Côte d’Ivoire / The health of adolescents and young people at the center of a conference in Grand-Bassam

Grand-Bassam, Oct 26 (AIP) – A conference on adolescent and youth health was organized on Tuesday by the West African Health Organization (WAHO) and a working group in Grand-Bassam. This conference, held as a prelude to the organization of the 2nd ECOWAS forum on good health practices, aims to have a common understanding of the nature and extent of the priorities defined in the area of ​​adolescent and young people’s health in the ECOWAS area. According to the Director General of OASA, Dr Xavier Crespin, this meeting is part of the implementation of the 2016 – 2020 plan for the health program of the ECOWAS countries. “It shows our political commitment at the highest level. It will be for this 2nd forum of …

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Columbia opens a pop-up boutique in Paris at Vieux Campeur

For a year, Columbia and Au Vieux Campeur will have a common storefront in rue des Ecoles.

Columbia Sportswear Company continues its development and opens a new Parisian store with a somewhat particular content: the specialist in outdoor equipment and sportswear has indeed taken up residence for a fixed period in one of the Au Vieux Campeur stores on rue des Ecoles, in the 5th arrondissement of the Capital.

Since October 21 and for a year, the American brand and the French distributor have therefore been a common storefront, Columbia now presenting its products on a surface of 45 m². “The brand’s objective is to respond even better to growing demand and to amplify its connection with passionate outdoor consumers in search of innovative and quality products, to show the extent of its range and to give life to a unique experience for the greatest number by relying on retailers who share the same passions and values” Explain Pascal Bonnet, Country Manager France.

An ideal location which will allow fans of the brand to rediscover this winter Columbia and Sorel footwear and textiles collections, which belongs to the Columbia group. Then, in the summer, make way for the Columbia Montrail collections, for trail running lovers. The team will also ensure, as part of the Columbia partnership with Ultra Trail Mont-Blanc (UTMB) to advise participants.

This Parisian opening takes place just before the Strasbourg and La Clusaz openings (see Columbia Sportswear Company announces two openings in Strasbourg and La Clusaz), all of which 5 shops and fifteen “shops in the shops” Columbia’s locations in France. In addition, says Pascal Bonnet, “this opening marks the start of a strong voice from Columbia in France, in winter 2016, in media and television, in particular“. To be continued !

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why the “swing states” are the key to the ballot

INFOGRAPHICS – Every four years in the United States, media and analysts focus their gaze on these key states which are not acquired by any of the candidates and where the election of the next American president is being played out.

The two candidates have a speech only for them. Republican Donald Trump is now focusing his entire campaign in Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania, after visiting New Hampshire or Arizona. It was in Ohio and Florida, too, that Barack Obama traveled to lend a hand, on October 14 and 20, to Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. The reason? These three states are among the “swing states”, the key to the American presidential elections.

»FIGARO PREMIUM – Michelle Obama launches the charge against Trump

• What is a “swing state”?

Usually translated as “pivot state” or “key state”, the term “swing state” includes states that are not acquired by either side, unlike Democratic (such as California or New York) or Republican (Texas) strongholds. or Oklahoma). As the 270ToWin site shows, only a dozen states have not voted identically since 2000, during the last four presidential elections: theArizona, the North Carolina, the Florida, the Georgia, l’Iowa, the Nevada, the New Hampshire, l’Ohio, l’Utah, the Wisconsin.

However, the “swing states” do not correspond exactly to this list. The latter varies according to the elections and the voting intentions. Thus, this year, most of the American media are pointing out the role that the Pennsylvania, perhaps the most decisive of all the states. Analysts believe it could bring the last missing voters in the projections most favorable to the two candidates. Hillary Clinton is favorite there, but Donald Trump could win in the event of a red wave.

In practice, the list is therefore not static. According to the media, the number of “swing states” fluctuates from ten to fifteen.

• Why do we always say that the election is played in “swing states”?

To understand, a reminder of the terms of the election is necessary. In the United States, unlike France, voters do not vote directly for a candidate but choose “grand voters” who will themselves vote for a candidate. (see the video at the end of the article). In all but two of the states, the candidate who wins the majority of the votes wins all of the state’s top voters. This explains why a candidate can be elected by having gathered fewer citizens around his name than his competitor, as was the case in 2000. The challenge is therefore to win enough States to bring together enough large voters.

The number of voters corresponds to that of members of Congress, that is to say 538. To win, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump must therefore unite 270 grand voters – the absolute majority. Each candidate benefits from a certain number of electors – between 150 and 250 – thanks to the States in which he leaves favorite. It is necessary that complete this number by winning uncertain states. This explains the other nickname of these states: “Battleground states”, the “battleground states”.

