Health insurance companies: Periodontitis treatment: Switching health insurance companies can be worthwhile

Professional teeth cleaning usually helps with periodontitis. This is not covered by most health insurance companies – but in some cases by some. A comparison is worthwhile.

Periodontitis patients are best looking for a health insurance company that is professional Teeth cleaning generously subsidized. Because this can be useful as part of the treatment.

Periodontitis treatment: costs are often only partially covered

However, it is not in the catalog of benefits of the statutory health insurance companies, like that Consumer advice center North Rhine-Westphalia explained. However, many insurers still cover the costs or subsidize them under certain conditions Teeth cleaning. Patients can find an overview on the website of the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Dentists by clicking on “Service” and “Information materials”. (dpa)


American jazzman Jimmy Scott dies

American jazz singer Jimmy Scott, known for his soprano voice, has died at age 88, US media reported on Friday. The artist died in his sleep Thursday at his home in Las Vegas, the “Washington Post” said.

James Victor Scott was born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1925 and began his career in the 1940s. He worked with Lionel Hampton, Charlie Parker or Ray Charles.

His work has influenced many musicians, including pop singer Madonna who said, according to the “Washington Post”, that “Jimmy Scott is the only singer who makes me cry”.

Legionellosis outbreak in Quebec in 2012: the collective action group is growing | News | The sun

Dn a judgment rendered on Monday, the Superior Court authorized the request to modify the group of the class action filed by the attorneys of Solange Allen, whose spouse died on August 19, 2012 from legionellosis.

The prosecutors of Ménard Martin Avocats got their hands last February on the file of the epidemiological investigation of the regional director of public health of the Capitale-Nationale, which established at approximately 180 the number of victims of legionellosis. In the meantime, they have received calls from people claiming to have had the disease. These people sent them their medical files. By comparing the two lists, plaintiff’s attorneys found a discrepancy.

These people would have contracted the bacteria without there being a declaration made to the Regional Director of Public Health under the MADO system (notifiable diseases). Either they were diagnosed with Legionellosis following a positive urine antigen test without their doctor notifying public health, or they showed symptoms of the disease without having a positive urine test.

According to expert Jean Joly, whose report was filed in the Court’s file, the urine test would only be valid in 80% of cases of people with legionellosis. In other words, 20% would be sick without the urine test confirming it.

More than 200 victims

In total, some 37 people would have contracted legionellosis in Quebec in 2012 without their case being transmitted to public health, according to lawyer Jean-Pierre Ménard. These victims, who are in addition to the 180 others, are thought to reside in large part in Quebec. An Australian visiting the capital that summer is also said to have contracted the disease.

Public health authorities, the Attorney General of Quebec and the CSQ, owner of the cooling tower at the origin of the outbreak, opposed the request of Solange Allen’s attorneys, arguing in particular that the recourse of people not covered by the initial authorization to bring a class action was prescribed.

The defendants also pleaded that the only way for a possible new member to join the group is to have had a positive urine test and for their case to have been referred to public health.

In its judgment, the Superior Court reiterates that the Civil Code contains a provision which allows a person not to be opposed to the prescription of his recourse: the impossibility of acting. She stresses that people called to be part of the group of legionellosis victims cannot know whether or not a declaration has been produced about them, this document being sent only to public health.

“Should the potential new members of the group, victims of Legionellosis, be penalized because their doctor did not complete a form?” [de déclaration d’une MADO]? Can we penalize a victim who does not know that he is no longer part of the group? To ask the question is to answer it, ”writes Judge Clément Samson.

Judge Samson considers, moreover, that at the stage of modifying the group, it is “not useful” to discuss the criteria enabling a person to be affirmed that a person is suffering from Legionella, these questions having to be debated on the merits.

Watch out for tooth decay: milk teeth also need careful care

The first teeth also need care. Baby teeth should by no means be underestimated. If oral hygiene is neglected, this can cause permanent damage to the following teeth.

Cottbus (dpa / tmn) – Even if the milk teeth fall out by themselves sooner or later, they should be well cared for. Because caries on the milk teeth can also damage the following permanent teeth, as the State Dental Association of Brandenburg explains.

And if a child loses a baby tooth too soon, the permanent tooth may later erupt in the wrong place – this can involve many orthodontic treatments. (dpa)

Antibiotics, too automatic, threaten global health

Global antibiotic consumption increased 65% between 2000 and 2015, boosted by booming use in middle and low-income countries but posing a threat to global health, researchers reported.

Because these experts recalled from the start of their report that “antibiotic resistance, caused by the consumption of antibiotics, is a growing threat to global health”.

Published Monday in the American journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), this study, based in part on projections, makes you dizzy: “The total global consumption of antibiotics in 2015 was estimated at 42.3 billion doses daily determined “.

In the 76 countries studied, the absorption of antibiotics increased from 21.1 billion daily doses determined in 2000 to 34.8 billion in 2015.

Correlated to the increase in their gross domestic product (GDP), the level of antibiotic consumption has particularly increased in middle and low income countries (LMIC): + 114% in 16 years, to reach 24.5 billion determined daily doses.

