In Boston, the Gardner Museum is still awaiting the return of its paintings stolen in 1990

The last days of 2017 will they solve part of the puzzle of the Gardner Museum in Boston, and at the same time an informant to touch 10 million dollars?

In May, a reward was offered by the establishment to anyone who would give a lead to find several paintings of stolen masters in 1990. But the reward has a deadline: the end of 2017. A few more hours, therefore, during which it is still allowed to hope for an outcome.

On the night of March 18, 1990, the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum was visited by two burglars, disguised as police officers. After allowing the individuals to enter, the two night guards were tied up and locked up. The criminals had left with 13 canvases. Among the stolen works, notably three Rembrandts (including Christ in the Storm on the Sea of ​​Galilee), a Vermeer, a Manet, and five Degas drawings and watercolors, bringing the total thieves’ booty to at least half a billion dollars.

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The theft, carefully prepared, left very few clues to investigators. The latter were able to reconstruct the movements of the thugs in the museum using movement detectors. The two thieves took their time, as a Slate article relates, they would have stayed there for eighty-one minutes.

In March 1990, a guard was posted in the Dutch Room of the museum, where several master paintings were stolen.

Several rewards – from $ 1 million at first, it increased to $ 5 million in 1997 – have already been offered in exchange for information likely to lead to loot, but always without success.

Empty frames

In March 2013, the FBI, after half a century of investigation, announced that it had identified the thieves, members of a criminal organization in the northeast of the United States. But the facts being prescribed since 1995, the suspects cannot be arrested or prosecuted, because they are apparently no longer in possession of the works.

In May, the museum, which does not despair, decides to increase the reward to 10 million dollars. This would be, according to the museum, the largest sum ever offered by a private actor.

In the rooms of the institution, the executives have not moved, they remained in place, empty of their cut canvases, satisfying the last wishes of Isabella Stewart Gardner, eponymous art collector of the establishment.

1990, at the Gardner Museum in Boston, a site left empty by thieves of 13 master paintings.

The institution is now much better known for this old-fashioned burglary than for its sumptuous palace, built by assembling remains bought in Italy, or its collection, still strong with beautiful pieces, such as a Titian, two Velázquez or a Rubens.

This deadline helps to give some momentum to a case which seems to be deadlocked, after thousands of hours of hearings and traveling to the four corners of the world on the basis of clues.

“The most accurate definition of the invaluable”

“The investigation has seen many twists and turns, promising leads and dead ends”, summarizes Kristen Setera, spokesperson for the Federal Police (FBI) in Boston. Theories have multiplied: henchmen of the Mafia, specialized thief, emissaries from the Vatican … sometimes eccentric leads.

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Whatever it is, the holder today cannot enjoy it like an ordinary collector, according to the museum’s security officer. “You can’t hang it on the wall”, he said. These tables “Are the most accurate definition of priceless. They cannot be sold or be changed places. “

If a person discovered in possession of the stolen objects could still be prosecuted, the time has passed for punishment. The FBI has already indicated that it would be ready to grant immunity to the holder of a reliable lead. “We are no longer on lawsuits. Everything is focused on recovery “ works, assures Anthony Amore.

The World with AFP

The Council of State grants a commitment credit to …

The Department of Transport, Equipment and the Environment (DTEE) indicates that the Council of State has taken the decision to grant a commitment credit worth 870,000 francs for studies and carrying out rehabilitation work on the Rhône bank on the right bank, in the Colline de Géronde sector in Sierre.

Work planned this winter

The gas pipes as well as an intercommunal wastewater collector will be secured as part of the work that will also serve to prevent erosion in the area. The refurbishments will be applied this winter.

A new head of communications


Our colleague Françoise Kuenzi has just been appointed head of the Communication and Information Service of the City of Neuchâtel. This new service will be operational from February 1, 2016.

The new head will be responsible for managing all of the City’s communications, according to the established strategy …

The role of libraries is changing

Attendance is declining, but federal statistics do not tell the whole story.

The libraries in the towns of La Chaux-de-Fonds and Neuchâtel remain by far the most frequented cultural institutions in the canton. The first welcomed 86,420 visitors in 2015, the second 118,937. Nevertheless, the raw figures of the Office …

Paul-André Roux leaves office

Chairman of the Interprofession de la Vigne et du Vin du Valais (IVV) committee since 2011, Paul-André Roux will step down on August 31, 2014.

Following the affairs shaking the Swiss wine world, the workload associated with the post of President of the IVV has increased considerably. Under these exceptional conditions and circumstances, Paul-André Roux no longer has the necessary resources in particular in terms of time to assume this function, a press release tells us on Tuesday.

“Le Temps d’Anna” filming in Neuchâtel lands

A new French-speaking fiction “Le Temps d’Anna” is being filmed from this Monday until June 18 in the Neuchâtel region. Le Locle, the banks of the Doubs, Les Brenets, Colombier…, will serve as a backdrop for historical fiction. The actors Gaëlle Bona, Mathieu Simonet, Isabelle Caillat, Baptiste Coustenoble and Jean-Charles Clichet will don period costumes for a plunge into the early 20th century in the heart of the Swiss watch industry.

