Barack Obama ready to reform Delaware’s tax haven

The Obama administration wants to end the opaque Delaware tax system, as announced in World, Thursday March 31, Assistant Secretary of the Treasury Robert Stack, creating a surprise.

A new regulation of l’Internal Revenue Service (the US tax) and the Treasury should be introduced and adopted quickly, in order to oblige the shareholders of private limited liability companies (LLCs) – the famous offshore companies domiciled in certain American states considered as tax havens, such as Delaware, Wyoming and Nevada – to reveal their identity.

Still under arbitration, the text will apply to offshore companies with a single shareholder, on which there is currently no obligation of transparency since they do not have an American shareholder or have no activity in the United States.

Very popular, therefore, by wealthy foreigners and businessmen, these entities, now totally invisible to the tax authorities, are regularly accused of encouraging tax fraud and evasion. Many illicit schemes involve offshore companies domiciled in Delaware.

The US government has not yet decided whether this transparency measure would apply only to future companies or be extended, retroactively, to already created entities. The arbitration will be closely watched by the beneficial owners of offshore companies in Delaware, now protected by secrecy.

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“We want to present this reform quickly. It is important that we, the United States, join the global transparency movement. It is not acceptable for an entity to be created in our territory without having the possibility of knowing who its shareholder is and for what this company is used. It is also important to protect the US tax authorities. It was a hole in our regulations and we had to fill it ”, explain to World the Deputy Secretary of the Treasury, responsible for international tax matters.

New tax regulations

Concretely, under the new tax regulations, companies registering as a sole shareholder LLC in the United States (single LLCs in English) will have to declare who their legal beneficiary is. They will be treated, from a tax standpoint, exactly like corporations (companies) and provided with a tax identification number. In addition, all transactions between these companies and their shareholders must be declared to the tax authorities. The commercial advantages linked to LLCs, whose interest is to be present on American soil to do business there, will continue, however, says Robert Stack.

Ten months from the end of his mandate, Barack Obama’s offensive is a little twist and, strategically, a good asset for the United States. It comes as pressure is mounting on the American government – leader, alongside the leaders of the OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development), in the global fight against tax fraud and anti-money laundering and the bringing of Non-cooperative states and territories – to lead by example.

Voices were raised on the side of countries forced to give up their banking secrecy, by 2017 or 2018, under the blows of American attacks, such as Switzerland or Liechtenstein, to demand similar efforts. For its part, the OECD expected changes. It’s done.

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Philidelphia: is the film with Tom Hanks AIDS patient ti …

This Thursday, March 24, D8 rebroadcasts Philadelphia, the drama against the backdrop of AIDS and a legal brawl that earned Tom Hanks the first of his two Oscars. But did the character he embodies in this social drama really exist?

Nobody has forgotten Andrew Beckett, the young and brilliant lawyer of the film Philadelphia, directed in 1993 by Jonathan Demme, and that D8 is programming this evening in prime time. Finally, more specifically, no one has forgotten the one who plays Andrew Beckett, the actor Tom hanks who won thanks to this service for which he had lost 15 pounds the first of his two Oscars, in 1994. But this role of a man wrongly dismissed as HIV positive is it modeled on a character who really existed?

Two models for an actor

In fact, Andrew Beckett’s Philadelphia is not inspired by the fate of one person but of two. To start with Geoffrey F. Bowers, a lawyer licensed by the Chicago law firm Baker & McKenzie and who died of the virus in 1987. The previous year, he had been – like Tom Hanks in the film – dismissed on the grounds that his professional performance was disappointing while he supported him that his dismissal was due to the fact that the suspicious stains on his face had forced him to disclose his HIV status to his employer. He would not have supported a gay defending the colors of the cabinet. After seven years of court proceedings launched by Bowers for unfair dismissal, his heirs had received $ 500,000 in damages.

He dies two months after winning his trial

The other case on which the film’s writers were based was that of Clarence B. Cain. He too had suffered the double penalty of contracting the deadly virus and of being fired for this reason. He was until now the head of the Philadelphia-based branch of the famous Hyatt Legal Services Inc., known for helping the poor and therefore being the most sought after firm in the United States for advice legal. In April 1990, after five days of trial, the offending firm had to pay Mr. Cain $ 157,000. Alas, this 38-year-old young man did not have time to enjoy it. He died of the disease two months later.

