Shaquille O’Neal leaves Orlando for Los Angeles, a real NBA earthquake!

On July 18, 1996, the NBA changed its face. Indeed, that day, free agent Shaquille O’Neal decided to leave the palm trees of Orlando to join those of Los Angeles. After four seasons in the Magic jersey, Shaq signed a seven-year, $ 120 million contract with the Lakers. Back on this earthquake which upset the league.

Remember LeBron James’ decision to ditch Cleveland to bring his talents to South Beach in 2010? Or even that of Kevin Durant a year ago, when he chose to change his comfort zone by signing at Golden State after nine seasons for Oklahoma City? In 1996, the NBA experienced a similar earthquake with 24-year-old pivot Shaquille O’Neal, considered at the time as the present and future of the league. First Draft Pick (1992), Rookie of the Year (1993), All-Star every season (1993-1996), league top scorer (1995) and three-time All-NBA Team member (1994) , 1995 and 1996), Shaq had quickly succeeded in triggering steamroller mode in the NBA and placing the very young Orlando franchise on the US basketball map. The Magic, created in 1989, had become one of the heavyweights of the Eastern Conference amid the nineties, where he notably participated in an NBA Final against the Houston Rockets of Hakeem Olajuwon (1995). In short, the future looked bright in Orlando, until July 18, 1996.

This date officially marks the end of the O’Neal era at the Magic, and the start of a legendary chapter with the Lakers. Present in Atlanta with the third version of the Dream Team for the 1996 Olympic Games, Shaq justified his choice in a press conference alongside Los Angeles general manager Jerry West. Silver ? Tensions with his talented teammate Penny Hardaway? Bad relations with coach Brian Hill and the Orlando media? None of that according to O’Neal.

“Change is a good thing. I’m a child of the military, I’m used to moving every three, four years. The Lakers have a great tradition, especially among interiors. […] They have a young team, the western style of play is more open, so I hope I can show my talents a little more. […] Money was not the main factor in my decision. I’m tired of hearing about money, money, money, money. I just want to play, have fun, drink Pepsi and wear Reebok. “

In an article on the CBS Sports website last year, Joel Corry describes the behind-the-scenes look behind the move. 21 years ago, Corry was the consultant of Leonard Armato, Shaquille O’Neal’s agent. He therefore had access to all the negotiations. According to him, the Magic scuttled itself when he had all the cards in hand to extend his weapon of mass destruction. First, financially, the Florida franchise had the advantage because it held the Bird rights of the pivot. In addition, there was no maximum salary at the time, nor luxury tax. But Orlando did not take advantage of it. On the contrary, Corry indicates that the Magic initially put on the table an offer well below O’Neal’s expectations, to the tune of $ 13.5 million per season while Shaq expected a salary of around 20 million. The reason ? The Florida franchise reportedly wanted to keep some headroom in order to extend Penny Hardaway later. Then, Orlando would have put forward the slightest weaknesses of his player (such as defense and rebound) to gain a little flexibility in the negotiations. Not necessarily a good idea with regard to the pivot. And it is from there that a departure would have been considered in the camp of Shaquille O’Neal.

Meanwhile, on the Los Angeles side, Jerry West did what was necessary to free up payroll and thus place himself on the file. It is for this reason in particular that “The Logo” transferred in 1996 the interior of the Lakers Vlade Divac against the rookie Kobe Bryant. This trade is still today one of the greatest strokes of genius in history, because it not only allowed the Californian franchise to acquire Kobe but also because it gave the possibility to this one of ‘Give Shaq a better deal. Faced with this growing threat, the Magic reacted by increasing their offer for O’Neal through a seven-year, $ 109 million contract, but the Lakers offered 120 million over the same term. As a reminder, at that time, Orlando could not line up in order to keep his player, because the notion of restrictive free agent did not exist between 1995 and 1998. The rest, we know it. Shaquille O’Neal signing in Los Angeles marks turning point in NBA history. The Lakers quickly become one of the best teams in the league and turn into a real war machine when Phil Jackson arrives and Kobe Bryant explodes. During the first half of the 2000s, Los Angeles picked up three straight titles and O’Neal each time won the MVP trophy of the Finals. On the Orlando side, Shaq’s departure was logically synonymous with decline. Indeed, without its dominant big man, the Magic became an average Eastern Conference team between 1996 and 2003, a period that corresponds to the prime d’O’Neal.

