star Orlando Engelaar with young footballers from Saint-Martin

It is an extraordinary day of exchanges for the young football licensees from the Saint-Martin district. This Saturday, the little ones from Montpellier are coached by football star Orlando Engelaar. A series of tournaments as part of the “Cité star” project.

Melbourne, Eindhoven, Netherlands, there are no more matches and selections ofOrando Engelaar. From the top of these 1m96, the international footballer of the Netherlands supervises, since this Saturday morning a whole series of tournaments in the Saint-Martin district of Montpellier.

The exchange at the heart of the “Cité star” project

It is a day of exchange between young people from the neighborhoods and a professional player, the idea being to share with the youngest the experience of the very high level. Driven by Driss Bouzaoui, himself a former internatlonal football club of La Paillade and the Netherlands, this initiative is above all there to promote the idea of ​​success, and to get these children out of their “ghetto” neighborhoods.

Tournaments all day

All morning it is the youngest, aged 10 to 11, who play. And this afternoon place for teenagers up to 17 years old with a championship match against Vendargues at regional level “league of honor”.
4 of the best players will be selected on this occasion to be recruited at the Nîmes Olympique football school.

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Pro football day in the Saint-Martin district of Montpellier

© F3LR

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Law in Tennessee allows psychologists to turn away gay patients

This project is not aimed directly at LGBT people, but according to associations it is they who suffer directly. They also strongly condemned it. But they are not the only ones. The American Counseling Association, a professional group of psychologists, likens the measure to an “unprecedented attack.” For them, this law “violates the group’s code of ethics, according to which mental health professionals cannot refuse to help a patient on the basis of ‘personal values, attitudes, beliefs or behavior'”. They add that this law “is rooted in a dangerous misconception that religion can be used as a pass to discriminate.”

The governor justified himself by saying that the law as voted by the Senate evokes “principles” and no longer “beliefs”. It is also enshrined in this bill that psychologists cannot refuse patients in imminent danger or those who could harm those around them.

Wave of anti-LGBT law in the United States


94: the new protection charter of the Arc Boisé officially signed

Bringing life to and protecting the Boisé Arc. The third charter of this green massif located in the south of Val-de-Marne has just been signed by the department and its partners, confirming the desire to preserve this “green lung”. Ten municipalities in 94 are particularly concerned.

There has been a total of more than a year of consultation between around fifty partners to draft this new document, which is supposed to list the actions that institutions and associations wish to pursue or initiate on the Boisé Arc.

“It is important, in a very urban area, to protect places like this,” defends Hélène de Comarmond, vice-president (PS) of the departmental council in charge of green spaces, which has followed this file. With 3000 ha, this wooded Arc massif represents the largest natural area in the department.

Its classification as a “protection forest” is also in progress and should make it possible to sanctify this natural space, at a time when urban pressure is increasing.

in Brochon, a very natural amusement park!

Here, the principle is that admission is free, and tickets for certain attractions are paid, which are all more suitable for children between 2 and 12 years old. There is everything: roller coaster, farm animals, bumper boats, small train … And a restaurant for parents.

There is something for all ages © Radio France
Magali Fichter

The park was taken over by Nadine Robelin and her husband in 1994. In season, twelve people work there. Throughout the winter, they performed maintenance, repairs, cared for the animals, and reopened in March. And when Nadine sees her park full, it warms her heart, especially since the difficult years follow one another and that they are really dependent on the weather !

It’s really the family, the holiday atmosphere without headache. The customers are loyal, I love it. We are passionate about our job and fortunately, because at the end of the year, when we do the accounts, it is not that good. But we hold on!

The roller coaster looks retro, but they are always very successful. And the highlight of the show is the animals in semi-freedom that children can feed and pet, like these dwarf goats.

Goats are the stars of Florida
Goats are the stars of Florida © Radio France
Magali Fichter

For Nadine Robelin, these animals are a real plus. Another advantage: free park and à la carte attractions, “like that, people spend according to their income, and are not obliged to spend. And the children are all happy“.

