Atlanta isolates factories with Iso-tarpaulin

Atlanta specializes in the manufacture and installation of monumental and tailor-made tarpaulins. The company seized an opportunity and is now developing its own product, the Iso-tarp.

Atlanta has just installed the last square meters of Iso-tarpaulin in Limoges, in the Texelis factory. The company is thus the first to be equipped with this insulation system in France. Philippe Rebeix founded Atlanta in 2008, a company specializing in the manufacture of tarpaulins and canvases. “I worked in the press, in temporary work… Today, I am happy to have created jobs, to make my brain work, to find solutions and to move forward. “

From communication to building

Atlanta therefore assembles and installs monumental tarpaulins: 1,500 m2 for a Dunlop footbridge at the last 24 hours of Le Mans, on a 13 × 115 m scaffolding for the Galeries Lafayettes in Paris, for a DIY store in Nancy or the Paprec waste treatment… “These companies want to communicate. The printed tarpaulins arrive in small pieces, we assemble them, add the eyelets or a hem and we put them. “ Atlanta also produces large series of banners for car dealerships and mass distribution. But, with the advertising market crisis, in 2012, the company opened up to other sectors, made-to-measure parts. She also works for transport, making curtains for trucks. For agriculture, to cover straw or seeds. It can also cover helicopter rotors for transport or make a marquee. She poses canvases for mobile homes and tents in outdoor accommodation. And intervenes on buildings. To cover tracks, for example, it laid the tarpaulins for the Rungis Market station. She deploys a tarpaulin as a false ceiling in a factory or to separate a warehouse in two.

Isolate a factory

It was by intervening in this area that Atlanta imagined the Iso-tarp. In 2014, the Smurfit Kappa factory in Uzerche called on the company. In 2015, that of Texelis in Limoges contacted her because she would like to renovate her buildings and her heating engineer, the same as that of Smurfit, noted significant improvements there. “It’s an old factory from 1930, with very large volumes and a huge heating bill. We also had to find a new hanging system. “ Iso-tarpaulin, it is therefore a first tarpaulin stretched using a cable running through all the walls of the room. “The result is a uniform ceiling, without suspension and in one piece. “ Above, leaving a space of 5 cm, is added an insulation. “Air also acts as a thermal barrier. The system does not require painting and a reduced number of working days. It is a technical solution for very large surfaces. “ In winter, the structure helps retain heat and in summer, conversely, it prevents it from passing. “Even if the building is already insulated, this will reduce the ceiling height and therefore the volume to be heated. Beyond aesthetics, there is also better acoustics and the possibility of integrating light, it is less painful and more comfortable. »

Atlanta believes in its product and hopes to develop it. She filed a patent for the combination of products and the method of installation. “We now have a lot of certification work to do. We are also awaiting the first feedback. The system will evolve further in relation to the use of other materials, legislation… The objective is to be ready in one year for the Bâtimat trade fair in 2017. It is a new process, in tune with the times . We adapt to the customer, we don’t manufacture a product, but we provide a solution. “

M. W.

Site d’Atlanta Confection.

Columbia Sportswear Company opens its 4th French boutique in Strasbourg

The brand specializing in outdoor equipment sets up for the first time in a city of more than 100,000 inhabitants.

A few weeks after the opening of a pop-up store in the heart of a Parisian store Au Vieux Campeur (see article Columbia opens a pop-up store in Paris at Vieux Campeur), the Columbia Sportswear Company network continues its development, with the opening its 4th French point of sale. It’s in Strasbourg that the brand specializing in outdoor equipment and sportswear is now present, settling for the first time in a city of more than 100,000 inhabitants. The 3 other Columbia Sportswear Company stores are located in Val d´Isère (opening in 1998), Chamonix (opening in 2008) and La Clusaz (opening scheduled for the end of 2016).

Since November 16, consumers can find all the products that make the reputation of the brand, at 75 de la Grand Rue, in place of an old toy store, on the initiative of Christophe Hoff. The entrepreneur is well versed in the sports industry, having previously been head of the Obernai Twinner store. He chose to start his business with Columbia Sportswear Company because he believes he shares the same values ​​as the brand. “My main motivation to embark on this adventure is the brand itself with its values, the human side and the support of a great team within Columbia”, explains the new Strasbourg leader.

