Lechbruck – Senior woman is hit by a car and succumbs to her serious injuries

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On Thursday evening, September 29th, 2016, around 8 p.m., a 22-year-old car driver drove on Flößerstraße near Lechbruck am See in the Ostallgäu district. At the level of Bahnhofstrasse, according to the current state of knowledge, a pedestrian stepped onto the street between cars parked on the right side, which is why the passer-by collided with the car. The pedestrian was critically injured by the impact and flown to the hospital by a rescue helicopter “Christoph Murnau”, where she later succumbed to her injury. The driver also had to be taken to a hospital by the ambulance service in shock. Previously, first responders had taken care of the two injured.
An accident analyst was commissioned by the Kempten public prosecutor to prepare an expert report. Officials of the Füssen police recorded the accident and alerted the Lechbruck fire brigade to illuminate the scene of the accident.

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Charlotte Gainsbourg confides her difficulty living far from Yvan Attal in New York

Two years ago, Charlotte Gainsbourg went into exile in New York, after the death of her sister photographer Kate Barry. Today, the 45-year-old actress and singer talks about her new life on the other side of the Atlantic and the estrangement from her family.

This week, Charlotte Gainsbourg confided in her exile to the magazine She. If the daughter of Gainsbarre and Jane Birkin left France out of necessity, her family experienced this distance as ” a burst “. Upon arriving in New York, the actress quickly took a liking to her new life and discovered “what it’s like not to be nobody’s daughter« : »Here I feel myself. In Paris, I no longer knew who I was “. Based in the popular district of Tribeca, the beautiful brunette now leads a daily life “very simple, family and school centered“And this, despite the absence of her husband:”As Yvan goes back and forth a lot, I am often alone with the children“.

Professional side, Charlotte Gainsbourg has revised the order of her priorities : « It got a bit complicated to shoot. I have a 13 year old girl who can’t miss school like that. As long as Yvan is busy in Paris, it becomes very difficult to manage. At the same time, it’s good, because my priorities are changing. I had a certain bulimia of filming at one time, but I do not want it less now. “Taking advantage of her free time, Charlotte then designed a fifth album, which will be released in the coming months and has also tried fashionable by collaborating with Gérard Darel.

Blossoming, Charlotte Gainsbourg takes full advantage of her new life in the United States, but is not tempted by the New York social life so far and supports solitude very well: ” I think it’s not in my nature to be festive. I am not an easy person. I don’t think I’m very open, I don’t speak easily. I can’t say I’m in pain ».

A park is being built high above the Atlanta city highway

For decades, American cities were primarily built for automobile traffic. Pedestrians and cyclists had rather poor maps with city planners. This will soon change in Atlanta, where a city highway will be built over a large park. It will become part of the inner-city network of trails and should improve the climate.

A large park is being built over the Atlanta highway. It is intended to offer people relaxation, connect the districts with one another and also improve the climate.

Photo: Rogers Partners

Individual car traffic with multi-lane highways in the city center – for American city planners, this was inseparable for many years. In some places, pedestrian streets have become hostile places where you look lost without a car. This development cannot be reversed without further ado, the city motorways have been built and individual traffic in one’s own vehicle maintains its supremacy. However, there have always been creative ideas to change something in this state. The most recent move that places pedestrians and not motorists at the center of city planning comes from Atlanta.

Multi-lane highway divides Buckhead

The city in Georgia in the southeastern United States has almost half a million inhabitants, and the metropolitan region has more than ten times as many people. In the north of Atlanta is the Buckhead district, which has developed into a commercial center in the city with numerous high-rise buildings and a popular residential area on its edge. Visually, however, Buckhead is separated from the multi-lane Highway Georgia State Route 400 (GA400), built in the 1990s, and a railway line. This is where one of Atlanta’s arteries beats.

The park is said to be integrated into the city's network of paths.

The park is said to be integrated into the city’s network of paths.

Source: Rogers partner

The local government has now launched a project to improve the quality of life of the residents: a large park is being built over the motorway, which offers people relaxation, connects the neighborhoods and also improves the climate. The architecture and urban planning office Rogers Partners and the landscape architects from Nelson Byrd Woltz have jointly developed Buckhead Park and have now presented the plans for it. The new green space between the Buckhead skyscrapers is a little over 700 m long.

