Edwin Jackson, on behalf of the father – Basketball – Euro

Edwin Jackson to “Always wanted to follow in the footsteps” from his father, Skeeter. A basketball player, like him, a hard-fought hard-winger born in Louisiana in the late 1950s and naturalized French in 1984 after his marriage to Caroline, the mother of his three children. The father’s blue career was short, less than two years (1987-1989), but it still allowed him to compete in a European Championship (1989) and to accumulate 41 selections, a total that will exceed his son against Finland on Thursday in Helsinki.

It’s in Pau, “In a basketball city”, that the new rear of the Southern Tigers of Guangdong (27 years old, 1.90m) was born in September 1989, three months after the end of this Euro in the former Yugoslavia – France had finished sixth – and the return of Skeeter at home. “To do better than his father, who was a recognized international, is something special, recognizes Jackson, called for the first time with the A in 2009 and sixth man “luxury” since the start of this campaign. In addition, this is my first match in a Euro. He will be there, we will both remember. “

“Want to do everything like him”

Jackson didn’t forget these “Halftime shots” in Besançon, at six or seven, when “Everyone was watching”. He still remembers these “Meal with great coaches”, “Great players who came to eat at home”, these training sessions in N2 and these parts “Great” at the bottom of the garden with his father, remained in “Super fit” even after the end of his career. “When, wherever you go, you are told that your father is an example, for his human qualities, his politeness, that you are told that he is a beautiful person, it makes you want to do everything like him, he says. It was clearly him who made me want to play. ”

Jackson did not inherit the size of his father (2.04m), the best French rebounder in the first division in 1993, but he learned from him “Some vicious stuff” (he smiles) and encouraged him to develop his mid-range shooting, one of his weapons today. Basically, the best scorer of the last Spanish Championship has “Always lived as a professional basketball player, with the constraints that this can have, by moving a lot, not knowing where we will live the following year.”

It must be said that the paternal has quite a lot wandered between his first steps on the continent in Saint-Denis, in 1979, and the end of his career in Lyon in 1998. In France, he has known seven clubs, including three (Orthez, Lyon and Besançon) after the birth of Edwin. “Basketball is my lifestyle, launches the rear of 27 years. I traveled with my father, who moved when he had to change teams. I’ve always been in it, and to have had the chance to taste a little bit of his career was great. ”


The movie to watch tonight: Philadelphia

HD1 / 21 HOURS – The first Hollywood film to tackle the problem of AIDS head-on, Philadelphia met with great public and critical success on both sides of the Atlantic when it hit theaters.

The heartbreaking story of this promising lawyer who was fired because he is HIV positive and who will fight to assert his rights is partly based on authentic facts. The film is inspired (for at least 54 scenes, according to the legal conciliation which put an end to the legal battle opposing the family to the producers of the film) from the life of Geoffrey Bowers, and from the case of another lawyer, Clarence B. Cain, of Philadelphia, HIV positive also unfairly dismissed.

From these two shattered lives, director Jonathan Demme – also the screenwriter of the film – created a mirror hero of an era, embodied by a Tom Hanks fully invested in his role. The actor lost almost 12 kg during the shooting to enhance the credibility of his character and signs a masterful performance rewarded with the Oscar for best actor.

Philadelphia is Jonathan Demme’s second biggest success in France, after Thesilenceofthelambs (1990). The film had more than 2.7 million admissions in France. Twelfth biggest box office carton of the year 1993 in the United States, Philadelphia has garnered more than $ 77 million and won numerous awards, including the Oscar for Best Song for the Unforgettable Streets of Philadelphia, by Bruce Springsteen.


Actor Samuel L. Jackson: “It’s cool to know who I am” – panorama

By Patrick Heidmann

Samuel L. Jackson is not only one of the hardest-working actors in Hollywood, but by far the coolest. In his new film “The Killer’s Bodyguard” he is again the old man.

In Patrick Hughes high-speed action comedy “The Killer’s Bodyguard”, Samuel L. Jackson plays a killer who needs to be protected by Ryan Reynolds.