While playing with fire, the Florida franchise burned down and saw Shaquille O’Neal fly to Los Angeles. If the latter declared in 2015 that he regretted this decision, it is especially the Magic which must now bite the fingers compared to the way in which the negotiations took place at the time. Well yes, with Shaq, maybe Orlando would have a title right now …

10 addresses for a perfect immersion stay in the capital of techno

Dnarrow where “The D” continues to spread ink. It seems that after the chaos, the hour of his rebirth has finally struck. In 2017, the New York Times even advised to visit it, calling it “Comeback City”. A statement that it is now easy to go check, since the airline WOW offers flights Paris-Detroit at very affordable prices (from 145.99 € one way). This is what Trax did in its last issue devoted to Techno-City, now on newsstands and on the online store. Here are ten tips to discover Detroit, or at least some.

By Marjolaine Casteigt

1. Stay at the Host of Detroit hostel in Corktown on Vermont Street.

It is the only youth hostel in the city, a non-profit association active since 2014, and it is certainly the coolest in the world. Living in a happy household for a short stay in Detroit is possible. The atmosphere is relaxed, the organization impeccable, the prices are ultra affordable, the playlist masterful. His housekeepers, Zach and Evan, are very attentive to the well-being of their guests and communicate in addition to their good humor lots of good plans for a total immersion in the city. Downtown, the city center, is only a few minutes by car or bicycle. The most in Corktown is its local community: associations, urban gardens, cultural projects like Assemble Sound and its church converted into a concert hall and studio, artists and young entrepreneurs with Ponyride, the space of co-working to visit to discover the new and creative blood of the city … These places make this ” neighborhood “, The oldest in Detroit, a lively place at the forefront of the solidarity economy.

2. Take the usual tourist route in Pat’s van, Show me Detroit.

Detroit is huge, and so are the distances. Before you rush into it solo, better let Pat clear your path. In a few hours, we take full eyes and we see everything that we have to see, in burst mode: the city center, its art-deco style and its new constructions, Belle Isle Park, the old central station , the Packard factory, the revival districts, but also whole blocks of gutted houses, not to mention the legendary Heidelberg Project. This initiatory journey is necessary to take one’s bearings. Pat knows the history of Detroit at his fingertips, from the crisis to the renaissance, from the heyday of Motown to the birth of techno. Plus: it’s with great humor that the guide likes to reveal salty anecdotes and a few well-kept secrets.

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3. Rent a bike and get lost in the city of the automobile.

The bicycle is the new trend that turns a blind eye to the both glorious and disastrous past of the automotive sector. Shops here and there allow you to borrow a bike for $ 20 a day. Host of Detroit also has a small rental park; Motor City is in fact the ideal place for this ecological mode of transport. The sidewalks are wide and the city is relatively flat. It is however recommended to remain attentive to traffic and to respect the highway code. Advantage: we still avoid a lot of taxi expenses. Everyone in Detroit will tell you, the public transportation system is not recommended. On the other hand, to get to know Downtown, you can now travel on the new tram, the recently inaugurated Q-Line, and take a ride in the famous Detroit People Mover, a sort of yellow mini-RER with a circular route.

4. Go to the museum: the techno museum first, at Submerge headquarters.

In a life of techno fan, and if you are in the city where it was born, it is highly recommended to visit the small museum installed on the ground floor of the headquarters of Underground Resistance and Submerge on Grand Boulevard. Movement pioneers like John Collins greet visitors (by appointment) and tell the story. And by the way, we are easily tempted by a record or a T-Shirt to support the good cause of a historic and fiercely independent label. See also to understand the musical soul of the city: the Motown Records museum (Histville, USA), but also the contemporary art center, MOCAD, the Detroit Institute of Arts and the Charles H. Wright Museum of African -American History, the Henri Ford museum, without forgetting the essential Heidelberg project, an ode to the open-air city, founded by artist Tyree Guyton in 1986.

