South Africa: Testing of the experimental vaccine “HVTN 702” against AIDS

The clinical trial of a first vaccine intended to eradicate the AIDS virus will start on Wednesday in South Africa , after authorization of the local authorities, we learned.

The South African authorities on Wednesday kicked off a clinical trial to test an experimental vaccine against AIDS which, if its effectiveness is confirmed, could finally make it possible to reduce the disease.

The choice of country is not trivial, as it alone detains more than 7 million people living with HIV. One of the highest prevalence rates in the world (19.2% according to UNAIDS).

Called “HVTN 702”, the study which begins Wednesday will involve for four years more than 5,400 volunteers, sexually active men and women aged 18 to 35, in fifteen sites throughout South Africa.

Finally, it should be noted that two and a half million people are infected each year by the virus, which has killed more than 30 million since the 1980s, according to a study published during the international conference in Durban (est de l ‘South Africa) in July.





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Tennessee: fires kill three and threaten Dolly Parton theme park

Three people died and four others were injured in wildfires that ravaged a tourist region in the southern United States on Tuesday, caused by drought and fueled by high winds. Some 14,000 residents have been evacuated from affected areas in eastern Tennessee, according to state emergency services. Ahead of the news of the three deaths, US President-elect Donald Trump assured Tennessee residents of his prayers, inviting them in a tweet to “stay safe.”

These dozens of fire starts threaten the theme park of Dolly Parton, famous country music singer. Dollywood Park is located in the tourist town of Pigeon Forge, near the Great Smoky Mountains Nature Park. More than a dozen of its chalets were affected by the flames, which, however, did not damage the attractions themselves. The park will remain closed on Wednesday.

“I watch these terrible fires in the Great Smoky Mountains and my heart is broken. I pray for all affected families and firefighters who are working so hard to save everyone, ”the 70-year-old singer wrote in a statement.

The 120 hectare Dolly Parton Park is one of the most visited sites in the region. Tourists can attend concerts there, sometimes given by the singer herself. It also has a water park, restaurants and trains.

Forty-seven fires were still active Tuesday in Tennessee, which had already ravaged 150 acres, according to the state Department of Agriculture. Hundreds of firefighters and National Guard soldiers came to the small town of Gatlinburg, at the entrance to the Smoky Mountains, to try to put out the flames.

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VIDEO. United States: Tennessee ravaged by violent fires

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Hazebrouck: the opening of Action staggered – La Semaine dans le Boulonnais

On the flyers distributed at the beginning of the week, Action announced the opening of its new Hazebrouckois store for Thursday, November 24. Finally, this opening was postponed by a week. On the storefront of the brand installed in the La Creule shopping area, Action announces that the opening will take place on December 1. “The entire Action Hazebrouck store team is sorry to announce that the opening will not take place on Thursday, November 24 as announced. We invite you to meet on Thursday 1 December from 9 am », can we read on the posters.

Action will be the first store in the Creule shopping area to open. This opening will be followed, on December 2, by that of the Orange Bleue sports hall.

Atlanta isolates factories with Iso-tarpaulin

Atlanta specializes in the manufacture and installation of monumental and tailor-made tarpaulins. The company seized an opportunity and is now developing its own product, the Iso-tarp.

Atlanta has just installed the last square meters of Iso-tarpaulin in Limoges, in the Texelis factory. The company is thus the first to be equipped with this insulation system in France. Philippe Rebeix founded Atlanta in 2008, a company specializing in the manufacture of tarpaulins and canvases. “I worked in the press, in temporary work… Today, I am happy to have created jobs, to make my brain work, to find solutions and to move forward. “

From communication to building

Atlanta therefore assembles and installs monumental tarpaulins: 1,500 m2 for a Dunlop footbridge at the last 24 hours of Le Mans, on a 13 × 115 m scaffolding for the Galeries Lafayettes in Paris, for a DIY store in Nancy or the Paprec waste treatment… “These companies want to communicate. The printed tarpaulins arrive in small pieces, we assemble them, add the eyelets or a hem and we put them. “ Atlanta also produces large series of banners for car dealerships and mass distribution. But, with the advertising market crisis, in 2012, the company opened up to other sectors, made-to-measure parts. She also works for transport, making curtains for trucks. For agriculture, to cover straw or seeds. It can also cover helicopter rotors for transport or make a marquee. She poses canvases for mobile homes and tents in outdoor accommodation. And intervenes on buildings. To cover tracks, for example, it laid the tarpaulins for the Rungis Market station. She deploys a tarpaulin as a false ceiling in a factory or to separate a warehouse in two.

