Joaquin Phoenix: alcohol, sect … five things to know about the sulphurous actor

Rewarded Sunday night at the 70th Cannes Film Festival, Joaquin Phoenix is ​​an anti-system actor. Back on his extraordinary career.

Joaquin Phoenix is ​​a UFO in Hollywood. The 42-year-old actor, awarded for his role in You Were Never Really Here, during the 70th Cannes Film Festival, has indeed more than one stroke of brilliance to its credit. And an extraordinary childhood. L’Express takes stock.

Birth in a sect

It all started with the birth of Joaquin Phoenix within the Children of God sect. John, Arlyn Bottom and their five children spent some time there in the 1970s. In the magazine Playboy, in 2014, Joaquin Phoenix defends the choice of his parents and does not reproach them for this different living environment. “I believe they had a religious and powerful experience. They wanted to share it with other people. […] They thought they had found a community that shared their ideas. Cults rarely present themselves as such. ”

Even after their departure from the cult, the life of the Bottoms who have become Phoenix remains astonishing. In Telerama, in 2015, Joaquin, who called himself Leaf (“leaf” in French) until he was 15, remembers those years with nostalgia. “We lived quite freely, we lived on the beach in Venezuela for a long time, we played a lot of music, my older sister and brother did the round to feed the family and I often accompanied them.”

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The Phoenix family amazes, and many American journalists are interested in their way of life. What he remembers from these “flower power” years ?: “A great consideration for others and for the world in which we live. A real mistrust vis-à-vis materialism and consumption at all costs”, says Joaquin Phoenix at Telerama.

Marked by the sudden death of his brother

River Phoenix, four years his senior, became a famous actor in 1986. But fame was a heavy burden: in 1993, when he began a romance with Kate Moss, River died of an overdose. He is in Joaquin’s arms, on the sidewalk of the Viper Room, a Los Angeles nightclub owned by Johnny Depp.

Joaquin Phoenix’s phone call to the fire department that night was broadcast all over the press. This is too much for the actor who interrupts his career the next day. He returns two years later in Ready for everything, by Gus Van Sant, and gives the reply to Nicole Kidman.

River Phoenix en 1991

River Phoenix en 1991


Addicted to alcohol because of a role

Very invested in all the roles he takes, Joaquin Phoenix sinks into alcohol after playing Johnny Cash in the film Walk The Line.

In 2005, he entered detoxification, and attended Alcoholics Anonymous. “It’s the best thing I’ve done,” he assures New York Times this year. In his biography entitled He’s Still Here, released in 2011, Phoenix still ensures “prefer sobriety”.

La “blague” I’m Still Here

Joaquin Phoenix announced in 2008 that he was ending his career. Long-haired and bearded, he says he wants to get into rap. At the time, blogger Perez Hilton questioned the truth of the ad, but Phoenix is ​​holding on.

In 2009, on the plateau of Late Show of David Letterman, he gives a surrealist interview in which he appears inconsistent. While he’s supposed to be promoting what he says is his last movie, Two Lovers, he hardly talks about it.

In fact, Joaquin Phoenix is ​​making the movie I’m Still Here, directed by his brother-in-law Casey Affleck. It is a “mockumentary” (a false documentary) on the supposed new musical life of the actor. “David Letterman didn’t know, Phoenix tells the magazine Playboy. […] I can understand that people felt duped. I think I would have had the same reaction. “Despite everything, the actor does not regret anything: he says he has the impression of having been” released “by this role.

Insults at the Oscars

As if fooling his audience for a few years was not enough for him, Joaquin Phoenix insults the Academy of Oscars in 2012, during an interview with the magazine Interview. “I think it’s bullshit. Total bullshit, I don’t want to participate in this. I don’t believe it,” he says. “It’s a carrot, but it’s a carrot that tastes really bad. I don’t want that carrot, it’s totally subjective. Pitting people against each other. It’s the most thing. stupid of the world. ”

He was nevertheless nominated for the Oscars three times during his career: in 2001 for the best supporting role in Gladiator, then for the role of the best actor in Walk The Line, in 2006, and for The Master, in 2013. The actor, who would be in a relationship with Rooney Mara, has, for the moment, never obtained the golden statuette.

The future boss of the WHO wants to expand the donor base

New reports, new measures and highlights: an update on the latest developments in the Covid-19 pandemic around the world.