5. To dig into Detroit, the must is Detroit Threads.

The Detroit Threads record store is located in Hamtramck, an outer, glued town in Detroit, which is said to be, “It’s Detroit anyway. A taxi or Uber is essential to get there, but it’s worth the effort. The house specialty: techno and house galore. Otherwise, the store has a wide choice of records, from funk to soul to jazz and rock. You can also bargain there delusional thrift stores, and other T-shirts and accessories in the colors of the city. The other vinyl shops highly recommended by Vince Patricola, DJ and boss of DEQ magazine, a quarterly devoted to techno culture: Hello Records in Corktown, Peoples Records in Eastern Market, Stay Pressed (Rust Belt Market), Found Sound (Ferndale) and Paramita Sound (West Village). Besides, take advantage of your stay to get the DEQ. The magazine is sold with a beautiful homemade pressed disc!

6. Take a stroll through Eastern Market, another neighborhood that is on the rise.

Eastern Market is Detroit reborn. Saturday is particularly busy. Street musicians rock the walk along the covered market where the stalls are full of all the good products from local urban farms. Eastern Market is also renowned for the giant barbecue at Bert’s, a must-see jazz and blues club, and for its numerous restaurants, galleries, bars, and shops. Do not hesitate to push the doors of these places of the new Detroit, to chat with young citizens very invested, and take the pulse of this renaissance so much related. To observe everywhere around the buildings and the facades of the hangars, the gargantuan wall frescoes produced by street artists from the city.

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7. Try to find the address of the most underground private club in the city.

Of course, there are plenty of places to go out and listen to good music. Are you more hip-hop? So here is your non-exhaustive list, if you want to plunge into the heart of a singular scene and attend shows that sometimes do not count more than a hundred people: The Baltimore Gallery, The Old Miami, and Bob’s Classic Kicks. For techno and house, here are four places highly appreciated by artists and connoisseurs: Motor City Wine, Mix Bricktown, Marble Bar (at MOCAD) and the TV Lounge club. However, to find THE most underground techno club in the city whose address is known to around thirty people, you will first have to meet the illustrious G. Smoove, its goalkeeper. We give you a hint: the club is in the basely from a neighborhood house somewhere in Detroit. Beware of the Dog.

8. If you missed the Movement Festival, let yourself be tempted by the Charivari Detroit in 2017.

With its legendary programming, the Movement Festival brews thousands of international tourists each year. If you missed it last May, don’t miss the Charivari Festival on Belle Isle, Detroit Central Park, a little haven of peace and greenery on the St. Clair River. This year, it takes place from Friday 4 to Sunday 6 August. This is the family gathering of electronic music Made In Detroit. “It’s a great festival, focusing on the local scene, with artists who have been making Detroit sound for years. Very good performances! “ sums up Vincent Patricola from DEQ, who knows a little bit about it.

9. Go to church to celebrate music with Assemble Sound.

Assemble Sound has only been around since 2014. The project is very representative of the cultural renaissance of the city. This collective of young music professionals settled in Corktown, in a quirky church, just a few meters from the huge central station. Inside, we no longer say mass. From indie rock to pop, hip-hop to techno and house, this is the sound of the new Detroit scene that we are celebrating. Downstairs, long wooden benches face the altar. The public participates in exchanges with resident artists, and concerts are held there. Upstairs, the church has been converted to a recording studio with a collaborative workspace. The collective also offers training. While waiting to visit this very unique place, it will be possible to discover the groups of the vintage Assemble Sound in France this summer, and for some, it will be their first date in Europe! Take a short detour to the Les Escales de Saint-Nazaire festival, from July 28 to 30. Check out the special Detroit lineup, which skillfully blends the big names in techno with the city’s ultra-emerging scene.

10. Push doors in and you’ll quickly come up with a top 100 great things to do in Detroit.

We can never advise you enough to chat with the people of Detroit, very welcoming and always ready to tell you their own story about Motor City. Ride in taxis, climb on a bike, get lost, push doors, enter the gardens and buildings, talk with the neighbor at the end of the street, meet the local association, observe its ruins but also its reconstruction and its new urban architecture… you will discover its new face. Also note that there are a multitude of free activities, so enjoy it! For zero dollars, for example: visit the huge complex of seven skyscrapers belonging to General Motors, the Renaissance Center (RenCen for friends), or go for the tourist route with the Detroit Experience Factory. And if not, get all the information you need from the Visit Detroit tourist office and, by the way, the book “100 things to do in Detroit before you die” (“100 things to do in Detroit before to die”). Local humor. Anyway, Detroit is alive and well, we assure you. Chills guaranteed.

