The health situation remains “desperate” despite the drop in cholera in Yemen

The American sports world, leading NBA basketball players, has started an unprecedented boycott of competitions in reaction to the Jacob Blake affair, named after the young African-American seriously injured by a police officer, who is reviving the anti-racist movement in the United States. United States.

Triggered by the Milwaukee Bucks basketball team, which boycotted a game and forced the NBA to postpone several other games on Wednesday, the movement has spread at high speed.

“WE CALL FOR CHANGE. WE’RE TIRED”, tweeted Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James. According to several media, the Lakers and Los Angeles Clippers have voted to drop the NBA season.

Japanese tennis player Naomi Osaka has refused to play in the semi-final of the Cincinnnati tournament, whose organizers have postponed all matches scheduled for Thursday by one day. Football and baseball matches have also been postponed due to a player boycott.

“As a black woman, I feel like there are much more important issues that need immediate attention, rather than watching me play tennis,” justified Naomi Osaka, 22, whose mother is Japanese and father Haitian, and who has often spoken in recent months to denounce racial injustice.

Jacob Blake, a 29-year-old father, was seriously injured when a police officer shot him seven times in the back on Sunday in Kenosha, Wisconsin, as he resisted his arrest, in a context still unclear.

According to a statement from the Wisconsin Department of Justice, police were dispatched to the scene following a call from a woman saying that “her boy friend“was at home and “was not meant” be there. Once there, the statement added, the agents have, “unsuccessful”, “tried to stop“Jacob Blake using a taser.

Wave of emotion

The man had warned them that he “was in possession of a knife”, say local authorities. Investigators have indeed found a knife on the floor of the vehicle, in which was no other weapon, specifies the ministry by revealing the name of the police officer who fired seven times: Rusten Sheskey. He has so far been laid off with one of his colleagues.

Filmed by witnesses and broadcast on social networks, the scene sparked a wave of emotion in the country and sparked a dangerous cocktail in Kenosha, mixing rioters and vigilante groups.

Three months after the death of George Floyd, a black forty-something suffocated under the knee of a white policeman in Minneapolis, anger is again strong in the United States in the face of racism and police violence.

Protesters in the streets after the gunfire that injured Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin on August 26, 2020.

Reflection of growing anger, the processions degenerated into violence every night in Kenosha, with clashes between protesters and the police and numerous degradations despite a curfew, the deployment of 250 soldiers of the National Guard and appeals for calm from Jacob Blake’s family.

In this context of extreme tension, two people were shot dead and a third injured in circumstances which remain rather unclear.

A 17-year-old teenager is suspected of being the author of the shootings and has been arraigned for murder charges, police said without giving further details.

Protests in Wisconsin.

Protests in Wisconsin.

According to local media, he was seen in the presence of armed men who pose as “militias” or some “self-defense groups”, eager to protect the city. County Sheriff David Beth confirmed their presence in the area, without specifying whether the shooter was from those groups.

Some 200 people gathered in Kenosha in a peaceful march overnight from Wednesday to Thursday, shouting “No justice, no peace”. Another demonstration is scheduled for Thursday afternoon in front of the city courthouse.

In downtown Los Angeles, where around 300 anti-racism protesters gathered early in the morning, scuffles broke out with police firing rubber bullets after trying to carry out arrests at a rally. in a tunnel, according to images broadcast by ABC News.

“The anarchy”

President Donald Trump, who has regularly defended the right to carry arms and self-defense, a speech dear to his electoral base, did not speak about this dramatic episode, emphasizing the excesses committed by the protesters.

We will not tolerate looting, arson, violence and lawlessness on American streets “, Mr. Trump tweeted promising, according to his November 3 presidential campaign slogan, to “restore LAW and ORDER!” in Kenosha.

To do this, said the Republican president, the governor of Wisconsin has accepted the sending of new reinforcements, both members of the federal police and soldiers of the National Guard, in this city of 100,000 inhabitants.

His Democratic rival Joe Biden has adopted the posture of reconciler. “Once again a black man, Jacob Blake, got shot by the police. His children watched. It makes me sick.”, he tweeted.

Kenosha’s drama follows in the wake of a major anti-racist protest movement born after George Floyd’s death on May 25.

Protests across the country have called for structural police reforms and a rethinking of US history to make room for the suffering endured by minorities. Sometimes accompanied by looting and clashes with the police, they had run out of steam in recent weeks.


The resources managed by Bankia in the Canary Islands grew 5.27% in the first half, to 206.8 million


With this increase, the total volume of funds managed – deposits, investment funds and pension plans – reached 4,128 million euros.