A compulsory vaccine?

Australia on Wednesday launched the debate on the need for countries to make the future vaccine against the coronavirus mandatory, as contaminations start to rise again and restrictions multiply around the world.

According to the WHO, 168 vaccine candidates against Covid-19 are currently in development, but none are yet ready to be marketed.

In the United States, the Moderna laboratory has an advanced project while Australia has made sure to obtain a “promising” vaccine thanks to an agreement made with the Swedish-British pharmaceutical group AstraZeneca. A Chinese vaccine will soon be tested in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

Pope Francis wanted future vaccines not to be primarily intended for “the richest”.

More than 780,000 dead

The novel coronavirus pandemic has killed at least 781,194 worldwide since the WHO office in China reported the onset of the disease at the end of December, according to a report established by AFP from official sources Wednesday at 11:00 GMT.

More than 22,187,780 cases of infection have been officially diagnosed in 196 countries and territories.

The United States is the most affected country in terms of both deaths and cases, with 171,833 deaths for 5,482,823 cases. Next come Brazil (109,888 dead), Mexico (57,774), India (52,889), and the United Kingdom (41,381).

Sierra Leone: impact on malaria

In Sierra Leone, doctors and NGOs are worried that malaria will flourish over fears related to the coronavirus. They see the extreme cases of malaria multiply since patients avoid going to the hospital for fear of being infected with Covid-19.

Lack of adequate medical monitoring is particularly dangerous for children during the current rainy season, when malaria is on the rise due to the increasing mosquito population.

Mask compulsory in Toulouse

Wearing a mask will be compulsory from Friday throughout the municipality of Toulouse due to the active circulation of the Covid-19 in the fourth city in France, decided the prefect of Haute-Garonne.

At a time when the obligation to wear a mask is spreading in France, for example within companies, Professor Didier Raoult, director of the Institut Méditerranée-Infection in Marseille, declared for his part that he “would have preferred that we remain at a level of recommendation rather than obligation “.

“If the masks can reassure that is one thing, but I am worried that we are focusing too much on it, because now it is people who will want to lay down the law,” he said.

Finland protects itself

To “preserve the relatively good situation” vis-à-vis Covid-19 within its borders, Finland has removed from its green list most travelers coming from countries of the European Union, who will now have to observe a quarantine at their arrival. France and Belgium are particularly concerned.

Brittany Ferries reduces its sails

The shipping company Brittany Ferries will reduce its crossings between France and England and carry out partial unemployment measures, less than a week after the announcement of a British quarantine for travelers coming from France.

Brittany Ferries, of which 85% of passengers are British, has recorded 35,000 cancellations or postponements of trips since last weekend.


The Florida Project – The film starts review on

Hardly any American independent film in recent years has been as celebrated as Sean Baker’s “Tangerine LA”, a film about the life of transsexuals in Los Angeles, shot on the iPhone. Although the distinctive visual style also made it something special, the most remarkable thing about the drama was the documentary precise look of the director on a special section of American reality, which in its raw, authentic immediacy was reminiscent of the great works of Italian neorealism. Baker’s new film “The Florida Project“, The one in the next row Directors’ fortnight premiered at the Cannes festival in 2017. In this social drama, the filmmaker tells in an unpretentious but touching way about the life of a six-year-old girl who lives with her mother on the verge of subsistence.

The sunny state of Florida is not a paradise everywhere, especially if you have to live on scanty American welfare and try to keep yourself afloat with more or less windy business. Despite these difficult circumstances, Halley (Bria Vinaite) tries to be a good mother to her six-year-old daughter Moonee (Brooklynn Prince). The duo lives in a motel complex called “Magic Castle” (!), Where Halley usually lies in front of the TV and smokes, while Mooney roams around with her little friends and makes nonsense. Not always to the delight of the manager Bobby (Willem Dafoe), who despite some anger, because he has because of Moonee – and even more Halley – has sympathy for mother and daughter.