To fulfill the wish to visit Motor City, the Icelandic airline WOW Air now has a low-cost Paris-Detroit route, with 4 flights per week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday). The price for a one-way trip via Reykjavik is set at € 145.99, and it is possible to extend your leg in Iceland for one-way or return for an unlimited period at no cost. Information and reservations can be found on the company’s website.

Number # 219 from Trax Magazine, dedicated to Detroit, is now available on newsstands and on the online store.

“See You Again” dethrones “Gangnam Style” as the most viewed video on YouTube

The year 2020 has had its fair share of major historical events, including the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump, the pandemic that made the United States the most affected country, the Black Lives Matter protest and the related political battles. in the Supreme Court and in the elections.

1. The impeachment trial of Donald Trump

2020 will have been a lively year full of political twists and turns, starting on January 16 with the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump in the Senate, a month after his indictment by the House of Representatives, where the Democratic Party holds the majority , for abuse of power and obstruction of Congress in a Ukraine-related matter.

The Senate, controlled by the Republicans, acquitted him.

US President Donald Trump holds the Washington Post which headlines his acquittal in the Senate in Washington on February 6, 2020.

US President Donald Trump holds the Washington Post which headlines his acquittal in the Senate in Washington on February 6, 2020.

The impeachment process can be seen as somewhat analogous to criminal proceedings. The Chamber, like a grand jury, collects evidence, hears testimony, and drafts articles of impeachment against the president. After the House, which voted to impeach the president on December 18, 2019, the Senate held a trial where both sides presented their cases to senators acting as jurors. All under the watchful eye of the Chief of the Supreme Court, John Roberts.

Donald Trump is the third president in United States history to face an impeachment trial, after Andrew Johnson in 1868 and Bill Clinton in 1999.

2. Soaring pandemic

The United States quickly became the country most affected by the coronavirus, despite the many measures taken by each state to try to contain the pandemic. The first case of Covid 19 was reported in Washington state on January 20: it involved a 30-something who was returning from China, where the epidemic began.

On March 13, Mr. Trump declared a national emergency, releasing $ 50 billion in relief funds. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) grants emergency authorization for a coronavirus test by Swiss manufacturer Roche. On March 18, the President signs the Families First Coronavirus Response Act and announces that he will invoke the Defense Production Act to improve America’s medical resources.

Nurse Glenda Perez waits to test people for coronavirus disease (COVID-19), in East Los Angeles, Calif., November 10, 2020.

Nurse Glenda Perez waits to test people for coronavirus disease (COVID-19), in East Los Angeles, Calif., November 10, 2020.

On March 26, the number of infections reached 82,000, beating the figures for China and Italy. On April 3, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend wearing the mask in public. On April 11, the United States becomes the country with the highest number of reported deaths, more than 20,000.

On October 1, with the presidential campaign in full swing, the President and First Lady Melania Trump tested positive and entered quarantine. On October 5, Trump returned to the White House after three days at Walter Reed Military Medical Center, where he received experimental treatments.

On November 18, the country exceeded 250,000 deaths and 12 million cases 3 days later.

3. The “Black Lives Matter” movement

The United States also distinguished itself in 2020 through the Black Lives Matter movement, following the death of African-American George Floyd, asphyxiated by a police officer during an arrest in Minneapolis on May 25, which triggered demonstrations against racism and police violence.

The protests quickly spread to several American cities. Some were staged for another black victim, Breonna Taylor, a 26-year-old emergency medical technician, shot dead by Louisville, Kentucky, police while on an arrest warrant in a narcotics investigation. The young woman was not a target of the investigation and no traces of drugs were found in her apartment.

More localized unrest has reappeared in some cities following incidents involving police officers, most notably after Jacob Blake’s shooting in Kenosha, which led to protests and riots in that Wisconsin city.

Partial view of a protest against police brutality and racism in the United States in Boston, Massachusetts on May 29, 2020.

Partial view of a protest against police brutality and racism in the United States in Boston, Massachusetts on May 29, 2020.

Arson, vandalism and looting caused an estimated $ 1 billion to $ 2 billion in damage in less than a fortnight, making this phase of the protests the highest-damage civil unrest in state history. -United.