Photo: AP

Los Angeles – Samuel L. Jackson is not only one of Hollywood’s hardest-working actors, but by far the coolest for many. Not to mention success, after all his films have grossed almost five billion dollars so far. “The Killer’s Bodyguard” is the third film of the 68-year-old this year.

Mr. Jackson, in “The Killer’s Bodyguard” you play one of the most dangerous contract killers in the world. He is not really unappealing.

Well, we’re talking about an action comedy, not a serious drama. In addition, I always find it important that you as a viewer have something for such figures. Especially when I play particularly contemptible characters – such as back then in “Jackie Brown” – I try to find something sympathetic to them. So that you have no doubt that you have a really dangerous asshole in front of you. But can still imagine that hanging out with him could be really cool and fun.

It’s definitely funny. In which scene did you laugh the most?

When you shoot with Ryan Reynolds, it happens more often. But the most absurd thing was probably to sit on a bus with a group of singing nuns. The scene with Lionel Richie’s “Hello” was a lot of fun. I wanted the song especially for the film – and personally called Lionel. Of course, I didn’t tell him that we were using the song for a big bar brawl.

Do you have the ambition to do as many stunts yourself as possible?

If it doesn’t have to be, not really. I have had my personal stuntman for many years. Kiante Elam is younger than me, but looks a bit like me. And he comes from a real stunt family. His father was one of the first black stuntmen ever, and his brothers are now in the business. In addition to Kiante, this time I had a guy named Remy to help with all of the parkour stuff. Because nobody can really ask me to do a somersault.

In “The Killer’s Bodyguard” Ryan Reynolds is your protector. Do you really have a permanent bodyguard?

Only if required. Most of the time I can do without it. I could use a bodyguard the most when I am in Germany. Nowhere are autograph hunters more aggressive.

Today you are considered the ‘King of Cool’. How does it live as personified coolness?

At least I don’t want to complain. Over time I got used to this label. And there are really worse images. In my own life, however, I have never felt particularly cool. Unless it’s cool to know who I am, what I can do, and don’t say a word. But this image is more of a case where the public equates you with the roles you play. As I said, that doesn’t bother me too much, so I don’t have to fight the hell out of it.

When did it start that you were considered cool?

I owe that primarily to Tarantino’s “Pulp Fiction” or my role in it. Before that I was just one of many actors. But this Jules Winnfield was a damn cool motherfucker. His body language, his appearance, his sentences – that gave the audience a certain image. And then there were a few more films in which I played casual or unshakable guys. So that has solidified.

Do you feel this type of man is fixed in your role repertoire?

Not really, even though I might be asked to do it very often. However, it is really not the case that I only play men who always have everything under control and cannot be disturbed by anything. Think of “The Champ” when I play a homeless man who lives on the street and in “Black Snake Moan” an aging guitarist. These are just not films that most people associate with me.

Hardly anyone has seen many of these films. Why don’t you just pick the raisins?

I’m an actor, so I have to act. A painter also gets up in the morning to paint. From a financial perspective, I could no doubt afford to work less. But the passion for this job still burns in me after all these years – and it remains unsatisfied if I just sit at home and put my feet up.

Even if you work with directors that are far from Quentin Tarantino?

I’ve worked with a lot of bad directors. In such cases you become a silent observer and do your thing. Because of course I have a certain idea of ​​where I want to go with a role without the director’s intervention. You just have to make sure that you don’t let others put you off your path.


Execution: Florida a new toxin – Panorama

In the U.S. state of Florida, a death row inmate has been executed with a new, not yet in executions proven anesthetic hung. The racially motivated double murder, sentenced Mark Asay was executed on Thursday evening with a poison-filled syringe, such as the criminal law enforcement authorities. It is the first execution in Florida for the past 18 months.