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Florida: Where the Angry Republicans Live – Politics

The state primaries will determine Trump’s future. How could it become a mass phenomenon? Searching for traces at the party base.

By Johannes Kuhn and Beate Wild, Tampa / Sun City Center / Fort Walton Beach, Florida

Every four years, Florida becomes brutally political: In the state of change, not only were presidents made, but even world history. Because what would the world be like if Al Gore and not George W. Bush had won the state and thus the White House in 2000?

Above all, Florida is a strange piece of civilization, rolled out over a swamp. Constant sunshine, colorful shirts and a population somewhere between Confederate flair in the north and beach hedonism in the south, between Christian austerity and Latino coolness. It is a good place to listen to the republican base just before the primaries to answer a question: how did the party become so radical and how did the struggle for the presidency slip?

Sun City Center: Nothing is as it used to be

Anyone visiting Sun City Center believes they are on a test track for golf carts. Everywhere on the streets of the small town, tanned seniors curve around in small vehicles, on the way to shopping, to the restaurant or to the hairdresser. Welcome to Sun City Center, the oldest retired place in the world.

The rhythm of life beats more quietly here on the Gulf Coast center of Florida, the 19,000 inhabitants take good care of their front gardens and get through the days in the sunshine without major occurrences. The average age is 72, which is also due to the fact that under 55 people are not allowed to move here. In addition to their retirement, the residents have two main characteristics: they are white and ore conservative.

The Republican Club has gathered in a back room of the local Chamber of Commerce – a cute low-rise building compared to the huge funeral center next door. The sympathies of most of those present belong to Marco Rubio: The senator has visited the place several times. The group has a simple explanation that celebrates success instead of Donald Trump: anger. Anger that the pensioners also feel themselves. “We and our children worked hard and now this man is throwing us back in the house and redistributing everything,” says 82-year-old Eileen Robbins. Obama just means “this man in the house”, “this president”, or “the big black man with the veto pen”.

Missing jobs, weak foreign policy, a dysfunctional Washington – the list of criticisms is long and understandable from a conservative perspective. Above all, however, it is the perceived redistribution that tarnishes the elderly for many hours of their evenings: election gifts, social programs or the naturalization of illegally entered immigrants – none of this has anything to do with the United States that they know, say those present. Of course, migrants from Central America would do many useful jobs such as harvest workers or construction workers for whom no locals can be found: but why don’t they return home like they did 30 years ago after the strawberry harvest? Why do they want to stay when they don’t belong here?

Life in Sun City Center is still the way it was in the sixties. Except that each of the Republican seniors has a Facebook account. But beyond the retirement enclave, life has changed. Almost every fourth Florida resident now has Hispanic roots, and the number is growing steadily just east towards Orlando. And the majority of the boys, not just from the Latino community, turn to the Democrats – they simply don’t know enough, the simple explanation from the group: “If the young people are so poorly educated, why are they allowed to vote at all? ? “asks 82-year-old Joyce Sawyer. And the chairwoman Dee Williams, the boss of the club at 87, happily agrees: “Exactly – let people get to know the world until they are 30.”

Trump does not particularly like the group – it is primarily his dubious demeanor and bad manners that disturb pensioners. But the political fronts cannot change this unease. They are the result of years of ideologization: the Democrats prevent compromises and the Republicans in Washington are too soft to put a stop to the Constitutionalist in the White House. This is how Sun City Center retirees see it. They hope for a president who will reunite the country. Behind republican values, of course. Could it be Donald Trump? Of the ten in the round, only one excludes voting for the entrepreneur.

Tampa: Where political mechanics still work

The adjoining room of the burger grill is well filled: Around 20 Republicans from the area meet in the wealthy south of Tampa for the monthly club evening. Here, where the business clothes are expensive and the living environments are more urban, it is also about being there and gaining status.

