Barack Obama ready to reform Delaware’s tax haven

A new regulation of the American tax authorities wants to oblige the shareholders of the offshore companies to reveal their identity. Carolyn Kaster / AP The Obama administration wants to end the opaque Delaware tax system, as announced in World, Thursday March 31, Assistant Secretary of the Treasury Robert Stack, creating a surprise. A new […]

New Watson-Marlow casing pumps

Watson-Marlow presents new housing pumps of the 530 series in a broadcast. These new housing pumps operate a flow rate of 0.0001 ml / min to 3.5 l / min and are, according to Watson-Marlow, particularly suitable for dosing and conveying tasks in the food industry. and beverage industry. Example applications would be the addition […]

User account | Aviation news

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do you know the true story that inspired the film?

In Philadelphia, Tom Hanks plays a lawyer with AIDS who tries to defend his rights with the help of Denzel Washington. As is often the case with feature films, this multi-Oscar winning drama by Jonathan Demme, broadcast tonight at 9 p.m. on D8, is inspired by a true story. We tell you. Four times at […]

Philidelphia: is the film with Tom Hanks AIDS patient ti …

This Thursday, March 24, D8 rebroadcasts Philadelphia, the drama against the backdrop of AIDS and a legal brawl that earned Tom Hanks the first of his two Oscars. But did the character he embodies in this social drama really exist? Nobody has forgotten Andrew Beckett, the young and brilliant lawyer of the film Philadelphia, directed […]

Florida: Where the Angry Republicans Live – Politics

The state primaries will determine Trump’s future. How could it become a mass phenomenon? Searching for traces at the party base. By Johannes Kuhn and Beate Wild, Tampa / Sun City Center / Fort Walton Beach, Florida Every four years, Florida becomes brutally political: In the state of change, not only were presidents made, but […]

Interactive map: how many are there and where do Latinos live in the US?

Miami? The Angels? What is the city with the largest Latino population in the United States? And, are Latinos really the first minority in the US, above African-Americans? Yes, of the total 323 million inhabitants in the United States, 17% is of Latin origin while 12.6% is African-American, according to the 2010 census. The True […]

California, one of the most expensive states for car repair

THE ANGELS – California is on the list of the 15 states where repairing a car is most expensive and, according to a new study, taking the car to the workshop can generate an average outlay of up to $ 1,212 annually. The RepairPal Institute study compared the average of three common vehicle repairs to […]

A plc exception of the castle of Chillon to the surface again !

To acquire this gem, it took the joint efforts of the canton Museum, the Association of the Friends and Foundation of the castle of Chillon. It must be said that this masterpiece of the watchmaker Edouard-Gabriel Wuthrich (Nineteenth-Twentieth) is worth the effort: not only a model of the castle of Chillon, it is also a […]

Suspected pollution in the Rivière des Marsouins

The DEAL services have been informed of shrimp mortality in the mango basin located in the Rivière des Marsouins, investigations by the State services are underway. Regarding the supply of drinking water, a pumping site is located near the Rivière des Marsouins and may possibly be affected. Water samples will be taken from the distribution […]