Hawaii: Missile alarm was not misoperation, but intention

A false warning of a missile attack caused panic in the state of Hawaii in the middle of the month. Now the original representation that an employee had pressed the wrong button begins to falter. Because the – meanwhile fired – employee (known as “Employee 1”) claims to have assumed a real attack. What should only have been an alarm exercise contained the statement: “This is not a drill.” (This is not an exercise.)

Hawaii’s Civil Protection Agency logo

Both the FCC and the state of Hawaii are investigating the incident. They published an interim report on Tuesday. The false alarm was triggered on January 13, 2018, immediately after a shift change, a few minutes after 8 a.m. local time. The shift manager of the outgoing night shift carried out an unscheduled alarm exercise by calling the outside of the disaster center and masquerading as the Pacific Command of the US Armed Forces.

Although he had informed the head of the day shift, he believed that the exercise only affected the night shift staff, which is why he was not present in the corresponding room. There the night shift manager’s call was put through a hands-free system. At the beginning and at the end, as intended for an exercise, “exercise, exercise, exercise” should sound. As a noun, this means “exercise, exercise, exercise”, but as a verb, it can also mean something like “apply, exercise”.

But the rest of the text deviated from the exercise schedule (only changed a few days earlier). The announcement “This is not a drill”, which was not provided there but nevertheless transmitted, made Employee 1 believe that Hawaii was actually being attacked. He also claims that he did not recognize the voice on the phone and did not hear the “exercise” warning. The FCC states that it has not yet had the opportunity to interview the person in person.

The error was quickly recognized, but Employee 1 may have fallen into a kind of stiffness. A colleague stopped spreading the false alarm on cell phones that were not currently logged on to the network. However, it took 38 minutes for the all-clear to be sent. Among other things, this was due to overloaded telephone lines, unclear responsibilities and the fact that the system did not provide the all-clear.

On the internet, the incident was immediately associated with an unfortunately everyday torment.

What happened after the FCC investigation, as soon as the alarm was recognized as an error. HI-EMA stands for the Hawaii Civil Protection Agency.

(Image: FCC (public domain))

According to Hawaii’s interim report, another employee had been worried about Employee 1 for “more than ten years” because he had mixed up real events and exercises at least twice. According to the report, there are also records of poor performance by Employee 1.

Hawaii’s report in particular contains many other points of criticism, from poor system design including the lack of a four-eyes principle to lack of staff and inaccurate schedules, to the lack of documentation of employee training. And the Pacific Command of the US Armed Forces also has housework: It did not get to know about the (false) alarm sent to all cell phones directly, but only through excited calls from other military personnel. Because in the command area, mobile phones are prohibited for security reasons.



Nikola Mirotic transfr New Orleans

The leaders of New Orleans asserted after the forfeiture of DeMarcus Cousins that the franchise would be active before trade deadline February 8. It’s done, since the journalist Vincent Goodwill from NBC just announced that Nikola Mirotic joined Louisiana in exchange forOmer Asik and a first round of drafting. In the midst of the fight for the playoffs that have eluded them since 2015, the Pelicans are arming themselves both with an external weapon that they greatly lacked and a strong winger to the complementary profile ofAnthony Davis. Since his return to the courts in early December, the Spaniard has turned 16.8 points, 6.4 rebounds, his best career production. His long distance percentage, 42.9%, is by far his highest performing in the NBA. From its acclimatization with AD which should slip to position 5, will depend on the fate of New Orleans in the final rush for the postseason.

The Pelicans had been trying to sell Omer Asik’s stick contract for a long time: 23 million over the next two seasons. The franchise had to add a draft round to get rid of the Turkish pivot. Still in their process of rebuilding, the Bulls recover an asset in passing and Asik who had started in Illinois in 2011. The tandem Gar Forman and John Paxson has, once is not custom, sacrificed one of the master pieces of its workforce. The leaders are clearly drawing a line on the current exercise and are already looking to the future draft.

NASA recreates the Earth with a giant mosaic of …

NASA unveiled a representation of our planet from a mosaic of more than 36,000 self-portraits (“selfies”) posted on social networks showing people in different parts of the Globe.

The American space agency asked Internet users on the occasion of International Earth Day on April 22 to send a selfie with the hashtag #GlobalSelfie on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Internet users from 113 countries or sometimes remote regions of the world answered the call.

