Dunkirk: The Tep scan has (finally) arrived!

IThere were about ten waiting for this first semi-trailer. He arrived at the end of the morning in front of the nuclear medicine unit of the hospital. So, asbestos widows no doubt thought about their husbands who died a few years earlier for lack of early diagnosis. “It’s a big emotion, relayed Jean-Pierre Decodts, himself […]

Ivory Coast / Resumption of addressing works on the streets of Bingerville

Bingerville (Abidjan), 28 Feb (AIP) – Started in 2016, then interrupted for “taking into account certain areas”, the addressing work on the streets of Bingerville (eastern suburb of Abidjan) has resumed for almost a week, learned the AIP, Tuesday, from municipal sources. According to the technical director of the town hall of Bingerville, Bakayoko Kassoum, […]

Smokers in the United States have a harder time finding a job

The SDN list is the registry of those whom the United States considers infrequent. Zimbabwe, Libya and the DRC have the highest number of people sanctioned. In Africa, at least 317 people in 26 countries are subject to economic sanctions from the United States, an analysis of the database of the Office of Foreign Assets […]

Mice study deciphers mother-to-fetus transmission of Zika virus

American researchers have developed two models with mice showing for the first time how the Zika virus is transmitted from mother to fetus and multiplies in the placenta before attacking brain cells. These models will make it possible to test vaccines and experimental antivirals, according to this work published Wednesday in the American journal Cell. […]

Transgenic mosquitoes to defeat the Zika virus by copulating in Brazil

Asia seems to be on the right track towards a way out of the crisis, Europe is accelerating its deconfinement, South America is bogged down and everywhere the social and economic cost of the coronavirus pandemic, which adds to the terrible human cost, appears more every day. While the 350,000 dead mark in the world […]

Brandon Jennings cut off by New York… to join Charlotte?

This is rather unexpected news. Coming to New York to relaunch as a back-up to Derrick Rose, Brandon Jennings did not finally convince Phil Jackson. The Vertical announces that the former Buck will be cut, the Knicks planning to use his place in the squad to test Chasson Randle. Signed for a single season at […]

Celebrity Patents: What Michael Jackson, Charlie Sheen, and Albert Einstein Invented

When the US television broadcaster ABC announced a new TV format as “the ultimate reality show” with a “nerve-wracking elimination round” in the spring of 2004, there was great outrage. In the program “Be My Baby”, a 16-year-old pregnant woman was asked to choose the adoptive parents for her baby from among five couples. The […]

Amazon 2020-2023 hires: 1400 jobs

Amazon new hires in Italy even in 2020. The American giant of the e-commerce is pursuing a growth program in our country that will bring numerous hires to indefinite time starting this year. I’m well 1400 the new resources who will join the company in the three-year period 2020-2023. The insertions will concern, in particular, […]