At the end of June, at least 14,000 people were arrested during protests. Polls estimated that between 15 and 26 million people participated in the protests in the United States. These challenges have led to demands at the federal, state, and municipal levels to tackle police brutality, blunders and immunity.

The protests also led to a public campaign to remove monuments and memorials to the pro-slavery Southern rebellion, as well as other historical symbols deemed racist.

4. The Supreme Court without Ruth Bader Ginsburg

One of the highlights of the American news in 2020 was the death on September 18 of judge and women’s rights advocate Ruth Bader Ginsburg at the age of 87, leaving a vacant seat on the Court. supreme. Several politicians, Democrats and Republicans, and leaders around the world, have paid tribute to Ruth Bader Ginsburg, pivot of the Supreme Court for 27 years.

A few days after his death, President Donald Trump declares that he will choose a woman to replace him. The announcement is causing a stir among Democrats who oppose the appointment of a judge appointed for life before the November 3 election. An argument put forward by Republicans in March 2016 when former President Barack Obama appointed judge Merrick Garland to replace Antonin Scalia, who died in February.

Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg's coffin in Statuary Hall on Capitol Hill, Washington, September 25, 2020.

Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s coffin in Statuary Hall on Capitol Hill, Washington, September 25, 2020.

On September 26, Mr. Trump announced that he had chosen 48-year-old judge Amy Coney Barrett. On October 12, the Senate Judiciary Committee begins four days of hearings to determine Amy Coney Barrett’s suitability for a post on the Supreme Court. She unanimously votes on the appointment of Judge Amy Coney Barrett, as Democrats boycott the roll call. On October 26, the Senate, with a Republican majority, confirmed Amy Coney Barrett as a judge of the Supreme Court.

President Trump will, in four years, have appointed three judges deemed conservative to the temple of American law. During this period, he installed 216 judges in lower federal courts who also rule on the constitutionality of important laws before litigation reaches the Supreme Court. A politician’s initiative of good war knowing that the Democrat Jimmy Carter had appointed 262 in just four years, between 1976 and 1980.

The arrival of Judge Barrett strengthens the majority of judges considered conservative, the latter are now six against three considered progressive.

5. The Trump-Biden duel and the saga of protest

The year 2020 ends with the elections of November 3, an unparalleled ballot, which saw Joe Biden elected president, after a bitter pitched battle of long months between Republicans and Democrats, between pro-Trump and anti-Trump. A battle that intensified during the electoral campaign, in the form of inflammatory diatribes on both sides aimed at asserting his own camp, his own certainties and thus further mark the divisions in the country. This divide within the American population will be widely commented on and decried by the media, beyond the borders.

The 2020 presidential election unfolded like no other before, due to the pandemic, which will force states to offer the option of postal voting to all voters. Although already in effect for various ballots in most jurisdictions, this process will prove to be more complex than it appears in an electoral context where very tight scores are expected.

U.S. President Donald Trump (left), Republican Party candidate, and former Vice President Joe Biden, Democratic Party candidate, during their final debate in Nashville, Tennessee on October 22, 2020.

U.S. President Donald Trump (left), Republican Party candidate, and former Vice President Joe Biden, Democratic Party candidate, during their final debate in Nashville, Tennessee on October 22, 2020.

Americans will respond in large numbers to the postal and advance vote before the November 3 date. The election saw a record turnout not seen since 1900, when Republican William McKinley defeated Democrat William Jennings Bryan with a turnout of 73.7%. Since then, no presidential election has exceeded 65.7%.

The outgoing president has still not admitted defeat and has not congratulated his opponent as is customary. He continues to denounce electoral fraud, even though all the states and the federal capital, Washington, have certified their votes and confirmed the victory of Joe Biden with a majority of large voters, or 306 of the 538 in the country.

An America rich in emotions

The year 2020 in the United States ends with many uncertainties related in particular to the management of the pandemic and the outcome of the elections.

But all these events are auspicious because they retrace a society which asserts itself according to its antagonisms, its differences, its objections, among a thousand other disputes, but above all, an exclusive, singular entity, acting under the banner of United States, States whose strength lies in their own autonomy while remaining attached to a sacred union.

America is not in decline. Its strength lies in the inexhaustible will to always know how to get up in all circumstances. America has its history. She has always overcome difficulties, as she has just done during a year rich in challenges, rich in diversity, rich in emotion, without ever losing reason.