Aimed at all audiences, men, women and children, Columbia’s collections offer a style that is both chic and casual. The boutique also offers Sorel boots and ankle boots. This brand of the group which was originally positioned on cold boots, has managed to renew its offer by offering lighter shoes, in order to reach a female clientele in search of authenticity.

Find out more about the development of Columbia Sportswear Company in France and to know all the opportunities for setting up available to the network, do not hesitate to go to its personalized file and to get in touch with the team in charge of recruitment!

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“Atlanta”: The African American Dream – Media

It is a simple question, not addressed to anyone and yet to the whole world. This question is the condensate of the wonderful series Atlantathat comes closer to the lives of African Americans in the United States than any other. The protagonist Earn sits in a bus at night, his daughter has fallen asleep in his arms, he speaks to a stranger and yet more to himself and of course to the viewer: “It may be that some people are born losers, so make it easier for winners in life? ” Then he sees the image of himself in the window: a young African American, broke, homeless, separated from and yet somehow together with his daughter’s mother. What a shitty life!

Earn dropped out of elite at Princeton University, returns to Atlanta, and now gives the credit card seller at the airport for $ 5.15 an hour. He doesn’t want a villa, expensive champagne or gold necklaces and hands. What he wants: pay the rent, send his daughter to a decent school and occasionally invite her mother to a restaurant without having to beg his friends. He doesn’t want to make it big. But he just doesn’t want to be as small as before. This is the African American dream in the 21st century.

Tragic and deadly sad moments that make you smile

Atlanta is about Earn’s life as a feeling, the plot is just the framework for a much more meaningful message. Earn wants to manage his cousin Alfred, who has released a mixtape under the stage name “Paper Boi” and has become a local celebrity. Alfred is not a rapper big mouth – although everyone expects this from him and cheers him when he thrashes you or even shoots him down – but rather a cozy teddy bear who is skeptical about fame and prefers to be stoned on the couch than in nightclubs to celebrate lightly clothed girls.

“I have to rap because I have no other choice in life,” he says. The message: Earl and Alfred can’t care about tomorrow or the big picture because they’re too busy trying to survive today. Tomorrow, they’ll take care of it tomorrow.

There are many of these little moments, the simple questions and the simpler answers that are so tragic and sad as hell that make you smile: when Earn tries to order a children’s menu because he has no money for a burger. When an over-understanding white man explains the African-American culture to him and is asked to finally explore his roots in Africa.

And of course there are fabulous dialogues between Earn and Alfred: “Is the milk still good?” – “What do you want with that?” – “Drink.” – “Drink? No, man, she’s no longer good for that.” Or: “Just try not to die.” – “Every day, man. Every day.”

Donald Glover (who also plays the protagonist) invented this series, which does not start, but touches gently because of the wonderful characters: one episode is exclusively about Earn’s girlfriend Van and the problems of African-American women. One episode describes only a glimpse of the nicer life, the carefree existence, which in the end is pretty stupid because you have to sell your soul. And Alfred has a permanently stoned friend, Darius, who doesn’t have all the marbles together and yet understands more of the world than everyone else.

Because of these constantly changing perspectives, Glover can ask interesting questions: Do you have to find the transsexual Caitlyn Jenner sexy just so that you don’t stand as a narrow-minded opponent of the LGBT community? What do you call a guy who looks black and Asian, but could also be of Mexican-Indian descent?

“Nigger” is the recurring word that drums into the viewer’s brain as a rhythm, the subjects poverty and violence, the melody and the bitter-sweet dialogues of the protagonists are the verses of a melancholic rap song that has apparently become a television series by chance. Atlanta is like “Tearz” from Wu-Tang Clan, “Suicidal Thoughts” von The Notorious B.I.G. oder “All That I Got Is You” von Ghostface Killah, only as an album with ten songs so far, a second season is planned.