For one summer Sean Baker observed his characters, for a few weeks in a loose structure, he strung together scenes from a life without imposing a dramaturgical structure on them. The fact that he almost consistently tells from the perspective of the girl Mooney is a clever trick, because the meager circumstances of her life seem less dramatic for the six-year-old, her awareness of existence on the edge of the subsistence level is barely pronounced. Instead, Moonee and her friends of the same age roam the motel complex and the surrounding area full of curiosity, go on a journey of discovery, scrounge ice cream and do what children do. Mooney hardly notices that Moonee and her mother depend on the alms of a church organization, that Halley earns some money with often crooked deals, all of which Mooney hardly notices, especially since she is in no way neglected by her mother.

As in previous films, Sean Baker observes a distinctive subculture. Whereas in “Starlet” it was the porn scene of the San Fernando Valley and then in “Tangerine” the world of transsexuals, in “The Florida Project” it is now the demarcated cosmos of a motel whose residents are among the socially disadvantaged. The director has clearly researched carefully and shows a great feeling for the special features of this world on the edge of society. The fact that he once again mainly works with amateur actors reinforces the impression of absolute authenticity. But a star like Willem Dafoe (“Spider-Man”, “Antichrist”) also fits perfectly into the ensemble. His outsider figure serves as a kind of moral compass here. He looks at Moonee and Halley with compassion, tries to save the mother-daughter duo from the worst and ultimately has to watch the development helplessly. Baker resists the temptation to pathetically exaggerate the tragic aspects of the story and brings us closer to the problems and conflicts of the observed milieu in a cautious manner and with unobtrusive humanity.

Conclusion: With “The Florida Project”, Sean Baker dives into a striking subculture like in his previous films and this time draws an authentic portrait of the poor residents of a run-down motel complex.

We saw “The Florida Project” at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival where it was featured in the Directors’ fortnight will be shown.

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus new WHO boss

The American sports world, leading NBA basketball players, has started an unprecedented boycott of competitions in reaction to the Jacob Blake affair, named after the young African-American seriously injured by a police officer, who is reviving the anti-racist movement in the United States. United States.

Triggered by the Milwaukee Bucks basketball team, which boycotted a game and forced the NBA to postpone several other games on Wednesday, the movement has spread at high speed.

“WE CALL FOR CHANGE. WE’RE TIRED”, tweeted Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James. According to several media, the Lakers and Los Angeles Clippers have voted to drop the NBA season.

Japanese tennis player Naomi Osaka has refused to play in the semi-final of the Cincinnnati tournament, whose organizers have postponed all matches scheduled for Thursday by one day. Football and baseball matches have also been postponed due to a player boycott.

“As a black woman, I feel like there are much more important issues that need immediate attention, rather than watching me play tennis,” justified Naomi Osaka, 22, whose mother is Japanese and father Haitian, and who has often spoken in recent months to denounce racial injustice.

Jacob Blake, a 29-year-old father, was seriously injured when a police officer shot him seven times in the back on Sunday in Kenosha, Wisconsin, as he resisted his arrest, in a context still unclear.

According to a statement from the Wisconsin Department of Justice, police were dispatched to the scene following a call from a woman saying that “her boy friend“was at home and “was not meant” be there. Once there, the statement added, the agents have, “unsuccessful”, “tried to stop“Jacob Blake using a taser.

Wave of emotion

The man had warned them that he “was in possession of a knife”, say local authorities. Investigators have indeed found a knife on the floor of the vehicle, in which was no other weapon, specifies the ministry by revealing the name of the police officer who fired seven times: Rusten Sheskey. He has so far been laid off with one of his colleagues.

Filmed by witnesses and broadcast on social networks, the scene sparked a wave of emotion in the country and sparked a dangerous cocktail in Kenosha, mixing rioters and vigilante groups.

Three months after the death of George Floyd, a black forty-something suffocated under the knee of a white policeman in Minneapolis, anger is again strong in the United States in the face of racism and police violence.

Protesters in the streets after the gunfire that injured Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin on August 26, 2020.

Reflection of growing anger, the processions degenerated into violence every night in Kenosha, with clashes between protesters and the police and numerous degradations despite a curfew, the deployment of 250 soldiers of the National Guard and appeals for calm from Jacob Blake’s family.

In this context of extreme tension, two people were shot dead and a third injured in circumstances which remain rather unclear.

A 17-year-old teenager is suspected of being the author of the shootings and has been arraigned for murder charges, police said without giving further details.

Protests in Wisconsin.

Protests in Wisconsin.