During the holidays the park is open every day from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Tennessee Governor Denies Bible As Official State Book

Bill Haslam, Republican Governor of Tennessee, vetoed a week after the Tennessee State Senate voted favorably on a bill introduced in April 2015 in the House of Representatives. Proposed by his Republican colleague Jerry Sexton, this project would have made the Bible the official book of Tennessee.

Photo d’illustration (Szilas / Domaine public)

In a letter to the House of Representatives, Bill Haslam explains that this practice would be against the Constitution of the United States, and therefore, could violate state and federal constitutions.

However, lawmakers who sponsored the measure disagree with this decision. So they decided to put in place a vote that would cancel Bill Haslam’s initiative. and above all, to push for a replacement of the veto. Because in Tennessee, a simple majority in each legislative chamber can overturn a veto.

Already last year, the House of Representatives passed the bill, but the Tennessee Senate rejected it. Several senators have therefore again pushed bill this year, so that it is validated this time.

Supporters of this bill have attempted to prove that this measure would highlight the economic and historical impact the Bible has had on the state of Tennessee in the past. For them, the Bible would be a ” multi-million dollar industry »Beneficial to the State.

Yet Bill Haslam believes “ [qu’] in addition to the constitutional issues related to this bill, this measure would trivialize the Bible, which I believe is a sacred text He wrote in his letter to Speaker of the House of Representatives Beth Harwell.

A bill that is not to everyone’s taste

And to continue: ” I strongly disagree with those who try to bring religion to the public. Each of us can and should bring our deepest convictions to the places where they are called to. […] However, it is very different when the government decides to include religion in the laws, something which goes against the ideologies of the founders, and which is prohibited in the Constitution. »

Tennessee American Union for Civil Liberties executive director Hedy Weinberg praised the governor’s decision, saying elected officials should not ” use their official positions to favor one religious belief over another. Governor’s veto over unconstitutional law marks denial of religious freedom in Tennessee ».

However, as David Fowler – a former state senator and chairman of the Tennessee Family Action Council – announced in an interview with The Tennessean, ” the governor made his decision. Now the ball is back in the Legislature’s court, and as before we defer to their judgment in this matter. ».

The Bible ranks at the 6e place most contested / censored books in 2015, according to a survey conducted by the American Library Society. The reason: respondents consider that its presence in public places – libraries or schools – is not legitimate, ” the religious point of view »Must remain in the private sphere.

According to the director of the Office for Intellectual Freedom of the ALA, James La Rue, these are, in general, ” people who believe that if a school library obtains a copy of the Bible, it is a violation of the separation of church and state Who believe that the Bible has nothing to do in public places.

Had the governor accepted this bill, the state of Tennessee would have become the first US state to designate the Bible as its official state book. Remember that in April 2014, Louisiana State had also refused to adopt the Bible as an official state book.

(via Adweek, The Washington Post, The Tennessean)

Below is Bill Haslam’s letter to Beth Harwell:

Bill Haslam veto letter

the employment bonus is over, the activity bonus replaces it

Taxes 2016: no more employment bonus, the activity bonus replaces it

Definitively abolished, the employment bonus has been replaced by the activity bonus. The Family Allowance Fund specifies the conditions to be met in order to receive it.

[Mis à jour le lundi 18 avril 2016 à 22h45] Since 1is January 2016, the employment bonus has definitely disappeared. This is new for your 2016 income tax. It has been replaced by the activity bonus managed by the Family Allowance Fund (Caf). On its site, the Caf specifies the conditions for receiving it. It is not paid above a certain income from activity. For example, a single person who earns 1500 euros, tenant without housing assistance, will not be able to benefit from the activity bonus.

VIDEO. Income tax return: responses from tax inspectors

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“Income tax return: responses from tax inspectors”

In order to calculate this premium, the Caf specifies that all resources are taken into account such as income from professional activity, replacement income (unemployment, retirement, pension, social assistance as well as other taxable income. ” employees and students and apprentices, the bonus is calculated on the basis of the income of the last 3 months “, recalls the Caf. The activity bonus is then paid monthly. Remember that if you declare your income in paper form, the deadline for submission is Wednesday May 18, 2016.