Buckhead Park is to be integrated into the city’s network of trails

The new park is divided into three large areas. In the north there is an amphitheater for gatherings, concerts or other events. In the middle is the “Plaza”, from which the surrounding retail shops can be easily reached. In the third part of the complex, gardens are to be created for pure relaxation.

The cars roll down the highway below, and a park above is supposed to provide fresh air and relaxation for pedestrians and cyclists.

The cars roll down the highway below, and a park above is supposed to provide fresh air and relaxation for pedestrians and cyclists.

Source: Rogers partner

It is important to the planners that this is not a remote recreation area, but a park that is integrated into the city’s network of paths. Commuters who take the train are just as important as cyclists and pedestrians who use the park on their shopping trails or to work.

Hope to reduce the heat island effect

In addition, the city hopes for greening – the irrigation of which should be sufficient – a climatic improvement in the city center. Like many large cities, Atlanta also knows the effect of the heat island. The development absorbs more solar radiation and the buildings heat up significantly during the day. In contrast to undeveloped areas, the stored heat is released less at night and a cycle begins in which there is also a higher concentration of pollutants due to the lack of air circulation.

The new green space between the Buckhead skyscrapers is a little over 700 m long.

The new green space between the Buckhead skyscrapers is a little over 700 m long.

Source: Rogers partner

The American Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) assumes that the average annual temperature of a city with one million inhabitants is 1 to 3 ° C higher than its surroundings. The temperature differences at night can even be up to 12 ° C. The participation of the population is now pending for Atlanta and its plans for the new park development.

Other green ideas: labyrinth of earth walls and habitable mountain

In Amsterdam you are already there: In addition to Schiphol Airport, landscape architects have created a labyrinth of earth walls in recent years. The unusual park is said to reduce the low-frequency noise of the ascending aircraft at Europe’s fourth largest airport. Read more about it here.

Job search for engineers

And in Shanghai, the Heatherwick Studio architecture firm, based in London, wants to provide better air. Thomas Heatherwick has forged the daring plan to build an inhabitable forested mountain in the trendy artist district 50 Moganshan Road in Shanghai, which is often compared to Soho in London. “Not designed as a building, but as a piece of topography,” explains the architect, explaining his idea, which we present on this page.

The Baltimore Beacon – Maritime Beacon

Information on La Baltimore Beacon

Among the sights of the city of Baltimore, we especially recommend discovering the Baltimore Beacon, an astonishing monument that overlooks the city and the Atlantic. It is in fact a white conical maritime beacon, built in the years 1798! To have !

See the Baltimore Beacon

A maritime beacon with imposing dimensions

La Baltimore Beacon – George Karbus

The Baltimore Beacon was built on the sheer cliffs of the city of Baltimore in it County Cork. Rather easy to see, it measures 15.2 meters high and 4.6 meters in diameter and has become the true symbol of the city. Unmissable, tourists love to have fun by taking pictures of her from all angles!

For the record, the beacon was built by order of the British government following the Rebellions of 1798. It was part of a larger series of beacons that have been scattered along the Irish coast. This rather effective system thus allowed the British to monitor the ocean and to ward off possible attacks.

The beacon is locally nicknamed the “Lot’s Wife” or “Woman of Salt” in homage to an episode in the Bible where a woman was transformed into a pillar of salt.

Access to the beacon is free, and its setting offers a wild environment, alternating between cliffs and ocean. To see without hesitation!

Informations practice

Address Address : on the cliffs of Baltimore
Lieu : Baltimore

(County Cork)

GPS coordinatesGPS : 51.472883,-9.387646

PricesPrices* :

* indicative price may vary according to the season and the establishment’s policy.

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Evan Fournier’s new home in Orlando

Thanks to its new contract of 85 million dollars over 5 years signed this summer, Evan Fournier has offered ($ 2.3 million) this charming property.

The house has 5 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms spread over 2 floors and approximately 430 m² of living space.

