and is now officially allowed to grow marijuana plants. Of course, only under certain conditions. The cannabis is only intended for personal use and only to be planted in a predetermined amount. We are happy for the patient, who will be able to relieve his symptoms of the disease much more cost-effectively in the future. However, the federal government and the Bundestag are now also challenged and there should also be a law that should come into force at the beginning of 2017. The costs for the treatment with cannabis flowers should be reimbursed by the health insurance under certain conditions, so that patients would not have to grow themselves in the future.

You can read the complete verdict here: Home-grown approval

We wish this patient good luck and a speedy recovery!


first discreet and full of promise with The smile of the puppets, then affirming its choices, graphics and narratives, in Bacchus’ vision, Jean Dytar is once again taking his favorite paths.

Wondering about the relationship to the image, the beginnings of cartography, as well as the importance of accounting for space and places in order to better annex them, Florida returns to the conquest of the Americas by the Huguenots. It is thus a question of the geopolitical designs of the time – we are in England of the 16th century – and of the shenanigans of the low Court, but also of the forgotten dreams of a woman as of those shattered of the one she waited for and then supported. .

This beautiful album has the rare quality of making people aware – in a simple way – of the complexity of a bygone past and of arousing a real interest in this sad odyssey, too quickly forgotten. Behind his characters with the physiognomy depicted in a few lines, the former plastic arts professor gives the different temporalities of his story their own tone and opts for choices with elaborate symbolism. Obviously, the sleek graphics, despite a most classic layout leaves nothing to chance.

Leading the reader into a long-term scenario where the thread of events meticulously weaves the web of history, Florida turns out to be both educational and fun. It confirms the existence of new avenues for authors who know how to explore them.

By S. Salin


Côte d’Ivoire / An integrated action plan for rabies control under development in Grand-Bassam

Grand-Bassam, May 23 (AIP) – The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) has since been organizing a workshop in Grand-Bassam on Tuesday on the development of a Integrated action for rabies control. As part of its support for global health security and strengthening animal health in Africa, this activity is funded by USAID. This workshop, which ends on Friday, will develop an integrated national strategic action plan for the fight against rabies for its elimination before 2030 according to the “One health” approach developed and popularized by the Swiss Center for Scientific Research (CSRS) who conducted a two-year study on the prevalence of …

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Phoenix and New Orleans are Super Bowl venues for 2023 and 2024

The NFL has announced the locations for the 2023 and 2024 Super Bowl games. Phoenix will host the 57th Super Bowl, New Orleans the 58th

The host cities for the finals from 2019 to 2022 have already been determined: Atlanta (2019), Miami (2020), Tampa (2021), Inglewood / Los Angeles (2022).

Super Bowl 2023 in Phoenix, Arizona

Super Bowl 57 will be held at the University of Phoenix Stadium, the Arizona Cardinals stadium, in 2023. “We are overjoyed,” Cardinals boss Michael Bidwill said about the knockdown.

Bidwill said they wanted to host the most fan-friendly Super Bowl in history, “bigger and better” than all previous endgames.

The University of Phoenix Stadium of the Arizona Cardinals

  • Place: Glendale (Phoenix, Arizona)
  • Opening: 2006
  • Building-costs: $ 455.7 million
  • Capacity: 63,400 seats (expandable to 73,000 for large events)

All previous Super Bowls in Phoenix (Arizona)

So far, three Super Bowls have been held in Arizona.

year Super Bowl Champion opponent Result Stadion spectator
1996 Dallas Cowboys Pittsburgh Steelers 27:17 Sun Devil Stadium 76,347
2008 New York Giants New England Patriots 17:14 University of Phoenix Stadium 71.101
2015 New England Patriots Seattle Seahawks 28:24 University of Phoenix Stadium 70,288

Super Bowl 2024 in New Orleans, Louisiana

The 58th Super Bowl of the NFL will be held in New Orleans in 2024 in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. The stadium is the home of the New Orleans Saints. It will be the eleventh Super Bowl in New Orleans. As the most frequent venue, the city draws level with Miami.

“Hosting a Super Bowl is equivalent to the city of New Orleans,” said Saints owner Gayle Benson.

The New Orleans Saints’ Mercedes-Benz Superdome

  • Place: New Orleans (Louisiana)
  • Opening: 1975 (2006 after renovation)
  • Construction costs (renovation): $ 185 million
  • Capacity: 73,208 places

All previous Super Bowls in New Orleans (Louisiana)

So far, ten finals have been played in New Orleans. Among other things, Louisiana had the highest victory in Super Bowl history: the San Francisco 49ers’ 55:10 victory against the Denver Broncos in 1990.

year Super Bowl Champion opponent Result Stadion spectator
1970 Kansas City Chiefs Minnesota Vikings 23: 7 Tulane Stadium 80,562
1972 Dallas Cowboys Miami Dolphins 24: 3 Tulane Stadium 81,023
1975 Pittsburgh Steelers Minnesota Vikings 16: 6 Tulane Stadium 80.997
1978 Dallas Cowboys Denver Broncos 27:10 Louisiana Superdome 76,400
1981 Oakland Raiders Philadelphia Eagles 27:10 Louisiana Superdome 76.135
1986 Chicago Bears New England Patriots 46:10 Louisiana Superdome 73,818
1990 San Francisco 49ers Denver Broncos 55:10 Louisiana Superdome 72,919
1997 Green Bay Packers New England Patriots 35:21 Louisiana Superdome 72,301
2002 New England Patriots St. Louis Rams 20:17 Louisiana Superdome 72,922
2013 Baltimore Ravens San Francisco 49ers 34:31 Mercedes-Benz Superdome 71,024

Super Bowl venue: how is that decided?

In 2017, the selection process was adapted by the NFL. Instead of several publicly known applicants in one pot, from which a lot decides on the venue, the applicants are now secret.

A decision-making committee chooses the city that seems most suitable for the strategic goals of the NFL.