Christian Lutz polishes the photo he created for you

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Christian Lutz polishes the photo he created for you

“I believe in the power of the image,” says photographer Christian Lutz, who presents here the photo he has chosen for Le Temps. An image made in the center of Athens, in the midst of an economic collapse. A game between classicism and actuality. The photo is also a team effort, he explains, especially at the time of the draw. This photo is for sale on the Temps Interested? Visit our shop to acquire this work

EU struggles to keep Canada trade deal on track

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Glassdoor will now tell you if you’re being underpaid

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Opportunities and challenges in rising space industry

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Missouri governor inflicts yet another setback on abortion rights

The demonstrators of the Women’s March, the day after Donald Trump’s inauguration at the end of January, feared it: reproductive rights are declining in the United States. The latest example is a bill supported by Republican Governor Eric Greitens, who is currently shuttling between the House and Senate in Missouri. The SB5, or «Missouri Omnibus Abortion Bill» («omnibus» because it is a catch-all), if it is passed, could have disastrous effects on access to contraception and abortion in this state of the American Midwest, already third of the country most restrictive in this matter.

For nearly 6 million people, Missouri has only one clinic that performs abortion. Minors under 18 must have permission from one of their parents to have an abortion performed. All women who wish to have an abortion must wait an incompressible period of 72 hours and two medical appointments before the operation. “In recent years in Missouri, many restrictions on access to abortion have piled up”, regrets Alison Dreith, the executive director of NARAL (National Association for the Repeal of Abortion Laws) Pro-Choice Missouri, a pro-choice association present across the country.

“We must promote a culture of life”

The SB5 bill (for «Senate Bill 5») has already been amended and passed by the Missouri House on June 14, at the initiative of Governor Eric Greitens. The latter had decided, two days earlier, to recall the legislative body of the State for a “Special pro-life session” – as the opponents of abortion in the United States are called -, “To protect the life of unborn children and protect the health of women”, we read in the governor’s press release. The special session is an exceptional procedure, normally reserved for legislative emergencies (preventing an imminent factory closure, dealing with a natural disaster, etc.).

“I am pro-life, and I believe we must stand up for life and promote a culture of life here in the state of Missouri,” Governor Greitens justifies in a video posted on his Facebook account. The opening of the special session was hailed by many anti-abortion groups, such as Missouri Right to Life, or Campaign Life Missouri.

The proposed law aims first to protect Crisis Pregnancy Centers, “False clinics where we try at all costs to dissuade women from aborting, where contraception is said to cause breast cancer, where anti-abortion religious discourse dominates, s’agace Alison Dreith. If SB5 is passed definitively, organizations like mine will no longer be able to sue these centers because they lie to patients, for example ”. Missouri has 71 centers like these, 69 of which receive, at least in part, government funding. SB5 would also give the Missouri attorney general authority over statewide abortion law. New regulations would be put in place in the only clinic that in practice, such as an annual inspection, and “The Attorney General may, for example, decide to have it closed at the slightest breach, Alison Dreith advances. It’s a way to make abortion illegal, without making it illegal, and thus circumvent the Constitution. ”

At the origin of this special session, a new law adopted in the spring by the city of Saint-Louis (Missouri), historically democratic, which prevents any discrimination, in hiring as in access to housing, of women, which regardless of their choice of contraception or abortion. This prompted the governor of the state to say that Saint-Louis had become “A sanctuary city for abortion”, and that this law went against religious freedoms. Conversely, SB5 has been interpreted by certain feminist or generalist sites as allowing employers or owners to discriminate against women if they use contraception or if they have already had abortion. “It is a bad understanding of the law”, tranche Alison Dreith.

Atypical course

After the amendments made by the House, the law must go back to the Senate, a priori in mid-July, before arriving, if it is voted, on the office of Governor Greitens, who has already supported it several times. “The bill does nothing to improve the health or lives of the people of Missouri, denounced a press release from NARAL pro-choice Missouri, which judges it “discriminatory”. Rather, it prioritizes Governor Greitens’ personal political ambitions over the needs of the people of Missouri. ”

Eric Greitens, divorced forty-something, has an atypical career. This former soldier of the Navy SEALs, passed through the great Anglo-Saxon universities (Duke, Oxford) and full of humanitarian exploits, founded an association of aid to veterans (The Mission Continues), which he led until 2014. Noticed by several major media – 39e most influential person in the world for Time in 2013, which salutes its “Sense of sacrifice and commitment”, he who “help others with passion ”-, he quickly displayed strong political ambitions. He first tested the waters in the Democratic camp, his family tendency. Before turning his hand, and presenting himself as a “Conservative Republican” in July 2015, in a column published by Fox News. “I believe that in a free society we must defend religious freedoms and the 2e amendment, and protect innocent life “, he wrote there.