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In Nashville, Country Tells the Lives of ‘Normal People’ Who Vote Trump

EUROPEGOESUS – This music embodies a patriotic and rural way of life associated with the Republican Party


It’s Friday night and Crazy Town Bar, located on Nashville’s musical artery, is packed. On stage, singer Jerry Don asks the audience: “Who is American and proud of it?” The cheers of the audience, made up of a hundred people, are deafening. All raise their hands. The singer then proposes to drink in honor of the military, active and retired, police officers who “deserve respect” and the fathers of the American Constitution of 1787, who brought “daily freedom”. The audience ignites again.

“Who is American and proud of it?” ”

Dressed in a cowboy hat and boots, Don is, at 37, one of the big names in the country scene in Nashville, Tennessee. The city is considered the capital of this musical genre born around 1920 in the southern United States. His lyrics reflect the symbiosis between country and the collective imagination of patriotic and rural life often associated with conservatism.

According to the latest survey available, carried out in 2004, the majority of country fans identify with the Republican Party. Last year, Senator Ted Cruz, a candidate for the Republican nomination in the race for the White House, claimed to have turned to country after the attacks of September 11, finding this style of music more patriotic than rock.

A country concert can be much more useful than a poll or meeting to find out the concerns and priorities of many Americans.

“Train, van, prison, mother and bitch”

“It’s really a way of looking at society,” said Don, born in neighboring Arkansas, after the concert. He will refuse to reveal the name of the candidate for whom he will vote in the presidential elections in November. During his performance, he evokes the five key elements which, according to one of the pioneers of the genre, must be addressed in any country song: “train, van, prison, mother and drunk”. The public identifies with these topics. He applauds. Many also wear hats and boots.

Holy Ketzback, 39, drove 11 hours from Rochester, Minnesota to Nashville to attend the “American” music festival held in the city. This concept encompasses all traditional music, from country to blues through soul or folk. Saturday morning, after a long queue, Holy Ketzback was able to ask Jim Lauderdale, a country and bluegrass veteran, to autograph his latest album. For her, country tells “stories of normal people” which arouse emotions. The “real working Americans” that she meets in the rural area where she lives.

But according to two Grammy-winning Jim Lauderdale, 59, country can’t be associated with just one type of audience or ideology. “She was sometimes very patriotic. Some of the most conservative sometimes spoke of weapons, ”he explains in an interview. However, he declares to vote Democrat, in accordance with the tradition of his family from the south.

The divide between rural America and urban America is one of the great themes of American culture, but also of these elections.


Nashville: welcome to Music City

Entirely devoted to country, the capital of Tennessee is back in fashion. Thanks to the work of Johnny Cash, one of the tutelary figures of the city.

“But where are my roots? Nashville or Belleville?” wonders Eddy Mitchell in his song, a tribute to the capital of Tennessee and country music that often inspired him, like Johnny Hallyday and Dick Rivers.

Despite this weighty support, the “white blues” has long been underestimated, even despised, in Europe. However, his rating started to rise again, in particular thanks to Johnny Cash (1932-2003), who suddenly became the idol of sores of all backgrounds, more than ten years after his death.

Music City is back

Music City (nickname of Nashville) is also the only city in the world to dedicate a museum to the man in black. Fans flock there to bow down to photos, stage costumes and other relics. Same atmosphere collected at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. This venerable institution, created in 1961, annually selects artists worthy of entering this “temple of fame”. Singers who acquire the status of “immortal”, like our academicians …

After dark, on Broadway, the artery of pleasure, honky tonks (music bars) shine with all their neon lights. Inside, excellent bands declare the classics of country, but also rock and blues … On the sidewalks, musicians strum their guitar hoping to capture the attention of a producer looking for new talents.

Nashville music business worth billions

An American dream that we can believe: in Nashville, music is not only a passion, it is also a juicy business, which would generate, according to the local chamber of commerce, 5.5 billion dollars! Formerly, ominous birds announced the inexorable decline of Music City. On the contrary, the city is experiencing a second wind with the arrival of a new generation.