Le Figaro / Piktochart

• Are they all the same weight?

No, since the number of electors allocated to each state varies. This explains why the map of the United States seems completely red even when the Democratic Party is victorious: the States of the east coast, smaller in area but well endowed with large voters because they are very populated, are numerous. acquired.

This also explains the weight of certain “swing states” compared to others. Florida is thus the third state best endowed with large voters, tied with New York. Whoever manages to win secures 29 more voters, where many states only offer three or four. It was on several occasions one of the keys to the election.

Florida, Ohio and Nevada are also considered in a special way: since 1992, these three states have each time voted for the winner of the election, recalls FiveThirtyEight. Beyond the anecdote, researcher Vincent Michelot notes in L’Obs that this finding reflects a link between the sociology of the electorate of some of these states, notably Ohio, and that of the United States as a whole. Opinion polls are therefore all the more analyzed.

In the end, the three states that will be closely monitored in the days to come are l’Ohio, the Pennsylvania and the Florida. Since this summer, these three territories have been at the heart of Donald Trump’s strategy to reverse an unfavorable trend. As underlined in August the New York Times , he hopes to add them to New Hampshire, Nevada and Iowa, three “winnable” states that bring in few voters.

»VIDEO – Understanding the American elections in 3 minutes


How Atlanta became the stronghold of hip-hop

Between the release of the latest Young Thug and Donald Glover’s event series, Atlanta has dominated hip-hop culture in recent months. But the phenomenon is far from new. Since the early 1990s, many rappers have emerged there or have found refuge there.

“When a rapper is on the microphone, you should be able to smell the dope cooking.” This punchline is featured in the first episode of the documentary series devoted by the magazine Noisey in Atlanta. Why Atlanta, rather than Los Angeles, New York or even Chicago? Quite simply because, since 2000, “the city too busy to hate”, has in a way become the spot where new hip-hop trends are created. The Crunk (Kings Of Crunk by Lil Jon, 2002), the Dirty South, the Snap or the Trap (Trap Music de TI, 2004), all these new trends were born here. They immediately made all the fundamentalists prick up their ears who, as is often the case, first attacked these sounds deemed easy and crude before hearing all the force and subversion they could contain.

“Hip-hop center of gravity”

In fact, at more or less regular intervals, Atlanta has always been, according to an expression of New York Times, one of the “hip-hop centers of gravity” since the end of the 1980s. Like other cities in the South, such as Miami and Houston, where 2 Live Crew and Geto Boys respectively appear, Atlanta began in 1992 to formulate the idea of ​​a more rural and less vulgar rap. through entities such as Arrested Development, Goodie Mob or Organized Noize.

At the same time, a few months after the release of 2Pacalypse Now, 2Pac also ends up taking up his quarters in the surroundings in order to calm his daily life. According to him, Atlanta would even be the only place a black man should be in the early 1990s. The mayor as well as many owners and businessmen are African-American, producers like Jermaine Dupri stay there and are recognized throughout. the country, and rappers such as LA Reid and Babyface have managed to build their own businesses with their label LaFace Records, active since 1989.

Everything here seems simpler, and yet nothing is ever easy. In a city that is 67% black (while its periphery is predominantly white), ranked among the most dangerous in the United States by the Morgan Quitno Press in 1994 and a veritable hub of drug trafficking in America, one would have to be naive to imagine let everyone rejoice. The same goes for rappers: with the exception of OutKast, TI or Young Thug, few have convinced everyone: the general public, purists and critics, traditionally more rock and pop. Some entities enjoy a real cult (Arrested Development, Killer Mike), others a simple success of esteem (Goodie Mob) or a more or less fleeting hype (Ludacris, Rich Homie Quan), while others remain unfairly unknown (Crime Mob).

L’explosion du Dirty South

All, in any case, have contributed, or still contribute, to forge the image of a creative city, proud of its artists (the famous Patchwerk Studio, where Young Jeezy, TI and Ludacris have passed), ready to assert itself. as the new capital of rap in the early 2000s. After all, if hip-hop poured out its moral values ​​from New York and went to party in California during the 1990s, it is to the sound of Atlanta that he reinvents himself the following decade, with a more hedonistic, unbridled, sexual and dancing sound – this is the moment when the artists, little carried on the love of the verb, impose hip-hop in the clubs and shake up the certainties of a boom-bap too conventional to their ears, educated in big bass and rock (Stankonia OutKast and Crunk Rock by Lil Jon). For an undeniable success: in 2002, between 50 and 60% of singles in the hip-hop charts came from the Sun Belt.