Produced by CAB Productions and RTS, with the support of ARTE and Cinéforom, the 90-minute historical television film entitled “Le Temps d’Anna” is directed by Greg Zglinski from a screenplay by Noémie Kocher. It tells a love story of a couple that everything separates, Jean, a young watchmaker, and Anna. Against the backdrop of the world of watchmaking and that of psychiatric medicine, “Le Temps d’Anna” evokes a tormented period in Switzerland at the start of the last century.

The fiction will be to be discovered at the end of the year on the RTS.

IN THE ROOMS. 5 reasons to go see the movie “The Florida Project”

Reason # 1. Because Sean Baker, the director, is a pure genius

Sean Baker had already stood out with his previous film, “Tangerine” (jury prize at the Deauville festival in 2015), entirely produced on the iPhone and which followed two transgender prostitutes on the streets of Los Angeles for 24 hours. For this new production, this 46-year-old prodigy decided, on an original idea from his producer and co-scriptwriter Chris Bergoch, to film America “white trash” in the suburbs of Orlando, on the sidelines of Disney World.

Reason # 2. Because Moonee, the little girl, is to die for

Brooklynn Prince, 6, who plays Moonee on screen, is absolutely breathtaking. This very young actress had already proven herself in commercials for … Disney Junior. Here, she embodies a little girl left to herself, hyperactive and cheeky, who takes care as best she can while her mother, embodied by Bria Vinaite, tries to survive. The latter, spotted by the director via his Instagram account, is amazing as a mother junkie adrift at the crossroads of a Courtney Love and a Gwen Stefani.

Reason # 3. Because under the cover of a chronic aspect, the film is a real drama

By adopting the point of view of these young children in freewheeling, the director seems to take pleasure in filming this decor of cardboard, these fuchsia colors and his motel pools which make the signature of Florida. But the scenario, which wanders us on the excursions of these sacred rascals, guides us little by little towards a real drama which underlies the story and grows larger as we go along. The spectator is completely taken aback.

Reason # 4. Because Willem Dafoe is overwhelming

The unforgettable Green Goblin of “Spider-Man”, also seen in Lars von Trier and Abel Ferrara, is extremely touching in his role as conciliatory manager of the motel, which tries to enforce the rules among its residents while seeking to help them when they find themselves in need.

Reason # 5. Because this film shows the reverse side of the American dream

By focusing on the poor families of Highway 192, the director highlights the back of the American postcard. When a honeymoon couple lands on a booking error in the motel where Moonee and his mother live, the spectator then realizes that these colored buildings are in fact saturated with social misery.

Trailer. “The Florida Project”

“The Florida Project”, a film by Sean Baker, in theaters since December 20, 2017

The court will decide on the Giant Studio

The director of the dance school was to leave the premises on March 31. A hearing is scheduled for May 9. Reactions from the University and City Sports Services.

Threatened with expulsion, the Giant Studio dance school still occupies the premises, rue Maillefer 11b, in Neuchâtel. For how long? Most importantly, what will happen to all customers and subscribers who attend school? A hearing is set for the Tribunal de Boudry on May 9.

The 31 …

The doctor condemned soon in the circuit?

La Chaux-de-Fonds
The chaux-de-fonnier doctor, convicted on September 21 at first instance for acts of a sexual nature on a patient, bought a space in the future medical center which will accommodate the Volta permanence. Reactions.

What if the chaux-de-fonnier doctor recently convicted of sexual acts on a patient soon continued to practice in La Chaux-de-Fonds? And this in the Volta medical and surgical center, which is due to open its doors at the beginning of next year, rue de la Paix 152.

The question is asked. Within the new structure, the possible presence of the practitioner is an open secret that makes people uncomfortable or disturbing.

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Civilizations of Islam soon to have a museum …


From left to right, the trio of museologists: Baptiste Rothen, Olivier Schinz and Sébastien Guenot. LUCAS VUITEL

From left to right, the trio of museologists: Baptiste Rothen, Olivier Schinz and Sébastien Guenot. LUCAS VUITEL

From left to right, the trio of museologists: Baptiste Rothen, Olivier Schinz and Sébastien Guenot. LUCAS VUITEL

From left to right, the trio of museologists: Baptiste Rothen, Olivier Schinz and Sébastien Guenot. LUCAS VUITEL

From left to right, the trio of museologists: Baptiste Rothen, Olivier Schinz and Sébastien Guenot. LUCAS VUITEL

From left to right, the trio of museologists: Baptiste Rothen, Olivier Schinz and Sébastien Guenot. LUCAS VUITEL

Project carried by the Muslim Cultural Institute of Switzerland.

In addition to the museum, the Muslim Cultural Institute is also planning, in six months, an extension to two parallel buildings, and to build homes and commercial areas as well as a multipurpose room, which will serve in particular as a place of prayer. Project for which 22 million are in the process of being collected. A…