According to local media, he was seen in the presence of armed men who pose as “militias” or some “self-defense groups”, eager to protect the city. County Sheriff David Beth confirmed their presence in the area, without specifying whether the shooter was from those groups.

Some 200 people gathered in Kenosha in a peaceful march overnight from Wednesday to Thursday, shouting “No justice, no peace”. Another demonstration is scheduled for Thursday afternoon in front of the city courthouse.

In downtown Los Angeles, where around 300 anti-racism protesters gathered early in the morning, scuffles broke out with police firing rubber bullets after trying to carry out arrests at a rally. in a tunnel, according to images broadcast by ABC News.

“The anarchy”

President Donald Trump, who has regularly defended the right to carry arms and self-defense, a speech dear to his electoral base, did not speak about this dramatic episode, emphasizing the excesses committed by the protesters.

We will not tolerate looting, arson, violence and lawlessness on American streets “, Mr. Trump tweeted promising, according to his November 3 presidential campaign slogan, to “restore LAW and ORDER!” in Kenosha.

To do this, said the Republican president, the governor of Wisconsin has accepted the sending of new reinforcements, both members of the federal police and soldiers of the National Guard, in this city of 100,000 inhabitants.

His Democratic rival Joe Biden has adopted the posture of reconciler. “Once again a black man, Jacob Blake, got shot by the police. His children watched. It makes me sick.”, he tweeted.

Kenosha’s drama follows in the wake of a major anti-racist protest movement born after George Floyd’s death on May 25.

Protests across the country have called for structural police reforms and a rethinking of US history to make room for the suffering endured by minorities. Sometimes accompanied by looting and clashes with the police, they had run out of steam in recent weeks.


A world “better prepared” for epidemics, according to outgoing WHO director

All that remains is tarpaulins and windswept metal rods: the vast camp for displaced Iraqis installed for five years in the former tourist complex of Habbaniyah was evacuated this week in less than 48 hours … a rush that worries them. NGO.

Baghdad seems determined to evacuate all these tent villages that emerged with the breakthrough of the jihadist group Islamic State (IS) in 2014, but many displaced people as well as NGOs consider that the conditions for a return – a roof and security – are far from guaranteed.

In a bus that takes displaced people from Habbaniyah, in western Iraq, Zainab, her husband and their six children had to leave behind the little life they had built for themselves in the camp to join … another camp!

“We cannot go home,” she told AFP. Their tribe – an essential institution in Iraq – accuses them of having supported ISIS. Unfairly, she assures, but this makes her fear “prison or massacre”.

Ali will be able to find his city of al-Qaïm, 250 km away. But he will have to pay rent until he has the means to rebuild his house.

The local head of the Ministry of the Displaced, Moustafa Serhan, assures us that “these families do not undergo either forced returns or accelerated departures: the Anbar camps opened five, six or seven years ago, how quickly are we talking about ? “, he hammers.

“Refuge disappeared”

Saada, 36 years old and mother of seven children, already knows that in a few days a bus will come to pick her up in her camp in Hammam al-Alil, in the North.

“First, we were told that the camp would never close, then that it will be closed in 2021 and they tell us now … in a week!”, Laments this displaced person who refuses to return to her village on the Sinjar Mountains, where everything is still in ruins.

“I’m tired of life,” she blurted out. “This camp was our refuge and this refuge has just disappeared.”

In 2016, 3.2 million Iraqis were displaced. Three years after the victory over IS, they are now around 1.3 million, of which 20% are in camps and the remainder in rental accommodation for the most part.

If Iraq often announces that it wants to close its camps, the process suddenly accelerated in October.

Between the 18th and the 30th, five camps – in the provinces of Baghdad, Kerbala and Diyala – were closed. More than half of the inhabitants were unable to return home, however, says the World Organization for Migration.

Between November 5 and 11, more than 6,000 of the 8,000 displaced from Hammam al-Alil were forced to leave, to their ruined homes or other camps, officials said.

“These precipitous closures risk making more than 100,000 homeless at the start of winter and in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic”, warns the Norwegian Council for Refugees.

“Pressure and intimidation”

“Iraq is committed to viable returns, with information and dignity, but all these conditions are currently violated”, accuses a humanitarian.

Already last year, displaced people have been the object of threats and attacks. Among them, 60% said they had returned against their will and 44% were displaced again, according to a recent study.