Isolate a factory

It was by intervening in this area that Atlanta imagined the Iso-tarp. In 2014, the Smurfit Kappa factory in Uzerche called on the company. In 2015, that of Texelis in Limoges contacted her because she would like to renovate her buildings and her heating engineer, the same as that of Smurfit, noted significant improvements there. “It’s an old factory from 1930, with very large volumes and a huge heating bill. We also had to find a new hanging system. “ Iso-tarpaulin, it is therefore a first tarpaulin stretched using a cable running through all the walls of the room. “The result is a uniform ceiling, without suspension and in one piece. “ Above, leaving a space of 5 cm, is added an insulation. “Air also acts as a thermal barrier. The system does not require painting and a reduced number of working days. It is a technical solution for very large surfaces. “ In winter, the structure helps retain heat and in summer, conversely, it prevents it from passing. “Even if the building is already insulated, this will reduce the ceiling height and therefore the volume to be heated. Beyond aesthetics, there is also better acoustics and the possibility of integrating light, it is less painful and more comfortable. »

Atlanta believes in its product and hopes to develop it. She filed a patent for the combination of products and the method of installation. “We now have a lot of certification work to do. We are also awaiting the first feedback. The system will evolve further in relation to the use of other materials, legislation… The objective is to be ready in one year for the Bâtimat trade fair in 2017. It is a new process, in tune with the times . We adapt to the customer, we don’t manufacture a product, but we provide a solution. “

M. W.

Site d’Atlanta Confection.

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Julien Doré “&” (Columbia)

With these new songs dominated by electro pop, this whispered voice as with Gainsbourg, the splendid and bewitching pop of Julien Doré is part of the continuity of “Love”.

What a beautiful road traveled for this artist crowned male artist of the year at the last Victoires de la Musique and who has shown success after success since the Nouvelle Star (2007).
Three albums later, the singer is back and stands out a little more in the landscape of the song thanks to the excellence of these 13 new titles. Recorded in the family chalet of Saint-Martin-Vésubie in the Alpes-Maritimes, this airy muffled pop opus looks like spring sun in the midst of the grayish production between tinkered pop and dark techno of people of its generation. Julien is a mad lover of songs and it shows. He is obsessed with the magic, the beauty, the emotion that comes from listening to a song, much more than the sound or the very concept of an album. Moreover, “&” has many assets: elegant and racy titles, compositions mixed with padded keyboard layers, piano and other discreet guitars. The 80’s pop arrangements of the tracks are a subtle nod to Gainsbourg (“De mes sombres archives”), to the Christophe of this period (“Porto-Vecchio”) when the soft and fragile voice blows the words like caresses, recalls sometimes Alain Chamfort (“Coco Câline”, Beyrouth Plage “), these swaying rhythm boxes à la Louis Chedid (” My echo “). On the text side, the words blend perfectly with the melodies with a certain modesty that characterizes the artist’s romantic dandy universe as on “Magnolia”. We find him in a duo with a new artist, Juliette Armanet, on “Corail” electro pop track, literally bewitching with this undulating bass, this piano which comes in counterpoint in the choruses. This new essay confirms all the good that we already thought of Julien Doré, who has now become an essential artist of French variety. In what is most romantic, glamorous and quirky.

Julien Doré will be in concert on May 10, 2017 at the Zénith in Paris.

Jean Christophe Mary


Disc: 1
1. Porto Vecchio
2. Coco Câline
3. Sublime & silence
4. The lake
5. Coral
6. My echo
7. Romy
8. Moonlight Serenade
9. Eden
10. Magnolia
11. Beirut beach
12. Caress
13. From my dark archives

Myriam Gourfink and Kasper T. Toeplitz’s night flight to the Unaccustomed
“The Rake’s Progress” by Stravinsky in Reims: Tom Rakewell, from libertine to liberal
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Columbia Sportswear Company opens its 4th French boutique in Strasbourg

The brand specializing in outdoor equipment sets up for the first time in a city of more than 100,000 inhabitants.

A few weeks after the opening of a pop-up store in the heart of a Parisian store Au Vieux Campeur (see article Columbia opens a pop-up store in Paris at Vieux Campeur), the Columbia Sportswear Company network continues its development, with the opening its 4th French point of sale. It’s in Strasbourg that the brand specializing in outdoor equipment and sportswear is now present, settling for the first time in a city of more than 100,000 inhabitants. The 3 other Columbia Sportswear Company stores are located in Val d´Isère (opening in 1998), Chamonix (opening in 2008) and La Clusaz (opening scheduled for the end of 2016).

Since November 16, consumers can find all the products that make the reputation of the brand, at 75 de la Grand Rue, in place of an old toy store, on the initiative of Christophe Hoff. The entrepreneur is well versed in the sports industry, having previously been head of the Obernai Twinner store. He chose to start his business with Columbia Sportswear Company because he believes he shares the same values ​​as the brand. “My main motivation to embark on this adventure is the brand itself with its values, the human side and the support of a great team within Columbia”, explains the new Strasbourg leader.