“The heart and the fist”

With her ultra-bright smile, square jawline and bestsellers (The Heart and The Fist, literally “heart and fist”), he was elected governor of Missouri in January 2017. Under the banner of the Grand Old Party (GOP), for which Greitens was not a favorite, however, the Republicans then supported the man of business John Brunner. “He is one of those political outsiders, in the same vein as Donald Trump, says Alison Dreith. True conservatives like Ted Cruz, or Marco Rubio, still see him as a former Democrat. This special session is a way to get their attention, to build conservative legitimacy. ”

Journalist at Kansas City Star, the title of Missouri’s largest city, Jason Hancock has followed Eric Greitens from his early days in politics. “He’s an ambitious, a competitor, he assures. He is eyeing national functions, in the Senate or even at the head of the country, and it is no secret to anyone. For some time now, he has been trying to give himself a national scope. We see it everywhere, in Washington, meeting the executives of the Republican Party… ” The governor of Missouri also went a few days ago to an evening organized by the Koch brothers, oil magnates and big money-makers of the Republican Party. “Via his association for veterans, Eric Greitens has developed a whole network in the country, resumes Jason Hancock. It catches the attention of many people who usually don’t care about the governor of Missouri. ”

“The most unusual circumstances”

For the political journalist, there are two ways to understand the importance of SB5 to the governor. “Either we look at it from a pure cynical point of view, and we say to ourselves that with this law, he is trying to seduce the Conservatives, he who has never been their foal. Either we think he is really pro-life, that all of this is part of the debate around religious freedoms. If he’s a true believer, as he defines himself, he can be truly anti-abortion. “ That said, Jason Hancock confirms that the special procedure, used for such a subject, surprised him. “I have been covering the Missouri Capitol for seven years, and the circumstances are most unusual.”

These Missouri debates are part of a broader context of retreat in the area of ​​reproductive rights across the country. The reform of health insurance wanted by the Republican camp – whose vote was postponed until after July 4, for lack of consensus among the elected representatives of the GOP – would lead to a strong delisting of Family Planning by the federal state. Activists of the organization were also demonstrating this Tuesday in front of Congress. In a red cape and white cap, like the female characters of The Handmaiden’s Tale, series based on the anticipation novel by Margaret Atwood. Airing these days on Hulu, it presents an extremely patriarchal totalitarian society, where women are reduced to their reproductive function. And finds a powerful resonance in America today.

Isabelle Hanne Correspondent in New York


Common wheat futures market, Euronext and CME

However, we offer you the analysis of the week of 07/17/2020

The December 2020 contract fell by one euro tonne on Friday evening, to € 186.25 / t. The price thus comes to test its moving averages of 60 (186.40 € / t) and 100 days (186.22 € / t). The reaction of the course next Monday will have to be watched carefully.

Cereal prices – Common wheat prices

Mixed weekend

Climatic conditions are improving in Europe, but growing conditions remain very poor.

The European market ended the week in dispersed order. Wheat in particular erased part of its weekly gains after an improvement in short-term weather forecasts. Rainy passages should relieve European and Black Sea cultures in the coming days. FranceAgriMer also raised its “good to very good” ratings for common wheat by two points.

The latter, however, still suffer from a drop of twelve points compared to last year (57%). Winter and spring barley ratings are also frozen at very worrisome levels, with 52% and 58% respectively of “good to very good” (75 and 88% in 2019). On the other side of the Atlantic, the state of the cultures is not more reassuring. The Kansas Wheat Tour notably reached a production estimate of 7.7 Mt for the state, compared to 8.3 Mt anticipated by the USDA.