The authorities, for their part, are pleading for these returns, ordered by Prime Minister Moustafa al-Kazimi according to a government official, to redirect humanitarian and international aid from the camps to reconstruction.

The intention is laudable, agrees Belkis Wille of Human Rights Watch, “but this does not mean forcing people to return against their will to areas where they will be vulnerable.”

On the humanitarian side, it’s embarrassing. To criticize a government decision is to expose oneself to retaliatory measures: prohibition of access to the camps or non-issuance of visas.

“The pressure and intimidation have increased a lot”, already notes the head of an NGO, again on condition of anonymity.

At the first announcements of camp closures, the boss of UN humanitarian affairs in Iraq, Irena Vojackova-Sollorano, said in a statement that these measures had been “taken independently of the UN”.

After accepting an interview with AFP, over the closures, his office suddenly gave up.


Columbia Sportswear commits to British national parks

U.S.-based Columbia Sportswear is set to unveil a major UK National Parks partnership on May 23 at an event next week with local TV presenter and hiker Julia Bradbury.

Columbia invests in the preservation of natural parks – UK National Parks

The outdoor brand will then communicate the details of this atypical five-year partnership with the fifteen national parks of Great Britain. However, she has already announced that this agreement will make it possible “to participate in strengthening the quality and accessibility of parks for current and future generations, while providing staff, guards and volunteers with clothes and shoes that will protect them. and keep them warm and dry ”.

The company said the money saved in clothing national park staff will be made available to fund major projects within them. These parks include the Lake District, Yorkshire Dales, New Forest, Dartmoor and Cairngorms.

The event will be held at Queen’s House in Greenwich Park which, although not a national park, is one of the closest areas to London and underlines the appeal of British natural landscapes.

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Measles vaccine made compulsory in schools in Italy

The United States is approaching the threshold of 6 million coronavirus contaminations on Monday morning, an epidemic that has infected more than 25 million people in total around the world, where easing measures alongside those of restrictions.

Some 5,993,668 have contracted the virus and 183,034 have died from it in the United States on Monday at 00:30 GMT, according to Johns Hopkins University which refers. This country is the most affected by the pandemic, which has infected more than 25 million in the world and killed more than 843,000.

The heaviness of the American balance sheet could play on the scientific tempo: the head of the American Medicines Agency (FDA) announced that it was possible that a future vaccine against the coronavirus would first be authorized in the United States according to a report. emergency procedure, before the end of clinical trials intended to confirm safety and efficacy.

“It will be a decision based on science, medicine, data. It will not be a political decision”, Stephen Hahn said in an interview published on Sunday by the Financial Times, defending himself from being pressured by President Donald Trump to authorize a vaccine before the presidential election on November 3.

Brazil is the second most affected country, with 120,828 dead and 3,862,311 cases. The Latin American giant of 212 million inhabitants seems stuck for three months on an endless plateau, with about 1,000 daily deaths on average.

Next is India, which on Sunday recorded a world record of 78,761 new infections in 24 hours, for a total of more than 3.5 million, and more than 63,000 deaths.

The pandemic, which has hit large cities like Bombay and New Delhi head-on, is now affecting smaller cities and the countryside.

These figures were announced the day after a new easing by the government of the restrictions in force since March against the epidemic, in order to revive its economy hit by the health crisis which has lost their jobs to millions of Indians.

Optimism in Peru

Easing also in Chile on Tuesday, where open-air bars and restaurants, as well as other non-essential businesses, may reopen on Monday in several of the wealthiest neighborhoods of the capital, Santiago, as confirmed on Sunday. authorities, more than five months after their closure.

Chile has been close to 410,000 cases since Sunday, and deplores more than 11,000 deaths.

The country in the world with the most deaths relative to its population is Peru, with 87 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants. Perhaps the Andean nation sees the light: “I am sure we are at the last step “, President Martin Vizcarra said on Sunday.

The leader is based on a deceleration of the epidemic, which has killed nearly 29,000 people in Peru: contamination and deaths have fallen respectively by 24% and 21% in the past week compared to the previous one.

This Monday will also be the resumption of international flights to Nepal, and the expected end of restrictive measures in Azerbaijan.

But restrictions continue to be put in place elsewhere in the world, in areas where the epidemic seemed to be under control before showing signs of recovery, raising fears of a second wave after the first in spring.