Aimed at all audiences, men, women and children, Columbia’s collections offer a style that is both chic and casual. The boutique also offers Sorel boots and ankle boots. This brand of the group which was originally positioned on cold boots, has managed to renew its offer by offering lighter shoes, in order to reach a female clientele in search of authenticity.

Find out more about the development of Columbia Sportswear Company in France and to know all the opportunities for setting up available to the network, do not hesitate to go to its personalized file and to get in touch with the team in charge of recruitment!

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“Atlanta”: The African American Dream – Media

It is a simple question, not addressed to anyone and yet to the whole world. This question is the condensate of the wonderful series Atlantathat comes closer to the lives of African Americans in the United States than any other. The protagonist Earn sits in a bus at night, his daughter has fallen asleep in his arms, he speaks to a stranger and yet more to himself and of course to the viewer: “It may be that some people are born losers, so make it easier for winners in life? ” Then he sees the image of himself in the window: a young African American, broke, homeless, separated from and yet somehow together with his daughter’s mother. What a shitty life!

Earn dropped out of elite at Princeton University, returns to Atlanta, and now gives the credit card seller at the airport for $ 5.15 an hour. He doesn’t want a villa, expensive champagne or gold necklaces and hands. What he wants: pay the rent, send his daughter to a decent school and occasionally invite her mother to a restaurant without having to beg his friends. He doesn’t want to make it big. But he just doesn’t want to be as small as before. This is the African American dream in the 21st century.

Tragic and deadly sad moments that make you smile

Atlanta is about Earn’s life as a feeling, the plot is just the framework for a much more meaningful message. Earn wants to manage his cousin Alfred, who has released a mixtape under the stage name “Paper Boi” and has become a local celebrity. Alfred is not a rapper big mouth – although everyone expects this from him and cheers him when he thrashes you or even shoots him down – but rather a cozy teddy bear who is skeptical about fame and prefers to be stoned on the couch than in nightclubs to celebrate lightly clothed girls.

“I have to rap because I have no other choice in life,” he says. The message: Earl and Alfred can’t care about tomorrow or the big picture because they’re too busy trying to survive today. Tomorrow, they’ll take care of it tomorrow.

There are many of these little moments, the simple questions and the simpler answers that are so tragic and sad as hell that make you smile: when Earn tries to order a children’s menu because he has no money for a burger. When an over-understanding white man explains the African-American culture to him and is asked to finally explore his roots in Africa.

And of course there are fabulous dialogues between Earn and Alfred: “Is the milk still good?” – “What do you want with that?” – “Drink.” – “Drink? No, man, she’s no longer good for that.” Or: “Just try not to die.” – “Every day, man. Every day.”

Donald Glover (who also plays the protagonist) invented this series, which does not start, but touches gently because of the wonderful characters: one episode is exclusively about Earn’s girlfriend Van and the problems of African-American women. One episode describes only a glimpse of the nicer life, the carefree existence, which in the end is pretty stupid because you have to sell your soul. And Alfred has a permanently stoned friend, Darius, who doesn’t have all the marbles together and yet understands more of the world than everyone else.

Because of these constantly changing perspectives, Glover can ask interesting questions: Do you have to find the transsexual Caitlyn Jenner sexy just so that you don’t stand as a narrow-minded opponent of the LGBT community? What do you call a guy who looks black and Asian, but could also be of Mexican-Indian descent?

“Nigger” is the recurring word that drums into the viewer’s brain as a rhythm, the subjects poverty and violence, the melody and the bitter-sweet dialogues of the protagonists are the verses of a melancholic rap song that has apparently become a television series by chance. Atlanta is like “Tearz” from Wu-Tang Clan, “Suicidal Thoughts” von The Notorious B.I.G. oder “All That I Got Is You” von Ghostface Killah, only as an album with ten songs so far, a second season is planned.

You could now compare the series with other tragic-comic and brilliant projects like Louie (by Louis CK) or Master of None (by Aziz Ansari), but you can leave it at that and see Atlanta as a magical series about African-Americans in this country where the white underclass feels forgotten – that’s not all. For those who have shaken their heads in the past few weeks about what is happening in the United States, this series is recommended. He’ll suddenly understand a lot.


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Suspicious deaths at Nantes University Hospital

The Paris prosecutor’s office opened a preliminary investigation on Friday, November 18, 2016, after the almost simultaneous death at the Nantes University Hospital of three patients with cancer and undergoing chemotherapy.

Affected by lymphoma, the three patients, who died between November 10 and 13, were between 61 and 65 years old. A fourth patient who followed the same treatment is still hospitalized. As part of their intensive chemotherapy, they had received a replacement drug, instead of the treatment usually administered, according to the General Inspectorate of Social Affairs (Igas) which for its part opened an administrative investigation.