And today ? In the distant continuation of Goodie Mob, which recalled the emergence of Dirty South on a single shared with Cool Breeze and Big Boi in 1996, the first word one thinks of would be effervescence. Between the astonishing series of Donald Glover – alias Childish Gambino – (Atlanta) and the various Brodinski projects (the album Brava, but also the mixtape The Sour Patch Kid, recorded alongside local artists), it suffices to listen to the latest productions, as plethoric and referenced as random and independent, of Future, Young Thug or Gucci Mane to understand that the local scene reached in 2016 more than ever incontestable excellence.

Columbia settles in at the Vieux Campeur

This is a formula that the Old Camper was not previously fond of: opening a shop with one of his suppliers. The installation of corners or simple furniture in the colors of the brands does not really figure in the culture of the brand. It is therefore an exception that the specialist in outdoor activities devotes one of his boutiques in the Latin Quarter in Paris to the Columbia group.

Pascal Bonnet and Aymeric de Rorthays – O. Guyot / FNW

“We have been working on a store development project with partners for a year and a half. We are proposing the project as a priority to multi-brands with whom we are already working,” explains Matthieu Schegg, European commercial director for the American group. We therefore proposed it at the Vieux Campeur. At first he was not interested and he finally validated it this summer. “

The 45-square-meter boutique, a former optics store for the Old Camper located at 42 rue des Ecoles in the 5th arrondissement of Paris, therefore offers offers from Columbia but also from Sorel. The brand, specialist in hot shoes, will be on site to present its new textile collection. For the spring-summer season, Sorel will give way to Columbia Montrail and its trail running shoes. The brands are presented with their furniture and merchandising. But if the Columbia and Sorel logos are displayed in large in the window, the facade remains in the colors of the Old Camper.

“Overall, Columbia and the Old Camper share a family spirit and the shift Columbia made three years ago corresponds to our state of mind with regard to outdoor sports, explains Aymeric de Rorthays, co-managing director (with Ludovic) and grandson of the founder. It’s Columbia year with this pop-up shop, for two seasons. In a year, it will be someone else. “

The Old Camper store dedicated to Columbia – Columbia

The speech is clear. It is out of the question for the owners of the brand to convert the early 30s of their Paris stores into single-brand stores.

Pascal Bonnet, who directs Columbia Sportswear in France and Belgium, believes that this store is the cornerstone of its partnership development: “It allows us to demonstrate Columbia’s potential. And we agree with the Vieux Campeur. There is no problem if we find a partner to open a store in Paris. “

In the meantime, the group is preparing its November openings in Strasbourg and La Clusaz.

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“I am ashamed to be European, when you see the fate that is done to migrants”

Leoluca Orlando, member of the Rivoluzione Civile party (center-left), mayor of Palermo three times (1980-1985, 1993-2000 and since 2013), is one of the main figures in the Sicilian political sphere. A member of the Italian Parliament several times, then the European Parliament, he stood out in the 2000s for his commitment to the fight against the Mafia. Today, while Sicily is one of the main gateways for migrants to Europe, he has made their cause his new hobbyhorse. He will be in Paris on Wednesday 12 October to participate in the College de France back-to-school colloquium on the theme “Migrations, refugees, exile”.

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What is your view on the integration of migrants into Palermo society?

Leoluca Orlando I believe and affirm that all residents of the city of Palermo are Palermitans. There is no difference between Palermitans who were born in Palermo and those who arrive there, and that is why the residence permit should be abolished. This residence permit is the death penalty of our time, it is a new form of slavery for the people who arrive.

I am convinced that international mobility is a human right. A person cannot die because a country refuses to welcome him. It is for this reason that we adopted the Palermo Charter and created the Council for Culture, which is the only one in the world to represent migrants politically. The members of this council are democratically elected by the migrants, they are 21 members, including 9 women. I do not believe that one can speak of these proportions in the French Parliament, nor in the Italian Parliament!

Do you think that Europe is doing enough for migrants?

No. We have no other alternative than to welcome migrants. People who tell me “You are crazy! “, I answer them:” No, I’m not crazy, I’m thinking of the future! “

Many Palermitans reproach you for your commitment to migrants and demand concrete actions against the city’s high unemployment rate. What do you answer them?

There is no intolerance and racism in Palermo, and you won’t tell me. We have an economic problem, of course, but like everywhere. It is a problem for Palermitans as for people who come from elsewhere. I believe that the great power of the Palermo experience is that everyone has the same problem, everyone is in the same boat.