A first in Brazil, AIDS tests on sale in pharmacies

Brazil, a country considered exemplary for its policy of combating the spread of AIDS, has started to sell HIV tests for the first time in pharmacies.

The first tests arrived a week ago on the shelves of pharmacies in the state of Rio de Janeiro. Then it’s the turn this week of the States of Sao Paulo and Espirito Santo, also in the Southeast, before the whole country by the end of the month.

“Self-test”, approved by the Anvisa health authorities, allows the user to know if he is carrying the AIDS virus or not, in this huge Latin American country of 200 million inhabitants where the population is very reluctant to be diagnosed.

In Brazil, for example, almost 20% of people living with HIV do not know their HIV status, or some 150,000 people, out of a total of around 800,000 people infected.

Brazil therefore becomes the first country in Latin America and the Caribbean to sell this do-it-yourself test in pharmacies. A measure already taken by several developed countries, in particular the United States, the United Kingdom or France.

Brazil is a pioneer in the fight against AIDS and offers free treatment to anyone who is diagnosed with HIV.

Developed by the Brazilian company OrangeLife, the “Action” test works by collecting a drop of blood which, mixed with a reactive product, reveals the presence of antibodies signaling exposure to the HIV virus.

The result is known in 20 minutes, for a product sold between 60 and 70 reais – between 16 and 19 euros, a high price in Brazil. One bar and the person is negative, two bars the person is positive.

For its designers, the test is 99.9% reliable, a rate higher than that carried out using saliva sold in the United States.

According to OrangeLife director, Italian Marco Colovatti, the test is manufactured in a factory in Rio with a capacity of 100,000 units per month.

– Diagnosed very late –

For all the professionals interviewed by AFP – pharmacists, doctors and manufacturers – this test represents an important advance in terms of the fight against HIV. The earlier the virus is detected, the better it treats itself.

The problem is that many Brazilians do not take the test in the hospital, out of modesty or fear of being discriminated against.

“The advantage of the product is that people will be able to test themselves in an environment where they will not have to share this with anyone”, explains to AFP Dr Valdiléa Veloso, from the clinical research laboratory of AIDS , within the Fiocruz research institute.

In Brazil, the epidemic mainly affects homosexuals, transsexuals, sex workers and drug users “and these populations often have bad experiences with the health services”, adds the doctor. So they “avoid going to the health services, so they are diagnosed very late”.

The first indications on the reception of the Brazilians are encouraging. “The first day, I had three test boxes available, they were all sold,” said AFP Ricardo Valdetaro, pharmacist at Copacabana.

“The next day I ordered six, all sold the same day. So the next day I ordered 12. I understood that this product would work very well. A client explained to me that he was buying tests to have them done to sex workers. “

However, the diagnosis of HIV infection can be difficult to accept.

If a person “does not want to take the test alone at home, they can do it here, in a room of the pharmacy reserved for receiving patients”, says the pharmacist of Copacabana.

On the product box, a toll-free number provides psychological assistance as well as information on treatments.

“In Curitiba (South-East) tests were sent to volunteers, thousands of people participated and asked for a test to be done at home,” said Dr Veloso. “So we can clearly see that we shouldn’t be afraid that people will be desperate to be alone when the result comes.”

With AFP


A 3D printer to make Handicap international prostheses

The clash between Twitter and Donald Trump splashes Facebook, in a delicate position since its boss, Mark Zuckerberg, refused to sanction controversial remarks by the president and is publicly disavowed by employees – a rare phenomenon in Silicon Valley.

“Mark is wrong, and I’m going to try to make him change his mind by making a lot of noise,” tweeted Ryan Freitas, design director for Facebook’s News Feed, on Sunday.

On Monday, the movement gained momentum with an online strike by several employees, including Sara Zhang, who said on Twitter: “We must face the danger, not stay under cover.”

Originally, two unprecedented Twitter interventions last week.

The platform first reported two tweets from the US president about postal voting with the words “check the facts”.

Mark Zuckerberg then reminded Fox News that the platforms, he said, should not play the role of “arbiters of truth online” – an interview retweeted by Donald Trump.