For those who report on the internet, the dates vary depending on your department. For those who live in zone 1, in the departments between 0 and 19, the deadline is Tuesday May 24 at midnight. A deadline pushed back to Tuesday May 31 for those in zone 2, departments 20 to 49. Those who reside in departments 50 to 974 and 976 and those who live abroad (zone 3), you will have to remember to declare your returned before Tuesday, June 7 at midnight. New this year, the taxpayer will know immediately if he is taxable and will be able to justify this situation without waiting for July.

Why the state of Delaware is the US tax haven

Panama unveiling

Why the state of Delaware is the US tax haven

What is the US doing against money laundering? Very little, at least in Delaware. The tax haven attracts many dark figures with its lax rules.

The lax tax laws in the US state of Delaware attract tax optimizers.

Photo: imago stock&people / imago/STPP

Before the US government used the Panama Papers to call for the global sealing of tax loopholes, a look at the archives would have been helpful. Former New York District Attorney Robert Morgenthau told the Senate in 2009 that it was “hypocritical” for the US to take action against tax evasion and lack of transparency. Even then he gave the example of Delaware.

The state north of Washington, home of Vice President Joe Biden, has around 1.2 million company locations with a population of 900,000. On paper. Including big names like Apple, Google and General Motors.

Delaware lures with so-called “franchise tax”

It attracts a tax avoidance mechanism: Companies with a subsidiary in Delaware can shift financial burdens internally in such a way that they save substantial taxes. The beneficiaries only pay a so-called “franchise tax” to the state. So much for the legal form of tax optimization.

In the context of these practices, tax evaders and criminals also come into play. The Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout, who is serving a 25-year prison sentence in the United States, used letterbox companies from Delaware. The focus is on the legal form of the “Limited Liability Company”; for example: limited liability company.

The conclusion of an LLC can be completed in a few minutes. And Delaware only requires two pieces of information: the name of the LLC and that of a registered broker who must ensure contact with the company. Information about the beneficial owners behind legal persons and the origin of cash flows are not requested. You don’t have to show a passport.

More secrecy than on the Caymans

According to the Tax Justice Network, the secrecy granted to customers here is greater than in traditional tax havens like the Cayman Islands. Without real consequences.

Delaware earns nearly a billion dollars a year from fees. Strangling this “branch of industry” is out of the question for the responsible secretary Richard Geisenberger. And the central government has no control.

Lots of post boxes also in Nevada, South Dakota and Wyoming

Delaware’s example caught on. Similar models are also available in Nevada and South Dakota. Likewise in Wyoming. There were around 130,000 companies for every 584,000 inhabitants at the end of 2015. Usually letterbox companies.

While the US has been demanding all information about accounts from Americans abroad since 2010, the superpower, on the other hand, keeps it behind the scenes. To this day, the USA has refused to exchange information to curb money laundering agreed by 90 countries under the umbrella of the OECD.

The “Miami Herald” based on the Panama Papers has just shown what this leads to. Wealthy South Americans have made multi-million dollar property purchases through mailbox companies in southern Florida, allegedly laundering money from dubious sources.


Charlotte Gainsbourg: her new life with Yvan Attal in N …

Charlotte Gainsbourg now lives in New York. In the company of Yvan Attal and his children, the singer and actress is enjoying her new life far from Paris!

Last year, Charlotte gainsbourg made the decision to go and make a living in the United States. Over there, the daughter of Serge Gainsbourg enjoy a totally different life, in the company of his darling Yvan Attal and his children. But why did they go to New York? In the new issue of the magazine She, Charlotte gainsbourg explains that it is “for the simple reason that Yvan hates England!“.