Jack White, guitarist for the White Stripes, the group that has restored rock to its nobility, illustrates this trend perfectly. Playing against all forecasts, it was in Nashville that he installed his legendary label Third Man Records, where he produced the future stars of country. His shop with a retro-futuristic look and copiously tattooed saleswomen is now a must.

What else to do in Nashville? Taste the best hot dog in the world at the Capitol Grille, treat yourself to a pair of boots at Lucchese, the country’s gratin supplier, or visit the Frist Center for the Visual Arts, which exhibits young artists from Tennessee. In their genre, they also know music.


Where to stay?At the Hermitage Hotel. “Southern” comfort in its best expression. www.thehermitage hotel.com

Where to go out?At Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge:. Superb rooftop with bird’s eye view of Broadway. www.tootsies.net

Robert’s Western World: a benchmark honky tonk. www.robertswestern world.com

Delaware: the ultimate tax haven

At 1209 North Orange Street, a small dilapidated building, to which no one pays attention, nevertheless houses more than 300 000 companies and not the least. Apple, Google, Bank of America, Coca Cola and even Ford are located there.

But the Delaware also houses the companies of current major politicians. Donald Trump records no less than 380 companies in particular to manage its real estate assets. Hillary Clinton, meanwhile, owns the company ZFS Holdings LLC, created according to its spokesperson, with the aim of “managing his income from his book and his lectures”. According to her tax return visible online, she would hold the tidy sum of 16 millions from dollars.

Delaware, a tax haven an hour and a half from the White House

In Wilmington, Delaware

Wedged between the Chamber of Commerce and residential apartments, a small orange brick building stretches along a street that leads to a river north of Wilmington. It is 1209 North Orange Street, an address popular with the biggest companies around the world. Coca-Cola, Apple, American Airline, Bank of America, Google… In total, more than 285,000 companies have taken up residence at Corporation Trust Center (CTC) which owns this small building. And Delaware has many other addresses like this one: almost two-thirds of the top 500 American companies are domiciled in this state located less than 200 kilometers from Washington. In total, 1.2 million companies are registered there, for just under 900,000 inhabitants!

Donald Trump has 378 companies registered in Delaware

But Delaware is also home to the activities of great personalities, starting with the two candidates for the presidential election in November. Just eight days after resigning from his post as secretary of state, Hillary Clinton registered a company called “ZFS Holdings LLC” at 1209 North Orange Street. According to a spokesperson for the candidate, “ZFS was created when Secretary Clinton left the State Department as an entity to manage her income from her book and her lectures.” Or the trifle of $ 16 million, according to his tax return available online. Donald Trump is not outdone, with 378 companies registered in Delaware. “It means I’m giving you a lot of money, friends,” joked the Republican candidate at a meeting in Wilmington. “I don’t feel guilty at all, ok?”

The opacity of the Limited Liability Company

In fact, holding an account in Delaware is not illegal. But the fact that the next president of the United States has one suggests that the situation is not about to change regarding the extreme opacity surrounding these “Limited Liability Company” or “LLC”, these corporations limited. Today, nothing could be simpler than registering a company in Delaware, explains John Kowalko, elected representative of the State of Delaware. “It will take you five minutes, and cost you $ 90. You don’t have to disclose the name of the real business owner, an agent can represent you. ” Being registered in Delaware is the insurance to benefit from the strictest business secrecy and to benefit from the judgments of the Court of Chancery, a jurisdiction extremely favorable to companies. But it is also the possibility for large groups of

More than $ 9 billion has escaped other states’ taxes over the past decade

repatriate profits made in the United States to Delaware, which does not tax non-physical income made outside the state. Through this device, more than 9 billion dollars have escaped the tax of other American states in the last ten years.