The executioner put the anesthetic Etomidate, which was previously used for executions. According to a report by the news Agency AP, a Minute would have started after the injection of the first syringe, the feet of Asay to tremble and his mouth open. Two to three minutes later, he was motionless. After eleven minutes he was pronounced dead.

The lawyer of Asay had tried last week in front of the Supreme Court of Florida nor in vain, to prevent the application of the composition. In a majority decision, the Supreme court had admitted the substance. Judge Barbara Pariente had voted against this decision. In a multi-page opinion stated that the use of the Agent, “represents an interference in the constitutional rights” Asays. And make the 53-year-old “the talk rabbit a literal attempt”.

In the USA, the deadly substances for poison syringes are scarce. Many European pharmaceutical companies are refusing for some time, to supply the US authorities with the usually for the toxic cocktails used by the anesthetic Midazolam. The shelf life of many spent on storage of the batch runs of the Agent in the meantime. Midazolam is in the criticism, because it can’t turn off the pain of the death of the candidate, apparently, completely.

The manufacturer of the new Agent refuses to use in lethal injection

In April 2014, the execution of a convicted murderer had been taken care of in the state of Oklahoma in the world for horror: The agony of Clayton Lockett was taken after a lethal injection with Midazolam 43 minutes. He had a wound in the time before pain.

Florida returned, therefore, in the case Asay to Etomidate as a replacement. The American group Johnson&Johnson belonging to the Belgian pharmaceutical company Janssen Pharmaceutica criticized the use of the drug. The company’s goal it is “to save lives and to improve them,” said a spokesman for the Washington Post. The Mediterranean is not sold in the USA.

The surgeon and death penalty opponent, Jonathan Groner warned, the intravenous administration of Etomidate would be difficult. In the case of damaged veins, the use of the Agent could be extremely painful. Just death candidates have, however, often damaged veins – because of their age or because they had a past as drug users.

Asay should have been shot in 1987, in Jacksonville, a Black, and a man of Latin American descent, after he had expressed racist about both of them. A year later, he was sentenced to death. He is the first White man, was executed since the re-introduction of the death penalty in Florida in 1976 for the murder of a Black hung.

In the same period, 20 black men were executed because they should have killed the White man.


Magic Johnson and Samuel L. Jackson taken for migrants in Italy

LE SCAN SPORT – On social networks, the former superstar of the NBA public prosecutor’s office and the actor were taken for two migrants abusing the solidarity of Italian citizens.

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

The popularity of Magic Johnson and Samuel L. Jackson has obviously not crossed the borders of Italy. Last weekend, the former Los Angeles Lakers stars and the famous actor were associated with migrants abusing the aid system implemented in Italy by spending money in luxury boutiques.

It all started with a Facebook contribution from Luca Bottura. This reporter posted a photo of the duo quietly sitting on a bench in Tuscany after shopping with a comment full of irony supposed to denounce the shortcuts and populist arguments concerning migrants: “Boldrini’s money at Forte dei Marmi them used to shop at Prada with our 35 euros. Share this photo if you’re shocked. ”

The cliché (taken from the Twitter account of Magic Johnson) widely reported on social networks has caused a surge of aggressive comments from Internet users taking the information in the first degree and not having recognized the two celebrities. The message spread like wildfire on Facebook and Twitter, even being relayed by personalities, like the model Nina Moric. Known in Italy, the TV presenter was indignant on her Facebook account: “To see in tourist cities like Forte dei Marmi and Milan migrants who squat benches with our 35 euros, it’s really too much.”

Internet users insisted on re-establishing the truth by explaining that they were simply two celebrities who had gone shopping. The journalist at the root of this buzz then had to explain himself. He said he wanted to do a sociological experiment on the reactions that such a photo would provoke: “40% of people understood the provocation, 30% were really indignant and 20% believed it was of racist misappropriation and that I hadn’t recognized Samuel Jackson and Earvin Magic Johnson. ”


mayonnaise does not take

LIVE REPORT – Despite a strong public at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, Phoenix was unable to win the crowd.