Ballaro, a district of Palermo, is often shown as an example of this social mix that the city claims to be.

Ballaro is the place where merchants with an immigrant background had Palermo mafiosi arrested. Here. (Laughs). Is it possible then to speak out against migrants? I do not believe. This is a good example, it means that the migrants who live in Palermo think that this city is their city. And when you are part of a city, you will defend it. Hospitality is the most powerful weapon in security. For example, I dialogue with the Muslim community to best integrate the most radical who arrive in the city.

Do Muslims who live in the Parisian suburbs talk to their mayor? Does he integrate them into a political representation? It is marginalization, ostracism, that is a problem. Whenever people are tempted to make a distinction between migrants and Palermitans, I tell them that we have to keep in mind that migrants do not vote. We are in a utilitarian dimension of these people, European politics must understand that this utilitarianism is in total contradiction with respect for human rights.

Do you think migrants should vote?

This is not yet possible today. But yes, I hope that one day all the people who live in Italy, whether Italian or not, will be able to vote and participate in the democratic life of this country. My first act as mayor was to declare all inhabitants of Palermo honorary citizens. All of them, not just the Dalai Lama, not just King Juan Carlos… but all residents, Italian or not.

But Ballaro, for example, is also the lair of a new Nigerian mafia …

Yes, and this is proof that there is no difference between Palermitans and Nigerians! There are Nigerian mafiosi, there are Nigerians who are good citizens. It’s the same for the Palermitans. It would not be normal to have only good Nigerians citizens, and only criminal Palermitans (laughs). The great luck of Palermo is its normality. Palermo has become a normal city, without its old political pettiness.

What is missing for the reception of migrants to be effective?

The normality of migration is missing everywhere. Palermo is a migrant city: it is possible to see Arab, French, Baroque, Spanish monuments there… Some time ago, English and German newspapers wrote: “Thinking of Palermo, Europe should be ashamed of itself. Today, I say that I am ashamed to be European, when we see the fate that is done to migrants. I am European but, in terms of migration, I am above all from Palermo. We are responsible for a genocide in the Mediterranean Sea. Our grandsons will tell us that thousands of people have been killed. And we will not be able to say that we did not know.

Do you feel more Palermo than European?

It is because I am proud to be European that I allow myself to speak badly about Europe when it makes mistakes. My first enemy is the one who has the same identity as me. My enemy is not the rigorous imam who supports the terrorists, my enemy, before him, it is the Catholic cardinal who supports the Mafiosi.

How do you see the reception of migrants in France?

Today in France, migrants do not think they have found their new home. There is a real problem, because if I don’t think I am at home, why would I rise up to defend a house that is not mine? I am not defending the house where I think it is not possible for me to live, I am not defending the house of my enemy. I think this is the situation in which France is stuck. I don’t understand why France has changed. Speak badly of Palermo, of its mafia, but at the same time, please, speak badly of France! A Europe of rights cannot exist without France, France must change its position on migrants.

We live in a time called globalization, with financial mobility, industrial mobility, economic mobility… But how can we think of being able to live in a world we call globalized without the mobility of human beings? Migrants have given globalization a face, sometimes sad, sometimes happy, but they have given it a face. Before, globalization was selfish, financial. Today, we must thank migrants for giving a face to this globalization.

Many personalities call for greater cooperation between European countries receiving migrants and the African countries from which they leave. What do you think ?

As mayor of Palermo, I have a lot of relationships with African mayors. At the end of September, I signed a new twinning with Grand-Bassam, in Ivory Coast. We have relations with Libyan mayors, Tunisian mayors, Moroccan mayors … I believe that it is necessary to help these mayors and these countries, to help them to allow their inhabitants to participate in the development of their country without needing to come to Europe. Migration is not a Sicilian problem, it is tragic that we think that way today. It’s a European problem, it’s a global problem.

How do you see Sicily in ten years?

Will it be a problem if there are more Italians of African descent than native Italians? No. Will it be a problem if someone can say one day: “The majority of Palermitans were not born in Palermo”? No. Palermo is a migrant city. We are a multicultural city, like Beirut, like Istanbul.