In this sense, this increase was supported by the raising of 171.1 million euros in deposits, which brings the balance up to 3,682 million, 4.87% more than at the end of last year.

Likewise, Bankia highlighted that off-balance sheet resources, investment funds and pensions, behaved in the same positive way in the first half of the year.

The financial institution raised the balance in investment funds by 32.6 million euros, which represents an increase of 13.12% over the previous year, to 280 million. The volume managed in pensions grew by 3.1 million, to 165.5 million, 1.9% more.

While, by province, in Las Palmas, Bankia’s client funds increased by 186 million euros – 5.23% more – and in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, by 20.4 million –a 5, 69% more–.


On the other hand, Bankia increased consumer credit by 23.53% between January and June by granting 63 million to families residing in the archipelago, 12 million more than in the same semester of 2015; while credit to SMEs and the self-employed rose 2.61% to 118 million.

The corporate director of the Bankia Territorial in the Canary Islands, Federico Navarro, stated “these figures show the confidence of customers in Bankia, in addition to the good reception that our new strategy has had, which exempts from paying commissions for the most common operations customers just by directing their income in the entity. “


Likewise, the entity has increased by more than 6,200 the number of clients with payroll or pension domiciled at the bank in the first six months of the year after launching its new positioning last January. In the first half, the bank attracted 5,850 payrolls and 352 pensions in the Islands.

Finally, Bankia explained that the new strategy for private clients, launched on January 11, has meant the elimination of commissions to almost 170,000 clients in the Canary Islands.

In May, this position was extended to 5,600 self-employed workers in the Islands who stopped paying commissions due to having their social security, tax payment or income from the Common Agricultural Policy (PAC) domiciled.


White supremacists and neo-Nazis meet in Tennessee

Numerous white supremacist groups gathered in Tennessee on Saturday.

New hate rally in the United States. On Saturday, around 300 white supremacists met in Shelbyville, Tennessee, on behalf of the “White Lives Matter” movement, racist opposed to “Black Lives Matter”, which has brought together thousands of people across the country. country after the deaths of several African Americans in violent arrests. Another demonstration, which was to take place in Murfreesboro, about forty kilometers away, was canceled in the face of the presence of many anti-racist activists: they were between 800 and 1000 against about thirty white supremacists, specifies “The Tennessean”.

To read :Racist movements, the dark side of America

Among the demonstrators, many were those who held up the banner of racist movements such as the Traditionalist Worker Party (whose slogan is “Work, family, homeland”) or the neo-Nazi NSM (National Socialist Movement) – one man was wearing a t-shirt with Donald Trump’s name and signature at the same time, another had the SS logo tattooed on his head. Protesters were also photographed during the Nazi salute.

At the end of this reunification, a woman says she was assaulted outside a cafe in Brentwood, followed according to her because she was sitting next to her companion, who is black. The attackers fled in two vehicles, reports the local channel WTVF-TV.

The Shelbyville rally is reminiscent of that of Charlottesville (Virginia), last August. It ended in drama as a man seen alongside white supremacists drove into the crowd at the wheel of his car, killing 32-year-old counter-protester Heather Heyer.

In video: After Charlottesville, Internet users reveal the identity of far-right activists

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ITW – All Them Witches, les magiciens de Nashville

The Parisian pop duo RoSaWay can play equally well on the aesthetic / musical tables. The care given to image and sound shows artistic maturity, a taste for innovation associated with an innate sense of melody and arrangements

A flautist and a drummer, what a funny combination! After a first EP in 2019, they released Dreamer, their second effort with strong electro-pop trends. In this new five-track, Rachel and SteF drive the point home: nothing is left to chance, both in terms of the clip and the production. We discover a colorful, fun world of incredible harmonic richness. Because yes, Rachel and SteF as well, already have a very good career behind them and with this duo project entitled RoSaWay, they brought together the quintessence of their experience. Interview.

You took a rather original option in the wonderful world of French pop-rock by not trying to register in a style too marked: you had a starting idea when founding the group?

RoSaWay : To be completely honest, we didn’t have one. Our format, our style and the color of our music actually almost came to us. We are both madly in love with our respective instruments: the transverse flute and the drums and it is only natural that we wanted to give them a central place in RoSaWay. Well, we also have to recognize that we also wanted to take up the challenge of highlighting these two instruments and proving (especially for the flute) that they are “cool” instruments!

You have loaded CVs and played in multiple formations and accompanied by many artists, when do you realize that it is time to advance a personal project?