Then, on Friday, Twitter masked another message from the White House tenant, about the clashes in Minneapolis after the death of a black man, George Floyd, for violating the network’s guidelines on the praise of violence.

“The lootings will be immediately greeted by bullets,” said Donald Trump of the protests which degenerate into riots.

These comments also appear on Facebook, but Mark Zuckerberg decided to leave them visible, “after hesitating all day”.

In a publication on his profile, he said that he condemned the “divisive and inflammatory rhetoric” of the president as “personal”, but did not intend to delete the messages, in the name of freedom of expression and the public interest in get informed.

– The rebels of the network –

“I know that many people are unhappy (…), but our position is to facilitate as much expression as possible, unless there is an imminent risk of harm to others or of dangers as described in our regulations” .

Twitter and Facebook have set up systems to combat dangerous content (hate speech, harassment, etc.) and against disinformation.

But Facebook exempts political figures and candidates from the essential of these measures.

“I don’t know what to do, but I know that doing nothing is not acceptable. I am a Facebook employee who completely disagrees with Mark’s decision to do nothing about recent Trump posts, which clearly urge violence, “Jason Stirman, a research and development officer for the company, tweeted on Saturday on Saturday.

“I am not alone at Facebook. There is no neutral position on racism,” he added.

In fact, several other employees took the floor this weekend.

“I think Trump’s tweet (on looting) encourages extrajudicial violence and fuels racism. Respect for the Twitter team,” writes designer David Gillis.

Sara Zhang and other employees are calling for a change in the rules, which offer only two options: leave the content or remove it.

“Facebook’s decision not to act on posts that incite violence ignores other options for keeping our community safe,” she notes.

On Twitter, the president’s message in question remained visible despite the warning, but users cannot retweet, “like” or respond to it.

– Call to a friend –

To make matters worse, the American press revealed on Sunday that Mark Zuckerberg and Donald Trump met on Friday by telephone.

The conversation was “productive,” according to anonymous sources on the specialty site Axios and the CNBC channel. It has neither been confirmed nor denied by the parties concerned.

The question now arises about the ability of Facebook’s all-new “Supreme Court” to intervene.

“We are aware that people want the Council to address many important issues related to online content,” said the network’s “Supervisory Council”, which took shape earlier this month.

He is supposed to have the final say on whether or not to maintain controversial content, independently.

The network giant is directly affected by Donald Trump’s counterattack against Twitter.

The US president signed a decree on Thursday attacking a fundamental law of the American internet, Section 230, which offers digital platforms immunity from any legal action related to content published by third parties. And gives them the freedom to intervene as they please to police the exchanges.


How to get rid of milia! • WOMAN.AT

Most of the time, the little dots sit around the eye!

© iStock

What are milia?

At first glance, milia, also called skin grits or grains of semolina, look like blackheads. Almost every second baby is affected, but so are children and adults. But there is something completely different behind the little pimples on the skin. Milia are actually cysts filled with keratin and dead skin that form just below the skin and look like white or yellowish bumps on the surface. In contrast to pimples, they are very hard. Here you can find out what you should know about them and how you can treat them.

Milia - grains of semolina on skin

How is skin grit created?

Those who have milia usually already know it from their families. Skin grit is inheritable and occurs mainly in women whose hormones are currently changing (for example menopause). However, semolina can also be found in babies. In boys in particular, they often appear all over the face shortly after birth. This also has to do with the mother’s sex hormones.

Milia most often arise when dead skin cells build up and settle in the pores near the surface of the skin. If the buildup is not expelled naturally, the small cysts can develop.

How can one remove milia?

Since the semolina grains on the face are usually very hard, they cannot simply be pushed out like a blackhead – and neither should you!
Depending on the dermatologist or beautician, specialists remove the milia with a comedo extractor, a lancing tool or a needle. The first layer of skin is scratched and the milia can be removed without damaging the surrounding skin.

How can you prevent skin grit?

The skin of people prone to milia should be cleaned thoroughly every day. But you should make sure that the sebum production is not stimulated too much.

How to prevent milia:

  • Chemical AHA or BHA peels
  • Retinol
  • Sun protection, as UV rays can favor milia
  • a good moisturizer
  • Do without greasy creams
  • Avoid sunbathing
  • never go to sleep with makeup on

UK unemployment rate sticks at 4.9% despite Brexit vote

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