Regarding the oilseed complex, the United Kingdom has reduced its estimate of British rapeseed areas to 336 kha, the lowest crop rotation since 1990. Soybeans, however, slowed the trend after a new rise in tension between the USA and China. Argentine crushing was also limited to 3.66 Mt in April, a particularly low figure at this time of the year.

Marius Garrigue


Draft 2017: Markelle Fultz at the Sixers, Frank Ntilikina in New York!

Unsurprisingly, the Sixers chose Markelle Fultz with the first pick of the 2017 Draft. Then, the Lakers also selected the expected player by getting their hands on Lonzo Ball, the UCLA nugget who dreamed of staying at home.

It was then that it was interesting, Boston finally deciding to recover the talented Jayson Tatum. Suddenly, Josh Jackson falls at the foot of the podium, where he takes the direction of Phoenix. At the same time, Jimmy Butler is traded to Wolves as the sequel follows logically with De’Aaron Fox at Kings and Jonathan Isaac at Magic.

After Lauri Markkanen at the Bulls, Frank Ntilikina flies to the Knicks with the 8th pick. The young Strasbourg resident thus becomes the highest drafted Frenchman in NBA history, ahead of Joakim Noah, chosen in 9th position.

We then find two other French: Matthias Lessort, selected by the Sixers, and Alpha Kaba, the last called of the evening, by the Hawks.

Note that this draft was marked by an incredible number of exchanges of “picks”, like that of the Kings, who sent their 10th choice to Portland, in exchange for the 15th and 20th choices.

1 Markelle Fultz Leader Washington Philadelphia (from Brooklyn via Boston)
2 Lonzo Ball Leader UCLA LA Lakers
3 Jayson Tatum Winger Duke Boston (from Sacramento via Boston)
4 Josh Jackson Winger Kansas Phoenix
5 De’Aaron Fox Leader Kentucky Sacramento (from Philadelphia)
6 Jonathan Isaac Winger Florida State Orlando
7 Lauri Markkanen Strong winger Arizona Chicago (Minnesota)
8 Frank Ntilikina Leader France New York
9 Dennis Smith Jr Leader NC State Dallas
10 Zach Collins Pivot Gonzaga Portland (from New Orleans via Sacramento)
11 Malik Monk Back Kentucky Charlotte
12 Luke Kennard Back Duke Detroit
13 Donovan Mitchell Back Louisville Utah (from Denver)
14 Bam adebayo Pivot Kentucky Miami
15 Justin Jackson Winger North Carolina Sacramento (the Portland)
16 Justin Patton Pivot Creighton Minnesota (from Chicago)
17 D.J. Wilson Strong winger Michigan Milwaukee
18 TJ Leaf Strong winger UCLA Indiana
19 John Collins Strong winger Wake Forest Atlanta
20 Harry Giles Pivot Duke Sacramento (from Portland via Memphis and Cleveland)
21 Terrance Ferguson Back Australia Oklahoma City
22 Jarrett Allen Pivot Texas Brooklyn (from Washington)
23 OG Anunoby Winger Indiana Toronto (des Clippers via Milwaukee)
24 Tyler Lydon Strong winger Syracuse Denver (from Utah)
25 Anzejs Pasecniks Strong winger Latvia Philadelphia (de Toronto via Toronto)
26 Caleb Swanigan Pivot Purdue Portland (de Cleveland)
27 Kyle Kuzma Strong winger Utah LA Lakers (from Boston via Brooklyn)
28 Tony Bradley Pivot North Carolina Utah (de Houston via LA Lakers)
29 Derrick White Leader Colorado San antonio
30 Josh Hart Back Villanova LA Lakers (de Golden State via Utah)
31 Frank Jackson Leader Duke New Orleans (from Brooklyn via Atlanta and Charlotte)
32 Of which Reed Back Miami Phoenix
33 Wesley Iwundu Back Kansas State Orlando (from LA Lakers)
34 Frank Mason Leader Kansas Sacramento (from Philadelphia via New Orleans)
35 Ivan Rabb Strong winger California Memphis (d’Orlando)
36 Jonah Bolden Strong winger Serbia Philadelphia (de New York via Utah et Toronto)
37 Semi Ojeleye Winger High school Boston (de Minnesota via Phoenix)
38 Jordan Bell Strong winger Oregon Golden State (de Sacramento via Cleveland et Chicago)
39 Jawun Evans Leader Oklahoma State LA Clippers (from Dallas via Philadelphia)
40 Dwayne Bacon Winger Florida State Charlotte (from New Orleans)
41 Tyler Dorsey Back Oregon Atlanta (from Charlotte)
42 Thomas bryant Pivot Indiana LA Lakers (de Detroit via Utah)
43 Isaiah Hartenstein Pivot Germany Houston (from Denver)
44 Damyean Dotson Back Houston New York (from Chicago)
45 Dillon Brooks Winger Oregon Houston (the Portland)
46 Sterling Brown Back High school Milwaukee (from Miami via Atlanta and Philadelphia)
47 Ike Anigbogu Pivot UCLA Indiana
48 Sindarius Thornwell Back South Carolina LA Clippers (de Milwaukee)
49 Vlatko Cancar Strong winger Serbia Denver (de Memphis via Oklahoma City)
50 Mathias Lessort Pivot France Philadelphia (d’Atlanta)
51 Monte Morris Leader Iowa State Denver (d’Oklahoma City)
52 Edmond Sumner Leader Xavier Indiana (de Washington via New Orleans)
53 Kadeem Allen Leader Arizona Boston (de Cleveland)
54 Alec Peters Strong winger Valparaiso Phoenix (from Toronto)
55 Nigel Williams-Goss Leader Gonzaga Utah
56 Jabari Bird Back California Boston (from LA Clippers)
57 Alexander Vezenkov Strong winger Bulgaria Brooklyn (de Boston)
58 Ognjen Jaramaz Leader Serbia New York (from Houston)
59 Jaron Blossomgame Winger Clemson San antonio
60 Alpha Kaba Pivot France Atlanta (from Golden State via Philadelphia and Utah)