You could now compare the series with other tragic-comic and brilliant projects like Louie (by Louis CK) or Master of None (by Aziz Ansari), but you can leave it at that and see Atlanta as a magical series about African-Americans in this country where the white underclass feels forgotten – that’s not all. For those who have shaken their heads in the past few weeks about what is happening in the United States, this series is recommended. He’ll suddenly understand a lot.


Suspicious deaths at Nantes University Hospital

The Paris prosecutor’s office opened a preliminary investigation on Friday, November 18, 2016, after the almost simultaneous death at the Nantes University Hospital of three patients with cancer and undergoing chemotherapy.

Affected by lymphoma, the three patients, who died between November 10 and 13, were between 61 and 65 years old. A fourth patient who followed the same treatment is still hospitalized. As part of their intensive chemotherapy, they had received a replacement drug, instead of the treatment usually administered, according to the General Inspectorate of Social Affairs (Igas) which for its part opened an administrative investigation.

Evan Fournier’s salary at the Orlando Magic

November 16, 2016 at 4:23 PM by Phiso

With his contract at the Magic of Orlando, Evan Fournier is the 4th highest paid French player.  - @Facebook

With his contract with the Magic of Orlando, Evan Fournier is the 4th highest paid French player. – @Facebook

He was in a position to negotiate elsewhere, with more financially attractive proposals. But Evan Fournier favored sportsmanship and stability over money, which is why he chose to extend his contract at the Orlando Magic for five years, not without having, nevertheless, benefited from a substantial increase. Evan Fournier’s salary at the Orlando Magic was negotiated, in the 5 years overall, at 85 million dollars (76.7 million €).

Floyd Mayweather’s € 7 million house by Sportune

Evan Fournier’s salary at the Orlando Magic is one of the highest in French basketball

It is exactly 17 million dollars (15.3M €) per season, which makes him the highest paid player in the Magic locker room, tied with the Congolese Bismack Biyombo, but with one more year of contract ( until 2021 for Evan Fournier). The 24-year-old full-back is also the fourth in the hierarchy of French players, after Rudy Gobert ($ 25.5M / year) at the Utah Jazz, Nicolas Batum ($ 24M / year) at the Charlotte Hornets and JoaKim Noah ($ 18M / year) at the New York Knicks.

NBA Championship player since 2012

Trained in Nanterre, the native of Val-de-Marne, aged 24, played in Poitiers before leaving France for the United States and its prestigious NBA championship. Evan Fournier first played for the Denver Nuggets from 2012 to 2014 and since then at the Orlando Magic.

We all sing with Georgia! | Youth literature

You will love this musical tale written by Timothée de Fombelle, set to music by the group Contraste and illustrated by Benjamin Chaud. The story ? That of a sad little Georgia, her dreams nestled deep inside her that only ask to blossom. That dream ? Sing. How is she going to do it? To find out, turn up the volume of this touching and formidably catchy story.

On the program: a meeting with Timothée de Fombelle, the making of the record and the song All my dreams are singing interpreted by Ben Mazué!

Are passions born of loneliness and helplessness? Perhaps. Willingness and encounters too, it is the whole story of the beginnings of singer Georgia (in tribute to the great Ray Charles) which tells us how the little seed of a singer grew in her.
A little Georgia who, one day, ends up with her aunt. Sad, immensely sad, she had to leave her home and was separated from her sister. Fortunately in her skinny suitcase, she took with her all her dreams, her only friends. And they are hairy these dreams (nicely drawn by Benjamin Chaud), noisy, happy little characters, a bit crazy and preventing them from going around in circles. Her dreams lead her to music, push her to sing. Until the day when the ritornello of a melancholy violin rises behind the radiator of his room. A little voice whispers … Is there someone back there? Hush… a flesh-and-blood boy would live there behind the wall. A boy who lives a hundred years earlier and who will lead Georgia to fully realize her dream.
It is a vocation-launching tale that Timothée de Fombelle has concocted for his favorite audience. Calling on the imagination, pushing us to get out of the real to make our dreams come true, that’s all him, that! A tale beautifully interpreted by the best of French song and which will become a musical in 2017: with Pauline Croze, Emily Loizeau, Albin de la Simone, Marie Oppert, Alain Chamfort, Ben Mazué and many others. Turn up the volume, sing and dance!