“The whole world looks at us, we shouldn’t forget that!” Says April Schiff. She has been in the business for a long time and has turned her passion into a profession as a political consultant. Like many people present, she is strictly conservative but also a little angry with her own party:

“,” authorTextHtml “:” By Beate Wild “,” mainTheme “:” US election “,” durationInSeconds “:” 00:53 “,” tags “:[“Donald Trump”,”US-Wahl”],”autoListing”:true,”seoData”:{“seoTitle”:””,”seoDescription”:””,”canonicalUrl”:””,”facebookImageSrc”:”×315?v=1519258849000″}},”videoType”:”inline”}”>

Politics in Tampa is not just a question of principles, but also of what is feasible: who are the candidates for the school inspectorate? What can we do about legalizing marijuana? “Would you like to have a shop for drug addicts in your neighborhood?” One participant warns her table neighbors.

After the oath of allegiance under the flag and a short prayer, it quickly becomes clear that women and a few men also see politics strategically: a referendum on the legalization of marijuana would be in November – and if the stoners go to the polls, the Democrats will get for the presidential election a whole bunch of sympathizers. This is how the participants of the club evening see it.

Political mechanics in the United States have always worked down to the most local level, so that not only principles play a role, but also the strategic weakening of the other side. The two-party system chained Democrats and Republicans together, pulling and pushing was sometimes serious, sometimes symbolic, sometimes simply sporty. A bit of this sporting spirit can still be felt here in Tampa, where the Democrats are still seen as opponents, not as enemies. It is also here that Donald Trump and his message are the least caught.

Ron Thatcher is sitting in the corner and no longer understands his party. The financial advisor wears a “Marco Rubio” sticker and sighs: “Morally difficult and haphazard” is Donald Trump, the lifestyle described in his biography is not healthy. “Hard to believe he leads.” But he also says: “I don’t like him personally, but everything is better for the country than Hillary or Bernie.” Regardless of whether Democrats are just opponents or already enemies: A Republican has no choice.


Interactive map: how many are there and where do Latinos live in the US?

Miami? The Angels? What is the city with the largest Latino population in the United States?

And, are Latinos really the first minority in the US, above African-Americans?

Yes, of the total 323 million inhabitants in the United States, 17% is of Latin origin while 12.6% is African-American, according to the 2010 census.

Browse the map and find out how the Latino population is distributed in the different states of the country.


  • ×

  • ×

    New Mexico is the state with the highest proportion of the Latino population in the United States.

