Death of Bryce Dejean-Jones (New Orleans Pelicans), shot dead – basketball – NBA

Bryce Dejean-Jones, a young fullback who arrived in the NBA at the end of January, had initialed several ten-day contracts before convincing the New Orleans franchise, where he had finally signed for three seasons. After starting eleven games (5.6 points and 4.3 rebounds on average), he broke his wrist and missed the rest of the […]

Masturbation: Woman dies from orgasm

The sudden rise in blood pressure caused a ruptured aneurysm. Be careful, masturbation kills! Fortunately, the case is exceptional. “We only found over a period from 1985 to 2012 two cases of subarachnoid hemorrhage in our exhaustive register”, explains Dr. Constantin Blanke-Roeser of the Institute of Forensic Medicine at the University of Hamburg on the […]

Multiple Sclerosis Day Today: Each in Their Own Way

One in a thousand people in industrialized countries – around 600 in Luxembourg – has multiple sclerosis. Even so, very little is known about the disease. It is different for everyone and everyone deals with it differently. Diana HOFFMANN One in a thousand people in industrialized countries – around 600 in Luxembourg – has multiple […]

Game of Thrones season 6, episode 5: hold the door!

This morning, leaving my house, carried by the breeze and a fine drizzle, I put on a black veil of sadness before closing my door, slowly, solemnly. I am in mourning. Inconsolable, winter can now come, it no longer matters. Everything started well, however, in this episode. After the twists and turns of the previous […]

Florida: Nile crocodiles discovered in the USA

The summers are hot and rainy, the winters are mild and short: the climate in Florida is ideal for many amphibians and reptiles. The American crocodile and the Mississippi alligator are native to the swamps there. However, the pleasant climate also means that the US state has to cope with a particularly large number of […]

the natives torn between independence and federated recognition

The native people of Hawaii have a constitution. This vote took place at the end of February, on the island of Oahu, after a month of meetings and discussions around the future of the first peoples of the American archipelago and their political aspirations. E.Tang/E. Largenton/Radio Australia • Posted on May 17, 2016 at 10:07 […]

Janet Jackson: You didn’t know that about her

She was secretly married and a series star before starting her music career: There is a lot about Janet Jackson that is little known. The youngest member of the famous Jackson family turns 50 on May 16th. There are some exciting weeks behind Janet Jackson (“No Sleeep”): Her album “Unbreakable” was released last October and […]

Travel to the center of the USA: North Dakota – where tourists are almost alone

Sun-drenched California or hip New York attract tons of tourists. A US state such as North Dakota can take a back seat. There are only a few holidaymakers there. But this state is particularly interesting for Germans. North Dakota doesn’t exactly look like the center of North America. Geographically speaking, he is here. Otherwise, the […]

Nashville series canceled after 4 seasons

We know the song: the end of the seasons are fatal to many series. And Nashville, at the worst audience level, will not have managed to afford a last track record. ABC officially canceled the musical show after 4 seasons. ABC decided to clean up its tv grid for next season. Many of its historic […]