After weeks of collecting and verifying more than 50,000 submissions, the agency released its “global selfie”, a very high-resolution 3.2 gigapixel (3.2 billion dots) montage of Earth, which allows zooming to look at each of the selected photos.

a thermostat in the brain

By studying the visual system of mice in their first week of life, the researchers found that the number of inhibitory neurons depends on the degree of visual activity, the University of Geneva said in a statement on Thursday. These inhibitors help to ensure the balance of brain activity. The results of this study led by Professor Denis Jabaudon have been published in the journal “Neuron”.

These cells give a signal to avoid electrical overheating of the system or on the contrary to keep a constant signal in the event of a drop in visual activity. The researchers’ conclusion: the cellular composition of brain circuits is more plastic than previously thought and is determined by neuronal activity.

Denis Jabaudon recently received the 2014 Pfizer Prize for Research for his advances in Parkinson’s disease.

Nearly two out of three conscripts deemed fit for service …

Expenses of the troop reached 204.3 million francs last year, according to the assessment of the Department of defense.

In 2015, some 24,305 of 38,179 conscripts were declared fit for military service. The proportion of these varies according to the cantons, from 47.3% to 76.4%. Of these, 4,461 (11.7%) were found to be fit …

Jacques Chirac hospitalized for a health check

Jacques Chirac was hospitalized Wednesday in Paris for a health check, we learned Thursday from a parliamentary source. The former head of state, who is 83 years old, should stay in the hospital “a few days”, it was specified.

The former president’s state of health has been the subject of recurring rumors since his withdrawal from political life in 2007. He had suffered a stroke in 2005 during his second term at the Elysee Palace.

Jacques Chirac now has great difficulty in getting around. He has made rare public appearances in recent years due to the fragility of his condition.

In an interview with Le Figaro published in October 2014, Jacques Chirac affirms his support for Alain Juppé, who was his Prime Minister from 1995 to 1997, for the 2017 presidential election. “I always knew that Alain Juppé would be there. you about his destiny and that of France, “he said, while his wife has always openly supported Nicolas Sarkozy.

Jacques Chirac in November 2014, during the award ceremony of the Jacques Chirac Foundation for conflict prevention:

Florida: Orlando is more popular than New York and Los Angeles

“That’s it.” It was just that short sentence that should decide the future of Orlando. Back then, on November 22, 1963. That day when John F. Kennedy’s assassination shocked the world. It was also the day when Walt Disney was traveling in a small twin-engine airplane in Central Florida. There he saw landscape, a lot of landscape. Marshes and trees, citrus groves and cattle farmers. Alligators. Mosquitos.

But he also saw a swath that was to cut the country from west to east: Interstate 4 was under construction, the highway that was to run from Tampa on the Gulf Coast to Daytona Beach on the East Coast. 214 kilometers across Orlando. The interstate crossed the existing Florida Turnpike, another freeway that goes from Miami to the north and connects there to the highways that lead to Maine and the Canadian border.

It was the highways and the many landscapes that prompted Disney to decide to raise its Walt Disney World here. Disneyland in Anaheim went very well – but the inventor of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck didn’t like what was happening around his dreamland. Cheap motels and shops settled there.

A star for Minnie Mouse

90 years after her first appearance, Minnie Mouse got her own star on the legendary Hollywood Boulevard. Heidi Klum and Katy Perry also congratulated the famous mouse.

That’s why he wanted to do it differently in Florida. He bought almost 11,000 hectares of land, through bogus companies, so as not to drive up the price of the land. Back then, the American acre cost $ 180, or about 0.4 hectares. After it became known that the California businessman would build in Orlando, prices skyrocketed to $ 80,000.

Orlando is a top destination – ahead of New York and Los Angeles

But that is nothing compared to today. Today because Orlando is the top destination in the United States. In 2016 there were more than 68 million visitors. This makes the city the absolute leader. Not New York. Not Los Angeles. Not Chicago. But Orlando.

Somewhere in the middle of nowhere, at the crossroads of countless highways. Because anyone who drives through the area where Walt Disney once saw so much potential is one thing above all: confused.

One highway is lined up and crosses the next, of course the Turnpike and Interstate 4 are still there. They have become something of a landmark in the wild confusion that this city is.

America’s most attractive metropolis: More than 68 million visitors were counted in Orlando in 2016

Credit: picture alliance / dpa-tmn

And then there are all the cities in the city. Disney World, of course, now larger than San Francisco. With a variety of amusement parks, the Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, the future world Epcot.

Universal has also spread and, in addition to the film studios with numerous backdrops and a Harry Potter world, appeals to a huge fan base. Not to forget SeaWorld, around which are also a variety of hotels and other parks.