In France for example, the wearing of the mask will be obligatory in an extended perimeter in Bordeaux. This city is added to others where this constraint is already in place, in particular Paris and its inner suburbs.

On Sunday, restrictive measures were tightened in South Korea, in the Greater Seoul region.

Tensions in Berlin

Limitations of freedom that are causing more and more tension, as in Germany, in the wake of the announcement by Angela Merkel’s government of new measures in the face of the observed increase in infections.

On Saturday in Berlin, around 40,000 people were able to participate in a rally calling “at the end of all restrictions in place” against Covid-19. The attempted storming of the national parliament on the sidelines of this demonstration sparked an uproar in Germany.

The Berlin municipality had tried to ban the rally on Saturday, arguing that it was impossible to enforce safety distances and barrier gestures, given the number of people announced and their determination. But justice, seized by the organizers, finally authorized the demonstration.

On Sunday, some 2,000 protesters gathered again not far from Parliament. They were quickly dislodged by the police.

Several other similar, but less important gatherings took place in Europe, Great Britain, France or Austria.

Sports are resuming, but still disturbed by the virus, such as the US Open, which starts Monday behind closed doors: Benoît Paire was removed from the table of this Grand Slam lifting after the announcement on Sunday by the organizers that a player had tested positive for Covid-19. The sports daily L’Equipe had previously announced that the French, seeded N.17 in the US Open where he was to start on Tuesday against the Polish Kamil Majchrzak (108th), had been excluded from the tournament for a positive test.

The screening test, Lionel Messi did not do, as was expected for all FC Barcelona players on Sunday. In the showdown that begins between the six-fold Argentinian Ballon d’Or and the Catalan club, the coronavirus will therefore have embodied the first milestone.


Côte d’Ivoire / A balanced diet to avoid a whole range of non-communicable diseases (Feature)

How to eat balanced (Photo illustration)

Abidjan, May 17 (AIP) – On the occasion of World Hypertension Day celebrated on May 17, recalling the importance of a balanced diet seems necessary to improve the lifestyle of consumers, while preserving their health. This year, the Day focuses on the theme “What are your numbers? To increase awareness of blood pressure around the world. The Importance of Healthy Eating Healthy eating helps protect against malnutrition in all its forms, as well as noncommunicable diseases, including diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and even obesity. The World Health Organization (WHO) stresses the importance …

Unless authorized by the editorial staff or pre-established partnership, the resumption of articles from AIP.CI, even partial, is strictly prohibited. Violators may be subject to prosecution.

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Treating Mallorca acne • What helps against summer acne?

Most people know about sunburn. However, some respond particularly strongly to the ultraviolet radiation from the sun: Your skin reacts with pimples, the so-called Mallorca acne. What helps, which home remedies work and how you can prevent them: Lifeline explains.

Oily skin and sun creams can intensify or trigger Mallorca acne.

Mallorca acne is a form of light or sun allergy. In reality, the symptoms are not an allergy, but a special form of so-called “light dermatosis” or “sun eczema”.

Mallorca acne or other diseases of the “sun allergic” form group affect an estimated 20 percent of the population, especially women and young people with oily skin.

Overview of article content:

Home remedies for sunburn: This relieves the pain acutely!

Home remedies for sunburn: This relieves the pain acutely!

Symptoms: How does Mallorca acne manifest itself?

Those who suffer from Mallorca acne are hypersensitive to a combination of sunscreen and UV radiation. As a result, new connective tissue around the hair follicles forms, millimeter-sized, weeping nodules develop.

Skin areas such as the upper arms, shoulders, upper back, décolleté and neck are particularly affected. Mallorca acne is less common on the face and neck.

Unlike real acne, there are no purulent inflammations. But summer acne is accompanied by excruciating itching.

Causes of Mallorca acne: sun and fat

Mallorca acne, also called “sun acne” or “acne aestivalis”, arises when people lie in the sun for a long time without having used their skin to UV radiation beforehand and when, in addition to the sun, fat, usually through sunscreen, comes into play is coming.

Free radicals are generated by intensive UV radiation. The reactive molecules combine with the skin fat from the sebaceous glands. The released substances activate the immune system, which in turn is responsible for the excessive reaction of the skin.