The song, All my dreams are singing, by Ben Mazué

Meeting with a warm and enthusiastic Timothée de Fombelle over a Viennese coffee.

How did this project get started ?
It’s a great adventure! Arnaud Thorette, the artistic director of Contraste and the people from this production house came to get me. They had never worked for youth but they had this dream of producing a musical as it used to be. Emilie Jolie. It was also a hell of a risk, because legendary records such asEmilie Jolie, there is one every thirty years (laughs)!
Contraste straddles jazz, pop, classical and they do a great job of transmitting classical culture to underprivileged populations. They also wanted to do something for young audiences because they work with SOS Children’s Villages, an association which undertakes not to separate siblings when a tragedy happens to parents. Anny Duperey who plays “Georgia’s great dream” on the record is godmother of this association because she herself was separated from her sister, very young, as she tells in her magnificent book The Black Veil.

Writing songs, did that correspond to a real desire for you?
I had already written a few songs for the theater, but not much. There was agreement between their fantasies ofEmilie Jolie, my passion for sound, and for French song in general, and for the appeal of novelty. On the other hand, I knew absolutely neither The Pink Soldier, ni Emilie Jolie and I took advantage of my ignorance to write without these filters. I had carte blanche and I had a blast! I also designed the songs so that we can listen to them on our own, so that they exist as such.

TFombelle0515 © CHelieGallimardHow did you do it?
A request can only work if it meets a desire already present in itself. So I had to have a story that counts. But it’s true that I always have stories waiting (laughs). It took a child of course, that the music is not a pretext, that it is at the center of the story. I wanted to show that music opens up horizons, frees up perspectives. I know a lot of people who have been saved by music, and therefore I wanted her as a character in the story. Let her be a “trigger”.

How was the character of Sam born?
There is always an obsession that occupies me. At that time, I was impressed by the building located at 14 rue de la Corderie, which is opposite my studio, and which is the place where the very beginnings of the Paris Commune were fomented. I am very curious about this winter when the siege of the Commune took place. I don’t say it explicitly in the story, but for me Georgia is in 1970, and the one she will meet, Sam, lives in 1870. The hundred years between them that’s it, an incredible winter and spring . With a closed Paris, from which it is impossible to get out. We send messages by carrier pigeons, the capital is besieged by the Prussians and barricaded like never before. It is as romantic as you want, but the goal was not to display my science, simply to keep the romantic, to remove history and to put poetry in its place. I wanted this friendship to be impossible because the wall that separates them is a hundred years old.

The dialogue with Sam, this boy who plays the violin behind the wall, and whom she does not see, is it a metaphor with virtual friendships, “friends” behind the screens?
Georgia might befriend a schoolmate, but no, she chooses what’s behind the wall. She chooses what is inaccessible. I did not think of screens… but it is something that questions me indeed.

GeorgiaInt4©BenjaminChaudLittle Georgia lives with her aunt, surrounded by quite funny characters. Who are they ?
These are Georgia’s dreams. Dreams that sing. I’m incredibly lucky that Benjamin Chaud illustrates all these little characters who are all at the same time funny, happy, complaining and a bit of a pain in the ass too (laughs). Dreams bind us to reality, otherwise we remain in sensations. They will throw an arrow far in front of this sadness that the little girl feels temporarily because she is separated from her family.
The songs tell the story, sung by Georgia’s dreams, that’s why the subtitle is “All my dreams are singing”. I think we all carry these kinds of dreams within ourselves and we need a trigger. A long time ago, I passed a man in the street, he looked at me strangely. He stopped in front of me and stared at me. Then he pointed two fingers at my face, telling me to my face “Eyes?” Poet! Poet. It shook me, but it was probably looking for something that was there.

So is it the story of a vocation?
Yes, it is the story of our dreams that take power over our life. But at some point, you have to know how to dismiss them. Because you have to work, you have to expose yourself. It’s a fairly classic initiatory journey, I often choose this moment of childhood and adolescence when these revolutions take place in a gathered time – which is ideal when you’re a novelist. Besides, if I wrote for adults, I would also write about this age. I am often asked during meetings, why I choose these two themes: adolescence and war. And I answer: “But it’s the same thing! (Laughs) Even if it’s a bit of a stretch, of course, adolescence is rebellion, so it’s war.