Where Disney gathers its cruise passengers

And what do you do in Orlando when you don’t like Mickey Mouse and the Minions, see killer whales in the pool as cruelty to animals, and are generally unwilling to pay $ 100 per person per day to enter an amusement park? Shop for example. Shopping from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. Orlando has two huge outlets on International Drive, another street that feels like it runs all over the place.

Orlando (USA): Trainers dive with the giant mammals in the amusement park SeaWorld

Free Willy sends its regards: In the amusement park SeaWorld, coaches dive with the giant mammals

Credit: picture alliance / dpa-tmn

And if you want to escape from the sterile well-being zone and prefer to bathe in the sea, you can either drive west or east, towards Tampa or to the Space Coast around Cape Canaveral. There, at Port Canaveral, Disney collects its cruise passengers – all those who haven’t had enough of Mickey, Donald Duck and Goofy and want to travel with the hairy fellows for a week to the Caribbean or elsewhere.

Because what fitted Disney to its plans, namely that no beach can keep visitors from its park, is something that visitors are bitterly upset about. Orlando is really in the middle of nowhere, and at high temperatures all year round you just want to jump into the cool water.

In the meantime, however, each of the big three park operators has at least one water park on offer: At Disney it is called Typhoon Lagoon, SeaWorld has christened its park on Aquatica and Universal on Volcano Bay.

The latter is the youngest of the water parks, it was only opened in May 2017. A huge volcano, 61 meters high, rises up to the sky right next to the highway. Inside: sliding, sliding, sliding. And at the foot of Krakatau, as the backdrop was called, a swimming pool that holds a good 2000 people and breaks into wild waves every ten minutes.

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Alligators are one of Florida’s biggest attractions

From the interstate you can see the volcano and the hotels, but in the parks the illusion is perfect. High boards keep the outside world exactly where it should be: outside. So it is in Discovery Cove, an even more exclusive – and expensive – pleasure.

Here, too, you get a little South Sea feeling, with cozy cabañas that are surrounded by palm trees, have a hammock and deck chairs, and a fridge with cold drinks. The highlight in this park, which belongs to the SeaWorld group: A cool lagoon for swimming and petting dolphins. And you can swim in a huge, artificial reef with around 8000 fish.

If these offers are too artificial, you only have to get in the car and drive a few kilometers. Towards Kissimmee, for example, where you can rush over swamps, lakes and rivers and see alligators in an incredibly loud airboat. The area is called Headwater of the Everglades.

In the “Gatorland” near Orlando, visitors can see men alligators opening their throats

Source: picture-alliance / gms

You can see even more of them in the connected Gator and Wildlife Park, because the alligators are regularly fed there. The animals were considered Florida’s biggest tourist attraction when Walt Disney was still working on his world in Anaheim and Orlando was out of the question. At that time, in 1949, a certain Owen Godwin set up the Florida Wildlife Institute, to which the Gatorland originated.

Hundreds of alligators can be seen there, including the rare white alligators, crocodiles and snakes. In the back of the park, the swamp landscape was left as it was – only a wooden footbridge meanders through nature.

Amusement parks during the day, shows in the evening

Change of scene: We are in the north of Orlando, where travelers will find an idyllic spot, just as you know it from Europe. Without high walls and without entrance fees. Winter Park is the place. It was founded in the middle of the 19th century – as the first planned city in Florida.

At that time rich Americans from the northern New England states were looking for recreation here; little has changed to this day. The wealthy live above all around the lake, where you can take a boat tour into the gardens of the villas and learn from the knowledgeable captains how many millions this or that house has changed hands for.

It’s also nice on Park Avenue, where you can sit on the sidewalks under old trees. Small shops offer exceptional products. Large chains and penetrating neon signs, however? Nothing.

Breathtaking: ride on the “Mako” roller coaster in the Seaworld Orlando theme park

Breathtaking: ride on the “Mako” roller coaster in the Seaworld Orlando theme park

Credit: picture alliance / dpa-tmn

And then there are the different ones Neighborhoods in Orlando, each with its own characteristics: for example the Church Street District with its more than 100 year old Church Street and the stadiums where basketball and football are played.

Thornton Park, Ivanhoe Village and College Park are also part of the expanded downtown area, as well as Mills 50, the Milk District and Audubon Park. These are all places where Disney, Universal and SeaWorld fans don’t get lost so often, but which still belong to the Orlando area.