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Ivory Coast / A Man, MP Blon Blaise campaigning for the “Yes” constitutional referendum

Man, Oct 8 (AIP) – The deputy for Man sub-prefecture, Siki Blon Blaise, meeting on Thursday the heads of communities of the Bluno canton in Podiagouiné, capital of the sub-prefecture of the same name, called for a vote “Yes” during the referendum for the adoption of a new Ivorian Constitution, the preliminary draft of which was adopted in committee on Saturday in the National Assembly. “This new constitution is the key to the emergence of our country. This is the key to stability and lasting peace. It is this constitution that will allow peace-loving Ivorians to turn their backs on the crises we have known for good. The new constitution promotes the rights of all citizens. It is a factor of unity …

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Deadline – October 8, 1941: Birthday of civil rights activist Jesse Jackson – deadline

In the spring of 1963 Jesse Jackson an awakening experience. He is at a demonstration by African Americans who are protesting for equality. Half of the participants are arrested by the police. “I saw friends of mine being attacked by police officers with dogs“he will remember later.”I got tears in my eyes. From that moment on, I knew that I would use the rest of my life to change these living conditions.

From now on looks Jackson its main job is to give the Afro-Americans confidence. “I am black, beautiful, proud“is the message of many of his speeches.”I have to be respected. I am somebody!

Loss of reputation

To be born Jackson on October 8, 1941 as an illegitimate child Teenagers and a married man in the Slums from Greenville im US– federal state South Carolina. From an early age he experienced racial segregation in everyday life. Because he’s a good one Football-Gamer, he received a scholarship for the “white” university of 1959 Illinoiswhere he is repeatedly insulted by fellow students. He’s moving to the University of Greensboro in North-Carolinawhere he campaigns for black rights as a student spokesman, Sit-Ins and organized protest marches.

After completing his sociology studies, he writes Jackson in Chicago for theology. Then he wants to take over a church and get involved socially. At that time pick him up Martin Luther King into the civil rights movement Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) where he tries to open up the way into business for African Americans. During the attack King in April 1968 he was there and later appeared in front of the cameras wearing a blood-smeared sweater. When his statement that he was King’s last interlocutor before his death turns out to be wrong, he loses reputation enormously.

The presidential candidate

1971 leaves Jackson the SCLC and founds the Power Union to Save Humanity (PUSH) his own organization. Be Engagement his supporters were so enthusiastic about better education, more work and decent living space that he decided in 1984 to run as the Democratic candidate for president. The Democrats nominate, however Walter Mondale – and four years later, at Jacksons second attempt, Michael Dukakiswho are both against the Republicans Ronald Reagan and George Bush subject.

Under Bill Clinton sits down Jackson from Washington from a politically important position as a “shadow senator” continues to advocate the rights of Afro-Americans. When it became known that he had fathered a daughter with one of his employees, his wife and their five children forgive him, but not the public. When Barack Obama In 2008 being sworn in as president, weeps Jackson with joy in the audience. The “The climax of our 55 year struggle“is what he calls the event. Even today he is involved Jackson still for black US citizens, but also for Syrian refugees.


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“ZeitZeichen” on WDR 5 (9.45 a.m.) and WDR 3 (5.45 p.m.) also commemorates the birth of on October 8, 2016 Jesse Jackson. The “ZeitZeichen” is also available as Podcast.

Deadline on October 9, 2016: 10 years ago: Google took over Youtube

A strike to denounce the overload of staff

Some of the staff is on strike this Friday at the Reunion University Hospital. About fifty people demonstrate at the CHU de Bellepierre following the call of the inter-union CFTC-FO-UNSA. In Saint-Pierre, a hundred people blocked the road in front of the CHU, obviously letting the public enter the hospital. They denounce the effects of a deficit of 20 million euros. The overload of work would make daily life too difficult within the CHU.

According to them, the deficit translates into:


Columbia Sportswear Company announces two openings in Strasbourg and La Clusaz

Columbia Sportswear Company will open two stores this fall to offer its outdoor sport products.

Val d’Isère in 1994 and Chamonix in 2008: after having long counted only two stores dedicated to its products, the Columbia Sportswear Company is preparing to open two new stores!

The specialist in outdoor sports items (skiing, hiking, trail …) will settle in November in La Clusaz, in Haute-Savoie, on the 9th, and in Strasbourg, on the 16th. The different lines of the brand will of course be highlighted, but the network also plans to make room for Sorel shoes, a brand that is part of the Columbia Sportswear group.

Thanks to the principle of partnership, the group intends to give a boost to its development in France on the sidelines of its development in the form shop in the shop. Are particularly targeted at first the cities of Lyon, Paris and Annecy. Do you want to open a sportswear store and start your own business with Columbia Sportswear Company? Do you have a personal contribution of € 80,000? Request now the documentation of the brand via its personalized file on our pages to learn more about its operation!

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