Many drifts

Such a climate attracts many companies with clearly illegal activities. There is no shortage of examples of fraud. Last July, a gigantic embezzlement of a billion dollars, drawn from a Malaysian sovereign wealth fund, was exposed by the federal authorities. Part of these funds would have financed the production of the film The wolf of Wall Street ; federal authorities have determined that eight companies registered in Delaware were involved. In August, a Chilean airline was fined for bribing union officials with $ 1.1 million from companies registered in Delaware. One of Russia’s largest arms dealers, Viktor Bout, hid his money in Delaware-registered accounts. He is currently serving a prison sentence. Mexican drug lord El Chapo has circulated money through companies in Delaware, including funding the tequila business of his muse, actress Kate del Castillo. “To limit these abuses, the owners of these businesses must be identifiable,” said John Kowalko. He brushes aside the argument that such a rule would harm the business climate. “This is the current rule that is hurting the business climate. It allows all forms of trafficking, be it tax evasion or money laundering, including terrorist financing … ”

Obama firmly determined to end trade secrets

“Barack Obama is well aware of the problem, but he could not do anything during his two terms,” ​​said Drew Serres, a member of the NGO “Americans for Democratic Action” which is calling for more transparency in the business world. In 2009, the American president had taken the head of a coalition firmly determined to put an end to business secrets. He presented an ambitious action plan against money laundering and tax evasion. Seven years later, if progress has been made internationally, Delaware remains the closest tax haven to the White House. Latest attempt to impose more transparency: a bill, currently presented to Congress by Senator Tom Carper, could make the transmission to the US tax authorities of the identity of a “responsible party” for the company. But the formula is too vague, according to the NGOs, for which a responsible party is not necessarily the owner of the company.


Edelweiss Air mental game: Non-stop flights from Europe to Hawaii?

According to a media report, Edelweiss Air is considering the introduction of a flight from Zurich to Honolulu. It would be the first non-stop connection from Europe to Hawaii. But does it make sense?

Honolulu Airport management and the State Tourism Bureau have been working on this for years. You want to convince an airline to take non-stop flights from Europe to Hawaii. Currently, travelers from the Old Continent must change trains at least once en route to the American Pacific Islands. Despite dozens of talks and some expressions of interest – from Norwegian, for example – the airport and authority cannot show any success.

That doesn’t stop Europeans from visiting Hawaii in droves. Every year more than 140,000 Europeans travel to the islands – among them more than 43,000 from Germany and 16,000 from Switzerland. Nevertheless, one hopes to convince even more Europeans of vacationing in the US state consisting of 137 islands and atolls with a non-stop flight in Hawaii.

Flight of more than 15 hours

Perhaps Honolulu Airport and the Hawaiian Tourism Bureau will soon have their first sense of achievement. Because the holiday airline Edelweiss Air is examining the launch of a non-stop flight from Zurich to Honolulu, according to a report in the Swiss newspaper on Sunday. The flight would take at least 15 hours. At the moment the transfer takes 19 hours and more. “It is right that we are currently examining various options to expand our route network with new holiday destinations in the next few years,” a spokesman confirmed to aeroTELEGRAPH. But nothing is decided.

According to the newspaper report, the 12,300-kilometer route via the polar route will be served with an Airbus A340-300. The Lufthansa subsidiary is currently gradually taking over this from its sister company Swiss, which it is replacing with the Boeing 777-300ER. Before the fleet at Edelweiss, the around 15-year-old aircraft will be given new cabins with Economy, Premium Economy and Business Class.

Price war is tough

However, it is questionable whether the Zurich – Honolulu route would really make sense for Edelweiss Air. An Airbus A340-300 has a range of 13,500 kilometers. In theory, that would stretch from Europe to Hawaii – if only just barely. The airline would therefore have to calculate reserves and not fill the plane completely. At 10,000 kilometers, San José in Costa Rica is currently the furthest destination in the route network.

In addition, flights between Europe and Hawaii are available for less than 900 euros. Edelweiss Air would have to enforce premium prices and be able to convince travelers from all over Europe of the transfer in Zurich in order to make the route profitable.

Ultra-long flights more attractive again

Over-long non-stop flights are generally being offered again. Because in times of cheap kerosene, routes suddenly become attractive again. There are also new aircraft such as the Boeing 777-X or the ultra-long-haul version of Airbus’ A350, which make the routes even more attractive with their frugality. The longest non-stop flight of all is currently Emirates’ Dubai – Auckland with more than 17 hours.