Georgia By-Election: A Bitter Lesson in the Fight Against Trump Politics

In the end it wasn’t even close. Republican Karen Handel won the by-election to the US Congress in Greater Atlanta, Georgia, sovereignly: as the first female MP from the southern state of Georgia.

The result is a bitter lesson for the Democrats: Even if President Donald Trump loses approval, that does not automatically mean that the progressive opposition can conquer traditionally conservative constituencies. The traditional electorate opts for the “Grand Old Party” brand. That is enough distance to the glamorous president and his suspiciously eyed political style. The constituency has been in Republican hands for more than forty years.

In the first round of the by-election, the 30-year-old Democrat Jon Ossoff narrowly missed an absolute majority. The Conservative votes were split among several Republicans, of which 55-year-old Karen Handel won the majority and entered the runoff election. The surprisingly clear success for Ossoff had nourished the hopes of the Democrats that they could win the runoff election and bring Trump a disgraceful defeat.

The Democrats’ hope of impeachment is sinking

For weeks, political activists from both camps in Georgia got involved, millions of dollars in donations flowed into the otherwise unimportant constituency and made the runoff election the most expensive battle for a seat in the history of the House of Representatives. The Democrats were barely able to develop their potential. The Republicans mobilized voters. In the runoff election Ossoff achieved a lower percentage than in the first round. The by-election had become necessary because Tom Price, who had previously won the constituency seven times, became Minister of Health.

Trump’s Twitter comes to the museum

This is also a setback for the Democrats’ confidence that they will win a majority in the House of Representatives in the November 2018 congressional election and thus improve the prospects of President Trump’s impeachment. A majority in the House of Representatives is required to initiate impeachment proceedings.

The decisive opposition is Republicans, not Democrats

Politically, the situation will not get any easier for Trump if traditional Republicans like Karen Handel move into Congress. Such MPs do not blindly support his course. Rather, the fact remains that the paralysis of the Trump presidency does not result primarily from strong democratic opposition, but rather from the differences of opinion in the Republican majority faction.

In general, they would like to see a change in health and tax policy. But there is no majority opinion on how this turnaround should be shaped and how far it should go in detail. The bill, for example, which is supposed to correct Barack Obama’s health care reform, only found a narrow majority in the House of Representatives with great difficulty and only at the second attempt and is now facing high hurdles in the Senate because it goes too far for some Republicans and not far enough for others.

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Hawaii: Canoe Hokulea arrives after circumnavigation of the world

Circumnavigation of the


Circumnavigation of the “Hokulea”: Enthusiastic welcome in Hawaii