Emulsifiers or certain fats in sun creams or personal care products intensify this reaction and lead to unpleasant symptoms such as nodules, wheals and reddening of the skin. But detergents, household cleaners and perfume are also potential triggers of Mallorca acne.

The sun pimples are rarer side effects of special photochemotherapy for severe psoriasis or neurodermatitis.

Treatment of Mallorca acne

Anyone who notices the first signs of Mallorca acne for themselves, it means: get out of the sun immediately and stop using oily sunscreens.

Prescription-free oral antihistamines relieve the itching in Mallorca acne. In severe cases, the symptoms can also be treated with acne agents such as benzoyl peroxide and adapalene. Under no circumstances should you push around Mallorca acne or give in to itching and scratch. That only aggravates the symptoms.

There is no evidence that external treatment with glucocorticoids or oral antibiotics could help with Mallorca acne.

Sun allergy, what to do?


Home remedies for Mallorca acne

There are a number of proven home remedies for Mallorca acne. These include:

  • Cooling – but not too strong – is good for Mallorca acne. A cold pack or cold envelopes make sense.

  • Quark wrap: To do this, spread cold quark on a clean cotton cloth and place the whole thing on the affected skin.

  • Medicinal plants such as witch hazel and oak bark soothe the skin in Mallorca acne. Prepare a brew from it, let it cool, soak a clean cloth with it and dab the affected skin areas again and again.

  • Chamomile extract relieves Mallorca acne. Dab the affected areas with a little diluted, cold extract. Chamomile also fights inflammation.

How long does it take to heal Mallorca acne?

The two most important measures, i.e. avoiding exposure to the sun and avoiding fatty creams, usually lead to a spontaneous abatement of Mallorca acne.

Mallorca acne usually heals within a few weeks without scarring. As long as the skin is recovering and the rash is recovering, the affected body surface should be protected from further sun exposure with clothing in order not to delay the healing process.

Prevent Mallorca acne

Especially people who know that they react to intense UV radiation with a rash or acne pustules should get their skin used to the sun carefully. It is taboo whether at home or in the distance, the intense midday sun, shade is always preferred. This applies not only to people sensitive to the sun, but also to everyone else to prevent skin cancer, sunburn and sunstroke.

The right sunscreen for Mallorca acne

To prevent Mallorca acne, the sunscreen should also be chosen carefully. Fatty products and sun creams with emulsifiers are less suitable. Grease-free sunscreens are better, preferably in gel form or as a spray.

Perfumed products should also be avoided, because the fragrances additionally irritate the skin under the influence of UV rays.

Sunscreen products with UV filters made of zinc oxide and titanium oxide, which are gentle on sensitive skin, are recommended for those with a tendency to Mallorca acne.

Sunbathing healthy: Very few people know all the typical dangers!


Vitamin C • Food, daily requirement & deficiency

Vitamin C is a vital vitamin that the body needs through diet. If there is a deficiency, the immune system in particular suffers and depression is also favored. In order to meet your needs, it is important to include foods rich in vitamin C in your daily diet.

Citrus fruits are good sources of vitamin C. But there are even better ones: kale and other types of cabbage, just like paprika or sea buckthorn.

In contrast to some animals, which can produce vitamin C (ascorbic acid) themselves, humans are dependent on constant intake with their food. Vitamin C is soluble in water, which limits its storage capacity in the body. So there has to be constant replenishment through nutrition.

At a glance:

The 15 foods richest in vitamin C

The 15 foods richest in vitamin C

A lack of vitamin C can lead to depression

A vitamin C deficiency can manifest itself in tiredness, depression, hysteria, lethargy, poor performance, increased susceptibility to infections, delayed recovery after illnesses and wound healing disorders. For the classic vitamin deficiency disease scurvy, which hardly ever occurs in industrialized countries, fatigue, lack of drive, anemia, wound healing disorders, gum inflammation, falling teeth, nosebleeds and bruises are typical.

  • to the test

    Vitamin C prevents tiredness, poor performance and depressive moods. Are you getting enough of it?

A vitamin C deficiency is usually caused by an inadequate supply. In some people, a vitamin C deficiency is also favored by an increased need for the vital vitamin. Smokers, for example, have an increased need because cigarettes produce free radicals.

What is the daily requirement for vitamin C?