    TOTAL POPULATION: 2,058,000

    LATINOS: 47.67%

  • ×

    TOTAL POPULATION: 38,801,000

    LATINOS: 38.63%

  • ×

    TOTAL POPULATION: 26,956,000

    LATINOS: 38.61%

  • ×

    TOTAL POPULATION: 6,730,000

    LATINOS: 30.56%

  • ×

    TOTAL POPULATION: 2,839,000

    LATINOS: 27.83%

  • ×

    TOTAL POPULATION: 19,894,000

    LATINOS: 27.06%

  • ×

    TOTAL POPULATION: 5,356,000

    LATINOS: 21.20%

  • ×

    TOTAL POPULATION: 8,938,000

    LATINOS: 19.34%

  • ×

    TOTAL POPULATION: 19,745,000

    LATINOS: 18.59 %%

  • ×

    TOTAL POPULATION: 12,883,000

    LATINOS: 16.7%

  • ×

    TOTAL POPULATION: 3,596,000

    LATINOS: 15.04%

  • ×

    TOTAL POPULATION: 1,055,000

    LATINOS: 14.03%

  • ×

    TOTAL POPULATION: 2,943,000

    LATINOS: 13.49%

  • ×

    TOTAL POPULATION: 3,970,000

    LATINOS: 12.54%

  • ×

    TOTAL POPULATION: 7,061,000

    LATINOS: 12.14%

  • ×

    TOTAL POPULATION: 1,634,000

    LATINOS: 12.05%

  • ×

    TOTAL POPULATION: 2,903,000

    LATINOS: 11.30%

  • ×

    TOTAL POPULATION: 6,745,000

    LATINOS: 10.80%

  • ×

    TOTAL POPULATION: 1,420,000

    LATINOS: 10.17%

  • ×

    TOTAL POPULATION: 1,881,000

    LATINOS: 10.10%

  • ×


    LATINOS: 9.76%

  • ×

    TOTAL POPULATION: 3,878,000

    LATINOS: 9.75%

  • ×

    TOTAL POPULATION: 5,975,000

    LATINOS: 9.32%

  • ×

    TOTAL POPULATION: 10,097,000

    LATINOS: 9.13%

  • ×

    TOTAL POPULATION: 9,944,000

    LATINOS: 8.95%

  • ×


    LATINOS: 8.87%

  • ×

    TOTAL POPULATION: 8,324,000

    LATINOS: 8.80%

  • ×

    TOTAL POPULATION: 2,966,000

    LATINOS: 6.91%

  • ×


    LATINOS: 6.65%

  • ×

    TOTAL POPULATION: 12,788,000

    LATINOS: 6.54%

  • ×

    TOTAL POPULATION: 6,596,000

    LATINOS: 6.49%

  • ×

    TOTAL POPULATION: 5,759,000

    LATINOS: 6.44%

  • ×

    TOTAL POPULATION: 3,108,000

    LATINOS: 5.53%

  • ×

    TOTAL POPULATION: 4,833,000

    LATINOS: 5.32%

  • ×

    TOTAL POPULATION: 5,459,000

    LATINOS: 5.07%

  • ×

    TOTAL POPULATION: 6,547,000

    LATINOS: 4.92%

  • ×

    TOTAL POPULATION: 9,909,000

    LATINOS: 4.81%

  • ×

    TOTAL POPULATION: 4,651,000

    LATINOS: 4.8%

  • ×

    TOTAL POPULATION: 4,850,000

    LATINOS: 3.98%

  • ×

    TOTAL POPULATION: 6,063,000

    LATINOS: 3.84%

  • ×

    TOTAL POPULATION: 1,024,000

    LATINOS: 3.41%

  • ×


    LATINOS: 3.4%

  • ×

    TOTAL POPULATION: 11,595,000

    LATINOS: 3.39%

  • ×

    TOTAL POPULATION: 4,414,000

    LATINOS: 3.28%

  • ×

    TOTAL POPULATION: 1,327,000

    LATINOS: 3.24%

  • ×


    LATINOS: 2.84%

  • ×

    TOTAL POPULATION: 2,994,000

    LATINOS: 2.70%

  • ×


    LATINOS: 1.75%

  • ×

    TOTAL POPULATION: 1,330,000

    LATINOS: 1.50%

  • ×

    TOTAL POPULATION: 1,850,000

    LATINOS: 1.35%

  • ×


    LATINOS: 1.03%

  • 17% it is what they represent of the total population of the country.

  • 25.4 million are those registered to vote in the next presidential elections.

  • Source: Pew Research Center


A plc exception of the castle of Chillon to the surface again !

To acquire this gem, it took the joint efforts of the canton Museum, the Association of the Friends and Foundation of the castle of Chillon. It must be said that this masterpiece of the watchmaker Edouard-Gabriel Wuthrich (Nineteenth-Twentieth) is worth the effort: not only a model of the castle of Chillon, it is also a true theatre sound and visual set in motion by clock-making mechanisms in scholarly and complex. Several tables relate to the capture of the castle by the troops of bern and geneva in the Sixteenth century and the release of the prisoner, François Bonivard, who followed. You can see the object at the end of April in the framework of the temporary exhibition “Byron is back ! Lord Byron, the return”.

Suspected pollution in the Rivière des Marsouins

The DEAL services have been informed of shrimp mortality in the mango basin located in the Rivière des Marsouins, investigations by the State services are underway.

Regarding the supply of drinking water, a pumping site is located near the Rivière des Marsouins and may possibly be affected. Water samples will be taken from the distribution network today and tomorrow by the services of the Indian Ocean Regional Health Agency.

As soon as this information was known, CISE Réunion shut down the pumping site. However, as a precautionary measure, subscribers in the following sectors * are requested not to consume tap water and to consume bottled water. However, tap water can be used for all other uses (hygiene, WC, washing).

La Cise asks subscribers to follow this instruction for the next 72 hours.

* Saint Benoît / La Confiance area, Grand Etang, Payet bridge, Belt path, Cambourg, Chicot les Orangers