Everything is so different on the other side of the ocean! Charlotte gainsbourg takes time for herself and her family. “In New York, my life is completely different. I only take care of my children. You know, I don’t have a rich social life. Inside, yes … I have a very rich life, “she blurted out to our colleagues. Even better, the star who is currently preparing his new album can enjoy a semblance of anonymity.”It’s a strange pleasure. I don’t want to say it too much I’m afraid of appearing ungrateful. When I am in France, it is also a joy to be recognized, to receive these marks of attention, and that is where I am at home, it is my only country. But going out making fun of how you are, feeling totally free, normal is a real pleasure.

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let’s go for income tax! What news for the declaration?

Tax 2016: let's go for income tax!  What news for the declaration?

IMPOT 2016 – 2016 income tax returns can be registered from Wednesday April 13 on the portal …

[Mis à jour le 12 avril 2016 à 9h18] The 2016 income tax campaign begins this Wednesday, April 13, 2016. Bercy will start sending tax homes to the tax returns to be completed. But beware: since 2015, the income tax scale has changed. Like last year, the first tranche has disappeared and the threshold for the second has been lowered. Only net taxable income is taken into account, so do not forget to subtract the tax advantages from which you could benefit, in particular the family quotient. You can decide which payment method you want to use to pay your taxes.

By default, you are offered an interbank payment order (TIP) but you can also decide on a bank transfer. In this case, do not wait until the last moment to claim a RIB from the Public Treasury. You can also opt for payment by check or cash. Or prefer a direct debit by checking “direct online payment” on the site or finally choose a direct debit at the due date, without surcharge, which you decide to apply from your personal space.

VIDEO. Income taxes: what will change in 2018 with the withholding tax

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“Income taxes: what will change in 2018 with the withholding tax”

Tax 2016: several deadlines

As of this Wednesday, you will be able to make your declaration online, on the portal. Those who have used the paper format will have to file their income tax return before May 18 at midnight, while the government has given, like every year, an additional deadline for those who declare via the Internet. For online declarations, the deadlines depend on three fields. These dates are May 24 at midnight, for departments registered from 1 to 19, then May 31 at midnight for departments from 20 to 49 and finally June 7 at midnight for departments ranging from 50 to 976 and for non -residents in France.

French people equipped with Internet access and resistant to the idea of ​​declaring themselves online no longer have much time to change their minds. If their benchmark tax income is greater than 40,000 euros, they must declare online this year. By 2019, all declarations will have to be made online, regardless of taxpayer income. After two breaches, they may be fined 15 euros.

At Columbia University, students petition against ‘hideous’ statue

A group of Columbia University students and alumni protest the installation of a sculpture they deem hideous. A petition already lists more than 1,200 signatures.

“Mr Bollinger, take down this statue!” Students at Columbia University, New York, United States, are not in lace. For several days, a group of students and former students have been trying to get the attention of the director of the establishment, so that he cancels the project to install a statue they deem “hideous”. According to the Columbia Spectator, the university’s newspaper, the work sculpted by British artist Henry Moore is to be installed in front of the university library on campus.

More than 1,200 people have already signed a petition against its installation

More than 1,200 people have already signed a petition against the installation of the latter and a “sit-in” has already taken place on March 31. Even if the Facebook event indicated 207 participants, the photos circulating on social networks rather show a low attendance …

The “sit-in” did not really have the expected success … © Brian Manzo

The English-speaking media laugh at the movement

English-speaking media such asGuardian quickly picked up on the anecdote and mocked the anti-sculpture campaign by having fun comparing it to the historic anti-war protests of 1968. By this time, students had occupied Columbia University for 6 days and more 700 of them had been arrested. Pressure was also exerted on the part of the American authorities for the University to cease all relations with institutions supporting the Vietnam War. A social movement on a different scale than that for the statue therefore …

“They are simply young students who express their discontent”

Despite all the Huffington Post refuses to howl with wolves and explains why it is ridiculous to make fun of this movement, comparing it to the events of 1968. “It cannot be compared. The 1968 protests were a massive movement involving thousands of people. These anti-sculpture demands can hardly be called ‘a protest’ – they are simply young students expressing their displeasure with a statue. The problem is, someone reading the Guardian might think that the Columbia students have changed their priorities and that they are only interested in a stupid statue, which is not true ”.