It’s in Los Angeles that Phoenix ends its American tour to promote its new album. Ti Amo. The Hollywood Bowl displays sold out. The 20,000 seats have been sold. Not bad for a French group. Los Angeles loves French touch and French flair. Besides, Air will perform at Greek in a few weeks. This last tour date looks like a mini festival with two first parts. Lemon twigs opens the ball in front of dotted stands, it is still early. They are led by brothers Brian and Michael D’Addario, in the absence of experience, they are fiery about their 20 years. They come from the same country as Billy Joel, on Long Island, but we quickly understand that they would rather have been born on the other side of the Atlantic because they will recite in half an hour the perfect little manual for British rock. Seventies.

From Bowie period Aladdin Sane at T-Rex via Mott and The Hopple everything goes there. One of the brothers thinks he’s Marc Bolan, the other with his jumps and his Gibson SG looks like a young Pete Townsend. It’s not in place but the rock energy is there. They play three four songs in general indifference then the drummer of Phoenix joins them for a funky cover of “I Can Feel The Fire”, a song by Ron Wood which would benefit from being known (even if the riff is pumped to Elliot Murphy ). The Bowl rises and then begins to wiggle. A juicy wah wah guitar solo ends up removing the song. Perfect appetizer. The sun sets behind the hills where the Hollywood Sign can be seen in the blushing sky.

The scene begins to be flooded with spots of light when Mac DeMarco tumbles down to bring us down. He has an interesting voice, quite original melodies but the whole gives a sort of cutesy pop that sounds too old for youngsters and super cheesy for those who really knew the 1980s. He talks a lot between songs, licks -cul by thanking Phoenix ten times for inviting him, all this is not serious and downright boring. Intermission.

Phoenix is ​​the trendy group for people who aren’t

The lights come back on. The Bowl has filled up. The audience is quite young. Many girls. Most are middle class very clean on them. Phoenix is ​​the trendy group for people who aren’t. The sound system plays Prince, “Controversy” then “Win” by Bowie. The sound mounts on “Ancora Tu” by Lucio Battisti, an Italian tube Seventies which made the heyday of the Bus Palladium. We are preparing the ground for Italian, after all, the album is called Ti Amo.

Phoenix goes up on stage in the dark and the cries of the audience, a slightly neon red heart cheesy lights up then neon lights flicker like Daft Punk. Cats don’t make dogs. They attack directly with “Ti Amo”, their new single, the public is more attentive to the light show than to the song. It must be said that instead of a video screen, they have a giant mirror tilted at the back of the stage which reflects the lights and the musicians seen from behind or from above. The concept is not new, the Stones did it in 1972, but with today’s technology it really looks good. At the end of the song, Thomas Mars launches a ” what’s up? To capture the attention of the still distracted audience in Los Angeles. The mood is going up a notch, the Bowl audience likes interactions.
To maintain the pressure, they draw a series of tubes: “Lasso”, “Entertairnment”, “Liztomania” … The audience sings. Musically it’s pretty good but I have the distinct impression that they use a lot of pre-recorded tapes. After having well heated the public with the most known titles, they begin titles of the new album, and there, the problems begin.

I (don’t) love you (not) Italian

The atmosphere falls like a blast despite the projections on the mirror that create stunning lighting effects, the audience gradually sits little bit sensitive to the Italian disco pop of the new songs. Mayonnaise does not take. The group ensures but something is missing. They chain several new songs but without much conviction, as if they knew that the new album was going to be a flop and that their attempt to reproduce the cardboard of Wolfwang Amadeus had already failed. Proof is that he plays almost all of this album against only a few titles of the new one.

All the tracks are similar and the intensity of the show depends more on the strobe lights that tire your eyes than on the music. It would be better with less effect and it seems that the group is using the lightshow to hide their deficiencies. The public is not fooled, they start talking and moving to get more alcohol before the bars close. Too bad because the sequence “Love Like A Sunset Part I&II” is the culmination of the concert with finally a little emotion … an emotion that falls quickly with a heavy version of their first title “If I Ever Feel Better”.

