Pop-up bar open during the holiday season | Sherbrooke | News | The gallery

LThe establishment named Miracle, which will present a menu of festive cocktails, will be open from November 30 to December 31, from Thursday to Sunday, as well as Monday, December 25. This ephemeral bar concept was born in New York in 2015 and relies on nostalgia for Christmas for children. “The theme is taken care […]

Create the brain Google Map | Sherbrooke | News | The gallery

Changing the work of surgeons “Discovering the normal connection would then allow us to identify what is abnormal,” explains Professor Descoteaux, giving the example of a brain tumor. “In the case of a brain tumor, we want to know how the roads were cut by the tumor, how they were replaced or reformed. “ According […]

This is why Paris Jackson, Michael’s daughter, was in Liffré

By Benoit Fouque Published on 29 Nov 17 at 14:37 updated on 29 Nov 17 at 17:00 Paris Jackson (left) and Madeline Fuhrman at Loft studio in Liffré (©Facebook/Thomas Bizeul) Paris Jackson, the daughter of Michael Jackson, spent the day of Tuesday 28 November at Liffré, not far from Rennes (Ille-et-Vilaine). The one who is […]

He transforms his DNA to become a superman

Spencer Elden, appearing baby and naked on the famous album cover Nevermind of Nirvana, sue the group, ensuring that no waiver was signed at the time Sometimes there is surprising news, appearing out of nowhere. The surviving members of Nirvana and the estate of Kurt Cobain were continued by Spencer Elden, which appears baby and […]

HIV often detected only three years after infection in the United States

The SDN list is the registry of those the United States considers infrequent. Zimbabwe, Libya and the DRC have the highest number of people sanctioned. In Africa, at least 317 people in 26 countries are subject to economic sanctions from the United States, an analysis of the database of the Office of Foreign Assets Control […]

Not all equal when it comes to bird flu

SANITARY The poultry containment standards worry less professionals than individuals. fabien darvey [email protected] After the return to Switzerland on Saturday of bird flu, three other cases were noted in the canton on Tuesday, including one in Saint-Sulpice and one in Morges. Yesterday, the Federal Office for Food Safety and Veterinary Affairs (FSVO) issued its measures […]

An Irish woman films herself with black eyes to …

In Ireland and on the Internet, Emma Murphy is known for her advice on fitness and nutrition. But, these last days it is a video of another kind which makes speak about the young woman. Sitting on a staircase, with black eyes, the 26-year-old Irish woman recounts in a video posted Tuesday on her Facebook […]

one more day for the Christmas market

Unia won its showdown with the town of Monthey, over a store opening on Sunday, December 24. The Cantonal Service for Industry, Commerce and Labor, the supervisory authority in this area, has withdrawn the said authorization for Monthey. Faced with the threat brandished by the union to oppose an opening, the Executive had chosen to…. […]

An Opioid 100 Times More Potent Than Fentanyl Reported In New Brunswick | News | The sun

Dr. Jennifer Russell has expressed serious concern about the appearance of this opioid 100 times more potent than fentanyl on the black market in the province. A toxicology report produced following the death of an individual in southern New Brunswick revealed the presence of carfentanil in his system. For reasons of confidentiality and not to […]