Columbia opens a pop-up boutique in Paris at Vieux Campeur

For a year, Columbia and Au Vieux Campeur will have a common storefront in rue des Ecoles. Columbia Sportswear Company continues its development and opens a new Parisian store with a somewhat particular content: the specialist in outdoor equipment and sportswear has indeed taken up residence for a fixed period in one of the Au […]

No right to vote for convicted criminals in the USA

20948 © Skyward Kick Prod. – In the US elections on November 8th, more than six million citizens will be banned from voting. The reason: You were convicted of a serious crime. advertisement In the USA “felons”, ie citizens who have been convicted of a serious crime, lose their right to vote. As a […]

why the “swing states” are the key to the ballot

INFOGRAPHICS – Every four years in the United States, media and analysts focus their gaze on these key states which are not acquired by any of the candidates and where the election of the next American president is being played out. The two candidates have a speech only for them. Republican Donald Trump is now […]

How Atlanta became the stronghold of hip-hop

Between the release of the latest Young Thug and Donald Glover’s event series, Atlanta has dominated hip-hop culture in recent months. But the phenomenon is far from new. Since the early 1990s, many rappers have emerged there or have found refuge there. “When a rapper is on the microphone, you should be able to smell […]

Columbia settles in at the Vieux Campeur

This is a formula that the Old Camper was not previously fond of: opening a shop with one of his suppliers. The installation of corners or simple furniture in the colors of the brands does not really figure in the culture of the brand. It is therefore an exception that the specialist in outdoor activities […]

HTL students work on a modern milling machine

NEUFELDEN. Most of the Matura projects at HTL Neufelden take place in toolmaking. In order to meet the increased requirements, the machine park has now been expanded to include a new milling machine. Not only the high school graduates will use the milling machine from Emco in the future, but also the second and third […]

Michael Jackson grossed $ 825 million to his heirs in 2016

Each year, Forbes magazine publishes the ranking of deceased personalities whose work continues to make money. In 2016, The King of Pop broke all records with $ 825 million. Forbes magazine has just unveiled its list of the deceased stars who brought in the most dollars during the year 2016. All together, the 13 selected […]

A US Grand Prix for the ages

Spectacular backdrop in front of the Renaissance Center during the 1982 race in Detroit. Now click through triumphs and tragedies in the history of the US Grand Prix! ( – When Formula 1 first came to Detroit in 1982, for the Grand Prix USA-East, the clocks in the premier class of motorsport ticked a little […]