All of this lacks improvisation and spontaneity. It is quickly called into question if they want to come back to play the Hollywood Bowl otherwise they will perform at the Palladium next time. The “Ti Amo di Piu”, “Fior di Latte” and company made me want pizza, I left before the end, direction the restaurant mozza at the bottom of the avenue to eat a mushroom daisy.
Good luck in Phoenix, something tells me they’re going to need it.

Laurent Lugosy, in Los Angeles

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Norwegian connects Paris to Orlando

Since July 31, 2017, Norwegian has been operating direct flights to Orlando, the American theme park capital, from Paris Charles-de-Gaulle.

Every Monday, since July 31, Norwegian has been offering a direct flight between Paris and Orlando from € 159 including tax one way. A flight of almost 9 hours to the American capital of amusement parks.

Norwegian is thus continuing to develop its long-haul activity on the French market and currently offers seven destinations to the United States from Paris (New York, Los Angeles, Fort Lauderdale-Miami, etc.). In addition, the company also offers close to 30 short and medium-haul destinations from ten French airports.

Flights can be booked round trip or one way at no additional cost, which allows for a multi-destination route.

With or without checked baggage

The new route is operated by Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft. The devices will be configured in two cabins: Economy and Premium. Norwegian offers an à la carte offer and allows passengers in the Economy cabin to choose, at the time of booking, between a “Low Fare” ticket including cabin luggage, or a “Low Fare +” ticket including seat reservation, luggage checked in (20kg) in addition to cabin baggage and full meals on board.

In the Premium cabin, the price includes seat reservation, priority access, cabin baggage, check-in of two 20kg bags, access to the waiting lounge at airports and meals on board.

Weekly flight schedule Paris-Orlando:

Monday, departure CDG at 5 p.m. – arrival MCO at 8.50 p.m.

Monday, departure MCO at 10.50 p.m. – arrival CDG at 1.30 p.m. (D + 1)

Murder rates are rising in American cities

After a shooting in Chicago in 2016. Image: Supaflyrobby / CC By-SA-4.0

Chicago continues to lead the way in murders and shootings, Donald Trump threatened to send the cavalry in January and issued an executive order in February

Chicago had become the city with the highest homicide rate in the United States. A few days after taking office, US President Donald Trump probably still believed that he could bring about rapid changes through rumbling. So wrote on Twitter that if the “butchery” did not stop, the cavalry would be sent, he was talking about the federal police. There were already 228 shootings and 42 murders in January. What happens in Chicago cannot happen anywhere else in the United States. He had already described the city as a “war zone” that had gotten completely out of control.

Trump did not send the “Feds”, nothing has changed. In fact, the violence has continued to spread across major American cities since then. However, Chicago still leads the field with 328 murdered in the first half of the year. In the same period last year there were 324 murdered. Robberies and rapes have also increased. In July and August things continued to climb. By August 11, another 100 people had been killed.

According to 62 law enforcement officers who provided data for the Major Cities Chiefs Association report, the number of murders in the first half of the year rose 3 percent from 2016 to 3,081. The number of rapes and robberies increased slightly, more severely from 104,316 to 108,243. 32 of the 62 police authorities report an increase in murders and 35 an increase in serious bodily harm.

The longstanding trend of decline in serious violence seems to be gradually reversing. Will this be reinforced with Trump’s presidency and the increased presence of right-wing extremists, the neoliberal ideology of the strong and social cuts? In any case, apparently the inhibition, perhaps also the despair, at least the severity with which one’s own interests are enforced.

Not only in Chicago, but also in Cleveland, Columbus, Kansas City, Nashville or New Orleans, there is more murder, in other cities like Las Vegas, Orlando or Washington, however, less. In New York, which has not submitted any data, the number of serious crimes and murders is said to have decreased again. There were 176 murders by early August, 20 percent less than last year. Mayor Bill de Blasio spoke of the safest year yet. The situation varies greatly within and between cities.