RoSaWay : One day, one morning… we get up and we know! Anyway, that’s how it turned out for us. Supporting artists trained us, made us work (a lot), challenged us (often) but above all, made us dream. Seeing an artist flourish on stage when he plays his own music, when he sings his own words, when he inspires you with his ideas, his direction and his passion is very strong and… it makes you want! And then, one day it clicks; we realize that we have things to say, things to write and to give to others. We were at the end of 2016 and we do not regret having embarked on this crazy adventure!

“They put in images what we had deep inside us, buried under a mattress of doubts. “

Do you pay particular attention to your image, is that also part of the initial project?

RoSaWay : Oh yes ! We really found each other on this point! The “show” aspect, a 360-degree project, is really central to our work. We are unconditional fans of Earth Wind & Fire, Bowie, Queen, Rolling Stones, Stevie Wonder… that’s probably a bit for that too!

These atmospheres that we find in the image go in parallel with your music: one and the other are inseparable for you?

Yes: images and music are inseparable! Their bond is very strong for us! Moreover, at the very beginning of the adventure we wrote three songs. Then we had our costumes made. The model designer (Lucie Vervelle) therefore posed a first interpretation of our music and our personalities. Then, we had our first photo shoot and it was the turn of photographer Florent Brunel to give RoSaWay another dimension. And there it clicks: we have almost radically changed our musical course. It was crazy ! He had put his finger on something that was there in us, but that we could not see alone. This photo shoot was the start of the real adventure for us. Everything happened: we gained self-confidence (to the point of launching on the American scene) and released three other songs in stride.

And then 2020! We had the chance to play in January and we felt that we had to take a turn… or rather a turning point! The project had evolved and so did we! This is where the Audrey + Wandy team came into the picture. They followed us since our previous EP Stranger, had seen our evolution and immediately had very relevant proposals to make to us. They fully thought the image of Dreamer from the cover, to the clip of the first single “On Your Way Up” through the press photos and the logo. They put into images what we had deep inside us, buried under a mattress of doubts, of “yes, but are you sure?” », They released this grain of madness and we are delighted!

“We don’t really know what to expect anymore… We are following the flow right now and we are adapting. “

You have taken particular care in the production: is it also part of the central axis of the group? Nothing is left to chance, including the little tips that we hear here and there?

Thank you, that’s a nice compliment! Yes ! We must admit that we are quite “control freaks”! “Doing well” is a virtual obsession for us! We had the chance to rub shoulders with magnificent artists and musicians, especially Anglo-Saxon, and we must recognize that the production is always very close to perfection. It’s true that we love to slip little winks here and there. We listen to a lot of music, go to see a lot of concerts and we are very sensitive to musical craftsmanship, to the details that make the difference, to the little “extras” that certain artists manage to have. All of this inspires us a lot. These little winks are like a tribute and a “Thank you” that we write.

2020 has been difficult, what are you waiting for 2021? Stage projects? Records?

Yes 2020 has been difficult. That being said, we decided to keep only the best aspects: we signed sponsorship contracts, we finalized and released an EP, a music video, a live session, a lot of videos on the networks and we have some beautiful proposals too. And then, we took the time: the time to settle down, to reflect, the time to take stock and take stock of these three years of RoSaWay.

Finally, there were also some great things. We don’t really know what to expect anymore… We are following the flow right now and we are adapting! But if the concerts planned for 2020 could all be postponed and if more could be added, we would be the happiest! A signature with a beautiful production would not be refused either! And then there will be the release of a live session in February, another clip a little later, a new single for the summer and then, who knows maybe a new EP…

Dreamer, from RoSaWay, available. All the information to find on the official website.

Interview by Belkacem Bahlouli

Neo-Nazi rally in Tennessee

Some 300 white nationalist and neo-Nazi activists demonstrated in Shelbyville, Tennessee on Saturday to oppose the policy of welcoming refugees in the southern state of the United States.

The event, baptized “White Lives Matter“(White lives matter), in reference to the rights movement“Black Lives Matter“, Was organized by certain groups who had participated in the one in Charlottesville, Virginia in August.

After their rally in Shelbyville, the protesters were to travel about fifty miles north, to Murfreesboro, for a second demonstration.

Both communities are located south of Nashville, the state’s main city, which has become a home for Somali, Iraqi and other refugees.

We don’t want the federal government to keep dumping refugees in the middle of Tennessee“Southern League member Brad Griffin said, showing his desire to create an ethnic state.

Shelbyville police had been mobilized to avoid clashes between white activists and anti-racist organizations.

With agency (Reuters)


Emmanuel Faber, patron ascète

On December 1, he will be appointed CEO of Danone. This practicing Catholic wants to reconcile morality and business.