Like your character Sam, you are a smuggler …
When I meet people in class, I often start like this: “I suspect that among you, some write” and, there, I see two astonished glances which widen, I continue “some draw …”, and there some heads are raised, “and others sing”, there often they are more numerous and they assume more (laughs)! I love to observe these forests of talent. Suddenly I tell them, not about my job, but what they’re doing, I’m kind of the Sam of the next century.

We find one of your favorite themes, present in almost all your books: Vango, The Pearl Book, Passing by Victoria dreams : that of escape.
Yes, captivity allows you to dream differently. And this boy, locked up with his violin in a house from another century, is also something that unleashes the imagination. Sam is the one who encourages, who allows Georgia to make her dream come true. It was important to me that the trigger was no longer a dream but a real being, a much more embodied energy. This is why the character of Sam has become central and the big question that remains unanswered is: did he not finally escape through the world of Georgia?

Georgia_INT-3©BenjaminChaudAll these dreams will call for others …
Dreams grow in the limelight, they push us to action, to say what we have to say, they also propel us into the next dream, it’s true. When I stop, it flutters around me: I always dream that my best project will be the following one.

Why did you choose several different singers?
It took very different voices to embody all those dreams that I had no idea what they could look like physically, but I had the voice. So the multitude of voices allowed to illustrate this kaleidoscope which tells the palette of sensations that there is inside Georgia. It’s a very emotional selection of artists like Magali Léger who is a lyrical singer, or like Alain Chamfort who opens the album with the song on the theme of secrets.

Who are the singers that inspire you?
I like lyrics songs. I grew up with references that were not very revolutionary: there is Brel, Brassens, Edith Piaf or Léo Ferré. And then there is Renaud. It is a lyricist who marked my writing as a novelist, I am very touched by his texts (mainly from 1976 to 1988). I followed his albums as they came out. And I was lucky enough to attend one of Barbara’s last concerts. They are artists who touch me enormously because they tell stories. Moreover, today we are dying of singers who only know how to sing… Gainsbourg, Bashung, do they sing? No, they tell. I also had some great song shocks like The letter by Renan Luce and a singer marked me a lot in the 90s, it was Mano Solo, Cabu’s son.

What do you remember from this adventure?
Being able to admire the people with whom we are building a common project! I find it extraordinary that everyone has the feeling that they will be unable to do what their neighbor does in the same project. That is to say, we say to a singer: “do ½ tone higher” and she does it right away, and I if I am told to change the color of a text, I can do it. Even though I have the impression that what I’m doing is less precise than a pianist. In this project, what makes me happy is that I was able to put my foot down while being entirely at the service of others. It is above all a great collective adventure!

The making of the disc

Georgia – All my dreams are singing
Timothée de Fombelle, read by Cécile de France, with the participation of Anny Duperey, ill. Benjamin Chaud.
Production of the Contraste ensemble directed by Arnaud Thorette and Johan Farjot. With Alain Chamfort, Babx, Amandine Bourgeois, Raphaële Lannadère, Karine Deshayes and Magali Léger, Emily Loizeau, Pauline Croze, Albin de la Simone and Marie Oppert, Ariane Moffatt, Rosemary Standley, Florian Laconi, Ben Mazué and the master of Paris.

Gallimard jeunesse, Book-CD with 68 minutes of listening.
24,90 €

For all ages !

Copyright photo Timothée de Fombelle: CHelie, Gallimard


MENU. Trump’s victory, state by state

7:33 am, November 9, 2016, modified 10:08 am, June 21, 2017

Donald Trump obtained a majority of the 538 voters. JDD Data.