For Eili Klein, a researcher at the Center for Disease Dynamics, Economics & Policy and one of the study’s authors, this increase means “better access to needed drugs in countries with many diseases that can be treated effectively with antibiotics “.

But the researcher warns: “As more countries gain access to these drugs, these (consumption) rates will increase (…) which will lead to higher rates of resistance” to antibiotics.

However, this bacterial resistance is responsible for 700,000 deaths per year worldwide according to a group of international experts formed in 2014 in the United Kingdom.

– 77% increase –

Consumption is lower for high income countries (HICs), with 10.3 billion daily doses. And between 2000 and 2015, the increase was only 6%.

The consumption rate per 1,000 inhabitants per year remains much higher in high-income countries. But in 16 years, this rate has increased by 77% for middle- and low-income countries, while it has fallen by 4% for rich countries.

And some LMIC countries have exceeded the antibiotic consumption rate of high income countries.

In 2015, Turkey, Tunisia, Algeria and Romania were among the six countries with the highest antibiotic consumption rates, while in 2000, the top five all belonged to the category of countries with the highest levels of antibiotics. returned.

Another example, in 16 years, the consumption of antibiotics has doubled in India, increased by 79% in China and 65% in Pakistan. These three countries are the largest users of antibiotics among the LMIC countries.

On the contrary, the increase was only marginal in the three leading countries of consumption in high-income nations, the United States, France and Italy, explains the study.

– Salvation from humanity –

Researchers are sounding the alarm for the future: “Projections of global antibiotic consumption in 2030, assuming no change in policy, are up to 200% higher than the 42 billion daily doses determined in 2015”.

“Eliminating this unnecessary use (of antibiotics) should be a first step and a priority for each country,” Eili Klein told AFP.

“30% of the use in high-income countries is inappropriate,” he adds, adding that the considerable consumption of antibiotics in some LMIC countries also suggests that they are being used inappropriately there.

Antibiotic resistance could cause ten million deaths per year by 2050, a recent British study reported.

The salvation of mankind could then perhaps come from the platypuses. This animal, which lives in Australia, is one of the few mammals that lay eggs. An Australian team recently discovered that a protein contained in the breast milk of the platypus could have therapeutic benefits for humans.

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Kith presents a collection in collaboration with Oakley, Adidas, Columbia, Tumi, and G-Shock

Kith launches a collection of clothing, footwear and outdoor accessories in collaboration with five marks, entitled ” Element Exploration Agency “. This group includes the labels Oakley, Adidas, Columbia, Tumi, and G-Shock.

Image taken from the video presentation ” The Voyager “, with parts of Oakley and Columbia from the collection Element Exploration Agency – Kith

Among the pieces in the collection, you will find sun glasses Oakley Razor Blades, jackets, pants and tracksuits Columbia, and a canvas bag Tumi with leather details. The color palette draws its inspiration from the red earth of Utah and the blue of the water desperately searching for the traveller. It is shown in the promotional video of the collection, titled The Voyager.

Ronnie Fieg, owner of Kith, has said on Instagram that this collection would include a complete range of products inspired by the fascinating scenery and outdoor sports in Utah.

He presented the collection on the social network with these words : “Working with brands that I admire to create innovative products and revolutionary for the industry has always been my ambition to Kith. “He added that the collection was” thought to bring our aesthetic on new lands and to show the functional side of the principles of Kith. “

Kith has announced the collection with a three-minute video titled The Voyager, that you can view on the site of Columbia. The main character is dressed in a windbreaker and we see him run in the desert of Utah in the manner of a reportage animalier, with a voice-over that comments on his actions with phrases such as ” He can only count on his instincts, his intelligence and his equipment to survive.”

The public use of the territory of Utah became a problem for the sector of outdoor sports. Patagonia has taken the lead of a group of several companies in the textile sector who fight to protect the landscapes that have inspired Kith for its new collection of multi-brand.

However, voices are already to emphasize that the argument of Kith in favor of adventures in the nature in Utah would have had even more impact if the mark was not output the beaten path for his shooting, thereby encouraging good practices in the outdoors in a new group of consumers.

Ronnie Fieg has posted previews of the collection on his account Instagram, but no official launch date has not yet been announced.

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Electric headlamps or clip-on lights are not enough ⋆ Adeba

One evening in July, two cyclists collided on a cycle path. While the bike of the later plaintiff, who wore a battery-powered headlamp on his helmet, was not illuminated, the defendant had equipped his mountain bike with an electric clip-on light on the handlebars.

Both cyclists saw the other party to blame: The plaintiff said that the defendant’s bike was insufficiently lit because the clip-on light was only weakly lit. The defendant argued that the plaintiff’s bike was not equipped with the proper light.

The court pointed out that a bicycle is generally only sufficiently illuminated if it has dynamo-operated lights. Additional electric lights are allowed, but not sufficient on their own, explain ARAG experts (LG Munich, Ref .: 17 O 18396/07)


  • Set a good example! Always take a roadworthy bike.
  • It is best to only drive with a dynamo.
  • Modern bicycles have hub dynamos that you hardly find annoying anymore.
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