In a few weeks, he will be the sole master on board. Emmanuel Faber, 53, already CEO of Danone since 2014, will become CEO on December 1. He will combine his current functions with those of president, a position previously held by Franck Riboud, son of the founder, Antoine Riboud.

The announcement, made in mid-October by the group, surprised …

How Jan Frodeno survived the Ironman in Hawaii

To person

Frodeno with blockade at the edge of the track

Frodeno with blockade at the edge of the track

Photo: fx_makesapicture

Frodeno is cheered.

Frodeno is cheered.

Photo: fx_makesapicture

Frodeno just before the goal

Frodeno just before the goal

Photo: fx_makesapicture

Recorded by Achim Achilles

why have pumpkins become its symbol?

October 31. It’s pitch dark, and several disturbing smiles light up frightening orange heads … These pumpkins, hollowed out and carved into second-hand lanterns, have become the ultimate Halloween symbol. Until giving the pagan festival one of its two traditional colors: orange.

It could in fact very well have been white or green, the first vegetables cut for the night of All Saints’ Eve being … turnips! As for the Halloween party itself – the name of which is the contraction ofAll Hallows-Even can be translated as “the eve of all saints” – the origin of this custom is taken from Celtic mythology.

The legend of Jack-O’-Lantern

We have to go back to the old Irish tale of Jack-O’Lantern to find traces of carved vegetables. Stingy, mean and debauched, Jack Stingy spends his time getting drunk in taverns. One full moon night, the eve of All Saints’ Day, Satan tries to buy the soul of the drunkard. Jack, thirsty or cunning, it depends, accepts the pact in exchange for a nightcap. The devil then turns into a coin to settle the score.

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Jack grabs the coin and places it in his pocket, which also houses a silver cross. As is commonly believed, the Christian symbol paralyzes the devil who finds himself trapped. Stingy then asks the captive to give him ten years of reprieve. The Evil One, furious but obliged to accept, returns to the Underworld.

Once the ten years have passed, Jack is surprised by the devil at the foot of an apple tree. As a last wish, this time he asks for an apple. Satan then climbs the tree to grab the fruit, while Jack carves a cross on the trunk. This time, the Underworld will have to leave him alone until his death!

But once he ascends to heaven, Jack experiences a new problem. His life of debauchery prevents him from returning to Paradise, when the devil, resentful, refuses his soul the door to Hell. Condemned to wander the night until Judgment Day, Jack is only offered a piece of hot coal, to light his way.

From turnip to pumpkin

The unfortunate then places the incandescent embers in a previously hollowed out turnip, so as to build a lantern. He has since been nicknamed “Jack with the Lantern”, or in English “Jack-O’-Lantern”, and comes back every year to haunt the living on All Saints’ Eve.

On this Halloween day, the Irish and Scots have since taken the habit of digging turnips, sculpting faces in them, in order to pay homage to damned souls like that of Jack Stingy. When, in the 1840s, the Irish people emigrated massively to the United States (period of the Great Famine, following the shortage of the potato harvest), they did not find turnips, which were very little cultivated there.

The pumpkin, much more widespread, and proving to be much easier to work, logically replaced the turnip, to become the famous Halloween pumpkin. The custom really spread throughout the territory at the beginning of the last century. Proof of his assimilation into American culture, Jack-O’-Lantern has since become a character in Marvel comics!


Medical assistance in dying received … without really being entitled to it | News | The sun

Some recent examples: two people got medical help to shorten their days when they were not even at the end of their life. Two other patients did not have a serious and incurable disease. A third person’s health card had expired.

In all these cases, the law on end-of-life care was not strictly observed.

Since its entry into force in December 2015, there have been a total of 43 cases of medical support for causing death that have been granted in violation of the law. This is 7% of the total of 648 cases listed.

In most cases, it was the necessary independence of one of the two doctors involved in the process that was at issue. The doctor must have no connection with the patient who made the request for help. It cannot therefore be the patient’s attending physician or family physician.

This is what emerges from the annual report of the Commission on end-of-life care tabled Thursday in the National Assembly by the Minister of Health, Gaétan Barrette.

Since December 2015, the number of requests from dying patients wishing to take advantage of this law to accelerate their death has been growing steadily.

Many of them, however, were refused or did not receive the help requested. There are a total of 462, since December 2015, for all kinds of reasons.

Of the total, 128 had time to die before the administrative process enshrined in law took its course.

About a hundred others (103) changed their mind and withdrew their request.

Many (195) of the applicants did not meet the strict criteria defined in the law (including suffering from an incurable disease, enduring intolerable physical or mental suffering, being in agony, of being of legal age and power from start to finish to give informed consent).