States that made the difference:

FLORIDA (29 electors):
49.1% of the vote for Trump – 47.7% for Clinton

PENNSYLVANIA (20 grand voters):
48,8% pour Trump – 47.7% for Clinton

OHIO (18 voters) :
52,1% pour Trump – 43.5% for Clinton

NORTH CAROLINA (15 major voters):
50,5% pour Trump – 46.7% for Clinton

WISCONSIN (10 major voters):
48,6% pour Trump – 46.1% for Clinton

IOWA (6 major voters):
51,7% pour Trump – 42.3% for Clinton

MICHIGAN (16 major voters):
47,6% pour Trump – 47.3% for Clinton

The other states won by Donald Trump

ALABAMA (62.8% of the vote, 9 major voters)

ALASKA (53.2% – 3 major voters)

ARIZONA (49.6% – 11 top voters)

ARKANSAS (60.4% – 6 major voters)

SOUTH CAROLINA (55.6% – 9 major voters)

NORTH DAKOTA (64.1% – 3 major voters)

SOUTH DAKOTA (61.5% – 3 major voters)

GEORGIA (51.4% – 16 major voters)

IDAHO (57.6% – 4 major voters)

INDIANA (57.2% – 11 major voters)

KANSAS (58% – 6 major voters)

KENTUCKY (62.5% – 8 voters)

LOUISIANE (58.1% – 8 electors)

MAINE – (44.9%, 1 in 4 voters)

MISSISSIPPI (58.1% – 6 major voters)

MISSOURI (57.1% – 10 major voters)

MONTANA (58.5% – 3 major voters)

NEBRASKA (61.1% – 5 major voters)

OKLAHOMA (65.3% – 7 major voters)

TENNESSEE (61.1% – 11 electors)

TEXAS (52.6% – 38 electors)

UTAH (44.9% – 6 voters)

WEST VIRGINIA (68.7% – 5 electors)

WYOMING (70% – 3 major voters).

The other states won by Hillary Clinton

Gaza: Holland “very concerned

CALIFORNIA (60.4% of the vote – 55 voters)

COLORADO (47.2% – 9 major voters)

CONNECTICUT (54.1% – 7 major voters)

DELAWARE (53.4% ​​- 3 major voters)

HAWAI (62.8% – 4 major voters)

ILLINOIS (55.4% – 20 electors)

MAINE – (48.1%, 3 out of 4 voters)

MARYLAND (60.5% – 10 major voters)

MASSACHUSETTS (60.9% – 11 major voters)

MINNESOTA (46.8% – 10 major voters)

NEVADA (47.8% – 6 major voters)

NEW HAMPSHIRE (47.5% – 4 major voters)

NEW JERSEY (54.8% – 14 top voters)

NEW YORK (58.7% – 29 voters)

NEW MEXICO (48.3% – 5 major voters)

OREGON (52% – 7 major voters)

RHODE ISLAND (54.9% – 4 major voters)

VERMONT (61.1% – 3 major voters)

VIRGINIA (49.7% – 13 major voters)

WASHINGTON DC (92.8% – 3 top voters)

WASHINGTON STATE (56.3% – 12 voters).


United States 2016 Election Results: Map of states with the results of the US elections: Trump or Clinton wins

  • Results of the 2020 US elections: this is how the map is drawn by states

Donald Trump is already president of the United States. After knowing the results of the United States Elections and with the closing of the results in Wisconsin, the Republican leader has emerged as the new tenant of the White House despite the great aspirations of Hillary Clinton and the support of the polls.

These are the results, state by state, of the presidential elections in the United States.

