Become a well-treatment pilot in your establishment

In partnership with the Cabinet TLC – Audit-Conseil-Formation – the IRTS offers a range of 5 training courses – technical days & personnel certifications – at the heart of sector reforms: pricing, management, quality, good treatment … Training objectives Become a pilot of well-treatment in your establishment The AFNOR CERTIFICATION certified well-treatment referent in the […]

Company bankruptcy: Wozabal insolvent

ENNS. The Wozabal group of companies, which specializes in dry cleaning, rental linen and work clothing, filed an application with the Linz Regional Court today, Thursday, August 31, 2017, to open restructuring proceedings without self-administration. Over 130 creditors and 950 employees are affected by the bankruptcy. The group of companies emerged from the cloth shears […]

Edwin Jackson, on behalf of the father – Basketball – Euro

Edwin Jackson to “Always wanted to follow in the footsteps” from his father, Skeeter. A basketball player, like him, a hard-fought hard-winger born in Louisiana in the late 1950s and naturalized French in 1984 after his marriage to Caroline, the mother of his three children. The father’s blue career was short, less than two years […]

Bird flu: compulsory stable in all of Bavaria

In Bavaria, a general compulsory stable for domestic and useful poultry will be ordered with immediate effect. The Bavarian Environment Minister Ulrike Scharf announced this today in Munich. “Bavaria is resolutely taking action against the further spread of avian influenza. In the interests of animal health and disease control, it is now particularly important to […]

Export stop due to bird flu: hatcheries have to kill chicks

A company spokeswoman told the NOZ that attempts had initially been made to accommodate the animals in German stables. However, the capacities are exhausted. The chicks would therefore be killed after they hatch. “There is simply no way to raise the animals in such high numbers in other stables in Germany at such short notice,” […]

The movie to watch tonight: Philadelphia

HD1 / 21 HOURS – The first Hollywood film to tackle the problem of AIDS head-on, Philadelphia met with great public and critical success on both sides of the Atlantic when it hit theaters. The heartbreaking story of this promising lawyer who was fired because he is HIV positive and who will fight to assert […]

Actor Samuel L. Jackson: “It’s cool to know who I am” – panorama

By Patrick Heidmann August 28, 2017 – 4:21 pm Samuel L. Jackson is not only one of the hardest-working actors in Hollywood, but by far the coolest. In his new film “The Killer’s Bodyguard” he is again the old man. In Patrick Hughes high-speed action comedy “The Killer’s Bodyguard”, Samuel L. Jackson plays a killer […]

Execution: Florida a new toxin – Panorama

In the U.S. state of Florida, a death row inmate has been executed with a new, not yet in executions proven anesthetic hung. The racially motivated double murder, sentenced Mark Asay was executed on Thursday evening with a poison-filled syringe, such as the criminal law enforcement authorities. It is the first execution in Florida for […]