The German Nutrition Society (DGE) recommends a certain intake of vitamin C for different age groups to easily cover the daily requirement. Men have a slightly higher need, as do pregnant women and especially women who breastfeed.

It is advisable to distribute the ration in small portions throughout the day, as it is then better absorbed (absorbed in the intestine).

Alter Daily requirement male (in milligrams) Daily requirement female (in milligrams)
0 to 4 years 20 20
4 to 7 years 30 30
7 to 10 years 45 45
10 to 13 years 65 65
13 to 15 years 85 85
15 to 19 years 105 90
19 to 25 years 110 95
25 to 51 years 110 95
51 to 65 years 110 95
65 years and older 110 95
Pregnant women from the 4th month 105
Breastfeeding 125

Table: Foods containing vitamin C (fruit and vegetables)

Lemons and citrus fruits are generally considered to be particularly good sources of vitamin C. However, sea buckthorn, black currants and kale provide far more ascorbic acid. Spinach, savoy cabbage, kohlrabi and paprika are also vegetables that are particularly rich in vitamin C.

The table lists fruits and vegetables that cover more than 40 percent of the daily requirement of vitamin C per serving:

Food Serving size in grams Vitamin C content per serving in milligrams
Red cabbage, raw 100 50
Savoy cabbage, raw 100 50
Spinach, raw 100 51
Kohlrabi, raw 100 63
Cauliflower, raw 100 69
Brussels sprouts, cooked 100 87
Broccoli, cooked 100 90
Fenchel, spirit 100 93
Kale, raw 100 105
Peppers, spirits 100 140
Peppers, steamed 100 105
Sauerkraut, raw (drained) 200 40
Fruit and fruit juices
Grapefruitsaft 100 40
Grapefruit 100 44
orange juice 100 42
Orange 100 50
Kiwi 100 46
Black currants 100 177
Sea buckthorn berry juice 100 266
Pineapple 200 40
Raspberries 200 50
Strawberries 200 124
Honeydew melon 200 64
Mandarins 200 64
Mango 200 74

Foods containing vitamin C usually cover the daily requirement

A pronounced deficiency in vitamin C is extremely rare because ascorbic acid is found in so many common foods. However, those who have an increased need and / or only eat very few foods containing vitamin C sometimes do not cover their daily requirement through diet alone. Then the first thing you should think about is a diet rich in vitamin C.

Caution: In order to cover the need for vitamin C through natural food intake, vegetables rich in vitamin C should not be cooked for too long, as this significantly reduces the vitamin C content.

Another possibility are dietary supplements with vitamin C, for example in the form of tablets. However, healthy people who have a balanced diet rarely need such preparations.

Overdosing with vitamin C tablets?

Those who take supplements containing vitamin C in addition to their normal diet need not fear an overdose. Because, unlike non-water-soluble vitamins (E, D, K and A), the body does not store water-soluble ascorbic acid, but instead excretes it unused via the kidneys with the urine when it is increased.

Please note: Anyone who thinks they are suffering from a vitamin C deficiency can contact their doctor. Especially people with metabolic diseases should not take vitamin C tablets and other food supplements on their own, but should clarify the measure beforehand with a doctor. People who are prone to kidney stones or who have sensitive intestines should also avoid vitamin C tablets if possible.

Functions of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) in the body

Vitamin C takes on numerous tasks in the human body and also helps to prevent certain diseases. The most important tasks of vitamin C at a glance:

  • Vitamin C activates and regulates the metabolism.

  • Ascorbic acid is the building block vitamin for the supporting tissue of the body: connective tissue, cartilage, bones and teeth need it for growth and regeneration.

  • Vitamin C also activates killer and phagocytes that render pathogens harmless. This has given ascorbic acid its reputation as an immune system booster against colds and other infections.

  • In addition, vitamin C in the liver helps break down drugs and other substances.

  • Vitamin C protects cells and tissues from free radicals and numerous other vitamins from being destroyed by oxygen.

  • In addition, ascorbic acid promotes iron absorption and utilization.

  • Vitamin C also prevents LDL oxidation. LDL is what is known as bad cholesterol. Oxidized LDL is aggressive, it damages the vessel wall and eventually deposits itself. Vitamin C prevents this and thus prevents hardening of the arteries and heart disease.

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Ten tips: How to stay healthy during the coronavirus era