  • Indiana: 11 delegates – Trump
  • Kentucky: 8 delegates – Trump
  • Florida: 29 delegates – Trump
  • Georgia: 16 delegates – Trump
  • Virginia: 13 delegates – Clinton
  • South Carolina: 9 delegates – Trump
  • Vermont: 3 delegates – Clinton
  • Ohio: 18 delegates – Trump
  • North Carolina: 15 delegates –Trump
  • West Virginia: 5 delegates – Trump
  • Illinois: 20 delegates – Clinton
  • Pennsylvania: 20 delegates – Trump
  • Michigan: 16 delegates – Trump
  • New Jersey: 14 delegates – Clinton
  • Massachusetts: 11 delegados – Clinton
  • Tennessee: 11 delegados – Clinton
  • Maryland: 10 delegados – Clinton
  • Missouri: 10 delegates – Trump
  • Alabama: 9 delegates – Clinton
  • Connecticut: 7 delegates – Clinton
  • Oklahoma: 7 delegates – Trump
  • Kansas: 6 delegates – Trump
  • Mississippi: 6 delegados – Trump
  • Maine: 4 delegates – Clinton
  • New Hampshire: 4 delegados – Clinton
  • Rhode Island: 4 delegates – Clinton
  • Delaware: 3 delegates – Clinton
  • District of Columbia: 3 delegados – Clinton
  • Arkansas: 6 delegates – Trump
  • Texas: 38 delegates – Trump
  • New York: 29 delegates – Clinton
  • Minnesota: 10 delegates – Clinton
  • Wisconsin: 10 delegates – Trump
  • Colorado: 9 delegates – Clinton
  • Louisiana: 8 delegates – Trump
  • Nebraska: 5 delegates – Trump
  • New Mexico: 5 delegates – Clinton
  • South Dakota: 3 delegados – Trump
  • Wyoming: 3 delegados – Trump
  • Arizona: 11 delegates – Trump
  • Iowa: 6 delegates – Trump
  • Nevada: 6 delegates – Clinton
  • Utah: 6 delegates – Trump
  • Idaho: 4 delegates – Trump
  • Montana: 3 delegates – Trump
  • California: 55 delegates – Clinton
  • Washington: 12 delegates – Clinton
  • Oregon: 7 delegates – Clinton
  • North Dakota: 3 delegados – Trump
  • Hawaii: 4 delegates – Clinton
  • Alaska: 3 delegates – Trump

In this struggle for victory, the ‘hinge states’ or ‘swing states’, which are those where the parties do not have a faithful electorate or where the result of the polls is advantageous for Clinton or Trump by little margin. In these elections, the hinge states are: Florida (29 voters), Ohio (18), North Carolina (15), Pennsylvania (20), Virginia (13), Georgia (16), Michigan (16), Arizona (11), Colorado (9), Iowa (6), Nevada (6) and New Hampshire (4). The importance of these states is such that some experts suggest that Trump could win the elections if he wins in Florida.

INTERACTIVE. Those states where Hillary Clinton lost the election

A slap. Despite favorable opinion studies, Hillary Clinton failed to win the US presidential election. In addition to losing in most of the key states (the famous Swing States), the former First Lady was beaten in historic Democratic Party strongholds. Its supposed advantage among the female electorate, young and educated, was not enough to thwart the mobilization of the voters of Donald Trump, rather elderly, white and little educated.

“We must not reduce the electorate of Trump to simply extremists or racists, underlines the historian Sébastien Mort, specialist of the United States. There is truly legitimate anger and suffering among these voters. A suffering that neither Obama nor Clinton really knew how to take into account ”. Back to the areas where the victory of his rival, Donald Trump, took shape.

Florida (29 major voters). It was the State not to be lost. This State of 20 million inhabitants, is decisive in the conquest of the White House. In 2008 and 2012, Obama won by a short head. Due to the rise of the Latino and black population in Florida, Democrats believed victory was within reach. Patatras. Their mobilization was not enough. The Republican leads the way with nearly 130,000 votes ahead. Note that the independent Gary Johnson was able to capture more than 200,000 ballots.

L’Ohio. (18 major voters). Since 1960, never has a president been elected without winning in the “State of the chestnut trees”. This historical constant was verified again on Tuesday. Neck to neck with the former First Lady, Donald Trump triumphed in this Midwestern state with a comfortable lead of more than 360,000 votes. His protectionist and anti-globalization discourse met with real echo in this state of more than 11 million inhabitants, including a large population of white workers. White American men aged 45 to 54 are the category “most affected by underemployment”, observes Sébastien Mort. These people hold a job which does not correspond to the training which they followed initially, and which does not allow to earn the salary which they had in the past ”.

