Cotton swabs: Cotton swabs are harmful to the ears

Use a cotton swab if your ears are blocked or if you have wax? ENT doctors advise against it. Cotton swabs do even more harm. It is better to see a doctor. Cotton swabs in the bathroom are a part of many households. But actually they should be taboo there, as the professional association of […] News of digital transformation, telecommunications, broadcasting and IT

Sergey Halyapin Chief Engineer, Citrix Representative Office in Russia and the CIS New norm: how remote work changes business processes According to a OnePoll study, 69% of employees consider themselves more productive when working remotely, while 83% are confident that this format of work will allow them to better balance work and personal life. .

Infant dies: parents cry out for medical negligence

Many questions tease Alain Dintu and his partner Sanah Crouche, whose infant died on Monday, February 26, at Victoria Hospital. What did their six-day-old baby die from? Could this be due to the substance that was given to her by injection and which, according to the mother, did not look the same as the one […]

Kletterskulptur für Kids: Ashton’s Climbing Sculpture in West Virginia – DETAIL

A unique climbing sculpture was set up in the atrium of the Clay Center for Art and Science in West Virginia: Ashton’s Climbing Sculpture was developed by the architect Spencer Luckey, who graduated from the Yale School of Architecture. The approximately 16 meter high climbing tower is made of wood and metal and can accommodate […] News of digital transformation, telecommunications, broadcasting and IT

Anastasia Samsonova correspondent Digital badges detained Muscovites The capital again stood in lines and traffic jams. April 15, the first day of the system, which tightened the rules of movement for Muscovites, showed that the police and the traffic police did not have time to check the digital badges. Yesterday almost all the highways […]

Investment of $ 909,000 at the Pontiac Hospital | Health | News | The right

Lhe Minister of Health, Gaétan Barrette, announced Tuesday morning in Shawville the granting of this sum to “bring the endoscope reprocessing space up to standards, next to which the procedure room, separated by a wall, will be moved”. According to the government, “the new layout of the premises will ensure that the transport of equipment […]

Donating blood helps leukemia patients

Koblenz-Asterstein. “Blood donors help leukemia patients” – under this heading the DRK Blood Donation Service West and the Stefan Morsch Foundation, Germany’s oldest stem cell donor database, call for blood donation and typing. On Tuesday, August 29th, together with the local DRK association, attention will be drawn to how the lives of cancer patients can […]

Florida: Researchers argue about the origin of wild flamingos

In 2015, Flamingo Conchy appeared at a military base in Key West, Florida. The staff alerted a nearby zoo. There the bird was fostered again. At some point Conchy should be released again. But where? Scientists have long argued over flamingos in Florida. Many doubt that the birds are actually native to the state. Instead, […]

a new promotional video and a date for season 6B – Just About TV

While we announced to you last November that the sixth season of the musical series would be the last, Nashville comes to an end and the last part of this season is now revealed in a first promotional video. Nashville will therefore be back in the United States with its season 6B on the CMT […]