Hawaii: Missile alarm was not misoperation, but intention

A false warning of a missile attack caused panic in the state of Hawaii in the middle of the month. Now the original representation that an employee had pressed the wrong button begins to falter. Because the – meanwhile fired – employee (known as “Employee 1”) claims to have assumed a real attack. What should […]

Nikola Mirotic transfr New Orleans

The leaders of New Orleans asserted after the forfeiture of DeMarcus Cousins that the franchise would be active before trade deadline February 8. It’s done, since the journalist Vincent Goodwill from NBC just announced that Nikola Mirotic joined Louisiana in exchange forOmer Asik and a first round of drafting. In the midst of the fight […]

Solex, the return after 25 years

The production of Solex, which had their heyday in the 60s and 70s, will restart in France 25 years after its disappearance. By supporting the return of this legendary brand, the government is embarking on a new campaign to promote Made in France. “It is very comfortable and very nervous. As I like …”, declared […]

Tennessee Williams drafts shown in New York

Agenda From February 2, 2018 May 13, 2018 Tennessee Williams: No Refuge but WritingInfo here Lieu : Morgan Library Address : 225 Madison Ave, Manhattan “We all got something in us from Tennessee“Johnny said of Tennessee Williams. The Morgan Library, for its part, has letters, notebooks and drafts of plays by the famous American playwright […]

NASA recreates the Earth with a giant mosaic of …

NASA unveiled a representation of our planet from a mosaic of more than 36,000 self-portraits (“selfies”) posted on social networks showing people in different parts of the Globe. The American space agency asked Internet users on the occasion of International Earth Day on April 22 to send a selfie with the hashtag #GlobalSelfie on social […]

a thermostat in the brain

By studying the visual system of mice in their first week of life, the researchers found that the number of inhibitory neurons depends on the degree of visual activity, the University of Geneva said in a statement on Thursday. These inhibitors help to ensure the balance of brain activity. The results of this study led […]

Nearly two out of three conscripts deemed fit for service …

Army Expenses of the troop reached 204.3 million francs last year, according to the assessment of the Department of defense. In 2015, some 24,305 of 38,179 conscripts were declared fit for military service. The proportion of these varies according to the cantons, from 47.3% to 76.4%. Of these, 4,461 (11.7%) were found to be fit […]

Microlights will be able to fly in the sky from mid-July …

Ultra-light motorized airplanes (ULMs) will be able to fly the Swiss skies from mid-July. The Federal Council set the date for the partial lifting of the thirty-year-old ban on these devices on Wednesday. Ecolight devices can already fly since 2005. The Federal Council had last announced its intention to relax the ban on microlights in […]

Jacques Chirac hospitalized for a health check

Jacques Chirac was hospitalized Wednesday in Paris for a health check, we learned Thursday from a parliamentary source. The former head of state, who is 83 years old, should stay in the hospital “a few days”, it was specified. The former president’s state of health has been the subject of recurring rumors since his withdrawal […]