Pennsylvania. (20 major voters). In this usually Democratic territory, the lack of voter turnout, especially in the Philadelphia area, has cost Hillary Clinton dearly. Meetings with First Lady Michelle Obama failed to attract voters, especially blacks. Elderly, white, male and low-educated voters, on the other hand, overwhelmingly expressed their preference for Trump. “In mining country (Ohio, Pennsylvania), men were paid $ 30 an hour. They are now forced to take lower paying jobs. This part of the population constitutes a large majority of Trump’s electorate. She is sensitive to his personality, because he embodies this kind of assertive virility, which restores them themselves to the virility lost due to their social downgrading, ”Sébastien Mort analyzes.

North Carolina (15 major voters). Favorable to the Republican candidates (Obama is the only Democrat to have won since 1996), the state of the East Coast was watched very closely. Donald Trump’s victory sounded the death knell for the hopes of Hillary Clinton voters.

At the same time, the former Secretary of State lost in more modest but crucial Swing States: the New Hampshire (4 major voters), l’Iowa (6) or l’Arizona (11).

Trump toppled former Democratic strongholds

In addition to losing most of the swing states, Hillary Clinton has had historic underperformances in pro-Democrat states for decades.

Le Wisconsin (10 leading voters), a semi-rural Midwestern state, has consistently voted for the Democratic candidate for 36 years. Hillary Clinton was beaten there to everyone’s surprise. In this predominantly white state hit by industrial decline, the anti-globalization discourse has clearly borne fruit.

In the Michigan (16 Grand Voters), home to Detroit, home of the once thriving American auto industry, Donald Trump’s speeches drew a majority of voters. However, since the end of Reagan’s second term (1988), Michigan had always voted Democratic.

These results in the Great Lakes region signify a profound setback for the Democratic Party, which is also in the minority in the Senate and the House of Representatives. “Trump is a media phenomenon that is anchored in a real social and economic reality, that the political and media elite could not or did not want to see,” said Sébastien Mort. The reconstruction of the Democratic electorate risks taking several years.

Sébastien Mort: “Hillary Clinton had trouble forging a relationship with the electorate”

VIDEO. Donald Trump is elected President of the United States

US election: Trump wins major swing states

The few ongoing counts indicate with high certainty that Donald Trump won the US presidential election. He has chosen important and competitive states for himself, the so-called swing states.

These include Florida, Ohio, North Carolina and Iowa. Trump leads the electorate with 264: 215.

He is also ahead in Wisconsin and Michigan – states in the industrialized northeast, where the Republican is clearly doing better than predicted. Swing State Pennsylvania could also go to him, the AP agency sees him there as the winner. The favorite democrat Hillary Clinton lags behind in these crucial states.

Anyone who wants to move into the White House as the successor to Barack Obama on January 20 needs the votes of at least 270 voters. The candidate who has the most votes nationwide does not win, the US President is only indirectly elected by the people. Each state has a certain number of votes in a 538-strong body of electoral men and women. The number depends on the population size of each state.

Trump has also won the votes of voters in the states Utah, Idaho, Georgia, Alabama, Arkansas, Nebraska, Louisiana, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Tennessee, Kansas, Texas, Wyoming, North und South Dakota, Montana such as South Carolina.

Clinton won in California, Oregon, Colorado, New York, Virginia, New Mexico, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Delaware, Maryland, District of Columbia, Illinois such as Vermont.

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In the last hours of the election campaign, both opponents had tried everything to get citizens to their side in particularly hotly contested US states. Both again invested millions of dollars in TV commercials.

After midnight on election day, Clinton held another event with pop star Lady Gaga in Raleigh, North Carolina. She gave her followers a recommendation in case their children and grandchildren later asked what they had done in 2016 “when everything was at stake”. The answer was loud: “You voted for a stronger, fairer, better America – an America where we build bridges, not walls.”

Trump meanwhile completed his last day as a candidate in Grand Rapids, Michigan. “Today is our Independence Day,” he quoted a slightly modified quote from the Hollywood film “Independence Day” from 1996. “We are finally ending the chapter in the history books about the Clintons, their lives, their machinations, their corruption.”

About 219 million people were eligible to vote. The prerequisite was that a voter registered and was not excluded from the election – for example because of a criminal past. More than 42 million Americans had voted early.

The detailed election results can be found in the graphic:

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