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Evan Fournier’s salary at the Orlando Magic

November 16, 2016 at 4:23 PM by Phiso

With his contract at the Magic of Orlando, Evan Fournier is the 4th highest paid French player.  - @Facebook

With his contract with the Magic of Orlando, Evan Fournier is the 4th highest paid French player. – @Facebook

He was in a position to negotiate elsewhere, with more financially attractive proposals. But Evan Fournier favored sportsmanship and stability over money, which is why he chose to extend his contract at the Orlando Magic for five years, not without having, nevertheless, benefited from a substantial increase. Evan Fournier’s salary at the Orlando Magic was negotiated, in the 5 years overall, at 85 million dollars (76.7 million €).

Floyd Mayweather’s € 7 million house by Sportune

Evan Fournier’s salary at the Orlando Magic is one of the highest in French basketball

It is exactly 17 million dollars (15.3M €) per season, which makes him the highest paid player in the Magic locker room, tied with the Congolese Bismack Biyombo, but with one more year of contract ( until 2021 for Evan Fournier). The 24-year-old full-back is also the fourth in the hierarchy of French players, after Rudy Gobert ($ 25.5M / year) at the Utah Jazz, Nicolas Batum ($ 24M / year) at the Charlotte Hornets and JoaKim Noah ($ 18M / year) at the New York Knicks.

NBA Championship player since 2012

Trained in Nanterre, the native of Val-de-Marne, aged 24, played in Poitiers before leaving France for the United States and its prestigious NBA championship. Evan Fournier first played for the Denver Nuggets from 2012 to 2014 and since then at the Orlando Magic.

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Duke Ellington, the Columbia decade 1951-61 (5/5): Stylish exercises

The albums recorded in the studio by Duke Ellington for the Columbia label were the subject of two successive boxes released by Sony, the first at the end of 2014, the second this month. Jazz in majesty.

1951-61: over the entire career of Duke Ellington (1899-1974), this decade represents a kind of Grail. After years started in a big way, the momentum was stopped by the strike of the musicians’ union which blocked all recording for two and a half years. And the immediate post-war period saw the reign of big bands supplanted by the emergence of bebop.

It was in 1951 that the Duke began a series ofhigh-flying recordings for Columbia, who renewed his contract in 1957. It was also in this year that trumpeter Clark Terry, saxophonist Willie Smith and Paul Gonsalves, drummer Louie Bellson moved into the orchestra. The early years trombonist, Juan Tizol, returns to the fold at the same time and finds Cat Anderson and Ray Nance on trumpets, Johnny Hodges, Russell Procope, Jimmy Hamilton, Harry Carney on saxophones and clarinets…

One of the most extraordinary dream team of all the history of jazz, for which Ellington will write sumptuous suites (“Such Sweet Thunder” sur Shakespeare), inventer concept albums (“A Drum Is A Woman”), completely rethink the arrangements of his classics by adorning them witha heady sensuality (“Masterpieces”, “Ellington Indigos”) or deliver a silk carpet to soloists like Mahalia Jackson (“Black, Brown And Beige”), Dizzy Gillespie (“Jazz party In Stereo”) or Rosemary Clooney. By the way, more intimate jewelry in nonet (“The Cosmic Scene”) or septet (“Unknown session”), a film score (“Anatomy Of A Murder”), proofreading de Tchaikovski et Grieg (“The Nutcracker Suite”, “Peer Gynt”), face to face with Basie’s orchestra (“First Time”) and evenpure trio pleasure piano, contrebasse, drums (“Piano In The Foreground”).

In other words, a time when one of the greatest creators in the history of all music had the means to make his dreams come true. Happy times !!!

  • Monday 14 : Fresh paint on the classics (Ellington has completely renewed the arrangements of his most famous compositions: “Materpieces”, “Ellington Uptown”, “Piano In The Background”)
  • mardi 15 : Les duchesses d’Ellington (Rosemary Clooney et Mahalia Jackson : “Blue Rose”, “A Drum Is A Woman”, “Black, Brown and Beige”)
  • Wednesday 16 : Continuation in ideas (the sequel was the most ambitious Ellington form… and successful: “Such Sweet Thunder”, “Ellington Indigos”, “Anatomy Of A Murder”)
    Thursday 17 : In the courtyard of the Duke (the primacy of its musicians and the pleasure of the public: “The Cosmic Scene,” Jazz Party “,” Festival Session “,” Unknown Session “)
  • friday 18 : Stylish exercises (the arrangements of Tchaikowski and Grieg, the piano-bass-drums trio, the orchestral battle: “The Nutcracker Suite”, “Peer Gynt Suites”, “Piano In The Foreground”, “First Time”)
The Complete Columbia Studio Albums Collections 1951-1958 et 1959-1961


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