Trump said he had done more for downtown areas than ever before

There are different views on the causes. The Justice Department points to gang conflicts that are also related to the “opioid epidemic”, which is driving increased demand for these pain relievers on the black market and for heroin among those switching to hard drugs. Others blame the gangs for the difficulties experienced by people who cannot find a job after being released from prison. The violence is mostly high in poor neighborhoods, not in whole cities. Sending only the cavalry, as Trump has in mind, should have even less success than the threats to North Korea.

Although the police are shooting fast in the gun-starving country – nearly 1,000 people were shot by police this year – the dismantling of police personnel is likely to play an important role. In New Orleans, for example, where the number of murders and shootings has increased, police stations have been cut by over 30 percent since 2010. Justice Sessions, who has fallen out of favor with Trump, has urged prosecutors to curb violence or to make America safe again, to impose the most severe punishments for perpetrators, to eliminate the gangs, and to enforce immigration laws. The Ministry of Justice is apparently betting on being able to reduce crime by increasing the deportation of illegal immigrants.

Donald Trump issued an order in February to restore public security to all communities. However, only a few cities have participated in the Public Safety Partnership (PSP) program set up by the Ministry of Justice. The aim is to enable cities to do better themselves against violence. The program already existed under the name of the Violence Reduction Network under the Obama administration.

Donald Trump withdrew at his infamous press conference on violence in Charlottesville on Tuesday, where he also condemned the convictions of racists, right-wing extremists and alt-right supporters who shouted anti-Semitic slogans, to blame the seemingly balanced on both sides efforts to make the inner cities safer again. A lot of money has been put into the city centers, Trump said, who promised “to restore the city centers”.

He had done a lot more than ever before, and it was a priority for him. So far, little money has flowed to cities, according to USA Today, but the Trump government wants to cut or abolish social assistance programs such as the construction and urban development program and the Community Development Block Grant program, which supports cities in construction and development projects. The Ministry of Education, Health, Environment and Transport is also planning massive cuts, which will certainly not improve the situation in cities.
(Florian Rötzer)

The Detroit Red Wings logo used by Charlottesville extremists

LE SCAN SPORT – Some extremist protesters present during the clashes in Charlottesville last weekend were holding up signs with the logo of the NHL team of the Detroit Red Wings.

Members of the Detroit Right Wings parade through the streets of Charlotesville, Virginia.
Members of the Detroit Right Wings parade through the streets of Charlotesville, Virginia.

On Saturday, violent scuffles broke out between anti-racist activists and American far-right groups who took to the streets of Charlottesville to demonstrate. The confrontation between the two camps turned to drama when a vehicle launched at full speed struck the crowd of anti-racists, causing the death of an activist. Among the extremists present at these rallies in Virginia was a group of ultra-nationalists from Michigan called the Detroit Right Wings. As they paraded, they brandished white placards serving as their shields with the famous logo of the Detroit Red Wings hockey team.

This was however modified by the Nazi group. The Red Wings logo represents since 1928 a car wheel symbolizing the automobile industry of the city of Michigan as well as red wings. Over the years, it has been modernized but the base has remained the same, a wheel carried by wings (see photo on the right).

A misappropriated logo with the acronym SS

Extremists have recovered this emblem (while factories in Detroit contributed to the war effort to build jeeps and US army vehicles that fought Nazi Germany in Europe) by making a noticeable change. The spokes of the original logo were transformed with an assembly of the signs of the Schutzstaffel, the Nazi organization responsible for the close protection of Adolf Hitler when it was founded and more commonly called by its acronym SS.

Detroit Red Wings want to press charges

The Detroit Red Wings team quickly issued a press release to condemn the use and misappropriation of their iconic logo, stating “vehemently opposing” the extremist protesters. The franchise recalled that it had no link with this tiny group that it intends to sue: “The Red Wings are exploring all possible legal actions regarding the misuse of (their) logo during these disturbing demonstrations . “


40 years after his death, Elvis still haunts the city of Nashville

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