The mandate of the commission is to examine any question relating to end-of-life care and to monitor the application of the specific requirements relating to medical assistance in dying. It must also ensure that all Quebec patients considered to be in agony who wish to shorten their suffering have access to end-of-life care to which they are entitled, throughout Quebec.

Measles kills less than 100,000 people for the first time

The United States is approaching the threshold of 6 million coronavirus contaminations on Monday morning, an epidemic that has infected more than 25 million people in total around the world, where easing measures alongside those of restrictions.

Some 5,993,668 have contracted the virus and 183,034 have died from it in the United States on Monday at 00:30 GMT, according to Johns Hopkins University which refers. This country is the most affected by the pandemic, which has infected more than 25 million in the world and killed more than 843,000.

The heaviness of the American balance sheet could play on the scientific tempo: the head of the American Medicines Agency (FDA) announced that it was possible that a future vaccine against the coronavirus would first be authorized in the United States according to a report. emergency procedure, before the end of clinical trials intended to confirm safety and efficacy.

“It will be a decision based on science, medicine, data. It will not be a political decision”, Stephen Hahn said in an interview published on Sunday by the Financial Times, defending himself from being pressured by President Donald Trump to authorize a vaccine before the presidential election on November 3.

Brazil is the second most affected country, with 120,828 dead and 3,862,311 cases. The Latin American giant of 212 million inhabitants seems stuck for three months on an endless plateau, with about 1,000 daily deaths on average.

Next is India, which on Sunday recorded a world record of 78,761 new infections in 24 hours, for a total of more than 3.5 million, and more than 63,000 deaths.

The pandemic, which has hit large cities like Bombay and New Delhi head-on, is now affecting smaller cities and the countryside.

These figures were announced the day after a new easing by the government of the restrictions in force since March against the epidemic, in order to revive its economy hit by the health crisis which has lost their jobs to millions of Indians.

Optimism in Peru

Easing also in Chile on Tuesday, where open-air bars and restaurants, as well as other non-essential businesses, may reopen on Monday in several of the wealthiest neighborhoods of the capital, Santiago, as confirmed on Sunday. authorities, more than five months after their closure.

Chile has been close to 410,000 cases since Sunday, and deplores more than 11,000 deaths.

The country in the world with the most deaths relative to its population is Peru, with 87 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants. Perhaps the Andean nation sees the light: “I am sure we are at the last step “, President Martin Vizcarra said on Sunday.

The leader is based on a deceleration of the epidemic, which has killed nearly 29,000 people in Peru: contamination and deaths have fallen respectively by 24% and 21% in the past week compared to the previous one.

This Monday will also be the resumption of international flights to Nepal, and the expected end of restrictive measures in Azerbaijan.

But restrictions continue to be put in place elsewhere in the world, in areas where the epidemic seemed to be under control before showing signs of recovery, raising fears of a second wave after the first in spring.

In France for example, the wearing of the mask will be obligatory in an extended perimeter in Bordeaux. This city is added to others where this constraint is already in place, in particular Paris and its inner suburbs.

On Sunday, restrictive measures were tightened in South Korea, in the Greater Seoul region.

Tensions in Berlin

Limitations of freedom that are causing more and more tension, as in Germany, in the wake of the announcement by Angela Merkel’s government of new measures in the face of the observed increase in infections.

On Saturday in Berlin, around 40,000 people were able to participate in a rally calling “at the end of all restrictions in place” against Covid-19. The attempted storming of the national parliament on the sidelines of this demonstration sparked an uproar in Germany.

The Berlin municipality had tried to ban the rally on Saturday, arguing that it was impossible to enforce safety distances and barrier gestures, given the number of people announced and their determination. But justice, seized by the organizers, finally authorized the demonstration.

On Sunday, some 2,000 protesters gathered again not far from Parliament. They were quickly dislodged by the police.

Several other similar, but less important gatherings took place in Europe, Great Britain, France or Austria.

Sports are resuming, but still disturbed by the virus, such as the US Open, which starts Monday behind closed doors: Benoît Paire was removed from the table of this Grand Slam lifting after the announcement on Sunday by the organizers that a player had tested positive for Covid-19. The sports daily L’Equipe had previously announced that the French, seeded N.17 in the US Open where he was to start on Tuesday against the Polish Kamil Majchrzak (108th), had been excluded from the tournament for a positive test.

The screening test, Lionel Messi did not do, as was expected for all FC Barcelona players on Sunday. In the showdown that begins between the six-fold Argentinian Ballon d’Or and the Catalan club, the coronavirus will therefore have embodied the first milestone.