The entertainment city is known for never sleeping: during the day the parks, shopping or other excursions, in the evening shows such as those of the Cirque du Soleil in Disney Springs or the Blue Man Group in the small town that Universal has built.

And in the end you realize that there would have been much, much more to see. But that there is not enough time, sometimes not even to explore your own hotel.

But that’s no wonder with castles that have more than 1000 rooms and actually only serve as a base camp for the attractions on the doorstep. So for what Walt Disney once laid the foundation for when he looked at the marshland from the airplane window and was: “That’s it.”

Source: Infographic The World

Tips and information

Getting there: For example with Lufthansa or with United non-stop from Germany to Orlando International Airport.

Amusement parks: The “Walt Disney World Resort” opened in 1971 with four theme and two water parks and 23 hotels is located approximately 30 kilometers south of Orlando; the two theme parks belonging to the “Universal Orlando Resort” are located in the city. Orlando also includes the SeaWorld Group’s theme parks and the “Wet’ n Wild ”,“ Gatorland ”and“ Holy Land Experience ”theme parks.

Tickets: If you want to visit many amusement parks, you should buy a combination ticket. The “Best of Orlando” ticket, for example, includes a visit to the Walt Disney, Universal and SeaWorld theme parks over four days, price per person 439 euros, children (3–9 years) 426 euros, children under 3 years are free. Attention: The Harry Potter magic world, newly opened in 2010, is spread over both Universal Parks – if you want to visit the entire area, you need a combined ticket for both parks.

Tip: In the Orlando and Kissimmee fun spot parks, you only pay for the rides you use.

Shopping: In the tourist district in the southwest of Orlando, the noblest shopping center (Mall at Millenia), the largest shopping mall in Central Florida (The Florida Mall), and three outlet centers (Pointe Orlando, Orlando Vineland Premium Outlets, Orlando International Premium Outlands) are only 15 minutes apart. The Walt Disney World Resort and the Universal Orlando Resort have their own shopping complexes, www.visit-usa.at/florida-orlando-shopping/

Accommodation: Hotels of different price ranges are grouped around the individual parks, some of which belong to the park operators. There are often shuttles from the hotels to the park entrances, hotel guests have the option of entering the parks in front of the day guests. The official Orlando website provides travelers with information on 400 hotels, “from luxurious golf resorts to cozy bed and breakfasts”.

Information desk: visitorlando.com

Participation in the trip was supported by Visit Orlando. You can find our standards of transparency and journalistic independence at axelspringer.de/unabhaengigkeit.


Charging parking brings back 2.5 million …

While the Loclois evoked Thursday evening the track of the paid parking to increase the revenue of the city, we asked Neuchâtel what the taxes related to parking bring.

Parking meters and buttons could soon regulate parking in the town of Le Locle. For the time being, commuters benefit from free park areas in the city center, on Place James-Guillaume in particular. Places occupied during the day mainly by employees of adjacent companies.

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But it might …

PostFinance’s e-finance system …

At the time of the announcement by the Swiss National Bank (SNB) to abolish the floor rate of 1.20 francs per euro, PostFinance experienced disruptions in its online payment traffic. Transactions in Swiss francs and foreign currencies have been blocked on its E-finance platform.

The problem could be resolved in the late afternoon.

The blockage resulted from technical problems linked to the updating of the euro-franc exchange rate. At the start of the afternoon, PostFinance said it was doing everything possible to resolve this disturbance, the Swiss Post subsidiary in financial services told ATS. The problem could be solved around 4:30 p.m.

SARS cousin kills 81 in Arabia …

The MERS coronavirus has caused 81 deaths in Saudi Arabia, Saudi authorities said on Monday. As cases of infection multiply in the kingdom, the Minister of Health Abdallah al-Rabia has been relieved of his duties.

In a statement, the health ministry said that a 73-year-old Saudi man died in Ryad and another 54-year-old boy died in Jeddah, in the west of the country.

On Sunday, the ministry announced the deaths of three people infected with the coronavirus: a foreigner of 49 in Ryad and two Saudis of 68 years in Najrane (south) and Medina (west).


According to the ministry, 261 cases of contamination have been identified in the country since the onset of the disease in September 2012, making it the first outbreak of coronavirus in the world.

The World Health Organization (WHO) said on April 17 that it had been informed of 243 confirmed cases of infection worldwide, including 93 deaths.

According to a study published in late February in the United States, the MERS coronavirus, which is responsible for acute respiratory problems, could be transmitted by camels. It belongs to the severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) virus family, which killed nearly 800 people worldwide in 2003.